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Coffee or iced coffee?

Iced Coffee.

Auto-enucleation or seppuku?

Take away an eyeball.

Dancing or swimming as an activity for fun.

Swimming. Dancing is stupid, imo.

Falling from a great height or being crushed under ground?

Falling (both equally scary though)

Adventure Time or Regular Show?

Adventure Time! (While I do like Regular Show but all it is, it watching two slacking off in some misharp they got themselve into.)

Avatar Aang or Avatar Korra (Avatar series)?

Not a fan of either but I did remember watching a small bit of Avatar Aang, so that.

Pixar or Dreamworks?

Pixar. Duh.

Incredibles or Monsters Inc?


Brave or Up?


WALL-E or Ratatouille?


Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.

Game of Thrones.

Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row?

saint's row.

mew or arceus?

Mew (Arceus is a lame excuse for a god Pokemon)

White or Dark Chocolate?

Dark Chocolate. YUM!

Ice Cream Cake or Chocolate Cake?

Chocolate cake...

Nanny McFart or Grandpa McDrunk?

grandpa McDrunk seems more interesting...
ipad or iphone?

Ipad. Bigger screen.

Penknife or scissors?


Grandpa McDrunk or Daddy McWifebeater?

Still Grandpa McDrunk. He tells better stories. and he acts more hilariously.
facebook or twitter?

*chokes* Facebook

Hanging or Chair?

Swords or guns?

*looks left* Swords

Keys or Boot?


cosmo(fairly odd parents) or patrick(spongebob squarepants)?


Grandpa McDrunk or Mother McNutcase?

hhmmm.. tough one... I choose Grandpa McDrunk for no apparent reason.

Jetpacks or rocket boots?

Rocket boobs.

Salmon or Haddock?


Do you prefer using a screwdriver with the + or - shape at the tip?

Phillip Head? (+)

More or less?


Music or video?


Jim or Bob?


Spider or Scorpions?

Scorpions are bad-ass!

Jekyll or Hyde?

Jekyll. Less choking me.

The movies or reading the original books?

The movies, that way I can read the book afterward for the difference as oppose to complain the changes they made.

Easter or Halloween?

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