Excuse me...

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Excuse me, kitty!

Excuse me, it's just......those eyes.....

Excuse me but you'll be killed.

Should you stare into those eyes for any time longer than 3 seconds. O.O

Excuse me, but what if I stare at you...that was a strange question >.>...I feel silly now...

Staring at me won't do much. Just a strange desire to start having cakes.

Excuse me, but if I stare long enough will I get some cake? =D

Excuse me, the cake is a lie I already ate all the cake.

Excuse me *hits Topaz* I wanted some of that cake :(

Excuse me but you didn't eat all the pie! O.O

Excuse me, I once had a captcha that said "baked in a pie"

Excuse me, but Captcha is sentient.

Excuse me, but captcha knows all! and really likes dish network...

Excuse me but that's silly. Nobody likes that.

Excuse me, but I am playing Kingdom Hearts! *continues playing*

Excuse me, but...*steals game, erases the game data, creates a new game, plays through the entire game, then spoils everything about it*


Excuse me, but your parts are showing.

Excuse me, but that's was intended.

Excuse me but that's just crazy. 'cause you're crazy.

Excuse me, but your crazy! I'm a figment of your imagination >.>...

Excuse me, but...*pulls out COMP* Surprise demon attack!

Excuse me, but I'm up on Melancholy Hill.

Excuse me but you should get down from there. D:

Excuse me, but I will get him down before he hurts himself *goes up hill*

You do that. *calls Foxxxy News*

Excuse me, let's get back on track.

Excuse me but the tracks exploded a few weeks back. <.<

Excuse me, but as long as we say "excuse me" These rails are still going.

Excuse me but that's because we all love the original poster. <.<

Excuse me, but can I haz Cake?

*gives cake* Why not?! >.>

Excuse me, but I don't feel so good...

Excuse me but this must be dealt with immediately!

Excuse me, but the fuzzies are distracting.

Excuse me, but I must save my realm from corruption!

Excuse me but that's a job for the janitors!

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