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Sweet, just like me (har har).

Sunset or sunrise?

Slightly salty diet. I can tolerate low salt but I reckon some salt is good for me.

Sweet or sour?

Trance. Every time a Dubstep drop happens a kitten dies.

Excuse me.

Why is that the greatest thing ever.....

OT: Sunset.
There's something about dusk that I love.

Having to dance or sing in front of people?

Sing. I'm sure they'll enjoy seeing me cough like a 70 year old smoker.

Lung cancer or stomach cancer?

I can sing better than I dance, so sing! "How lucky can one guy be?"

Well that just turned dark >.>. I'd choose lung cancer, because #breakingbad.

Trad pop or dance pop?

Sweet, just like me (har har).

I laughed :P.

...trad pop? No idea what the difference between those two are.

Modern indie or pre 2000 alternative

I'm a hipster ok leave me alone!

Roast Chicken or Lamb?

Lamb. Not a fan of white meat.

Progressive Rock or Progressive Metal?

Progressive rock.

Being stuck in traffic (while driving) or public transport delays?

Stuck in traffic or as I call it head banging time.

Game of thrones or Lord of the rings?

Lord of the Rings, but only because I've never read/watched GoT. I need to fix that.

Sean Connery or Daniel Craig as James Bond?

Sean Connery. Choosing anyone else makes you a heretic and a communist.

The Walking Dead or Dawn of the Dead?

The Walking Dead.

Sun or moon?

Moon, because I like being a werewolf.

Sky diving or bungee jumping?

Sky diving.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars. Never seen Star Trek. *Dodges empty beer bottle.

Apples or oranges?


Apples or pears?


Action movie or comedy?

Action movie. Most comedy I see are unfunny. Unless they are batshit insane anime.

Ze Arnold or Silvester Stalone?

Arnold, because Total Recall.

Snake Plissken or Judge Dredd?

Snake. It's the eye patch.

Open fire on a cold night or the beach on a hot day?

Open fire on a cold night. Less yelling :P.

Elysium or Valhalla?


Hades or Gehenna?

Hades. He got fucked over and is misunderstood really :/.

Jesus or Buddha? Yes I saw that thread regarding the anime :p.

Jesus. He brought people from the dead and shit. Or so they say.

All knowing or die not knowing all truth?
What anime thread? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?

Knowing all truth would result me in dying ;).

Anime or cartoons? (East vs west.)

Anime. Very definitely anime.

Something off it's meds (Gainax) or something safe but fun (Ghibli)?

Something safe but fun!

Would you like to know when and where you're going to died meaning each day will be a countdown to it or not knowing at all?

Not knowing at all otherwise, I'd just be living a life of paranoia for the rest of my days.

Blues or jazz?

Hmmm I don't know if I like the Mega Man video games better than Transformers (the cartoon). I don't know.. Mega Man (Blues) is the star, whereas Jazz is Optimus Prime's right hand man.. but he is pretty cool.. I think I'll pick Mega Man.

Tupper Ware Remix Party or National Broadcast Network?

I don't know what either of those are, so.. Tupper Ware Remix Party. It sounds more exciting. :3

Would you rather be trapped in a prison or a mental institution?

Mental institution (I rather go mad then to be constantly be bullies by the tough guys).

Elf or Orc?


Desert or tundra?


Who do you hate more? Joffrey Lannister from Game of Throne or The Governor from The Walkind Dead?

Neither because I don't watch any of them.

Too much cursing or too much nudity?
I can't stand either.

Too much nudity.

Teaching or being taught?

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