The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Amaya had pulled out a map and decided to set off towards a nearby town. "Come on guys, lets go."

"EEVEE!" they all responded in unison. After a while, she found some boy with an entire bag full of poke-balls, capturing almost everything in sight. Why does everybody in this universe have a strong desire to enslave multiple beings? she thought to herself before finding someon blindly staring across the road.

"What are you doing?"

"waiting for you to walk infront of me so we can battle."

"Ok... I'll be going now." she said, walking around the boy's back.

"Wait... thats no fair! come back here!" he shouted, still staring ahead.


Angelus nodded at Hiryu's request, and grumbled about how Caim was the only one to command her, if at all, before he left, she gave a small thanks for Blade the Treecko; and started watch. All was calm for a few moments, then there was a screech. In a few moments, a metal bird appeared:


(Just imagine there is blue there instead of red)

The bird roared a challenge to Caim, who began to wander about outside of the ship

"You have used me for far too long, human! Prove yourself worthy of me again!"

Caim looked at the Skarmory with confusion and asked, "What?"

The Skarmory screeched the same challenge, and charged at Caim. Angelus flew past Caim, and held the Skarmory back with her claws, "BACK OFF, SWORD! YOU WILL NOT TOUCH HIM WHILST I STAND!"

For the first moments in a long time, Caim felt fear. Here he was, weaponless, armorless and completely unable to do anything. This was unlike him, and Caim didn't know what to do. He shrunk back a little, and stopped. The dragon was trying to protect him, he needed to help her!

Caim cleared his throat for a moment, and yelled, "Get him, Angelus! Show him who's the boss! Start out with a Fire Blast!"

Angelus laughed with frevor and knocked the Skarmory back with her arms. She reared her head back and blew a stream of fire which encircled the bird and then exploded from it in a star-shape. The Skarmory wobbled a little after the assault, and Angelus grinned, "Not so tough now, are you? Flee! Or else I'll make you regret your existence!
The Skarmory winced, knocked sand into Angelus' eyes (Sand Attack) and ran off.

Hiryu Sprinted out of the Airship the second he heard The Skarmory's challenge.
By the time he got out though, Angelus was wiping sand from her eyes.
"What Happened?!"
"A Skarmory Attacked Angelos, Angalus, Ang- The Dragonite!"
Hiryu Walked Passed the Treecko and looked at the Tracks that the Skarmory left.
"...It races South..."

Shadow was now nearing the town, he was still sad he did not have a gun. He finally reached the town and proceeded to the nearest store. The keeper of the store saw shadow walk in and didn't think much of him. Shadow walked up to the counter were the owner was and asked if he had any guns. The store keeper said that the only place in town that sold guns was down the street and on the right. Shadow walked to the store that read "Johnny's Odd Items Store" "this will be interesting" shadow muttered to himself. He proceeded into the store and asked the owner if he had any guns. The keeper lead him to the back where there was a metallic case. The owner opened the case and showed shadow that there was a gun inside. Shadow said "thank you for your time" before he exited the store.

Five minutes later he had climbed through a window in the back and had successfully retrieved and escaped with his new weapon the Broken Butterfly. A magnum revolver, not his favorite or biggest but it would have to do. He walked away from the store before anyone could notice and walked around a bit. Just then he noticed a familiar face in a Clinic. He walked behind the figure and looked over his shoulder " nice map" Shadow said over his shoulder.

Caim helped Angelus get the sand out her eyes, and said, "A big metal bird attacked me. One of those Skarmory things, big and metal looking. It looked different from the pic....ture... Dragon! Was that what I think it is?! That was a damn piece of my sword, wasn't it?! You... You called it sword too... What the hell?! You chased it off!"
Angelus glared at Caim, and said, "It will come back. Didn't you notice that it approached you?"
"And tried to tear my head off; I was there. But... Why did you let it leave? I could have caught it!"
"How? What apparatus would allow you to do that?"
"A pokeball."
Caim and Angelus looked at Hiryu with confusion.
Hiryu held up a pokeball, "These apparently catch the creatures around us. You have some with you. Look at your waist."
Caim looked down to see a set of pokeballs at his waist, and got a quick tutorial from Hiryu about how they worked. With that, Caim jumped on Angelus' back and flew South.

After several unskippable converstions

"Well that was certainly an ordeal but at least I learned a lot. First, that this region is called Johto and I'm in a city called Cherrygrove City. Secondly, that I'm supposed to capture Pokemon and train them so they become stronger," James said as he looked at the Charmander. He was a little unsure of what to do next but he had a good idea of what he wanted. "If I am going to train you then here's what's going to happen. You will show your opponents no mercy and you will become the strongest in the region. And you will completely crush anyone who stands in your way, you got that?" James told the Pokemon. With a determined look in it's eye, the Charmander nodded in agreement. "Good, now let's liberate some supplies from the local PokeMart before we head out," James said before drawing his gun and entering the store.

Amaya kept an idea of where the person was in the back of her head the entire time. While she may just be a normal person, she still could keep tabs on people. Waiting until she was near another person who was staring blankly across the road, Amaya snuck around them an broke into a full sprint. The person followed her and ran right into the person's line of sight.

"Fuuuuu..." he said, freezing in place as the other announced their challenge.

She made her way to lavender town and found someone familiar walking in. "Dillon!" she shouted throwing her arms around his neck.

Shadow heard something happening outside, when he looked out he saw two familiar figures. Shadow sighed and said "well if you want to stay and and look at your map you can I'm heading out". Shadow walked outside the clinic and saw Amaya's arms around Dillion's neck, Shadow walked up and casually waited for them to stop hugging before he announced he was there.

Tomoya and Pikachu were staring into nothingness, Tomoya heard a noise near him but quickly dismissed it as a fly. Suddenly the two came back into life as he noticed that time has gone by and a loud voice yelled Dillon outside.

A sigh came from Tomoya as he packed up his stuff and Pikachu jumped onto his shoulder and exited the clinic back into the town. As Tomoya exited the clinic and saw three figures, two were hugging each other in the middle of town and one was watching, "Right in the middle of town I see" Tomoya said as he saw Dillon being hugged by someone else, he didn't know who the other guy was.

Tomoya walked up to them, the two that hugged split and looked at Tomoya with a confused face, "Ugh, hi it's me guys, you know blue hair...electric creature on shoulder" Tomoya said to them, "Oh, didn't know it was you judging by your appearance" Dillon said, "Yeah I somehow gotten a different look in this world...oh and this is my buddy that saved me, Pikachu" Tomoya said whilst pointing to the yellow cute creature on his shoulder that raises it's hand and waves it, "Pika, pika" It says whilst waving.

The hooded unknown figure stood as he was being left out of the group, "Ugh, who are you?" Tomoya asked the hooded man.

"Shadow..." The hooded figure replied, "nice fluff ball on your shoulder". The hooded figure looked at some kids that ran by them and said "where are we?".

"Oh, sorry for not noticing sooner, and I do believe that we are in another world or dimension but since somehow my angel powers have been take away from me somehow I wouldn't know. My powers are probably stored inside of me, resting or being oppressed by this universe...." Tomoya said and ended with a sigh. Pikachu noticed the sigh of sadness in Tomoya and jumped off his shoulder and ran around the group and then around Tomoya's legs. "You want to play?" Tomoya asked, the Pikachu responded with a "Pika" and a nod.

Tomoya then decided to play with the Pikachu as the others talked.

Caim and Angelus were hot on the Skarmory's trail, with Angelus' nose and Caim beginning to feel a sort of 'tug' in his chest in the beast's direction. With a few more minutes of flying, Angelus called out, "There! The little minx think it can get away! How should I start?
"Fly me over it."
Angelus nodded, and flew over. Then, Caim jumped and landed on the Skarmory.
"CAIM! You great fool!"
The Skarmory plummeted from the sudden extra weight (which knocked it off balance), and Angelus grabbed onto the thing's tail in an attempt to weather the fall. All landed in a tangled puddle, and Caim managed to grab a pokeball. He held it in his hand like a club, and beat it against the bird's side. There was a flash of red light, and the Skarmory was in the pokeball. Caim clutched the ball on both sides and pushed; there was a small pulsing from the pokeball, and then nothing. Caim slumped and Angelus scooped him up. She shook her head and chuckled,
"Only you would capture a creature of this world by beating it against something... Let us find you a place to rest."
Angelus remembered a small town (Lavender Town) they flew over not too long beforehand, and began to fly back.

-In Lavender Town-
In Angelus' time, she was never used to subtlety; and did not choose to attempt to use it now. She landed right in the square, gave a few sniffs and walked over to where Amaya, Dillon, Shadow and Tomoya were; leaving confused and startled residents in her wake. When she reached the four, she spoke up and said, "Do you know where there is a medical facility? I'm afraid our last scrape with that bird might have wounded my human."
Upon sight, the four could see Caim was covered in bumps, cuts and scrapes; some of which were bleeding. A pokeball was gripped tightly in his hands, his knuckles beginning to turn white and a semblance of a smile was on his face. In the dragon's arms, he almost looked like a child being taken home by it's mother; albeit the obvious differences between circumstances.


My writing was only narration. Angelus and Caim will ask about him when the time comes.

"Clinic right over there, just came from it" Shadow replied as he pointed to the nearby clinic. "Not sure if they take human patients though, everything here is all about catching creatures in stupid little balls".

Hiryu, with Blade the Treecko hugging onto his back, followed on foot, despite the loss of his superhuman speed, if a 10-year could run from one side of the map to the other...
He saw when Caim tackled the Skarmoy from the Sky and into the Ground.
"That was both the most impressive and most stupid thing I've ever seen a man do in my whole life."
He helped Caim back on the Dragonite and made sure he was bought with this time.
After landing in town, Blade became uneasy.
"Angelus, Tell He-ryu that This is where Dead Pokémon that People take end up"
An slightly unsettling air came about...

Angelus looked at the Treecko, "Huh... I didn't recognize that before... You're right. The air feels... Heavy, here. The sooner I find a clinic, the better... Hiryu, Blade states this place is where the dead dwell. Tread with caution. Also, I'm going to that clinc over there; whether or not you follow is up to you, but I will be there until Caim at least wakes up..."

She carried Caim inside the center and was greeted with a ruckus in regards to her coloration, and it continued until Angelus finally snapped and said, "COULD YOU GREAT IMBECILES KINDLY SHUT YOUR TRAPS?! My human is hurt, and he needs medical attention. I was told this is where I can find a doctor. Now, where are they?"

The clinic fell silent.
"Whoa...THAT SHINY TALKS!!" one trainer shouted at the top of his lungs.
Offers of trades for lesser Pokémon filled the clinic until a nurse bought Caim into the Back to treat him.
Hiryu merely walked out, The vein on Angelus's head seemed fit to blow along with her temper.

Dillon stayed in Amaya's embrace for quite some time.
"I told you we'd find each other."
however it was cut short when one of Dillon's Pokemon decided it wanted to get out.
Gengar managed to get out of the poke-ball.
and while a huge Dragon was one thing, the people of Lavender town were terrified of seeing a ghost.
the ensuing running for homes and shutting doors made Dillon sigh
"Well, I may as well let you out too, now that i scared the whole damn village."
so he released his Aerodactyl, the two Pokemon enjoyed being out.
"So how are you guys doing? this place feels familiar to me."

Angelus pushed the trainers out of the way as the nurse took Caim to a back room. She placed Caim in a chair and began her work, Angelus practically hovered over the nurse. She lightly admonished the dragon and told her to wait outside.
"With those madmen? I think not! ...But I'll keep back..."
She moved back a bit, and the nurse peppered Angelus with light conversation, such as how Caim got so beat up. Angelus gave the details of the Skarmory's capture, and the nurse laughed,
"Well, that's certainly one way to catch a pokemon. I wouldn't recommend him doing it again. The Skarmory's blades certainly roughed him up..."

After about 30 minutes of waiting, Caim finally awakened. He found himself flanked by the nurse and Angelus, and given an explanation of the goings on. When he readied himself to leave, the nurse informed him that she had taken the liberty of healing the Skarmory and Angelus while he was sleeping.
"If you'd like, you could name him, like Angelus here."
Caim thought for a moment, and said, "I liked 'Sword'... It seems fitting enough. Where is he anyway?"
"In the pokeball where you left him. I wouldn't recommend taking him out here though, if what Angelus says is true about him. Trainers get very fussy over Shiny pokemon."
"Shiny? They glitter?"
"When they are released in battle, yes. That and Shiny pokemon tend to be a different coloration than their peers. Your Dragonite for example, is red and white. Normal Dragonites are typically orange-brown with a blueish hue inside their wings. Also, there's been reports of thefts of Shiny Pokemon lately. If you care about Angelus as much as she does about you... Keep an eye out. The world isn't as safe as it used to be."
Caim thanked the nurse and began to leave, but she cut in one more time,
"You're lucky to have her, you know. That kind of devotion is few and far between in Pokemon. Take good care of her."
Caim smiled, "No need to tell me twice."

In an indiscriminate corner of Lavender Town
"Rocket Agent 865, reporting to HQ."
"Several Shinys and unusuals have been reported in Lavender Town sir. A red Dragonite that speaks, a black Eevee; alongside 6 normal Eevees, a Skarmory with blue wings, a Gengar and an Aerodactyl. Also, these Pokemon are new arrivals with trainers that haven't been registered in the Global Database, sir. Requesting permission to follow and track."
"Permission granted. Let us know if anything new comes up. Assess their weakness and report back daily."
"Understood. Over and out."

Hiryu with Blade on his shoulder wandered to the outskirts of town to else Blades Nerves.
"...Blade...If you can understand me, once my friends capture their targets, I'll leave you back with your group..."
Blade thought about this and all the mocking and taunting he got back in his group from his weak climbing skills.
"...Yeah...can't wait..."
Hiryu cut across a quiet patch of grass...

"I'm doing fine, my sword somehow fits in my bag, though i don't think i need to use it with people's intelligence levels. Stella apparently turned into an "Eevee", don't know why, but she also has a pack of five more following her around. Would you like one? they seem to trust me and her, so you should be no different." Amaya said then took a eep breath. It was good to be back with dillon.

When Caim exited the clinic, (and giving personal threats to the next trainer that tried to trade Angelus with some other Pokemon he had no interest in), he took the pokeball from his belt that contained Sword, and opened it. The Skarmory stretched for a moment, and regarded Caim.
"You have earned my respect, human. Use my might well."
Angelus translated the Skarmory's words, and chuckled. "Damn right he did. The fool had to pounce on you to wrangle you in our grasp. Now, Sword, do you know about the other that ran with you? The hell-hound."
Sword stretched his wings and flew up for a moment, then returned. He pointed towards the direction Hiryu left in, and said, "My twin in power lies that way. He's coming, actually... Perhaps he seeks to find me?"
Caim perked up at the sound of that, and said, "So we could use you as bait..."
The Skarmory cringed and said, "Like the Dragonite, it favors fire... In case you couldn't tell, I don't really like fire. It hurts me badly..."
"You needn't fear, I will step in once you bring it here. Fire doesn't hurt me as it does you."
Caim agreed with the two Pokemon, and said, "We have a plan, so let's implement it!"
The new-found trainer and his Pokemon flew off.


In the tall grass

Meanwhile, during Caim's planning, Hiryu had begun to teach the little Treekco the ways of fighting; when they heard an eerie growl:
"A snack I see? He he he. I have traveled long, and I am hungry..."
A few more growls emitted from all around the grass, and a creature feinted in from behind:


Hiryu was able to grab Blade and jump out of the way, but the creature now lay in front of them. It gave a dark laugh, and said; "Ah, the snack has a master... How pathetic. Can't manage yourself then, snack? Need a human to watch over you?"

Hiryu pulled out his Sword slowly.
"Hounddoom...Blade, get the others..."
"Caim and Angelus will want to know, GO!"
Blade obeyed and ran back to Lavender as Hiryu prepared to Strike.
"Brace yourself to meet Cypher's edge..." He said as he dashed forwards to slash the creature.

The Houndoom jumped backwards, the blade bouncing off of the crest on his chest. It gave a small grunt of pain, and then bit fiercely at Hiryu's ankles. Hiryu was able to dodge, but with a few small grazes. They weren't bleeding, but Hiryu knew perfectly well that dogs were known to have several contagins in their saliva.
"You don't scare me, dog."
The Houndoom gave a dark laugh and then readied itself to let forth a Flamethrower.


Blade was running as fast as his little legs could carry him, and saw two shadows fly overhead. In desperation, Blade called out. It was indeed Caim, Angelus and Sword. Sword swooped downwards and grabbed Blade with it's claws. Before Blade could freak out, Angelus shouted a quick reassurance to the Treecko; and noticed smoke was rising in the direction they were flying. Blade shouted to Caim and Angelus the current circumstances they were suffering at the moment, and Caim stiffened, "The second part of the sword?! Let's get going then! Faster Angelus!"

The Hounddoom let out a massive stream of Flames from his mouth heading straight for Hiryu.
He jumped out of the way and ran around as the Hounddoom tracked his movements and spread around the fire.
Hiryu took an opening and slashed the Dog in the Face before going for a leg.

"Wait........ that's Stella" Shadow said a bit mockingly, "your not nearly as scary as before" he said as he started to pet her head.

Stella bit Shadow's hand in response.
The Hounddoom managed to avoid the second attack and answered with a Shadow Ball To Hiryu's back.
It hit much like a massive Hado-ken and knocked Hiryu to the ground.
Before he could get back up, The Hounddoom pounced on him and tired to Bite His head off.
Hiryu struggled to hold it's massive jaws open.
He tired to toss it off but the Hounddoom was too strong.
The Jaws began to slowly lose around his head...

Shadow retracted his hand as Stella drew a bit of blood. "Well then, be that way" Shadow said, he stood up and looked around and said "what next"?

As Tomoya saw the others began to talk he got up from playing with Pikachu, "So Stella is now...ugh" Tomoya stuttered for a bit as he pulled out his Pokedex, as it began to name the Pokemon as etc, Tomoya turned back to them, "Huh so she turned into a Eve" Tomoya said looking towards the transformed Stella. "What now?" Tomoya asked the group.

Meanwhile the others were talking Pikachu took notice to Stella and offered a hand shake, "Hey I see your owner is new to this world, let me just say that I am Pikachu" He said to her but no one else could understand him.

Dillon got his Pokemon back into their balls.
"I think I'm fine for now, I have two already and I think I know where to get more." he told Amaya, he turned to Tomoya
"I don't know for certain but I know of some legendary Pokemon, they might have the power to get us back, but we'd need to be really skilled with our Pokemon. I got a plan but it's not easy, especially if we run into trouble."
Dillon Then suggested perhaps they should go east, to saffron city.

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