If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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Because he is a bastard, and thus deserves no less!

Because you let me OD on candy.

For being here longer than me.

For not playing with me in a RP. T_T

For not paying child support.

For having a cybermen badge. You are a traitor to your species Dalek Caan!

For being part of the new '13 generation!

Get on my level n00b!

Because you're the first person I can actually hit.


Cause he's a hideous monster.

To make you blast awaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!

To show me where the monkeys are.

Because he doesn't deserve to see the monkeys.

Because he thinks he owns the monkeys.

Because I know he's going to hit me for posting in loads of threads again.

For frequently being on top of me.

For making it really hard to post in all the threads.

Because I'm getting the can't load message on every thread I try and it's frustrating!

Because I'm getting the same thing!

Because you're copying Kaleion!

Because imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Because flattery can easily be a lie.

Because you keep Ice Beaming people.

For changing your avatar, I hardly recognised you

For not recognising Neuromancer.

For hitting Kitsune Hunter for not recognising Neuromancer!

For defending the one... that didn't recognize us...

For not hitting the creep fast enough, FUCKING GET THAT GOLD!

Because we want... First Blood...

For changing back so fast!

For the glare!

For having a thing against glaring.

Fir thinking his glaring is superior to mine, I mean like that is even possible.

For making me think you had written and were talking about "glarging", whatever that is.

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