That awkward moment...

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That awkward moment when people forget about your "I have the power" game and you have to tell them about it. XP

That awkward moment when you walk up to someone to ask them something, then realize they are on the phone so you stand there waiting for them to finish talking.

When your boyfriend/girlfriend is into the same kind of porn you are.

That awkward moment when you read the post of the person above you.

That awkward moment when you're listening to a terrible fanfic read by an LPer and your parents walk into the room...
I guarantee if it weren't Pcull reading it I'd have never known about it. I need mind bleach.

When you haven't posted in a person you knows thread in a long time and then bring attention to that fact.

Oh wait no don't click post.......too late.

When you jokingly want to look up 'foot fetish' while at work then belatedly realize that typing "pedophilia" into the search engine wasn't the best way to do it.


When you laugh at the last post and then instantly type Foot paedophilia into Google images.

That awkward moment when you try to upload a video to Game Anyone only to have it not work.
No idea why this keeps happening.

That awkward moment when you're in bed and under the sheets with someone for the first time--and you need to fart really badly!

When people look at other people as if they're naked...

When a Vegan's hair suddenly turns into bacon.

You find a person with no concept of sex ed.

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