What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Wishes to have many a minion!

Wishes to marry that handsome minion.

Has too many incompetent minions.

Wishes to become my closest and most personal advisor.

That "Makes sense 25% of the time" quote is false, really only makes sense 5% of the time. :3

Has every song Ke$ha has ever written.

Oh god my secrets out! *jumps out the window*
OT is a member of the Loading Ready Run team :O

Planning to overthrow the LRR team...



Want's to usurp the Escapist!

Wants to thwart me just so he can usurp the Escapist himself!

Wishes to usurp me, while I try to usurp you! (Usurp-ception)

Wishes to t'zaggle the f'raggle

Is too cool for us non-mods...<.<

Is actually a crooked mod.

Is a mod assassin.

Captcha: time lord.

TimeLord... your demise is imminent.

Got a mental evaluation and isn't actually a mad scientist

Isn't actually psychic.

He drinks the juice from the tuna can... He actually isn't all that interesting to be honest XD

I kid, I kid. He's actually a cyborg

Doesn't know the game where the mask in his avatar comes from!

Really hates cats, especially blue ones that speak

Is actually mParadox's in disguise.

Hates Christmas! (You fiend)

Is actually a dog.

Can't remember the last time he successfully stole a pokemon.

Wanted the riddler quiz badge!

Posts only to one day have a higher post count than redlin.

Revels in his beard badge!

Is actually the duke of potatoes and NOT the overlord!

Is horrible at bowling.

Can't chug their gigabytes.

Is currently fighting insurrection in his realm.

Has actually been here for only one year and got the Landmark badge via glitch!

Isn't even a blue cat.

He's heart isn't warm at all.

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