A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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I propose another expedition, wot wot!

*dons ridiculously tall sola topi and a monocle*

Onward! To adventure!!

We have been looking for a new ship after Atlantis blew up, we are exploring the ruins of the crab people!

Crab people ruins...inside a gargantuan crab person?

...Its exactly what it seems like... >_>

*keeps exploring* Have we found a new ship yet?


I haven't seen a ship.

By Jove, I think I've a solution to our quandary.

What if we use the materials strewn about in this monumental gut to craft our own vessel?

That is fine and good, but whatever shall we do for it's propulsion?

Natural gasses we collect from the belly of this foul beast.

Works for me! Let's build it and blast out of this thing's stomach!

*crafts spaceship and fills engine* Alrighty everyone! I has built our spacecraft! Let us get away from this planet and go back to the stars at long last!

*Ties self to the spaceship*

I'm ready to go.

*Opens a pepsi*

With the delicious zero calorie taste of Pepsi Max.
I'm not asking for a sponsorship ... sponsor us~.

All right is everyone in? Cause I want to press this button that I think will launch us back to adventure!

Hey, I get to press it!

*presses it* HAW HAW!

I am going to assume everyone is here!

One, two..... wait what abou- *Blasts off*
Erm...nevermind >_>

Alright everyone, we are on our next adventure in our brand new and smexy spaceship! It even has a coffee dispenser!

Who's steering this thing?

Oh its *points to the empty cockpit* oh...Erm... I know who we left behind guys!
Quick! Who knows how to fly a newly assembled ship!? We might miss that black hole we were aiming for!

I can do it! *smashes buttons until something happens*

*A few seconds of bright flashing lights and explosions in the main part of the ship that somehow don't throw it off course later...*

Owowow...What happened? I remember the lights and the shouting, but...I guess being attacked must have thrown off the coordinates. And I can't send a distress call with all these people around. As long as nobody asks too many questions, then I can probably lie low until we're able to split up and I can get back.

But how many questions am I going to be able to avoid?

Suspended animation, my fucking ass...

Well, we are stranded in space! At least we have a fully stocked fridge right?




Someone did fill the fridge right?

There's nothing in the fridge but cans of coke and packets of butter. Dibs on the coke.

Wait! I still have poc- Oh right, Shaun ate them all last time....
I guess we will have to start eating the ship.

Shouldn't we start with the furniture first? Just to put off our inevitable deaths that little while longer.

I refuse to live in a world where I have to give up my comfy bed!
*gnaws on the windowsill*

If I give you a coke, will you stop eating the ship?


better be vanilla though

*looks out gnawed window*
At least it looks like we entered the gravitational pull of that black hole.
*Jumps on a torpedo* Quick! Someone fire the torpedo! I want to scout out the black hole first!

You do realise that you can't come back, rendering your scouting pointless right? *launches torpedo anyway*

Say, that looks uncomfortably like a giant elastic band tied to the end of the torpedo.

Now who put that there... >_>

Wait, wouldn't the band send it back at high speed in the ship?... Run away!
*jumps off torpedo, flailing around the ship*

*Looks at @thesilentman: and jumps inside of him*


Now to find you guys a really large fridge.

Captcha: "I am tomorrow!"


*Starts humming Iron Man*


Anyone care to explain what the heck is going on? :-P

@thesilentman we don't have a pilot, we are heading into a black hole we wanted to explore, and a torpedo I was riding is about to slingshot back into the ship via a elastic band.

Which I cannot confirm nor deny I had anything to do with...

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