The five word game

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aardvark hanging out of it's

mouth, which was intent on

becoming a ballet dancer and

have lots and lots of

alcohol, drinking Putin the table; However this was detrimental to

, who was made of iron.

They then studied the creature,

and found out that it

stunk of elephant cheese, when

poked and prodded with a

giant stick, wielded by a

midget, who doesn't look like

seventeen assorted bags of tangerines.

However he did look like

a giant purple box of

sour sweets that someone had

chewed and spit back out

all over their brand new

helicopter which just had killed.....

fifteen thousand koala bears, because

they were attacking the old

wrinkly elephant couple and the

flightless birds of Mauritius. The

elephants didn't make it but

the dodos were able to

explain the situation to the

women who wore nought but...

women. Then, they went and

wondered where they were going

, as they had not been

floating in a sea of

cheese for all their lives.

Until the dragon came back

On a magic carpet ride.

The magic carpet was made

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