If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Why would you run from Ash? She is fun and gives people free gifts!

@Kailus: But the whip is scary O.O

*sprays catnips all over the place*

You cannot escape me now,my little plaything.

Now watch out for bad people while I'm....


Yay! Slumber party!
*falls face first on ground, sleeping"

ZZZ ... o_o

Huh... I imagine that's gonna hurt later.

The hamsters have forsaken this place again.

Four people? Too much. -.-

What's this? On topic people?

This looks like a job for...

Now if you don't mind I'll be over here, away from the bees. I need more hornets.

@Ash: O.O
*Gets all hyper and runs all over the place*

Yay Ankara~

*Chases around*

@Ankra: *glomps*
Hi there.

OT: *pats Blarg on head*
Why do you chase people out.

@Xmbts: *Giggles* Yay =^_^=

@Nero: *Falls over* Eep.. Hehe

@Nero: I can do what I like, I'm old dammit.

And I have a beard which establishes all senority. Look how thick my glasses are!?
Its like reading the rings on a tree stump.

Your beard is nothing compared to my neckbeard. I've also been spending 14 years in post-apocalyptic earth, which is something only one of a certain age, not to mention cunning, can do by themselves.

Have the bees gone?

No they haven't. I need a drink.

Can you drink?

And you found away to make mechs with chicks piloting them boring.

Well you're lazy! Do a game already, dammit!

*shuffles cards* I play only Rumi.

... awkward silences are really awkward ...

... I seemed to have woken up in a screening of 'The Wicker Man.'

Doc Gnosis:
... I seemed to have woken up in a screening of 'The Wicker Man.'

The Wicker Man?! The Wicker Man?!

In other news - I have woken up next to The Red Hood. Not sure if pleased or terrified.

Watch out!

... staika can smell your re-railing from the other side of the world.

No amount of research points spent on railroad tech is gonna re-rail this back on course.

We can try! We might get international railway lines in the process.

We haven't even researched experimental railroads yet! We have such low literacy that even an uncivilized nation is generating more research points than us! Should probably stop with the Victoria II references now

Probably. I've never even heard of Victoria 2.

*wakes up* Ugh, another technicolor-ed pony?

Stop sleeping on my face, cat! It makes it hard to breathe.

I will if you stahp stealing all my space!

A cat in my bed? Well, it's not normally bright blue, but a cat's not odd for me.

Weren't you all wiped out back in '94?

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