I left you because......

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Because you complained about complaining.

Because you complained about something that's something I should be able to fix.

Because everyone is complaining.

Because we are stuck in a loophole.

Because you derail threads into a saying-the-word-"complain"-and-variations-thereupon contest.

Because the queen has sent me to investigate the disappearance the royal guard on a small island nation named Russia.

Because I thought you said the Queen had ran out of things for you to do!

Because you changed your avy again.

Because you changed yours without me noticing at first.

Because you aren't paying attention!

Because you keep yelling at me.

Because you have weird yellow glow things coming out of your head.

Because you have a face that is so big it can't all be seen at once but tiny eyes.

@Copper Zen: Because I can't see your smiling face.

@MrCollins: For not smiling as often.

I left because you're always in such a bad mood! D:

I left you because of all the quiz awards you keep flaunting.

Because you're everywhere.

Because you're nowhere.

Because you're always in my nightmares

Because I don't like puny mortals. >:-P

Because I resent your status as a God.


Because you're always yelling.

Because you're too quiet.

I left you because you got ninja'd and your lack of speed disappoints me.

I left you for being such a smug cynic. :-/

I left you because you were always hitting me.

Because you just didn't go along with it.

For expecting people to take the hits all the time....

For not posting more often.

For posting more often.

For not posting more often.

I can be better, don't give up on me yet.... :(

For posting just the right amount.

Because you don't have (good) depth perception.

Because you're no one.

Because you are troubling.

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