Get the Best Until Dawn Ending With These 20 Twins Collectible Locations

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Learn all about the mysterious disappearance of two friends with these Until Dawn ‘The Twins’ collectibles and change a character’s fate. To get the best ending, you’re going to need all 20 clues in this line — check out how to find them all with our locations guide.

Until Dawn places eight friends in an old lodge as they make a return trip to mourn the loss of two twin pals that disappeared a year ago. Unless you search every hidden alcove, you might miss out on some crucial information on the Twins’ fate. Below we’ve catalogued where to get all 20 clues. Get them all, and one character might just survive the night.

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Twins Collectibles Locations

There are 20 ‘The Twins’ collectibles available to collect. To earn the best ending in the game, you’ll need to get all of these items or a certain character will not survive the night.

Episode 1


Episode 2

Twins #4: While in control of Chris, leave the storage area and walk down the dark hallway. There’s a painting on the wall to the left. Examine it to get your first clue.

Twins #3: On the first floor lodge, still with Chris, check out the desk on the left side. There’s a prom photo — pick it up and turn it over.

Twins #2: Down in the basement, there’s a surface near the stairs with this photo. You should be able to collect this one at several points in Until Dawn but this is your first chance.

Twins #1: Continuing upstairs in the lodge, circle around and follow the walkway to an alcove looking over the main floor where you just were collecting clue #3. The Film Trophy is on a shelf.

Twins #5: Skipping past the sequence with Mike, you’ll be in control of Sam at the lodge. Leave the bathroom and enter the nearby purple-lit bedroom. There’s a business card opposite the bed.

Twins #6: Enter the large closet behind the bed. You should spot the glowing light in the lower-right shelf.

Episode 3

Twins #7: As Mike, you’ll reach a dark cabin. Don’t light the fireplace just yet. Instead, enter the hallway on the right. Past the open doorway, there’s a tennis picture you can examine on a stand.

Twins #9: Switching to Ashley in the lodge library, turn around from the starting position and check down the hall to the right. There’s a clue here that’s easy to miss if you just continue forward.

Twins #8: Next, you’ll swap to Chris as you explore the secret room in the library proper. Once you go inside, pick it up off the shelf and flick the image over.

Episode 4


Episode 5

Twins #10: With Matt, move through the cable car station and up the forest path. Your partner with the flashlight continues right at the top of some steps, but you’ll want to go left toward the rock face. There’s a shed here. Walk inside until Matt trips over some boards, then you’ll be able to lift the boards up and get this clue.

Episode 6

Twins #11: Climb up the ladder into the tower, then open the locker to the left. There’s a ‘Missing’ poster on the interior door.

Twins #12: Get the tower power activated and return to the main room. There’s a printer with a green light — use it to print another clue.

Episode 7

Twins #13: In the mines, Emily will find an exit at the top of an ice-covered rock wall. She can’t climb up, so explore the area around the base. To the left, there’s some planks of wood in the far background. Check the floor at the lower-right of the planks.

Twins #15: Circle around the back of the planks, on the left, to find more haphazardly placed wood. Move it aside to discover numbers on the rock wall.

Twins #16: Continue left from the previous clue. There’s a cave path leading to a discarded wooden cross.

Twins #17: There’s a pair of brown barrels in the foreground. One has a picture for you to examine.There’s a pair of brown barrels in the foreground. One has a picture for you to examine.

Twins #14: Moving on to an ascending path, you’ll reach a rusted metal door of its hinges on your right. That’s the main path. Ignore it and continue along the road on the left-side until you reach a barrel with another Twins clue. Make sure you open the locket to collect it.

Twins #18: The final clue in this chapter is through the rusted gate mentioned in the clue above. Don’t turn right, instead walk toward the foreground after pulling the door down. There’s a doll ahead, examine to get the clue.

Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10

Twins #19: In the underground, don’t jump into the water until you’ve fully explored the area. There’s an optional path to the left that leads to one more clue.

Twins #20: The last clue in The Twins clueline is found when Sam and friend hop into the chest-high water. Stick on the left side. There’s a ledge to the left of the waterwheel with your final clue. Climb up and grab the old notebook from the ground. Scroll through every page to get your trophy.

Trophy Unlocked

The Tale of The Two Sisters (Gold):
The group found all the clues from the Twins Clueline

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