Society of Justice 3: Crisis on the Earth

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Closing his eyes slowly, Levi returned Taryn's kiss with equal pressure. His arm still around her waist, he pulled her closer as time seemed to crawl to a snail's pace. He broke the kiss, immediately and gently replacing it with one of his own, with more pressure than the one that came before. Levi could feel himself being carried away by the wonderful feeling of warmth that was spreading from his chest. The sensation was beyond words, indeed, beyond anything any language could express.

Alex nodded. "Oh I agree. I'd rather be pregnant when I don't have to save the world from some crazed mad man." Alex said. "Though I'll be busy even during the busy time. I'll be busy with the kid." Alex said and got out of the pool. "So you feel like practicing?" Alex smirked wrapping her arms around his chest softly kissing his neck and purred in his ear.


Eric backed off and sighed. "Just trying to help and don't kill anyone." he said walking out.

"Oh you know I could clean up and make the table cleaner than it's ever been and just go out and buy another thing of cool whip. And the couches aren't really that comfy anyways, but if the Society does get new ones I'd say we deflower them before one of the other couples do," Leland replied jokingly, chuckling as he thought over Katie's proposition, "That sounds fine and dandy, though I will put in that we should just do both. But that's just my way of thinking."


The Doctor ignored Eric and went back to planning, bringing up the application that a certain 'Brian' put it and writing down notes for anything interesting. He figured he wouldn't attack tonight or the next night; he'd only do it when everyone's guards were down. Then, he'd strike!

He had been good today and had played his part in defeating the Snake well. Good, but not good enough however.

Tyrell sat on one of the sofas in the empty common room alone, unwrapping the wrist-tape from his fists slowly and thoughtfully, all the while replaying the battle that had occurred over and over in his mind, analyzing and critiquing every detail of his performance. So far, he wasn't impressed. His reaction time had been slow on a couple of occasions, allowing the mechanical snake to graze him with his tail on a couple of occasions, not enough to injure him, or even to touch his skin, but enough to convince The Shadow that his technique needed improvement.

He needed to be perfect, he needed to be flawless, or the next time he might not be so lucky, the next time it might not just be a light brush, it was something he needed to think about and work on.

Next came the most glaring issue, his unconsciousness after Chi-striking the snake. Whilst it was a danger with the technique and he was still a mere novice in its execution, again, next time he might not be lucky enough to have his foes ignore him, next time his enemies might take their opportunity to turn their now incapacitated attacker into a red smear. And so, Tyrell resolved that the Chi-strike would definitely be getting a little more work, for he needed to improve his technique to the point where his devastating attack didn't leave him helpless.

Analysis complete, the Shadow stood from his seat and stretched. The rest of the team were out by the pool and he wanted to join them, not because of the prospect of frivolity, or socialization, but instead because he believed that he needed to know his team better, if they were to function as one against greater foes....

'Well... Perhaps a tiny portion of my reasons for coming was the frivolity' he thought whilst upside-down and in mid-air, as he completed his impressive backwards somersault into the glistening blue waters of the pool.


Willing, Taryn let Levi take the lead for a bit. Her fingers pressed lightly against the base of his neck as she shifted in an attempt to get even closer to him. Through her shirt Taryn could feel the weight and warmth of Levi's arm around her. It was a gesture of part affection and part possession that filled Taryn with a sense of satisfaction. She belonged here, with this man that she loved. Taryn's free hand rose, slid up the edge of Levi's vest and stopped to lay still on the center of his chest. When her fingers relaxed against the leather the tip of Taryn's ring finger brushed over one of the polished copper rivets.

"Not sure what you mean by 'deflower,' but I can take the hint," Katie said with a cheeky grin up at Leland, shuffling a little closer to him. She had almost forgotten what it was like to be this close, physically and emotionally, to Leland. And considering that he had a few months to spare now that he had finished his work, they could spend so much more time together... Katie smiled to herself at the thought, wondering if Leland would pick up on it.

At that point her musings were interrupted by a heavy splash of water hitting her from behind. It felt cold compared to the heat of the jacuzzi, so it must have come from the main pool. Katie turned to find that Rowan had snuck up on them from under the surface while she and Leland were distracted with one another. "Surprise, lovebirds. Just thought I'd bring you back to the present day," he said with an impression of an evil laugh, before he ducked back under the water and resurfaced a distance away, grabbing his drink from the side of the pool.

"You are insatiable I hope you know." Richard said as he got out of the pool to follow her.


"I wonder if he'll get some kind of power that has to do with throwing things. It seems like he might already, and if he does we'll have to get the walls reinforced." Lillian said before getting lost in a scenario of everything she would have to do if that were the case.

Alex smirked some looking back at him and dyed both of them off with her powers. "There, no need to dry off now." Alex laughed some kissing him as they made their way to their room.


Eric sighed and walked up to Brian. "Watch the doctor. I think he wants to kill you." Eric said taking a set next to the new team member and looking around for the doctor.

Leland smiled at Katie's response and leaned down to kiss her forehead, leaning his head back and enjoying being back. He opened his eyes when he heard the splash out of reflex and was hit with Rowan's splash.

"Ah fuck right in the eyes too! All that chlorine is like freakin' acid! Wait...chlorine? Oh god," he quickly said, sending a thought over to his brother as he got out of the jacuzzi and helped Katie out.


"Perhaps, though not sure what type of power that would be. Maybe he'll just be god-like in throwing crap and his weakness will be water, who knows?" Garrus asked before getting a message from his brother, looking over into the pool that was starting to change into a yellow color. He turned his head to look at the monitor near the door to see that the red light was on: the cleaning had just begun.

"Everyone out of the pool!" Garrus yelled out as he picked up his son, watching as Ethan and Talbot were already out the door and everyone else was soon following.


The Doctor whistled as he skipped back to the infirmary, knowing that everyone would get out. His message was sent however, his message was sent. Until he realized that there was no evidence to show that it was done because of his hatred for the healer Brian and Alex (who now had healing water as he had read in the application). He cursed loudly as he slammed his office door, hitting his head against his desk for his own stupidity.

Brian took the warning to heart as he saw the water in the pool start to change colors. Since he was just sitting on the edge of the pool it didn't take long for him to hoist his legs out before the chlorine came over.

"What the hell is that, eh?" he asked rhetorically. "I mean, is your guys' pool on the brink or something? Looks like ten classes of second graders have been in here!"

"Oh, what the hell - !" Rowan said loudly, hauling himself out of the pool as the water began to quickly turn a different colour. Shivering slightly now that he was back on his feet, he hurried over to his towel and began to dry off quickly. "What's up with that? Is that the infamous self-cleaning mechanism I've heard mentioned?"

Katie hurriedly climbed out with Leland's assistance, quickly pulling him into a hug to maintain some sense of warmth - and also just because she felt like it. "Alright, who the hell set the pool to trigger a full-strength cleaning cycle right in the middle of our pool party?" she asked, annoyance evident in her tone. "I mean, seriously now. Couldn't it have been delayed another couple of hours or something, when we aren't even near the pool?"

Submerged deep below the surface, Jason had little time to react from the warning before the color of the pool changed. As soon as the acidic substance came in contact if his body, Jason used his powerful legs to launch himself from the deteriorating waters, flying through the air momentarily, landing on the surface of the poolside with a wet splat. Flopping around like a fish out of water, Jason cast his melting goggles from his face as he bolted towards the nearest towel, drying himself of the dangerous chemical.

"Ow,ow,owwww...holy shit. Why did that happen, and why does it hurt so much?!" He exclaimed, throwing off his wet trunks, and covering his bare man-parts with another towel.

Tyson felt the pain in his shins subside and the cut on the back of his head pull back together as Brian healed him. The actually felt pretty good. A lot better than peroxide and cracked shins for a few weeks. Tyson finished thinking and overheard Eric warn Brian about the doctor and Brian's resulting concern. "If you want I could set up an electrified net to stun him if he breaks into your room. That or small explosives. I could probably rig up anything you need in that sense Dr. Feel Good." Tyson said jokingly despite actually being able to set anything in the range when asked fairly fast.

"Well looks like happy pool time is over. Any idea what happened Garrus?" Leland asked his brother, hugging Katie back with equal measure. He was relieved that they had all managed to get out without any major injuries; he knew just how dangerous the chlorine pool water could be.

"No clue. It might have been just a glitch in the system. We'll have to get one of the techies to look at it. Let's get out of here, all this chlorine is killing my eyes and nose," Garrus replied as he rubbed his eyes before Renton started to get fussy from all the commotion and chlorine. He exited the pool room and, seeing Ethan waiting in the hallway with Talbot, asked if his brother had seen Taryn or Levi or if they were too busy having some 'alone time'.

Ethan immediately burst into loud beeps that were his versions of tears, running off through the lounge to go be alone. "Perhaps not the right thing to say considering everything..." Garrus told Talbot, the bird simply looking at him before screeching loudly and flying off and into the lounge.

"Yeah, jeez I think I'm going to have to take you up on that offer for that net there, eh?" Brian said. "I mean, I'm not one to be the suspicious type, you know. But it's that a little weird, you think? I mean, Doctor what's-his-name just goes and bitch slaps me, leaves, and then all of a sudden the pool starts acting up? I don't know. As we say back home, this Mountie's hat is all crooked."

"Looks like Garrus has the right idea about leaving," Katie mused, quickly hurrying across the room to grab her towel, plus one for Leland. After giving herself a quick once-over to dry off at least some of herself and rejoining him - Leland had moved to just outside the pool hall while she had picked up the towels - she said, "So, I figure we've got a while yet before dinner... My room or yours?" She gave Leland another smile, knowing full well what she was implying.

"Christ, that was a hell of a mess," Rowan thought aloud to the empty bathroom, having immediately split off from the others to get to his room and dry off there. Soon enough he was as dry as he was going to get - shifting into another body never helped with getting wet, just things like poison, burns and broken limbs - and he had changed into lightweight clothing.

Looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, he kind of liked the unkempt style into which his hair had gotten after trying to dry it. It suited the slightly scuffed polo shirt and the worn jeans. With that, Rowan headed out into the hall, eventually finding the lounge after taking the wrong turn once and ending up in the gardens.

Tyson nodded to the request and walked over to Garrus. "I need to order some Society related things. I'm wondering if costs are covered by the government or do we have to order and pay for the items ourselves. Additionally if it's covered by the government is there a form I need to fill out and if it isn't can it be filed under my tax returns?" Tyson asked hoping he won't have to pay for his spare parts or the traps he was going to make.

"Let's go with your room dear. My room hasn't been cleaned in two weeks and I prefer your room anyhow," Leland responded, kinda worried about Ethan but knowing there was nothing he could do, "Though it's always easier to head through my room due to the portal since you dislike teleporting still."


Garrus turned when Tyson started talking to him, nodding once he was done speaking. "Yes our things are payed for by the government since it sponsors the whole Society program. Now they'll pay for things certain things, but nothing cosmetic. They're not going to buy you a damn HD tv or anything, but if it's a necessity they'll get it for you. Now there aren't really forms, just give me a list and I'll see about getting them for you," he replied as he took a seat at the bar in the kitchen.

"What if an HD TV is a necessity?" Brian asked as he followed after the other two. "Can we get it then? Cause, I mean, I'm not going to play CoD on a shit TV, not if there are better TV's available, eh? I've had to put up with that TV I fished from the trash for so long now, it be nice if an upgrade was possible."

Richard laughed as Alex dried them.

"Can't wait can we?" He quipped as they entered his room.


"Although they have been known to pay for a computer or two, so long as you can prove it has a purpose for the Society they'll buy it. I've been having a bit of fun with the loopholes in the contract myself." Lillian said to Tyson as she walked next to Garrus.

Another fresh surge of warmth radiated through Levi as he felt the slight touch of Taryn's hand on his chest. This surge of feeling was the one that finally drove him over the edge. It felt as if a dam inside him had suddenly exploded. Suddenly coursing rapidly through Levi's body was an almost searing-hot feeling that was unfamiliar to him: passion. Surrendering entirely to the new tide of emotion, he acted on instinct. Levi's heart pounded as he kissed Taryn again, pressing his lips to hers with a renewed vigor. As if guided by a mind of its own, the arm he had wrapped around Taryn's waist moved. His hand slid slowly up to the hem of her shirt, pushing it up ever so slightly.

"Don't you normally keep your room here absolutely spotless?" Katie asked as she walked with Leland, her arm around his waist to maintain the closeness they had shared before the pool somehow started its self-cleaning. "I mean, sure, you haven't been here for a fortnight, so it'll be dusty, but that's nothing a snap of the fingers can't deal with, right? But yeah, you're right. I much prefer my room as well. Plus neither is us have slept in your bed in a while."

They turned into the hallway, passing Rowan on his way to the lounge, and made their way through Leland's room to Katie's. At which point she turned to face Leland, stretched up on her toes and gently pressed her lips against his for a few seconds, her arms quickly moving up to rest around his neck.

"That's good to know." Tyson replied to Lillian before walking over to a near by table and picked up a pen and piece of paper. Tyson started to think of the list of things he needed and somethings that he wanted. Tyson started making the list; several different sized metal plates of varying amounts all specified as the metal's natural black color, one 25 square foot steel net, one twelve volt car battery, a package of portrait hooks, a file set, a small shelve capable of holding a twelve volt battery, a liter of orange concentrate, a liter of gasoline, a liter of 98% concentration of fuming nitric acid, three liters of sulfuric acid, a 1 kg bag of saw dust, and twenty blasting caps, two large buckets, two two foot metal rods, and a spool of steel ten pound test fish line.

Tyson tore off the piece of paper and handed it to Garrus. "I'll be thankful if most of this could be retrieved asap. I do know that those metal plates will be at least a week however. I'll also happily explain any item on the list as it applies to being necessary to the Society." Tyson replied honesty.

Alex giggled and kissed Richard more quickly shutting the door and got on the bed with him on top of her the kisses getting progressively rougher. Her hands softly flowed on Richard back like water down a stream. A hand softly found it's way into his hair lacing it's self between locks of hair, her own scattered across the pillow of their bed.

She broke the kiss to look into Richard's eyes. "Just because you can't be a playboy anymore doesn't mean you can't be my playboy Richard." Alex mused and purred kissing his cheek and moving down to his neck. "I love you." she spoke softly on his neck.

"As my wife said there are certainly loopholes, though I wouldn't know anything about them. Ask her if you want to try and do it that way, or just wait until your first paycheck to go out and buy one. Believe me you'll have enough money to buy a damn good tv. Our pay here is pretty damn good since we risk our lives, though it has gone down slightly since Patriot left," Garrus said to Brian as he took the paper Tyson had handed him. He gave it a quick look-over and raised an eyebrow, he decided to not ask what everything was for and simply stated, "Guess I'll have to make a call tonight too Lillian. I'll do my best to get this stuff for you though Tyson, some might come sooner or later but just keep checking up on it."


Ethan was inside of one of the public bathrooms in the museum of the Promenade, sitting on the floor in the women's restroom (he hadn't paid attention to where he was going). He took off his mouth filter as he took out a small box in the shape of a heart filled with his own hand-made truffles. He beeped quietly before picking one up (a rocky road combination he came up with) and popping it into his mouth, enjoying the crunchiness and the velvet chocolate flavor.


"I could clean it quickly like that but sometimes it just feels like it's cleaner if you take the time. But that's just me and the way I was raised," Leland replied simply as Katie turned to face him, happily accepting Katie's kiss as his own arms brought her closer to him. He held the kiss for a just a few second longer before lifting her up so that she was at level with her, smirking a bit as he leaned closer and kissed her passionately.

Taryn's breath caught as Levi's hand brushed against her side. Distracted by the tactile sensation she pulled back from the intensity of his kiss. Taryn opened her eyes and blinked slowly until Levi's face came into focus. When she could see his green eyes Taryn held Levi's gaze.

Dropping her hand from Levi's chest Taryn placed it next to his own. Then without a word Taryn gripped her shirt and pulled it up over her head in a single smooth motion. The light colored garment was dropped blindly onto the back of the sofa. Taryn's shoulders rose and fell as she took a careful breath. She fought back a shiver. Reaching her hand back up Taryn traced the line of rivets on Levi's vest. Her gazed dropped to follow her actions as she slid her fingers up his chest to the top button of his shirt.

Briefly looking up and down, Levi grinned and moved his hands to the copper rivet buttons of his vest. He undid the buttons and shrugged the leather garment off his shoulders, letting it slide off the edge of the couch. Locking eyes with her again for a second, Levi moved in and closed the short gap between them, pressing his lips against Taryn's in another kiss. His hand moved to the back of her neck, which he held gently as he kissed her.

Taryn closed her eyes as Levi moved closer, blindly reaching forward to lay her hands on his chest again. Sliding her fingers up across the smooth cotton fabric of his shirt she misjudged and hit his collar. Taryn murmured quietly in between kisses initiated by Levi. On her second try Taryn found the top button. In a series of slow and careful movements she unbuttoned Levi's shirt from top to bottom. The two sides of the shirt separated a bit without the fasteners to hold them together. Lightly gripping the bottom edge of the one side between thumb and forefinger Taryn tugged on the fabric once, then again a second time.

Levi broke the passionate kiss, but remained close to Taryn as he slid his arms out of the long sleeves. He threw the unwanted article of clothing aside and locked eyes with her once again. His heart still pounding in his chest, he stared lovingly into Taryn's brown eyes. Her eyes, their proximity, the feel of her skin on his, all of it was intoxicating. Levi could feel the mood in the room began to shift back from a passionate climate to a more romantic one as the two lovers caught their breath in silence. Finally able to get its complaints heard over the rush of passion, the rational side of Levi's mind spoke to him. Do I really want to do this?

It was a good question. This wasn't the first time they had both been shirtless in the other's presence, but something about this moment was different than the others. Beyond this stage, both Levi and Taryn were entering unexplored territory; he suddenly wasn't sure if he wanted to cross this line. His expression softened, reflecting his internal doubt and uncertainty.

Taryn was focused on Levi's eyes, attempting to memorize the exact shade of green surrounding the slightly dilated pupils. Then she blinked. In that short span something changed. It was a subtle thing, a shift in the energy. Taryn tilted her head a fraction as she tried to puzzle out its source. She looked silently at Levi and watched as his expression changed. Hesitation had replaced urgency. 'Something...'

Slowly Taryn dropped her gaze. Down past the rhythmic rise and fall of Levi's shoulders. Over the smooth expanse of his chest... In an echo of her earlier movement Taryn raised her hand. This time there was no cloth barrier to meet her fingertips. There was just the warmth and solidity of muscle and flesh. The skin on skin contact sent a small thrill through Taryn. But she continued her motion. Taryn placed her palm flat on Levi's chest. Her fingers flexing gently against his skin. In the silence that followed she focused on the rhythm emanating from underneath her hand. Rapid beats. One, two. Beats that gradually slowed. One. Two.

Taryn took a deep breath and let it out slowly. On the end of her exhale she dropped her hand gently to her own leg. Taryn looked up at Levi, and smiled softly.

"I love you." she stated quietly.

After hearing the mention of expensive televisions, Jason slid over to Brian and Garrus.

"Call of Duty, you say? I'm intrigued. Wanna play it in my room in the meantime? My TV is humongous, and my sound system is sublime. A good time is to be had for sure." Jason said to the healer in a faux-salesman voice, leading the Canadian towards his room.

Going through his 7th vodka-breez (7 parts vodka, 2 parts air freshener), Steven suddenly came to a slightly disturbing conclusion. "Is it just me, or is everybody here about to fuck their brains out? Seriously this is crazy. I almost don't wanna know what kind of freaky-deaky shit the rock-star can pull off, or Mr. Roboto and that suit which probably has an 'Auto-Hump' fucntion. Maybe I'll go hang out with Levi and Taryn. They're probably watching a movie or something and I doubt those nice guys wont be going to town on each other like rabbits on Viagra"

"I love you"

Those three words never failed to make Levi smile, and this time was no different. Despite the sudden uncertainty and insecurity he felt, a smile crossed his face. "I love you too," was his equally quiet reply. Idly, his arm worked its way around Taryn's waist again, this time coming to rest against bare skin instead of clothing. Levi was loving every last second of this, but he just wasn't sure if he wanted to go farther. Judging from Taryn's reaction to his hesitation, maybe she might have the same feelings. Looking away from her for a second, he sighed. Levi's gaze re-focused on her eyes. After a moment, he spoke. "Are...are you sure you want to do this?" he asked softly. "I just...I'm not sure if we should..."

'Are you sure you want to...not sure if we should.'

Want. Should. Want. 'What do I want...' Taryn mused. The simplest answer was in front of her, holding her carefully while waiting for her response. Gazing into Levi's eyes, and feeling his closeness, Taryn recognized that she did want this. For this man, she was willing to take that step. And yet, something wasn't quite...right. Did Levi sense it? Is that why he hesitated? Taryn's head shook minutely as she shifted to lightly run her fingers across Levi's upper arm.

"I want to." She said carefully. "But not-." Taryn broke off. After a second of silence she continued. "But when it's right. For both of us." Taryn settled her hand on Levi's arm.

"Aw, you serious?" Brian asked. "You better believe I want to play it man, that would be so awesome right now!" He followed after the guy who promised him this opportunity to kill some noobs.

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