The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to not be on fire.

Wishes for a guardian bear.

To be stuffed into a gimp suit.

To have the first suit.

to set the one in the first suit on fire.

To watch.

Secretly wishes to put out the fires.

To be the one to start the fires. <_<

To be the One, to rule them All

To have The Ring, and to sell it on eBay for massive profit.

To be the one who brings balance to the Schwartz

To be the one to redefine 'Schrodinger's Cat'.

To take command of all of the world's armed forces.

To restore the Knights of the Round Table to their former glory, except in a more modern setting.

To become a real Belieber.

They were a Comunist catboy

To be a professional bear slapper.

For more people to write backwards.

For having the ability to drive faster.

To conquer the world.

For a nice summer tan.

For a nice cake. Preferably with strawberries.

To play as Zarok instead of Dan.

To play as a cat in a JRPG, preferably with telekinesis.

To be a real boy!

To be a Pokemon breeder!

A Nerf gun World Championship competition.

TO become the next Bloody Mary.

For the bravery to laugh in the face of the deaf.

To be a real human.

More JRPG's in the world.

For at least 5 more direct sequels to Final Fantasy XIII

More energy drinks to stay hyper

Secretly cross-clone Bruce Springstein and Santa Claus.

Wants to be the cross clone of Bruce Springstein and Santa Claus!

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