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Blue Lock Chapter 260 Recap & Spoilers

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After a two-week break due to the Golden Week holiday in Japan, Blue Lock is back just as the match between PxG and Bastard Munchen heats up.

What Happens in Blue Lock Chapter 260?

You might’ve seen this coming from a mile away, but yes, Blue Lock chapter 260 is indeed a flashback/backstory chapter for Michael Kaiser. Kaiser was introduced at the start of the Neo-Egoist League arc as the main antagonist and villain for Isagi Yoichi, and now that he’s finally been undermined, it’s time to learn more about his past and find out why he is the way he is.

Kaiser’s Broken Childhood

Blue Lock chapter 260 gives us a rather grim picture of Kaiser’s childhood. His father was a small-time theater director, while his mother was the leading actress in his father’s productions. Things seemed to go well for them at first, but once Kaiser was born, his mother left them behind completely.

To make matters worse, his mother went on to become a famous actress, while his father was left unemployed and turned to alcoholism. Kaiser would get beaten by his father everyday and forced to go out and steal food and other items for the house. If he failed to bring back anything, he would get beaten again.

Eventually, Kaiser resolved to get himself out of this situation by selling some of the more valuable items he stole, and save up enough money to carve out a life for himself.

The Birth of the Kaiser Impact Shot

When he turned 12, Kaiser decided that he wanted to buy something for himself — something that would last. He saw a football on display at a store and decided to get it. The ball would always bounce back and return to him even after getting hit and kicked multiple times. Kaiser found that the football was like him in many ways — an item that was resilient, but could also be treated like trash.

Things took a turn when there was a robbery in the area, and Kaiser was named an accomplice even though he had nothing to do with this particular incident. The police investigated Kaiser and his home, and they also found the stack of cash he’d hidden away. As the police were taking him away, his father also found the football that Kaiser bought and was about to puncture it.

At this point, Kaiser snapped and delivered a swift roundhouse kick to his father’s face, followed by a couple more kicks to the policemen. This is clearly meant to be the foundation of the Kaiser Impact shot that he’s become known for at this point.

Kaiser still ends up in prison, but the chapter ends as a PIFA scout shows up to ask if he has any interest in football.

Why Is He Called Kaiser?

Another interesting tidbit I picked out from Blue Lock chapter 260 was the reasoning behind why everyone calls him Kaiser instead of addressing him by his first name, Michael. It’s revealed that Michael was the first name that his mother had picked out for him. However, after she left, his father refused to say his first name as he associated it with his mother and didn’t want to be reminded of her.

It’s clear that this has had a profound impact on Kaiser, as no one ever calls him by his first name even now.

And that does it for our recap of Blue Lock Chapter 260. It looks like we’ll be getting even more of Kaiser’s backstory in chapter 261, which should only be a week away.

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