Truth or False?

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False, I actually prefer a phone call to receiving a text.

The person below me enjoys their job.

True: I don't have one.

The person below me dislikes talking to people irl.


The next poster is an introvert.

Truish, I am very shy when it comes to new people but once they break they ice then I get to know them.

The next person has eaten pizza recently.

Yes, yesterday.

Fried Chicken is very good.


The person below me likes lasagna.

True! (made one myself from scratch one, twas divine)

The next person works in a hotel.

False, I don't have a job.

The person below has been photographed recently.


The next person prefers Diet Sodas

False, they kill you silently.
TNP agrees with at least one conspiracy theory.

False, sorry

The next person's avatar is a gif.

False (used to be)

The next persons avatar is not a gif.


The person below me doesn't have a gif avatar either.


The person below me is considering changing their avatar.

False... Never... NEVER...<.<

The person below me is appalled that Tizzy would suggest such a thing...


The person below me is drinking a hot beverage.

False... I only ever have a choice between water or filtered water...<.<

The person below me likes fire...<.<

True. To throw people in. (And to watch)

TNP would rather freeze to death than burn to death.

Uh, I can't decide on that

The next person wants an Acid Gun


The person below me wants to be a xenomorph.

False. They are weak!

The next person speaks English, motherf*cker! Do you?


The next poster has siblings.

True. Oh God, so true...

The next person is still in their pyjamas (or other sleeping wear)

True (comfy pajamas)

The next poster is older than 24.


TNG makes you think of Startrek: The Next Generation.

Ok, you got me

The person below has been struck by a smooth criminal

false, to the best of my knowledge.

The next poster has a hankering for some maccas right now.


The person below me is a Radiohead fan.

False (never listened to a single song)

The escapist below loves eating Mexican food.

Si, tres beuno

The person below will now party hard for my amusement


Someone will turn the world into cheese.

True. In a videogame.
TNP wants to break the habit of asking the person below you things.


Companies are a good thing and always have the average Joe in mind when they make decisions.

Dafaq did I just read?

The person below is currently eating a can of rancid baked beans


The secret to immortality will be found by the human race.

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