Truth or False?

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True. Three in fact, two half brothers and a blood brother.

The person below me hasn't showered today.

True, I usually shower before bed.

The person below me speaks more than one language fluently.

No (That was in French)

The person below me Knows that Neil Armstrong passed away yesterday.

True. Saw the thread on it...

The person below me has pricked their heart.

I have had sudden sharp pains in my chest on a few occasions, not really painful

The next person has some cake

False. Sadly.

The poster below me prefers cats over dogs

False, dogs are better.

The next poster believes that Elvis is still alive.


TNP thinks strawberries are better than raspberries.

False, I don't like either...

The person below me has been to the dentist recently.


The person below believes in astrology.


The next person can count to potato

True (try me)

TNP is up for a marathon of anime!

True, but not tonight.

TNP recently bought Darksiders 2.


Saturn is Earth's moon.

Though that would be fucking AWESOME.
Until we died a horrible crushing death.
That'd suck.

Having pigs' feet would be cool.

The next person has liked all the teachers/professors they've had before.

False, they tend to like me though...

The person below me has a crush <.<

True. She's mah wife :)

The person below me is studious.

True, to the point where I over stress myself.

The next person has gotten many scholarships.

I never went to college

TNP likes their own smelly feet

Oh god no, they're horrible! Bleergh!

TNP enjoys a game of chess.

True (I feel less enthusiastic after being beaten with little effort against a chess master)

TNP loves First Person Shooter!


The person below me wants me to give a concrete answer dammit!

TRUE (your vague answers fill me with RAGE!)

TNP wants Assassins Creed 3.

True, got it pre-ordered.
TNP likes consoles more then PCs (for gaming).

True, I will always be a console fan despite also doing PC gaming.
The next person has repeated a course in college.


The person below puts milk in their tea.

False. I dont put anything in my tea.

I drink a lot of tea.

You do? Er.. I guess it's probably true.. I do? That would be false.

The person below me likes having a rock in their shoe.

TNP likes mudkipz.

How bout' no?

TNP wants to go to SPAAAAAAAACE!

TNP procrastinates.

I'll type true later...*naps*

TNP is a sociable person.

Nope, friends and social contact are overrated.

TNP wastes spends too much time on this site.

True (I spend too much time on the internet period)

TNP is feeling down in the dumps.

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