Poll: If you never had to eat...

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I would definitely stop. Food costs money - if I didn't have to eat I'd have so much more disposable income. Also I'm pretty sure that if you never felt hungry you wouldn't get as much satisfaction from it. Eating is always the most enjoyable when your starving - if your never starving it wouldn't be as enjoyable.

Blaze the Dragon:
Hell yeah I'd still eat things for fun. Now if this were about sleep, hell I'd drop that in a heartbeat. Imagine having a whole extra 6 or more hours every day! I could spend that time eating more food!

6 more hours to waste procrastinating on the internet? Hell yeah!

Eating is one of my least favourite bodily functions.

I would happily stop, it's a pain in ass, I like so little food as it is ... my taste buds must be fucked or something I have only ever liked the taste of plain meat and carbs.

Drinking on the other hand, I would never give up (and I'm not talking alcohol).

Realistically, I probably wouldn't eat most of the time, but whenever I did eat I'd thank myself for it and promise to cook more often, then not.

A bit like going to bed early.

If that is the case then what is our weight for having the ability to not eating anymore? The average weight for our age or less (would we still loose weight from not eating and exercise)? Also with is the health issue from not eating at all since I mean we get our nutrient from food aswell?

Anyway eventhough I loved food but I would give it up if that is the case that is if it is all safe and etc. Food cost money you know.

Yes but only for 'special occasions'.

Food tastes good and makes for a desirable outing with others.
I'd treat it like you would a night at the movies.
You know it's a ripoff but its an indulgence.

Daily routine meals would go away entirely and I'd still drink plenty of cold water for the cool feeling it offers rather than the need to survive.

Just because food is no longer needed that doesnt remove from the sheer pleasure of eating a good steak, or a good apple crumble, or a fresh pizza, or damn im getting hungry now.

But yeh id still eat as it is a pleasure. Though id probably eat less and save money to buy nicer foods instead of buying cheap food needed to survive. Save up for a week and buy a nice goose or something instead of just buying some cheap meat.

Gastronauts unite!

I would probably just eat one meal a day, to still get the joy of eating without spending as much money and time. Maybe if I'm saving up for a big purchase, then maybe I would put all the money I would use on food towards whatever I want to buy.

Mate, of course I'd eat food! Meat and potatoes, salads, chocolate, chips, bread, muffins... I can go forever.

I would on rare occasions, and only the best tasting stuff.

If I never had to eat, I probably still would. Just more for pleasure than necessity, no way im giving up food! (mmm... food...) Though I would eat less, so it'd save me money and time, That would also make me happy

There would be absolutely no change to my current eating patterns.

Food is delicious. Food is fun to cook. Food is fun to eat.

If I'm told that dinner is available, then I stop ANYTHING I'm doing and go eat.

The money spent on food is the best spent money (with the exception of certain game sales).

Eh. I've been more of a drinker than an eater my entire life.

... and I mean things non alcoholic.

Although if everyone else had to eat and I didn't, I would stop doing it just for the question that will come up.

"Dude, I never seen you eat. No one has ever seen you eat. We've seen your credit card bills, we've seen your kitchen, you don't ever spend money on food. Why aren't you eating?"

"My Never-ending Rage Sustains me, peasant!"

I would still eat, but not as much.

It would be pretty awesome though. Eating 2 or 3 times a week and just spend enough to eat something really tasty those times. Yeah, that would be fucking amazing. I would probably spend as much money, I would just eat more expensive meals.

I only eat for two things.
To live.
And for the taste.

Now cut out the first one and now what you get is the taste. Honestly I would eat/cook for the taste, though I am sure most of us would just stuff our faces with junk food. I know that I would, I mean I am addicted to candy ... and the taste is addictive as life itself.

I'm sure I would have a handle on it, then we can all focus on saving up our money and buy different things.
Then you would have to think that the food industry would be f*cked. (Well most of it) :/

I love eating good food, I just never cook so I live on sandwiches. So if I had a choice I would "Gandhi it up". I would probably still nosh on nommy things occasionally though, because CAKE.

There's always an occasion in which I'll be treated to dinner or be over at someone's house, and it would be generally appreciated if I did dine with them. On the whole though, I'd be subsisting for weeks or months without eating anything if I could.

Though I enjoy food, I also enjoy convenience. But, since I AM a human being, I think I'll go make a sandwich now.

Probably much more rarely. I'd still probably eat now and again, when the opportunity arose to eat my favorite foods, but food is expensive so on the whole no.

I'd probably not eat as much, but I think I would still eat. There are some days that I get fast food because I want to enjoy the food, but other days when I'm really busy trying to find time to eat is just a bother. Eating lunch at work in particular is like this--I'd much rather spend my hour at lunch napping or playing a game on my phone than 20-30 minutes packing refrigerated or reheated food into my mouth.

Not consistently but umm...Yes.

Chips, pop? Junk food only only exists for the sake of eating for enjoyment rather than nutrition so I doubt most people will stop entirely.

But for actual meals and the like? Hard to say, I'd probably still have things now and then.

I would continue to eat, but occasionally and mostly for social reasons.

I tend to eat more than I should predominantly because of a rumbling stomach. I wouldn't eat anywhere near as much, or as often, but I do like the taste of some things. So I'd probably eat remotely close to often. Even then, I'm a cheapskate, so....

Yes because burritos.

Have you ever had a burrito?

That shit is just delicious. :D

Replace that with pizza and that's me.

Zachary Amaranth:
I tend to eat more than I should predominantly because of a rumbling stomach. I wouldn't eat anywhere near as much, or as often, but I do like the taste of some things. So I'd probably eat remotely close to often. Even then, I'm a cheapskate, so....

Yes because burritos.

Have you ever had a burrito?

That shit is just delicious. :D

Replace that with pizza and that's me.

See, I was gonna say pizza, and that would give me an excuse to also say beer.

Not that I need one, but reasons man.

Then I remembered that Chipotle is awesome, so there you go. :D

I would. Simply for the sake of savoring all the delicious flavors that I crave.

Also, there is certain sense of satisfaction that come from eating or drinking that can rarely be mimic or replaced by other activities involving other senses.

Plus, enchiladas, dude. Who that hell would say no to them?

I only eat food TO NOT DIE. It costs money and it takes time to cook and eat, which is time i could be playing video games with. So if I could not eat AND not die...FUCK YEA im gonna Gandhi it up.

If you had tasted the pizzas I have tasted then you wouldn't be asking this question.

I would typically choose not to eat. My exception would be dining on the flesh of my enemies. How could I possibly give that up?

I can see the money-saving benefits, but ultimately I'd still eat just because of taste - who wants to waste one of your senses just to save a little cash?

Plus think of how much socialization happens over food or drinks - what would we replace that with?

Yes because burritos.

Have you ever had a burrito?

That shit is just delicious. :D

Dude...that fist-bump avatar you use...You and me right now...well...lady variations of us (me anyway) because Burritos.


I wouldn't eat as often because money. But I couldn't give up certain foods like Burritos...Sushi...Rappoki...Ben & Jerry's ice cream...pizza...

I'd still eat, but a hell of lot less. Only things I like too.

I love food too much to ever give it up! I would eat more if I could!

I would give up food except for treats. Pepperoni and bacon pizza, chocolate ice cream, so forth. Eventually I might give up everything.

I'd still eat, just not as often. Eating good food is one of the few things I still find enjoyable in life. But like others in this thread, I'd rather put that money where it would actually be needed, and have some good food every now and then.

Oh fuck, I couldn't quit food. Tasty food is amazing, and amazing food is cathartic. There's so many different cultures I haven't tried and so many different flavors to be had. I'd probably only eat when I wanted to eat something extremely delicious or different, instead of the crap that people normally eat nowadays COUGHAmericaCOUGH and save myself some money, but still have great food experiences.

Yesssss, I love food. I'm a fat man in a skinny(ish) body as of right now, but I'm sure I'll get to be Santa within the next 20 years

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