What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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He has eaten his own brethren at Taco Bell!

Is bullied because of his hair.

Pushed an old lady down the steps to claim the inheritance

Has a mole in the Escapist staff.

Is sexually attached to their avatar.

Draws Rule 34 pictures about his avatar

Draws rule 34 of tacos.

Invented rule 34
also Captcha says you rock

Talked about Fight Club to someone

Goes around telling everyone about his swag.

Crashed an oil tanker into the Gulf coast

Stole all the spilled oil from the tanker!

rolled around a toxic waste vat

Speaks fluent klingon

Has a blue eyes white dragon jet.

gave away all three of the god cards.

Got tired of killing zombies and wanted to read comic books instead

replaced me as a zombie killer

Is a zombie now!

is the original boss for limbo

Has never actually killed a zombie.

Wants to be a zombie.


Thinks Resident Evil 6 is the best zombie game EVAR!!

has a taco mouth

Hasn't actually been a regular here for a year...

has a ton of other accounts here

Controls 51% of all shares in Foxconn.

Is the physical embodiment of EA

Is the physical embodiment of everything wrong with Taco Bell.

Wrote the greatest play in the world but then mislaid it.

Ripped off the hat from Indiana Jones

actually based off a pterodactyl

Never killed a zombie!

Is actually just in a black-and-white graphic novel, not Limbo

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