If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Ankara: Hmmm...

*wanders into resturaunt*

@Mal: Mew?

@Waiter: Let's see... I'll take 2 cheeseburgers, an order of the Walleye, and a saucer of milk please.

*gives saucer of milk, walleye and a cheeseburger to Ankara*

@Mal: Yay =^_^=

Oh. Oh shit. Please tell me we didn't... you know...

we know, WE ALL KNOW!

*Runs away from the on topic*

*Burns the on topic with fiya!*

*puts it out with water*
I don't think so

DUN WORRY GUYS!!! I got this...

Now, where did my sabre go?

@Topaz: I thought that the new topic for this tread was perma off-topicness.

@Over: It is. Now, where did Ankara run off to?

Hmm... 2 posts in a row where i don't know where something is... HELP ME FIND MYSELF!!!

GUYS! I went out hiking today and imitated a sign!

Seriously...Who falls like that? It looks like a skateboarder or a gymnast......

Oh and I hiked around the ocean today

@April: Nice! I wish I had an ocean around me... The closest I can get within 3 hours of me is Lake Superior. COLD AS FUCK!

@topaz hence why I was mocking it

@mal I have an ocean within an hour or so of me depending on where I want to go. The one I'm near right now is a bit over 2 hours and is a mini vacation. Meaning today and tomorrow.. I go home tomorrow.

@April: Lucky! I havn't had a vacation in years...

Seriously, fuck work. It sucks...

@mal I haven't had a vacation since I was 16 so....11 years

@April: O_O

tha's a long time...

@mal aye. was around this time of the year too.....unfortunately my family gets the whole week. I only get today and tomorrow then have to go home and babysit the dogs. As per usual. My family however gets 2 vacations a year.

@April: Those lucky bastards XD

@mal I know right? Usually I don't mind because I have to work and can't get a week off of work but last year since I was unemployed it was *assumed* I would stay home and watch the dogs both times. Same with this year. Though their last time I wasn't even watching the dogs because I was working Haunt(well the second time). But seriously, in terms of vacations my family is kind of a bunch of assholes about the topic.

@April: My family will offer to take me on one, then passive-aggressively complain about me taking time off... So I don't take time off =/

@mal I'd at least like to have the option. My parents are "happy" to let me live with them but then complain about me being home so much and not having a job. Even though not being a "minority" and not speaking spanish both work against me in my area. And being what's considered a "pretty" girl. Cause lately all the girls who have been getting hired lately are what society usually deems as the "not pretty" or "ugly" girls. I guess the "pretty" girls lately have been partying and fucking up too much? Honestly I just want a job so I can fucking work and get the fuck out of my house and get a paycheck. But unemployment's so high out here....

@April: I understand where you're coming from. I'm fortunate in that I've been holding a pretty steady job since i turned 16, and I don't intend to quit anytime soon.

@Topaz: That is the exact reason why I'm nervous about trying to find a better job...

@topaz it's either someone with more experience or someone who is willing to do things I'm not willing to do morality wise

@mal technically I have had a job since I was 10 or so and that's what I do when I'm absolutely desperate and that's babysitting. but since that's usually under the table and non taxable........

@April: SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!! The IRS has eyes everywhere..


@mal yeah apparently so does my loan company who is being a bunch of asses to me that I'm ignoring

*Has returned*

@xam - ... to reality. Care to go back?

@Sckizo: Hell no, any kind of progression from the last few days would be most welcome.

@xam hai there

@scizo -_-

@Xmbts: *Pounce cuddles*

@April: Hello~

@Ankara: o.o


@April: I've made a note to audit you in the future. Have a nice day!

Hai everyone.

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