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Cold hands. Feet bother me to no end.

Oranges or Apples for a fruity snack break?

Apples, less peeling involved.

High school of the dead or Full metal alchemist?

Full Metal Alchemist

Skrillex or Mozart?

Mozart (heh, ERB)

Which film would you correct into pefection (as in turn from a flop to be really good)? The Last Airbender or Dragonball Evolution?

The Last Airbender, as I'm a fan of the show and there's only so much I can take of dbz.

Oranges or Grapefruit?


Steampunk or Cyberpunk?


Quake or Unreal?


Killing Floor or Left 4 Dead?

Killing Floor


RPG by a long shot.


JRPG, as I have more experience with them. I have never played a WRPG.

Mario Brothers vs Sonic as a series.

I don't really have much experience with Sonic so Mario brothers.
Also poor Sonic hasn't had a great last couple of years.

Crash bandicoot vs Banjo Kazooie; which had the better world?

what the hell is banjo kazooie?
(i think that answers. in case it doesnt im going with crash bandicoot)
skyrim or oblivion ; which had better bugs?


What's the worst thing for you to do, commit a crime (not the minor ones, the types that will throw you into prison) or taking drugs (the bad types before you say the medicince)?

Commiting a crime. By commiting one you damage someone else, while when taking drugs you (potentially) damage yourself.

Clinical Depression or Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar Disorder, at least you also get the euphoric highs.

The Escapist or your 2nd favorite website? (even if the escapist isn't your favorite)

The Escapist.

Being forever stuck in a group or the main forums?

The main forums.

What you prefer to have stuck in the Cd player in your car; The best of Supertramp or The best of Queen.

The Cd can never be removed.

Best of Supertramp.

Lose your entire collection of the Beatles or The Who?

The Beatles I'd miss my Who too much.

Which would you let the beach boys take you to?
Aruba or Jamaica -ooh they wanna take ya.

Jamaica cause yeah.

Venezuela or Argentina?

Venezuela cos that's the way the coin flip went.

Narwhals or penguins?

Narwhals; They have a spike.

The unicorn of the sea!

Unicorn of the sea or Shark of the land. Which would be more fun to own?




Would you rather be a Jedi or Cthulhu?

Jedi. I can understand what it is.

Jedi or Sith?


A empty life or a meaningful death? (Yes I took it off from Mandarin quote from Iron Man 3 trailer.)

Meaningful death, even though chances are I wouldn't be able to appreciate it.

Blood magic or necromancy?

(Posting fail)

Blood Magic. For Happy Gory Fun Time.

Skull gun or crotch cannon?

Skull gun.

Broken bones or torn muscles?

Broken bones (that what cast are for during recovery)

You have a chance to become a superhero but the process to become one is painful (I guessing lived experiment). Would you bare the pain in order to become a superhero? (You will get the fame and glory for it and the pain is short lived and but it may or may not scared you as in both mental and phyiscal.)

Pass. Fuck being a super hero.

Being the hero or the villain?

Always the villain. More fun that way.

A painless death, or a constantly painful life?

Depends on how painful.

Harvard or Princeton?

Harvard because I have heard of it more.

Steak or lamb?

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