Serial Killer Round 52: Nostalgia Edition. Game Over. Killer Victory. (Cycle 10)

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@Mortis Oh, it's all part of my master plan. Trust me, I have some experience manipulating the masses. But I am still mad at RaND for taking my cardboard and breaking my dueling sword. He didn't even have the decency to sell me something afterwards. The nerve!

Or, you know, maybe I didn't vote for him. My mind is a maze that not even I can solve.

On a side note, I find it hard to trust your recollection of past rounds when I look at your title.

@user: I see...

And my title? Pfft, that old thing? It was just a nickname given to me during the Great War. Which, I have to admit, was pretty "meh" overall.

@Mortis: No! Bad monkey!

*Smacks monkey*

What have staika and I said about competing against us!

@Schizzy: Is that a cat? Cats are evil.

If I don't get more votes by tonight I'm killing off a non-voter

Lizmichi is the killer! Case closed, let's get drunk.

My cardboard armor is done. If the killer or a misdirected mob come after me, they should be prepared to face my axe!

@desert Of course! She even just admitted that she would kill off someone. That is solid evidence right there. We must vote to execute her next cycle.

@Schizzy: Ouch! I don't remember!! I didn't sign anything!!

@deserteagleeye HA! Like the killer is THAT obvious! *looks around* I'll still take a cider on this drunk train, if you please...

@usernamesucks ...What's the catch?

I Decided to Be Nice and not Hang a Non-Voter. The People Have Spoke, Check Your Inbox.

I live, now leave me to my crawlspace.

Oh my God, you killed Teoes! Ya dancer!

Guess I wasn't the killer after all, eh? Suck it, I fooled enough of you and it only cost me my life. Death scene to follow asap. Interesting choice of words in the PM - I wasn't just killed, I was executed. Clearly there was no fucking around.

sorry i thought we had 2 days to vote... >.> sorry i missed voting time ill do better next time Michi </3

Oh my. What an interesting development...

@Barbas: Knew it was coming, by any chance?

@Neuromancer: I had what you might call a feeling...

@Barbas: Just a feeling, was it?

@Neuromancer: A rather strong feeling.

@Barbas: As strong as a vote, mayhaps?

@Neuromancer:, it wasn't!

@Barbas: Very well then.

@Neuromancer: Well then.


@username sucks: My suspicious gaze is upon thee!

@FPLOON I really have no idea what you were referring to when you asked me that.

@Barbas As is mine on you. Barbas, you have pushed me off of at least seven of Skyrim's cliffs. So I am certain it is either you or that cardboard thief RaNDM.

@username: Hmmmm, apparently immediately after the murder you've come into some money to make your avatar suck less. Suspicions are raised.

@Mem You did have two days.

@dessert No, it still sucks, it just has decoration now. Also, Teoeos was voted to death, I hardly see how I would profit from that unless I robbed his house right after the angry mob took him away.

And I was completely unaware we had even started. Whoops.

username sucks:
@RaND Would 5 money be enough to pay for about 100 cardboard ingots? I'm sure I could have gotten a better price from Staika, but I understand that you need to make a profit as the middle man. Also, would you consider a trade for this katana of mine? I would much rather have an axe and round shield.

I am certainly willing to trade 100 ingots for three Endermen and a diamond pickaxe. There is a 10% mark-up for first-time buyers, however, I will throw in the ax and shield free following four transactions worth 50 silver coins or more! That's one sharpened cardboard ax with Bubble Wrap Brand Bubble Wrap! grip and one sharpened cardboard shield, absolutely free, for dedicated customers such as your good self!


Buy now and I will throw in five sheets of spider-woven, space age Bubble Wrap Brand Bubble Wrap! You heard right! Five sheets of Bubble Wrap Brand Bubble Wrap! Bubble Wrap Brand Bubble Wrap! reinforces sturdy cardboard construction with an added layer of protection, protecting your valuable insides with woven air-cushions stronger than steel! Use it to reinforce your existing paper shielding, or replace it completely! Call within the next 24 hours and we'll double your gift! That's 10, count 'em, 10 sheets of Bubble Wrap Brand Bubble Wrap! I am undercutting the manufacturer here, these deals can't last forever!


Ask about our electric fencing security options and we'll guarantee two, live, ravenous spider-woven space age Orca mounts as our gift to you! Crafted from the same air-cushion, bio-steel construction of our Bubble Wrap Brand Bubble Wrap! They're looking for a loving home, and will wallop any murderous fiend faster than you can ask, "Who's the Big Fish Now?".



You bet your ass it is! But our supply is limited, and this deal can't last forever. Call in today!

RanDM G said 'killer'! He's the killer!

Did someone say "killer"... or "killah"?

@RaNDM G That deal feels more like a "steal" than a "kill" to me... But, whatever...

@Schizzy: I could say the same about you. But trust me when I say I'm probably not the killer, probably.

@FPLOON: I'm priced to destroy the competition. It's a steal for you, a monopolistic enterprise for me.

Even death can't stop these heavenly deals, and that's a deal you can depend on.

@Schizzy I've been telling everyone all along that RaNDM G was a murderous fiend and cardboard thief, you should have listened to my ramblings!

@username: You've got one thing right. I'm planning to make a killing.

In your pocketbooks.

@RaNDM You were too late! I already found another supplier and I no longer nee-
Bubble wrap? I have traveled the lands for days and I have never found anything but rumors of the defensive properties of Bubble wrap. I am but an amazing humble warrior smith of Astora, I would give my left arm for the chance to forge with that legendary substance.

I will gladly give you these 10 diamonds. They aren't of any use to a smith like me anyhow. The endermen will be delivered shortly.

@username: Of course, of course! Anything for a fellow aficionado of Bubble Wrap Brand Bubble Wrap! We only deal in the finest materials, and I assure you, Bubble Wrap Brand Bubble Wrap! is the finest you'll find this side of the Pacific!

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