What is your desktop wallpaper?

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Why did I choose to bring back one of these threads?

Well, the answer is simple: we haven't had one in a while, I enjoy them, and SHH.

So...as the title says: what glorious image do you choose to display on your desktop at this given moment and time? I phrase it like that because some people (such as myself) have a rotating selection of images on a cycle playback. If that's the case, post the current image!

I'll start us off!

It's currently this:

I re-watched Up in the Air (after not being a huge fan the first time) and really liked it. So, new wallpaper.

I'm a boring cunt and just went with a black background. :3

Right now I got one that I made out of a boards of canada background, some eq bars with the deathstar in the corner and a persona 4 the golden chie background

Uh, thanks to Windows 7 I do have about 1000 walls on a 5 minute rotation. Do you want all of them now?

I'm still using the same homemade one which I was using last time I posted in this topic ^_^

I'm thinking of doing another one, same concept, but with video game characters instead of my favorite bassists

I recently found this image and now have it for my background!

In honor of Arc System Works/Atlus' partnership in making Persona 4 Arena the character designer of the Persona series made this awesome picture of Noel (from Arc's Blazblue series)! :D

I'm still using the same homemade one which I was using last time I posted in this topic ^_^

I'm thinking of doing another one, same concept, but with video game characters instead of my favorite bassists

So...much...bass. I like that you had Mio and Scott Pilgrim in there :D

Well, on this laptop it's:

On my other laptop, it's currently:

I may end up switching at least one of them around pretty soon, though.

Currently my wallpaper is the archangel Avacyn from Magic the Gathering, I'm a big angel fan and while there are other MtG Angel wallpapers I'd have preferred this was the only one in my resolution.
Really, getting wallpapers for 1920 x 1200 can be a pain.

And yes I'll totally be playing Boros at the Gatecrash pre-release.

Because I'm mean and scary...fear me

Mine is NSFWOE(not safe for work or escapist) so lets just say it involves a dildo sword, a mcdonalds cheese burger, a roll of money, some lab coats, a 9 iron, and a woman.

Currently this:

I have maybe 8 persona and devil survivor related ones which rotate every 15 minutes. I change them based on what games I've been playing recently.

Well, I currently have a rotation of about 40/50 backgrounds swapping out every so often, but here are four of my personal favourites in no particular order.

Same thing I've had for years.

Yep, had that for like 2, 3 years now, I'm boring.

I love the rotating backgrounds so I always have tons switching it up. I can't pick a favorite but I narrowed it down to three:


Mine rotates every so often, though. It was this when I was on my desktop a half hour ago.

Mine is currently this...

It's a picture a friend of mine made of some characters of ours. From left to right it's Arnon, Victor, Septun, Urvander, Firense, and Kanick.

My background is the snake coiled around the Silverballer from Hitman: Absolution.

It used to be a Skyrim one but I changed it to this a little while back.

Out of hype, my wallpapers have all been Aliens:Colonial Marines-related. After it releases I may change back to Evangelion.

Z of the Na'vi:

I must respectfully disagree, good person.

Don't know where I got it but I like it.

I keep games and such on the blue side and work stuff on the red.

Cool wallpaper? I got that.

Just add some Draaaaaaaven

What? Don't judge me. All the Draves photoshops are bizarrely interesting...

I have some 750 Backgrounds rotating currently, but If I had to pick one...

Mine rotates between these.

I found mine once a long time ago at 4am on page (aprox) 1000000000 of a google search and I have never been able to find it again. so I can't post it easly but it is the same as my avi

I don't know how to post pictures here, and am not really in the mood to look it up at the moment. It is a picture of the Enterprise-E firing quantum torpedoes.

Yes, I did go there. My boss had to remove it when we were creating our tutorials for some of our applications. Something about the customer not thinking it appropriate. I dunno, I think they would have liked it.

captcha - mushy peas - ummm ew?

But just bigger. Probably going to get a new one soon.

My background switches every 10 seconds to one of over 400 backgrounds from this site:

My current wallpaper is this.

I rarely change my wallpaper. On my old computer, it was a screenshot from Journey.

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