If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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*takes hat*


*talks it back*


*Takes hat*




*Gets to the end of hall a blasts with shotgun*

Wrong house mate!

Hmm.. one shell left......
+1 headshot


Bed time.

Your hat cannot regenerate!
Mwah ha ha!


*passes out*

Now for an evil taunt.


*Glomps* I have cake~ :3

*climbs on back*

*steals cake* :3

Awwwwk~ *makes more cakes* :3

Easy there bucko. Baking equipment ain't cheap. D:

*presents with a cheque for a million... somethings*

Here, bake as much as you want... -_-

I need at least 5 million. D:

*Gives 5 million* ;3

*say things like hat is stupid and then burns him with flamethrower*

*Grabs little lion toy thing and assume its just trash*

*Throws in the bin*

Are you the hooker I hired to play a children's card games with me? Even if you aren't come in.

*runs away flailing arms*

Come on in my Lion friend.

Come on in my Lion friend.

Ohai THARE! Haven't seen you in a while. Come in come in!

Well hello again!

Would you like tea or the 'special'?

The tea has a high percentage of being great, but I'll take the deadly unknown "special"! :D

Only people with a great heart can experience the 'special'. Thankfully, you do have it. :3

*gives special* 0. 0

*plays with the special*

0.o What does it down?

You're already feeling it! Down down... deep down!

If I let you in, will I get molested?

Goodness, no. I'll prepare you tea, scones, pie and any other confectionery.

*lets in*

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