If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@xam *hugs*

@over good luck finding me. and you won't find any thing wrong with my taxes or anything since i haven't babysat for a while

@Over: You... don't watch any british tv, do you?

@Over: *headdesk*

Ya know what, I'm done with this argument... I have no idea what track your mind is on, but it's even more twisted and messed up than mine is.

@Xmbts: =^_^=

@Mal: Mew?

@April: *Hugs*

@Ankara: How's things?

@Xmbts: Good thank you, and with you?

@over *gives a whole heaping plate of bacon to*

@over *gasps* Is it really your birfday?!?

@over hope your day is miserable then.....

@Ankara: Breathing, so I can't complain. :o

*eats tacos*


@=y: =y are you talking to yourself?


@=y: Also, WAI YOU NOT ON WoT???

@Malyc: Because I am unable to game without being over at a friends house.

@=y: Ahhhh... I actually only solved that problem a few months ago... When I moved in with a buddy who needed someone to rent a room to help with bills xD

I might be able to do that but it is pretty unlikely.

Staying at my folks is also much more affordable. I still pay rent but it is low in comparison to what others would ask for.

@=y: I suppose... I personally just needed to get out. Nothing against my parents, it was just... time to go, i guess.

Yeah I moved out a while ago too... into the bay area from the valley...<.<

mostly because my brother is a dcik and I hate him... that was the primary reason...well that and school...

I'm back from school and if I want to keep my car I need a job. I have a job but it wouldn't cover the car and a place to rent. Stupid high Saskatchewan rent prices...

@=y: Hehehe... Canadians...

Just kidding. In all seriousness, I understand where your coming from, and was close to being in the same situation not all that long ago...

@=y: heh think your rent is high... it's ridiculous in the bay area... I'm lucky I could find a place with roommates so close to the city for the price I did... and with 4 roommates I'm still paying like $800 American Dollars a month for a crappy two room apartment... I don't know how that translates to canadian...<.<

@Xmbts: *Cuddles*
Well... technically you still could... >.>

@sac the further south you get the higher the minimum rent gets. Unless of course you want to live in the really bad and sketchy parts of town usually filled with troublemakers....

@Ankara: I prefer not to though.

@Sac: You have bigger cities. Of course rent will be higher there.

@over ok. That's nice. I've had a fairly borderline miserable week at the beach so far and I'm here til Saturday

*Hates the ocean thoroughly*

It hates you too.

Well the ocean hates everyone... you're just lucky your far enough away so it can't find you...<.<

Hates you the most.

Traffic hates me.

@shock: I know... everyone does... :(

@Sac: I have no reason to hate you.

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