Things You Like By People You Hate

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I can think of one thing right now: Hyrule Total War.

It's a mod for Medieval II Total War and it's amazing and really looks professional. The models are well done and fairly faithful to the games, nearly every possible important race or character from the games is represented (except a few which I'll get to in a minute), the music is amazing and grandiose and it's just as awesome as it sounds to watch armies of the races from the Zelda games fight in pitched battles! The only bad thing I can say about the game is that it's based on the authors own personal fanfiction (which I'll get to in a minute) making the backstory and characterization a bit... strange.

On the other hand the creator, UndyingNephalim, is kind of person that rubs me the wrong way. He's the kind of person who hates anything that isn't a dark and gritty mix of dirt brown and gunmetal grey; which is the kind of attitude I really hate in gaming culture right now: that a game is not relevant or can't be taken seriously unless it's "dark" or "gritty". He shits on pretty much every Zelda game made after Majora's Mask except for maybe Twilight Princess, so for that reason nothing from say Wind Waker or Skyward Sword will likely ever get in since thosse game's aren't "dark enough". As I mentioned earlier while amazing the game takes a large part of it's characterization and backstory not from the games but from the author's personal fanfics which add a level of pretension and fanwanking and everything else that implies. While I really enjoy his work I loathe the creator.

Love Devil May Cry(and various other frachises they own) but despise Capcom for ruining game franchise after game franchise.

They seem to have this astounding ability to set up a great series than as time goes by, squirt out bad sequel after bad sequel.

And just when you think a sequel has reached the limits of shittiness e.g. Resident Evil 5, they unleash an even worse installment e.g. then topped by RE6

Channing Tatum. I will immediately criticize a film for containing that tree-trunk necked, squinty-nosed fuck with his dorkily proportioned head but I fucking loved Haywire, Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street...

I couldn't really explain why I don't like him, I think it's his neck...

Easiest one? Battlefield 3 by EA..

Dakota Fanning .

why would you hate her?

Pink Gregory:

...and Mad Max.

(Mad Max!)

he didnt make those movies...he was just in them

Easiest one? Battlefield 3 by EA..

pretty sure they didnt "make" battlefeild anymore than they made mass effect

I rather enjoy Family Guy and American Dad (the verdict is still out on the Cleveland Show), but I hate Seth McFarland because I find him to be an insufferable, self-centered jackass.

Orson Scott Card's novels.

Tom Cruise/Mel Gibson movies. (Dudes are NUTS, but know how to make good films)

Paul W.S. Anderson has made some shit films (Don't know anything about him personally, so no judgement there) but I really dig Event Horizon.

There are some celebrities with unusual or overbearing personas that I can still dig. Like Nicki Minaj. Yes she does a lot of obnoxious stuff with her looks and her voice (like putting on a fake British accent for basically no reason), but it's all really harmless and she's having fun so I really don't mind her at all.

Ke$ha, on the other hand, comes across to me as a socialite who has somehow got drunk at the right parties to get a record deal so that she could continue to support her trashy lifestyle. But even so, damn, Take It Off is such a catchy tune I'm willing to forget all that for three minutes and just enjoy the song.

I absolutely despise both Drake and Rihanna. Drake, mostly for plaguing the world with YOLO and generally being an uninteresting musician (although he does have some good lines in his collaboration stuff) and Rihanna for having some of the blandest sounding songs on radio, her inability to go away and not release an album every year and, most importantly, being a terrible role model to her fairly young fans in regards to her relationship with Chris Brown, crawling back to him despite him not showing any remorse for his crime.

Despite all of this however, I think the song they released together last year, Take Care, was one of the best songs of the year. The chemistry they pull off is brilliant and powerful, with Rihanna being especially good, tapping into the same regret that made her chorus on Love The Way You Lie so good as well. That and the production on the song being spot on also

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