If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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uh... ah... brains?

No, I do not want your half-eaten bagel.


No!! Don't do it!!


You alright? Because you look... sketchy.



Let me guess, green is your favourite colour?

Did you pierce me last night?

What's new? What's next?!

Yar har! She can "board" me any time If she shares some of that "Booty"!........Please don't kill me.

Crap! I'm late for work!

*Crap I never watched Coraline.....* aren't you as cute as a button.

So it's safe to assume we had fun last night.

GAH! *punch*

Ok that hurts I didn't snore enough for you to need headphones did I?

Did I fall of the bed again...?

Brr brbbrbbrbl brblrblr

Oh god.

Why are you winking at me? Do I have something on my face?

Pink hair :D

Oh god that's so wrong. X(

Get rid of that bomb!

I must be tripping some serious balls right now.

You are funky.
Also arrogant.

And you are UGLY!

Something about this seems fishy to me.

Also, why do you look so annoyed?

Well hello there... just one request... take off the hat.

Blocked image!

Get those basketballs out of your shirt.

Take an aspirin, sister.

Your gums look infected! Go see a dentist!

Has anyone ever told you you're a bit frigid?

Get out.


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