If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@red *hands a cupcake*
speaking of...I have underwear that says "You had me at cupcake"

@April: I saw a pair saying "I <3 bacon" once.

@xam that's awesome. Starting the 20th of Sept and going until the end of October I will be working every Thurs-Sun night. And I will be working the 30 and 31 of October. And then I'm done working.(and yes I am aware the 20th is a Fri not a thurs)

@April: Well those Deathclaws have a funny way of showing it. XD

@Blarg: Awesome gif.
Bed time for me now.

@nero they just want to hug you...it's like sharks. They just want to hug you but they just can't do it without hurting you.

@April: I've known some ex-girlfriends like that. Does that make them deathclaws as well?

@disaster or sharks. But essentially yes


*Knock knock*

Who's there?

candy gram



Speak up!

special delivery

Oh it's my ex-girlfriend the land shark! Go away!

No it's not. I'm a land dolphin

Oh! Okay! Wait AAAAARG!!!

@April: I know right? Was tempting. Anyway good to hear you've got some work ahead. :3

@Nero: The song is better though.

@Disaster: Oh ho! What a good joke sir, I salute you *salutes*

@xam yeah me too. It will be some income which is always good.

@disaster never trust land dolphins. They're usually land sharks in disguise

Oh man, I get my exam results in 2 hrs and I am nervous...

@Tizzy: What sort of exam results? I hope not rectal!

@Disaster: High School results, I finished high school (secondary school here in Ireland) and I am getting my result in a good hour...I am a nervous wreck, hope I didn't fail anything, If I did that much, I am happy as can be...

@Tizzy: I'm sure you'll do fine. You seem intelligent enough to finish High School!

@disaster *cuddles tightly* I'm off to bed now as my computer slowly backs up my itunes library. It's going to get stuck between discs 4 and 5 though since I'm going to bed midway through....*cuddles tighter and doesn't let go*

@April: *Gets cuddles and strokes hair* Night you!

*Leaves to get his exam results* The nervousness is killing me...

@Tizzy: Good luck! May the force be with you!

You'll do great Tizzy! We believe in you!

Back from receiving results, I have indeed passed everything and I have no D's, all C's and above! *relieved mode, activate*

@Tizzy: Congratulations =^_^=

@Tizzy: Grats! I knew you could do it!

@Tizzy: *Super Smash Bros Melee voice*
Warning, a new challenger approaches.

*Wanders in from work and crashes on the couch.*

G'night everyone.

*puts a blanket on Disaster* G'night, don't let the inter-dimensional dragons of Zeist carry you off the the rift...

@Tizzy: Or Exodus take you into the Void...really should play that copy of FF V I have...then again I still need to play my copies of V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and Tactics...
I have too many games to play! >.<

Anyone else noticing a rise of new forum games? :)

@red nope. You presume I pay attention to them outside of this thread....

@disaster sleep well young grasshopper

@tizzy congrats.

@Red: Yep, and now the posting like crazy spree shall begin for me once more...not like I want a life anyway. XP

@nero life? what's that?

@April: Apparently it's some thing when you are away from the computer...madness I say and I'm mentally insane! XD

@April: *Wakes up for a second.* Grasshopper? You gonna teach me something?

@Max: I can feel myself slowing down.

@Red: I sorta am also now that I'm on Steam more and recording more.

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