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Hi-Fi Rush Is a Rhythm Action Game from Ghostwire Team, Out on Game Pass Today

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Tango Gameworks, the developer of Ghostwire: Tokyo and The Evil Within, has revealed rhythm action game Hi-Fi Rush at the Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct, and it has a release date of today (this evening, actually) on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store. With its bright visuals that evoke the likes of Sunset Overdrive and Jet Set Radio, Hi-Fi Rush is a stark but welcome departure from the developer’s previous dark games.

You play as Chai, who uses the power of rhythm and rock to fight a “sinister robotics enhancement conglomerate.” You’re free to approach movement and combat however you would like, but if you choose to attack on the beat of the music, you will score big combos with “Beat Hits” and fight more effectively. The aim is to create a fun rhythm action game that won’t penalize you if you have no rhythm.

The game comes with both licensed music and original songs, but for the streamers, there’s an option to replace the licensed songs. Hi-Fi Rush also will offer a Deluxe Edition, which seems to be digital-only unless we hear otherwise, and it offers the following extras, as outlined by Xbox:

  • Two Chai outfits (includes a hairstyle, scarf, jacket, trousers, and shoes that can be mixed and matched with other cosmetics in-game)
  • Seven bonus Chai T-shirts
  • 808-Themed Guitar Skin
  • 808 Alternate Skin
  •  20,000 Gears for unlocking combat skills and other upgrades. (Note: Gears are obtained through combat and exploration in-game and not available as a purchasable currency.)

If you want a frenetic and flashy rhythm action experience, you probably ought to give Hi-Fi Rush a shot, especially since it’s out today.

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