What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Has no intention to stop.

Never gives up.

is a magic troll of epic shiny baldness.

Is Nicholas Cage for real.

Is the pencil in the avatar.

Is the 'OH SHI!!!' in the avatar.

Is posting from one of the original Apple macs.

If he goes a whole day without posting in the forum games, his head will explode :)

He knows secrets we wouldn't dare relay.


He is going to betray someone in the near future >.>

I know he's just waiting for that moment.

Got popcorn ready and everything. <.<

Is Julius Caesar reincarnated.

He is brutus reincarnated.

Is a bird!

Is actually human O.O

Can add glowing eyes to ANYTHING!

Is Superman's ex-wife.

Was the divorce attorney. >.>

Was the other man :P
who wouldn't choose mPardox over superman???

Shot first.

Asks questions never :P

Is me on a separate account.

Is him in an alternate dimension.

Is actually not a paradox

Is me in another lifetime, which makes him Dango too :D

The logic it burns!!

OT: Is actually space marine number 4 of the 949 dimension.

He doesn't really think that about Dango, so he mustn't believe we are the same :P

He has a song associated to him. >.>

He made his own theme song

Cuts like a buffalo.

Stabs like a fish

Walks like a crab.

Ducks like a duck

Chucks like Chuck.

Chucks wood like a wood chuck

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