What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Funded Umbrella to start the zombie outbreak

Hasn't actually cut anybodies limbs off.

eating an invisible piece of bread

Is hyperactive.

Will start the ceremony to summon the Devil upon hitting her 666th post

Will stall the aforementioned ceremony because the store was out off scented ritual candles.

Will burn me for my candy.

brings all the boys to the yard with his milkshake

Has a milkshake...wasn't able to bring all the boys to the yard.

Brings out all the bitches with the doggy treats.

Lord of the dance and incidentally France.

You're the Duke of Wellington aren't you?

Secretly into beastiality

Fought the Assassins and lost bitterly

Isn't the first lord commando.

Stared Death in the face, poor guy.

You have eleven toes.

Laughs in the face of the deaf.

Want's cortex to win.

Wants the world to concave. >.>

Is the chairman of the Nickelback federation;

Never made it as wise man.
Couldn't cut as a poor man stealing.
Started like a blind man.

You get the picture.

Allergic to horses.

Allergic to Pokemon.

Allergic to life.

Can't hold on to all those posts

Is turning all the posts into Diamonds!

turning all his jokes into gold

Steals all his jokes from other people.

Steals all of his pies from the Orphans.

The hit band from Italy. >.>

Instantly gets a sunburn the second they come in contact with the sun

Is made of cheese.

Is a pumpkin!

Is a skull!

Is the Pumpkin Queen and is trying to get a hit on Jack Skellington

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