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mine." I said.

But then, Fire!

said the Angry

Bulgarian Banjo Player

that he was...

at the concert

Making love to

Alaska's Hobo Jim

within a tree

just confessed love

just fell in

the Bat Cave

Daa Naa Naa

Naa Naa Naa

Naa Naa, Batman!

Christian Bale.

went completely insane

"Good for you!"

he shouted, loudly

After drinking tea

while fighting a(n)

Giant midget that was looking for

lots of money

and cherry cupcakes

for his magic

That forgot that

And he's digging a hole, diggy diggy hole.

That makes GIANT

That makes GIANT


into a pie

made with love

and laundry detergent...

with some bacon

and blue balls

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