First World Problems

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I don't have enough time for the forums

My sleeping pattern is messed up!

I have to wait for three months to get an iPad.

I don't have a large enough hard drive.

I want to eat out...but I also want to surf the web at home.

I want more time for Pokemon

I want to go swimming...but I also want to play my brand new 3DS!

I have to go to work and stare at a computer screen.

My cookie is too big to dip into my teacup.
Why did I have to break it in half first?! Is there no justice?!

I've eaten to many calories today.

The chlorine in the pool screwed up my hair!

I don't have motivation to get dressed

I am typing in the dark but I still want to keep the light off...

I can't listen to two songs very effectively at the same time

I don't want to get started on the huge backlog of anime and other series that I have >.>

I can't my my copy of Sonic Colors on my Wii~ T.T

captcha wants me to raise a cain but I don't own a cane

I want to post here and play KH...but I can't do both...

I have to babysit my sister's dog.

I have to go to my school to get my results...but I am comfortable here...

My cat is getting fat and needs to go on a diet.

I want to eat ice cream, but I am too full.

I have to go to work and stare at a computer screen.

All the editing...

I want to go out and have fun with friends...but I also want to stay here and do nothing...

The portions at restaurants around me are too large.

I have to work 20 hours a week and not have to pay taxes.

We only have two things of ice cream in the house, woe is me.

I bought a package of chocolate chip cookies yesterday and my family has already eaten them all.

I want to stay up...but I am f**king tired...

I'm thirsty but all the cups are in the dish washer and I'm too lazy to start it or clean any by hand!

I want a cooked meal but I am too lazy...*thank you leftovers*

I've got too much money in my wallet at the moment and sitting on it is making me sore.

I have to cash my paycheck, but I don't feel like going to the bank.

I had to pay my dad back for stuff, I still have a lot of money, but I feel more poor...

The air conditioning in my office building is too cold.

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