The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, Stoneridge:

The Siege Mages

"Uh, Gene?" The mage manning the howitzer pointed to the now enraged 6 foot 6 tall German sprinting at them, now closing the gap unerrvingly fast. Gene, the Mage using the gatling gun, diverted his attention away from Icarus to Rugal, now emptying the gun at him and Slindis. Try to dodge bullets you overmuscled..... Gene stalled as he tried to some up with a cool line to spout as he unleashed an unending barrage of bullets and ice.

The other mage meanwhile began shelling everyone else behind Slindis, trying to disrupt them. "FEAR MY POWER MOR- AH!" He ducked to dodge Teri's Ice Arrows, causing him to miss his first shot. Their subordinates were faring far worse, Caim was knocking them aside with next to no effort at this point. Ella was the same, carving through eve more of them, to the point that some started fleeing rather then get in the way.

"COWARDS! ARE YOU GOOD FOR ANYTHING!? WHAT AM I PAYING YOU FOR!?" Gene bellowed at his fleeing goons, stopping his ranting just as he realised, they all had a clear line of sight to them.... and were within fifty feet.


The guard Chris tranquilised passed out almost immiedately, having been hit near thr heart. "Grampa, you're baths read...", collapsing on the floor, the other guards didn't notice as Deadshot had their attention.

Fionn was impressed, given the childishness and flashiness he had seen from some of the others, he was relieved to see everyone else "Alright, this is going good." He relpied to Edge "Yeah, I count the same, we've got them pinned now. You handle medic duty, I'll stick to shooty-shooty." Fionn now concentrated on disarming, using Ice magic with his shots to take out their guns. Boss's distraction was suprisingly effective.

The rest of the goons meanwhile, faced with Deadshot from one side, "ARCHON OF THE LORD GOD" on the other and god knows what else were on the verge of breaking...

...When Icarus's scream broke the camel's back. "JESUS! ZOMBIES!? FUCK THAT, YOU GUYS ARE ON YOUR OWN!!" they dropped their guns anf fled, feeling that they weren't being paid enough for this crap.

"Alright, we have this, now all we need is to capture the mages, free the town and we can find ou-"

"Ya'll are fucking up my town, and it looks like Sheriff Motherfucker has to put it back in order!!! "

"OH GOD DAMNNIT! " Just for once, he wished that this group didn't have a murderous psychopath, Fionn loaded Sandy (his shotgun) with coinshot and began preparing a sleep shot. "Some one knock him out before he gets one of us killed! Storm, gimme a hand! "

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, Stoneridge: Edge & Boss

Sherrif Motherfucker? Boss thought. What kind of cretin names their child Motherfucker? It''s just obscene...

"I could throw a building at him!" Boss shouted over to Fionn.


Boss looked around. "Good point. BUT! I will figure out something."

Boss teleported over to The Wanderer and blasted him with sand. "Are you with these crazies?" Boss asked, while Wanderer was distracted. "Because I'm with the people kicking the crap out of the crazies, and the only thing keeping me from throwing a building at you is that the only building nearby is filled with hostages." Boss thought for a moment. "And how did you get the name 'Sheriff Motherfucker?' Is that your real name? Or did your squad just really dislike you?"


Edge stood up and shook his head. "I'm sorry, Sheriff." Edge said. "He's dead and cold, and his heart stopped beating maybe ten minutes ago. Boss didn't get to him fast enough; there's nothing I can do."

Without waiting for a response, Edge walked out to where the disarmed gunmen were still standing. "LISTEN TO ME YOU BASTARDS!" he shouted. "One of you crossed whoever you're working for the wrong way; now he's dead on the ground with his throat cut out. Are these the kinds of people you want to be working for?" Edge put a hand on one of his guns. "If you come with me, I'll see that no harm is done to you. But Fionn and I still need to know what's going on; so if you're coming over here, expect to spill any beans you've got."

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge: Rugal/Deadshot

Gene's continued fire did little to stall or even slow Rugal down, the fighter bringing his forearm up over his face as bullets and other projectiles as he kept charging forward.
With the main force seemingly broken and in retreat, he didn't see any reason to stop either.
Closing the distance with Gene, he gripped the turret that he was firing at him, tearing it off it's mounting and flinging it aside.
As far as Gene was concerned, there was a massive 6 foot German man, bleeding from bullet wounds that didn't seem to wound him, Hell, he could made out some of the bullets the bullets as they got stuck in his battle hardened skin.
Grabbing Gene by his coat before striking him in the face and gut a few times, he watched as the others fled the scene.
"Oh don't run! What about your fallen?!" He mocked at their enemies as they ran.

Deadshot meanwhile as even less graceful on their victory.
"COME BACK SO I CAN KILL YOU SOME MORE!....ahhhh...He's not coming back..." He chuckled before he began search the bodies for his credit card, a rather tasteless act as he looted enemy and victim alike in his quest as Fionn called for tending to the hostages.
"Oh screw them! I'm trying to get my money back! Come on! One of you French bastards must have it..." He replied as he kept patting down some of dead bodie-
"Oh Crap! Uh....Sorry...." He suddenly stopped before pointing his wrist gun to his head and blowing his brains out before resuming his looting.

Not So Secret Base

As Blade exited the narrow mountain pass, he laid his eyes on where the base was located. A flat, scorching desert that went on for a few miles. The only thing that stood out was a large satellite dish that could be seen in the distance. Of course between him and the dish were hundreds of thousands of landmines. Of course as soon as Blade had exited the mountain pass he had been detected by the base's sensors which put the base on high alert. A couple dozen auto turrets equipped with miniguns popped up around desert.

Meanwhile the assistant(now known as Yvette) started the evacuation process immediately. "Power up the large teleporter and inform the other base that they should be doing the same. I want scientists and any critical research to go first. After that all I want any electronic device that stores information to go next. When that's done then we'll start teleporting the staff. I want this whole base rigged with explosives and I want it to go off when the last of us leave," Yvette ordered. The base was a flurry of activity as everyone scrambled to do their job.

"...SERIOUSLY?!" ~Blade
Location: Outside Secret Base, Where-ever that is

Blade began making his way towards the desert, sure, it was a hot and arid, but it was nice to get out of the snow.
The second he got a visual on the base however, he knew that it wouldn't be easy.
"Alright...Few miles of open desert...Too easy, they must have defenses." He sighed to himself as he sat on some of the greenery before the desert began, Absorbing some water and other nutrients from the other plants as he scouted the place.
"I could run that...Provided it's undefended...which it isn't...Urg, what would Hiryu do?..." He asked himself before making his way towards the desert flats, he saw the catch instantly: Landmines

"...Oh...great..." He groaned, with that much open land, there had to be a crap ton of them.
Experimenting, he picked up a small stone before tossing it into the minefield, the device exploded naturally.
"...Okay, that's not going to work..." He said before looking around, hoping to see any air defenses or something that would prevent him from using his glider.

Storm-178, Alpha, Wanderer, Chris, Deadshot, Rugal, Boss, Edge, Vash, James, Teri, Caim, Garm, Slindis, Ella, Fionn, Icarus, and others that I did not count.
Location: (The Ballad Of StoneRidge) Gilead, overlooking Stonebridge:


Walking slowly to the side of the Gunmage, Storm brought his pistols down, attaching them to the leg holders of his armour. Taking his time, he looked up to see the mad Doctor on the roof of the Church, formerly shooting everywhere, but now coughing with both guns flailing in each hand. Pulling out the right gun, he placed a metallic clip inside it, replaced it, and did the same to the other gun. "I advice to give him a second ... the man is suppose to be intelligent. Well, I think at least ..." He shrugged, taking another look at Fionn.

"I can try to punch him, otherwise you may need to shoot him quite a few times to get him off the roof ... " Storm said and began to walk closer to the Church, nice and slowly so he would not get hit if the man went bonkers once again. "Alpha, get ready to jump." He said, but only one thing greeted him, " ... ". Half irritated at himself and sad, Storm tried to apologise, "Honey, I-" He was about to say, but a louder voice started to yell, from a higher position.

"I know who I am. I'm the dude ... "


"Playin' the dude, disguised as another dude!" Dark Wanderer said while flashing his guns, his eyes flickering red. The sand from Boss finally being wiped away. Looking at Boss, he placed the normal Tommy Gun under his jacket, bringing his hand back which was pointing towards Boss, "Everybody knows you never go full retard" the red eyed Sheriff lookalike said to the teleporting man before instantly turning around, as if he acted according to instinct.

His eyes faced the way where Deadshot was, taking his sunglasses off for a few seconds he confirmed what the assassin was doing. Replacing the shades he took a step, cupped his hands around his mouth, "Hey Deadshot, leave some body digging for me!". After yelling that towards the assassin, the Wanderer suddenly leapt off the Church roof and landed in a rolling position. It was quite the manoeuvre, no faults, yet when Wanderer got up and started to jog to Deadshot, everyone could see a elbow bone sticking out.

Location: (The Ballad Of StoneRidge) Gilead, overlooking Stonebridge:

Chris gasped as she saw the indiscriminate way Wanderer was shooting at everyone within sight, or so it seemed to her. She grabbed the guard she'd incapacitated, dragging his limp form towards the relative safety of the church walls, to get both of them out of the lunatic's line of sight. She groaned as she finally let him go, her muscles barely up to the task.

She looked back for Garm and Devon, waving them to join her at the wall, as she crept over to the nearest window of the church, trying to peek inside to see if there's any more guards in there, or any other surprises in store for her.

"This is going to suck..." ~Blade
Location: Outside Secret Base, Where-ever that is

Seeing how clear the skies seemed to be (Keyword being seemed), Blade began to construct his Glider, though as he finished it, he cringed at the number of bullet holes and bends in the materials.
He'd ask for a new one, but he knew full well what his CO was going to say.
"A true Strider finds a way...Says the bastard that needs his own personal unit..." He grumbled as he finished constructing it and got strapped in.
"Alright...time to find out how many guns they have..."
Famous last words before Blade hit the power and took to the skies, the Glider shaking unbalanced as it flew over the the minefield.

Secret Base

While Blade couldn't see it, the only anti-air defense the base had was a single Patriot battery. The battery was equipped with PAC-2s to shoot things down larger than what Blade would be using. Inside was a controlled chaos of people quickly moving about preparing for evac. While regular drills had made everybody pretty efficient, the scientists still required some time to pack up all essential data and experiments for transport. "I want a squad of 12 guarding the main entrance and a fireteam stationed in every subsequent corridor. Make sure we delay this asshole as much as possible," Yvette ordered the soldiers. Outside the automated turrets began taking potshots at Blade but they weren't designed to aim that high.

"Phew...It's only missiles..." ~Blade
Location: Outside Not-So-Secret Base, Where-ever that is

It was surprising that Blade found relief in the fact that they were using a type of SAM system, Gliders WERE a lot smaller then the planes these were designed to take down.
Though the peppering of Bullets and a few close calls with incoming missiles, The Glider started to go down, smoking and burning, but it did it's job: Blade was now a few hundred meters from the base.

Objective Updated: Secure the Technology.

Detaching from the glider, he hit the ground running, sprinting towards the firing line though the hail of bullets that was greeting him.
To counteract this, he suddenly slide along the ground, kicking up dust to conceal himself before a barrage of Sharp Leaves raced towards the enemy, striking like a fan of throwing knives.
When the dust settled however, the Grovyle was nowhere to be found...

Least until he appeared behind them, leaping up from a Hole he had Digged and rushed inside the base, lest they try and lock him outside.

Not So Secret Base

Upon jumping down the main entrance, Blade found himself in a large, empty chamber that usually stored the occasional helicopter. Down the only corridor leading out were three soldiers wielding LSAT LMGs that immediately opened fire. Plus the soldiers up top were rushing to provide fire support.

"Lets see Rambo do this!" ~Blade
Location: Not-So-Secret Base, Where-ever that is

Once he was inside the base, Blade felt in his element, they had guns, he had superior training.
The moment they opened fire, he leapt up into the air before running along the side walls, using his speed to avoid getting a barrage of lead.
Having closed the distance massively, The Novice Strider then Quickly struck one of the 3 LMG soldiers in the throat before using him as a human shield, gliding his arm into pointing his weapon before it sprayed lead at them.
Turning him around, he then used his new "Pal" to return fire at the re-enforcement before casually striking his skull against a wall and booking it down to the lower levels.

Storm-178, Alpha, Wanderer, Chris, Deadshot, Rugal, Boss, Edge, Vash, James, Teri, Caim, Garm, Slindis, Ella, Fionn, Icarus, and others that I did not count.
Location: (The Ballad Of StoneRidge) Gilead, overlooking Stonebridge:

Icarus watched as the army ran, he felt his fingers twitch, something in him wanted to pursue them, they were running, panicking, weak.
He shook his head, trying to clear his mind. He could see A few of the others. Opening his wings he took to the air, he preferred to be in the air it just felt safer.
he looked down on the fleeing mass. He should just keep an eye open, after all mobs of fleeing humans could easily cause a lot of harm.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

The Facilier Casino was located at the heart of the district, an almost poetic location for a centre of commerce and capitalism. What better place to have in the heart of big busniness than a house of gambling?

Like Blackwater itself, it looked bizarrely anacronistic to the Davids and Shinia, a garish lobby sandwiched between two Renaissance era battlements. It was probably loosely based off the old order that founded the city, but naturally over commercialised to the point that it was just another gaudy set of signs to grab the attention of passers-by.

Flanked on each side by massive statues of the Knightly carictatures, was the main staircase that led to the entrance, a series of glass doors with bouncers placed to cover each, their guns purposely visible.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

David was in awe of the bright lights and such, just like Las Venturas, only with less Naked She-Godzilla's stomping on everything.
"Alright, keep an eye out for our guy and watch out, The Wild West was known for people being really jumpy..." He warned the others before waltzing over to the door as if he owned the place.
"Well, what's the story lads? Me and my friends here would like to have a little craic while we're in town, heard this was this place to be." He asked nicely as he pulled out his wallet, showing off the weight of it as it was stacked to the brim with what appeared to be currency, ready to be wasted.
In reality, they were just cards with Phoenix Richardson's Contact Number on them with "Send the bill to this guy" written in marker on them, but hey, worst they were going to do was say no, right?

Jenny meanwhile shook her head a little at the sight in front of her.
"I imagine a lot of lives were ruined in this place..." she sighed, now knowing all of the tricks behind the scenes in order to keep people throwing their money away.
"...Guys, any of you seeing another way in. I'm getting the whole "You must be this rich to enter" vibe here..." She asked the others as David attempted to charm his way in.
"I might be able to mind control them to let us pass, but I'm not sure if that'll do us any good once we're inside with the entire casino guard..."

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, Stoneridge:

Slindis saw the others were starting to scatter after she bobbed and weaved her way around a majority of the bullets and rolled over to Teri, aiming to heal her daughter with a simple Lay on Hands as she assisted her in beating back the last few mages. "Teri, this is why me and Rugal trained you to be durable. After all, most mages can be even frailer than you are!" The words were more casual than chiding as she tossed one fleeing man over the building and right into one of Ella's jabs, ensuring that those there would think twice about attacking the cleric.

Speaking of Ella, she was now hovering in the sky with swooping barrages thanks to the snipers being pinned down, ensuring that the Pact Partner would be able to fight without any critical distractions. "Let's run them back, Caim!" SHe'd been winged by a few attacks as well thanks to her foolhardy approach, but she could grit her teeth through them!

Meanwhile, Devon and Garm continued to stick close behind CHris, and Devon drew her blade as she snuck on, also using the last Improvisation points to aid her stealth. SHe even saw one guard coming out of a house, clearly a bit disoriented by the attack that had woken him up as he went to ambush the drow. One quick thrust of her blade through the man's throat stopped that however, and she moved closer to Chris and called out. "Chris, Usstan talinth udos xal inbal mzild degahr pholor l'i'dol. Chris, I think we might have more patrols on the way."

It was shortly after that where she peeked into the church alongside Chris, sending Garm a message over the rings. "Garm, I was just speaking to her in Drow. I mean, she's a newcomer here, and since she doesn't have a ring I thought it best to keep things covert while opening our arms to her."

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

As David West handled the talking one way, Mel contacted Jenny through the Rings. "Well, Jenny, you know my usual way of travellin' unnoticed. The only problem with that is makin' room for others, an' the weight's another thing." To the guards, though, she just seemed like a young if a bit smart little girl sticking close to the others.

[1] Arch Angel of Water

Location: Not-So-Secret Base

As Blade rounded the corner he was suddenly met with a hailstorm of bullets plus a couple of cooked grenades coming his way. At the same time most of the scientists had been teleported out, followed by their experiments. All that remained were the few stragglers.

Location: Mass Effect Universe

"There's the kind of ship I was talking about, a dreadnought. These things have a fuckton of weapons. Hopefully they won't spot us and we'll be able to steal it without any problems," Matt said to Ken as they flew closer to a ship. Since none of the GARDIAN sytems came online, it looked like they were in the clear. "So how do these cubes work anyway," Matt asked as they landed.

"All you have to do is touch the cube to whatever you want, push the button on top, and watch as it basically digitizes the object and stores it inside. Once done, the cube can tag the object so that it store it faster in the future. You can also name objects you store and have the cube tag you so it distinguishes you from an object that you are digitizing in your hand," Ken explained as he laid a cube on the dreadnought and pressed the button.

It immediately went to work scanning the entire ship. A few seconds later the cube began to digitize it(kind like TRON). A few minutes later it done and Ken picked up the cube. "All done. Now let's get out of here before anyone comes to investigate," Ken said before grabbing Matt by the arm and activating the dimension jumper. They then disappeared in small flash of white.

"Lets see Rambo do this!" ~Blade
Location: Not-So-Secret Base, Where-ever that is

"Oh shi-!" Blade reacted as he saw the incoming grenades, Bullets were one thing, but explosives were another.
Stopping his advance, he quickly backed up the nearest air vent before slashing the cover with his forearm blades and rushing inside it in time to avoid being fried and riddled.
Alright, command center, command center...Man, I wish they gave me blueprints... He thought as he shifty moved though the vents on all fours, his speed not stopping in the slightest.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, Stoneridge:

The Siege Mages

"I'll be heading Caim and Ella's way after your spell. I trust you'll follow?"

Teri gave a determined nod to Slindis's statement, and focused her aura to reach those around her as she began the incantation for a healing spell. Slindis, Caim, and Ella began to feel the touch of Positive Energy beginning to course through them as Teri's aura reached out, and Slindis herself felt a further boost of healing energy with the touch of a finger on her shoulder. Following that, the Cleric drew another arrow from her quiver and held it as she made her way to Caim and Ella to get further healing to her comrades...

Teri casts Cure Serious Wounds, which heals for 3d8+15!
24 seconds till next 2nd level spell
42 seconds till next 3rd level spell

....Which Caim wasn't making any easier. After his teamup with Ella, and Rugal pummeling the daylights out of another mage, it looked like that the last one would be ripe for the taking. Giving Ella a wave of his blade in the Mage's direction, the warrior activated the magic that was stored in the sword, turning himself invisible as he charge the straggler, leaping up and bringing his blade down on the ground before the mage, in hopes of knocking the mage off his feet for his comrades.


As the other bandits began to flee, Reginald the Lantern Archon gave a jolly, bellowing laugh, and saw his fellow Angel in arms above. With a teleport, the Archon appeared next to Icarus, "STUPENDOUS WAR-CRY, LAD! IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN ASSIST YOU FURTHER? MY TIME HERE IS SHORT."

Garm gave a solemn bob of his head when Devon explained over the rings why he was speaking in Elven, and answered back over his ring (more like bangle, really), "I understand now. Sorry for possibly mucking up our stealth here... I'm gonna sniff on ahead, and you'll be first to know, so you can tell her."
As they crept into the chruch, Garm did what he could to stick to the shadows; and gave a deep sniff of his nostrils. If there was one thing he knew about humans, it was that their noses weren't nearly as good as his.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

Angleus curled a hand into a fist as she watched David literally walk up to the guards and began to talk about looking for "craic" and other. No doubt this was a nice establishment, and he was probably going to get them all thrown out if he wasn't careful.
"Think, Angelus, think...Hmn.. this is a place for nobles? When among mortals do as they do."

After a moment of contemplation, the dragon-in-human-guise gave a fierce stride up to the bouncers with David (if one is to play a noble, one has to have the attitude of one), and broadcasted to the ringbearers before speaking, "I'm not certain if this will work, but if it does; play along."
"West, what did I tell you about dress codes? If you don't play by the rules, you're going to have a hard time."

She gave a (faux) apologetic smile to the bouncers and continued, "Forgive my colleague's lack of social graces, he's more on hire for his abilities rather than his looks, and should be wearing a uniform; but someone needs to guard the impressionable young ladies and gentlemen when out and about, right?"

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi
Sania followed the group around and could guess at the act that angelus was putting on. She had managed to grasp generally who the people were by the way they took things, and the woman didn't seems to be a noble. However, she walked up with her and had a smug smile on her face, like one of a spoiled rich kid. "Auntie, for my 18th birthday, I would like to try and gamble. Mommy and Daddy always gamble and now i'd like to." she said putting on a spoiled and rich girl act. "Plus, i might be able to win some more money for them teleportation scrolls i like so much. I know what you're gunna say, but it's not my fault the cat got into my last one..." she said, crossing her arms.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, Stoneridge: Boss

Boss was aghast. He just ignored me... Boss thought. Motherfucker just pretended I wasn't even here..

Boss teleported a few feet away from The Wanderer and trapped him in a psychic box. "I don't know who you are..." Boss said. "But you clearly aren't in your right mind." Boss turned around and walked towards the church. "Don't go anywhere."

Wanderer, and the ignored second Boss.
Location: (The Ballad Of StoneRidge) Gilead, overlooking Stonebridge:


After a minute of slowly jogging towards the reaping prize Deadshot, the currently evil-minded Wanderer suddenly slammed into seemingly nothing. "The fuuuuuuck?!" His loud voice said with surprise, his face crawled into a angry frown where he started wailing on the invisible wall. The fists were smashing against nothing, just his fists were beginning to bleed, as if he was an "extreme mime". Exhaling out of thin air, the current Wanderer suddenly stopped.

Looking at the Deadshot many meters in front of him, the Wanderer yelled, "Hey ... HEY! Why am I in here?!" He said, not even knowing that Boss had placed him in here, further ignoring the unknown man to him. Waiting for a couple of seconds, he did not know if this thing was soundproof. ("Yeah, I think we should switch. I got an idea.") His normal personality suggested with a light tone. "... fine. Tag." The darker personality said before the Wanderer's eyes returned to glowing blue behind his glasses.

The man in a box suddenly gripped his arm in pain. Grunting he turned to his arm and saw the bone sticking out. "You have to be kidding!" He said before thrashing his other arm into the coat and pulling out a needle and immediately stuck it into the arm. " ... ahhhhh~" He said relaxed, taking a few seconds to breath and allow the pain to flow out of the system. Knowing that the wound should heal over time, he once more pulled into his duster and came out with a shovel. Kicking the ground once, it seemed the box had no bottom and the only thing below was soft dirt.

So, the Wanderer had begun to dig once again, yet this time it was not his shallow grave.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

As they approached the casino, Maka was certainly a bit out of her element. Understatement of the century right there. For one, she was wearing a DWMA uniform. Probably meant nothing at all to the guards in front, but she didn't look like the rest of the group at all, which wasn't going to help make any bluffing any more convincing. She could guess at the very least that the... interesting assembly in front of her, were trying to act rather smooth to talk their way in. These guys though? They were just guards, why would they stop anyone from going in and wasting money on gambling? Technically, she wasn't armed so much as she IS (or well, can be) an armament. Besides, when it comes to casinos (Which are basically fishing nets for tourist wallets.) It wouldn't be the worst thing to seem like being from out of the area. The guards would take control of a problem, not keep people out. So she just tried the best bluff. Saying nothing, causing no problems and walking in, and trying to seem quite unconnected to the rest of the group. (Which was by no means a hard thing to pull off. What were any of their names again?)

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

The guard snatched the ID cards out of David's hand, baffled at the man's date of birth being a century too early and the ID belonging to an organisation that wouldn;t exist for another several decades on top of that. Who was this guy anyway?

"Is this a joke? ....where did you get this card? "


Richardson was just finsihing the compiling of a report when he noticed he had run out of staples, sighing slightly before reaching for the phone to order more. He had been up for 72 hours straight and as the coffee wore off once again, he was now exhausted.

"For Office supplies press one"
"For paper, press one, for card, press two fo-" His head slammed on the phone, mashing the keys.

"Oh, s-sorry, just passed out there, hello-"

"Clearance level?" Unbeknownst to him, he had unwittingly accessed the US Nuclear Aresenal.

"You sure you want to launch this sir?"
"Launch!? I just wanted stap-"
"Wait, who is this?! What's your Clearance Number?!"
"Commander Richardson of UNIT"
"Hah! Yeah right, ID number then."

"Alright then son", he reached into his wallet to find his ID card...... which wasn't there.

"Heh, funny thing, I seem to have misplaced it, but if you just check the line, you'll see tha-"


The line dropped dead there. Richardson could hear the sounds of helicpoters coming in from the distance....


"Forgive my colleague's lack of social graces, he's more on hire for his abilities rather than his looks, and should be wearing a uniform; but someone needs to guard the impressionable young ladies and gentlemen when out and about, right?"

"Look, you two are fine, it's the underaged two I'm worried about.... You know what, fuck it, I'm not paid enough for this, go on in, but if I get so much as peep about the elf kid gambling, you're out on your asses got it?" He stood to the side, allowing the party to proceed to the casino foyer. Like anyone's going to care. He shook his head as Melethia and Shinia passed.

"Plus, i might be able to win some more money for them teleportation scrolls i like so much. I know what you're gunna say, but it's not my fault the cat got into my last one..."

"Fucking Tourists." The other bouncer walked over to him after the party left. "You want a drink after this? I doubt we're really needed at this point."

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge: Rugal/Deadshot

It'd be no suprise to anyone that Rugal's first punch to Gene's face knocked him out cold, dropping him to the ground and leaving his second in command at the mercy of several angry vigilantes looking quite, quite angry at this point. Seeing them rip through their minions didn't help.

"Um.... I don't suppose making a graceful accepance of defeat and leaving is out of the question?" He asked, his question punctuated by Caim's strike, catching completely unaware and knocking him out. "So that's a no then?......."

MEanwhile, Chris, Devon and Garm could now see into the church, there were a few of the townspeople in the corner, seemingly tied up. From the looks of it, there were no guards inside, it was probably the job of the ones outside to check on them.

Edge's proposal to the remining gunmen was met with a resounding "Fuck this" as they ran out of town, grabbing anyone unconsious with them they could see. Not out of camraderie, but a determination to not be tracked down. Fionn was about to whack The Wanderer in the head, but upon seeing his cooldown he slammed his gun right back into his hand and kept walking without missing a step.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, overlooking Stoneridge: Rugal/Deadshot

With the Battle over and the enemy broken, Rugal was quick to get started on the clean up operation as he picked up Gene's limb body and put it over his shoulder.
"Okay, Someone send word to the fort that the town is secure and that we are friendly. And while you are at it, find the Sheriff and the Mayor, I want to get these ones behind bars and find out what was the reason for them being here." He ordered to the others, as if his position as Captain meant anything more then the room on the airship.
Once his demands were made, he then turned his attention back to Slindis and Teri, somewhat concerned for them after the battle.
"Hey, I say you take some hits in the battle, are you two alright? I wasn't expecting that shelling either..." He then asked, fussing over them, which would be more touching if it wasn't for the fact that:

1. Gene was currently knocked out with most likely a broken nose and a few busted ribs.
2. The skin on his upper body was riddled with bullets, most of which were still visible though his tattered Vest
3. One of his arms had a series of Icicles stabbed into it, slowly melting in the desert sun.
4. And his other arm looked it like it lost an Arm Wrestling Match with a Powerline.

Still, He didn't seem to mind it too much and it was the thought that counted, right?

Deadshot meanwhile was less then pleased when the enemy finally fucked off.
"HEY! YOU DIDN'T SEE A CARD DID YOU?! COME BACK-...Ahhh...They're not coming back. Typical French..." He grumbled as he kicked the corpse he had left on the ground after failing to find his Unlimited Credit Card.
Looking around the town, he then remembered that most of the townsfolk were either taken hostage or in the fort.
Glancing around for the others, he then began to start looking though the windows and at the general store for any trace of his card, possibly swiping some swag if he found some.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Business District : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

Somewhat taken aback by his sudden promotion(?) to "Bodyguard", David merely went along saying tot he bouncers "...Yeah...Tourists, am I right, guys?" before walking along in.
"Red, I had them on the ropes. We were connecting!...Though thanks anyway, kinda wish I thought of that." He sent over the rings to Angelus as he motioned the group inside the casino, going his best to look Bodyguard-y.
"Also, Fake Rich Kid (Sania), going to warn ya in advance, you blow my Fake Paycheck at the slots, I'm having your Fake Auntie write you out of her Fake Will. That's for Real." He then remarked to Sania, partly joking, mostly warning the newcomer against doing anything stupid.
Speaking of newcomers: "So, Maka, was it? Sorry about this, just keep going along and if you need anything, give me a buzz, Alright?"

Jenny meanwhile was keen to point out "Oh Don't worry, Little Mel here wouldn't DREAM of something like that, would you dear?" as she went with Melethia, holding her hand as part of her "Act" as a Older Sister, even though they had zero relation and she wasn't even human, let alone an elf.
"But seriously, don't even think about it. I'll know." She then mentally warned, getting somewhat overprotective to mask her own concerns of personal safety.

Location: Not-So-Secret Base

When the smoke cleared and the intruder was nowhere to be seen, the fireteam moved forward. As they moved they scanned all angles of attack for any signs of an ambush. When they got to the end of the hallway, the fireteam leader saw the broken air vent and radioed Yvette. "Ma'am, it seems the intruder has slipped into the air ducts. Recommend sealing vents and smoking him out. We are also sending a spider drone[1] for surveillance. The video feed will be sent to your tablet," the leader told her.

"Good job Fireteam Charlie. Head back here and bring the other fireteams with you," Yvette told them before addressing everybody. "Listen up, we are sealing all the air vents and pumping carbon monoxide into the A/C. I want everybody to grab a SCBA set and get to work. We don't have all day people," Yvette ordered them. Turning to her tablet that was connected to the facility, Yvette entered a couple commands into the system. One to open panels around the facility to reveal several SCBA sets and the other to seal the air vents with an aluminum plate. After that she executed a command to pump carbon monoxide into the A/C. She then switched to the video feed from spider drone as it crawled through the air ducts.

[1] About the size of a quarter

"Oh...great..." ~Blade
Location: Not-So-Secret Base, Where-ever that is

Blade was largely unaware of their plans as he began to make his way though the confusing layout of the base, trying to find a central shaft to enter.
"Come on, where the hell is it!?" he groaned, wishing that his orders were just to blow the place up, not dilly dally after weapon tech or whatever the hell they wanted.
His train of thought was quickly derailed by the fact his brain felt like it was going numb as well as his vision starting to blur.
"Urggggg...wha-....Fuck...poison...Bastards!..." he groaned as he began to frantically crawl like a rat in a maze, looking for an exit in order to get some Oxygen, finding nothing but dead ends thanks to the panels.
As his strength was failing him, he used his Forearm blades to cut his way back out of the vents, not caring what was awaiting him outside it.

(The Long Game) Blackwater City: Facilier Casino : (David) West, Jenny, David A, Maka Albarn, Melethia, Angelus, Shinia Hatashi

It wasn't even a few seconds into the casino that the group was caught up by a group of overly eager waiters.

"Welcome to The Facilier Casino, drink?"
"Roulette Tables?"
"Another Drink?"
"Ballroom Dancing?"
"Another drink?"

In the chaos of their enthusiastic "customer service", several of the party were scattered to random places through out the casino floor. Jenny ended up at a poker table with a straight flush, surrounded by players completely unaware of her powers...

Angelus wound up at a bartable facing the barkeep "What will it be madame? And how are you today?" Across the table there was a woman dressed in a poncho on top of a duster, slowly drinking a bottle of Whiskey while observing a game pf blackjack across the floor, her attention on a specific person. Her outfit looked like what David may have weared...

Shinia was now at a roulette table, somehow with a stack of chips worth 5,000 dollars. Compliments of the casino maybe? "Will Ma'am be making a bet?"

The Davids, Maka and Mel meanwhile were just escorted to the main floor without too much trouble, from here everyone else could be at least spotted. However something caught David's Mel's eye, among all these rich nobles and gullible tycoons one man stood out. At the Blackjack table there was a man in a checkered suit, looking right at home in the 50's.

"Hit me."
"20, Solitaire Wins."
"Naturally, baby."

Beside him was a woman, dressed in a suit with a muscular build, she hat just to the side of the man, a briefcase at her feet. She appeared to be his bodyguard.

(The Ballad Of Stoneridge) Gilead, Stoneridge: Edge/Boss

Edge was disappointed, but could not say he was surprised. Having some re-enforcements would have been nice, but...

"I guess that's a no..." Edge muttered under his breath. Seeing Fionn walking towards the church, Edge pulled one of his guns out and followed.


"Hiya!" Boss said, meeting up with Chris, Devon and Garm. Seeing the townspeople tied up inside the church, he teleported inside and began untying them. "Don't worry;" Boss said. "I'm with Fionn. He'll be here in just a minute."

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