If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Jesus! You somehow escaped the escapist and entered the realm of reality! If you think you can just barge in and take my avatar from me, you gotta another thing coming! *Barricades the doors*

Want some warm milk? There's no roofie in it I swear.

Yeah, police. Yes, she's still at my door step.....


I never ordered that...

Your blushing reveals your intent, aswell as your purpose.

Take my children, just don't murder me!

So.....does this mean I can pilot a giant robot?
Shtop ninja-ing me! DX

*The police arrive, they want you to leave my doorstep*

You should learn the basics of composure, mayhaps then you'll be able to hide your intentions.

So... Does this mean I can pilot a giant robot?

You look a trifle upset about something.

Who brought this statue to my doorstep?

Would you like a cup of tea and some counselling?

Meh, gonna use it as a garden decoration now.

Yes? Have you come about my unmatched de-gnoming skills?



*snatches and puts in garden*

I am rock type. The water types are three dwellings down, by the Pissed Fisherman.


D-didn't I just smash you?


*Salivates red strings and breathes heavily through gritted teeth*

Do come in...

I made cookies. Everyone loves cookies... right? If that doesn't tickle your fancy, how about a jar of pickles?

Oh, good! It was getting cold in here.

*closes door*

Last time bad things happened.

Trading cards again? I only have Uno cards! :/

I like Uno!

You won't all fit in my salon!

You cleaned out the larder last time. No thanks.

Excellent, the new test subject has arrived. I trust you conduct electricity well?

Hide the Milk-Bones!

Uh-oh. You've got that tsundere look again... :s

Whoever keeps sending me these novelty statues needs to stop...


*slams door*

Well uh... Why are you dancing so cheerfully? It makes it hard to talk to you.

WOAH! No, please don't crush my pottery! I need my bottles, I make so much lemonade!

*Opens door* Stop dancing you damn hippie! *Slams door*

Oh, you're one of those people. No, I don't want a brochure. Now get off my porch before I get the hose.

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