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Erica's eyes narrowed. "First off, those aren't hostages," she said sharply, "I do volunteer at this place, just ask the lady who works here. And second, no, we don't have a vehicle, unless you can find one..."

This guy was really starting to work on her nerves, though she wouldn't admit as much.

"I don't know anyplace we can find a vehicle either..." Alex then paused during the reply. His mind drifted to NYSU for a time, but then he remembered that all the cars around the campus were unusable, or long empty of any fuel. "...but I know some folks who can vouch for my own whereabouts as of last night."


- Blue Moon Apartments -

As he slipped back into the apartment, Phantom was just in time to hear a broadcast over the radio in the room. "...about the supposed murderers of Mitch Alburn. It seems, according to an anonymous tip, that the assailants were a group of young Omegas who may have been responsible for an explosion and fire at a highrise today." said the voice on the other side. Walking over to the device, Phantom switched it off.

"Damnit. No one understands the meaning of pace in this world anymore." he sword to himself, having a good feeling who had given that so-called 'tip'. Initially hoping that the Omega he brought in hadn't heard the broadcast, he soon wondered how she would react to this news. On one hand, it could help him make sure she stayed around longer.

Leaving the room, he saw the woman sitting and eating some pizza she had found. Smiling a bit, he walked past the kitchen and to the remote for the TV he had. "I'm gonna switch on the news for a bit. See if anything's going on." Depressing the On switch, the TV flickered to life on channel six, which was playing some foreign music Phantom couldn't care for.

He switched it over to channel 38, and as he made his way to the kitchen, acting like nothing was happening, the channel began broadcasting the same news piece he had just heard on the radio.

Kiru stood up, and headed for the doorway. "I see." Kiru said,and followed up with "I would advise an alternate place for the kids to stay, because this place is compromised,and I assume that you would have someone planning to make them hostages if they already aren't." and he headed for the door. "Follow me." Kiru said,as he headed outside, and grabbed his motorcycle and drug into into the trees near the waylay,and began to work. "If you kids can get me a few parts,i'll move you to a safer place." He said,and rambled off a few parts onto a piece of paper,a little oily from Kirus hands.

"Get me these parts I can take you somewhere safe and decide your alliance myself." Kiru said,as he carefully placed branches on the Motorcycle carefully.

Erica peered down at the list. She wasn't the most mechanically-inclined person the face of the earth, but she had a pretty good idea of what he had planned.

She was relucatant to go out, though; after the news report, some people would probably be looking for them. But it didn't seem like they had a choice at the moment...

"Alright," she said to the others, "Do any of you guys know if there are any spare parts in the ares, and if so, who wants to get what?"

Roar had a look at the list and he is bewildered at the parts needed.

He moaned "Destroyed tree shouldn't be a problem. If I recall properly I think I have seen some scrap metals at the outskirt of the bridge where I used to defend however chances are they will be guards at that bridge by now. I guess we should head to the junkyard for those car parts?

"Good Idea." Kiru exclaimed, and stood up,stretching. "I can stay here and help protect these guys while someone else goes,but it would be best if another stayed here to help guard in case." and following that phrase,Kiru headed over to the destroyed turret fragments.


Dawn was so lost in her thoughts that she barely even heard the radio, much less Phantom's re-entrance. She wasn't entirely sure she hadn't fallen asleep.

She looked back up at Phantom from her leftover pizza crust and arched her eyebrows in acknowledgement, but didn't speak. Whatever she was thinking of probably wasn't entirely pleasent, judging by her tired-looking blue eyes.

She looked over at the TV. It was something to distract herself with, at any rate. She wondered why Phantom shut off a radio only to turn the TV on, then leave the TV room completely, but maybe he was just one of those people that preferred listening TV shows to music. Dawn didn't quite understand it, but she was always more of a music-person.

Dawn watched from the kitchen as the news camera showed a familiar-looking building and her stomach sank to her shoes. All she heard after that was "murder of Mitch Alburn", "assailants", "young Omegas", and "explosion and fire".

What? she thought. Who? What are they talking about?! Her features darkened as she crossed the room to the TV, looking directly at it, eyebrows knit, and suddenly listening very, very intently.

"Alright", Erica said, turning towards the door, "Let's go looking for parts."

She glanced back at the sniper. "But if I find out you've been doing anything funny, well, let's just say it won't be pretty." She frowned. "What's your name, anyway?"

"Good Idea. I can stay here and help protect these guys while someone else goes, but it would be best if another stayed here to help guard in case."

The offer of the sniper to watch the kids with one of the group certainly raised a number of eyebrows. Even more so because of how nonchalant he sounded at the suggestion. Then again, Voltage hadn't offered what he was.

"Alright, let's go looking for parts. But if I find out you've been doing anything funny, well, let's just say it won't be pretty. What's your name, anyway?"

"I'll stay behind, Erica..." Alex said before the sniper could reply. Adjusting the H&K, he continued. "but I can take over if one of you gets tired."

Erica nodded. "Good. Alex will stay here, while we go scavenging. And keep an eye on the guy, I still don't trust him."

Then she turned and walked out the door, still wondering what she had gotten herself into this time..


It was about this time that Richar Goldman was heading home from a long night of work, his mind full of evil thoughts. As his limo drove through the dark and empty streets, he laid back, eyes shut and imagined what a world ruled by Omegas would be like...

Suddenly, he became aware of another presence in the limo, so he opened his eyes to see Phantom sitting on the plush seating, his eyes cold and his mouth turned up in a grim line

"Ah, Phantom." He said cordially, "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

The other man glared. "You know why I'm here," He said, pointing a finger at Goldman, "Why did you have to rile up the populace like that? We had a plan, after all!"

Goldman smiled, leaning forward. "Ah yes, I was wondering when one of you would notice. Understand that I was only trying to get things moving. And besides, this will provide an excellent smokescreen to our plans, especially after the riot was... disrupted by those meddling fools."

This, however, did not placate Phantom. "Even so, I still say we're moving too soon. Honestly, I think I could handle our plans much better than you..."

Goldman's demenour suddenly changed. In an instant, he was up in Phantom's face, grabbing him by the front of his shirt and pulling him in close. Phantom squirmed under his grip, noticing the aura of power he seemed to give off.

"You are never to question my orders," he snarled, "Understand? We will go ahead, as I have planned, as I see fit. Is that clear?"

Phantom nodded weakly, and Goldman let him go.

"Now," he said, casually straightening his tie as if nothing had happened, "Go and tell the others of our... change in plans. I'll contact you when things pick up."

"R-right." Phantom gasped, then turned into a shadow and exited the limo as fast as he could.

Sometimes, he honestly regretted ever joining this little group...

As Erica head out of the door, he follows her as they were out of the room.

He said to her "We better get change, preferable something to conceal out faces. We don't want to be searching for the stuff while being chase as well"

He then wanders off to search for his bag that he handed to that woman some time ago.
He had checked several rooms and he finally found his bag is place in a safe room. He walks toward it as he unzips it. He checks the content inside and he soon saw a dark blue coloured hoodie, the ideal clothing to hide his face.
As he took off his jacket and put it on, it fitted him perfectly. As he put the hood on he checks the nearby broken mirror and saw that the hood had concealed his face. His face is shrouded by the shadow inside. The only feature that can be seen inside the hood is his shiny mask that covers his mouth.

I don't think my mask should pose a problem. That news repost only show my old mask not the new one I'm wearing right now.

He then walks back to where everyone else is at.

Erica had to admit that Roar had a point, so she went upstairs to find her bag. Digging through it, she pulled out a black hooded jacket, followed by a pair of jeans and a tight black t-shirt. Hurriedly, she removed her dirty clothes and threw the new ones on before heading downstairs.

Much better, she thought, running a hand through her tangled hair. But I sure hope I can get a shower in later...

Kiru prepared the process,by placing parts he already had and could make and began to prepare them. Kiru had enough control over his powers to Fuse up to 3 parts at once,and he would need to do this to make a self burning engine. Kiru laid the parts out next to each other and scooped them into his arms, splintered Dry wood gathered from the side of the building and tattered shells from the bullets to reinforce the gastanks he would make to power then engine. The Motorcycle engine could be made to grow then burn itself,but would be undurable that way. Kiru sat thinking as the group discussed.

Marcus, having no other clothes to wear, simply pulled his hood up to conceal his face while Erica and Roar got changed. He was counting on low lighting and the large hood to keep his identity hidden. Despite the need to get the items requested, Marcus felt a greater need to check on Sonny. He figured someone in the old homeless shelter where they lived probably had something useful lying around, they were mostly scavengers anyway. He decided to suggest that as a place to look if the opportunity came, it'd kill two birds with one stone. Marcus heard a flapping sound over head and looked up. The same half-human, half-bat person he saw last night was out again, still flying with the same group of mutated bats. Marcus wondered where they went every night. The others had returned and he turned to face them.

"So, where to now?" he asked.

"I think there's a junkyard around here somewhere." Erica said after a moment. "But we'll have to be careful, people might be looking for us."

She slipped out of the building and took a look around. Seeing no one, she motioned to the others to come along.

"Let's hurry," she said. "I don't feel like getting caught today."

"Most of the junkyards are crawling with gangs," Marcus said, while keeping an eye on the group's back. "We might have more to worry about than getting caught."

"Relax," Erica responded quickly, "We've taken on some pretty tough customers, I think we can handle a few petty crooks..."

Admittedly, she was trying to reassure herself as well, but didn't want to admit it.

Besides, compared to a powerful being, like say Voltage, she doubted some low-level punks would even reach his level...

Marcus was annoyed at the idea that a bunch of thugs would worry him. He didn't point this out but instead said "Might be a few more than a few is all I'm saying,"

Roar had been quiet when he is following them until he listen to their conversation.

He said "Unless these gangs are omegas or have them in their rank, they shouldn't pose a problem after what we been through today. Beside should the problem arise I may use my realvoice to ease the problem. After all the media only recorded my roar."

"Alright then," Marcus said, not wanting to press the issue.

"Why don't you tell them what you're really worried about?" said one of the voices in Marcus' head.

"And what would that be?" Marcus thought back sarcastically.

"The fact, despite your best efforts, your old gang symbol is still stuck on the back of your shirt and, even though it's several years later, some people might still remember what that means. Some of your old friends even, and we all know how well it went the last time you met them. If I recall correctly, that was when you learned that bullets go right through you. Pretty lucky,"

"Right, you obviously know exactly what I'm thinking,"

"Well we live in your head, of course we know what you're thinking," replied the voice.

"Be kind of embarrassing if we didn't really," said another.

Marcus briefly massaged his temples and groaned softly, trying to prevent another headache from developing.

Erica took another look at her small group. Roar looked ready to go, and Marcus seemed to a bit unstead, but otherwise seemed okay.

"All set? Then let's get going." She said, and they all hurried deeper into the city.

Offhandedly, Erica wondered when she had become the leader of their motley litle band.


It was late by the time the trio set out, hiding behind walls and cars, cautiously peering around corners. The lower portion of the city usually lacked much of a police force, but as of late, there were more cops and even a few soldiers patroling the now-empty streets.

Erica cursed under her breath, then looked back at Marcus and Roar. "Well, we can't go out that way, and I can't fly up and draw attention to myself. Anyone got any ideas?"

"I could probably sneak by them," Marcus said, figuring he could melt himself down to a puddle and move by in the shadows. "Maybe create a distraction. Might only get some of them to move but it'd help."

He mutters "Too bad my voice ability can't persuade them like in that Star Wars movie. Macus idea seems to be the only possible plan since they will probably find us suspicion for our hoodie appearances."

"I could probably knock over a couple trash bins in one of the alleys," Marcus said, thinking out loud. "Or just throw some rocks, something to make sound,"

Erica thought for a moment. "Okay, a distraction sounds like a good idea, anything to get them away from here for a while. And hopefully they won't come back for a bit so we can do what we need to without intereruption."

She turned to Marcus. "Alright, you're in charge of making a distraction. And," She added, looking at Roar now, "When you see the cops leaving, get ready to run, got it?"

Roar look back at Erica and nodded.

"Understood", said Roar.

Marcus nodded. He walked around the corner, transforming as he did, into a living puddle that moved in the shadows. Marcus figured he could make a sound in an alley or something to distract the police. As he slid along the ground he passed by a couple soldiers patrolling.

"Did you hear that?" one asked. Marcus paused, trying not to make a sound.

"I didn't hear anything," said the second. The first shrugged and they kept walking. Unfortunately, their path brought them right to Marcus was.


"Ah crap, I think I stepped in something..." said the first soldier.


"I dunno...some kinda goop. Hang on," the soldier said as he scraped his boot along the ground to wipe off what had gotten stuck. Once it was off, they continued patrolling again.

Marcus was thoroughly annoyed at being partially stepped on, even more so at a bit of his body being unceremoniously scraped off. He decided to stick to the walls of the buildings instead and moved quickly. He was in an alley space between two buildings and spotted a couple trash cans. Moving over to them, a nudge was all it took to knock them over. Several shouts followed and some ofhte police and soldiers broke off to investigate. Marcus continued through the alley, across the street it opened to on the other side and even into another alley, knocking over and clattering objects. He aimed to draw the group at least a block or two away.

Erica waited until the soliders moved away before motioning to Roar to follow her. They crept through the empty streets, hiding behind cars and trees, often glancing around to see if someone had spotted them.

"So far so good," she whispered. "I think the nearest scrapyeard is right up the street. We should be there soon..."

[i]As for how we're gonna get back with all our supplies... well, I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.[/i

Roar saw that Erica is signalling him to follow her which he had followed her closely. He nodded at her that he understood that they will be at the scrap yard soon.

I wonder how much metals we will need? I can guess we need a lot but since we're wanted we can't bring too much stuff that will hinder our speed.

Kiru had stood aside from the pile of rubble to take a quick smoke break, and looked around to see if any scrap lay around, before finding a handful of missed scrap, and he bent over to grab them,only to see a splatter of blood on the sidewalk.

The two of them slipped quietly through the mostly-empty streets, taking shelter wherever they could. As soon as she spotted the chainlink fence surrounding the junk yard, Erica breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay", she told Roar, "It's not far from here. Let's go, and hope Marcus has the guards under control..."

Roar had silently follow Erica as they sneak about getting closer to the junk yard. He saw the chainlink fence which he thinks could pose a problem.

He whisper "So are you going to fly over and cut the fence for me to slip through? I think I can climb over it but I could be making too much noise when it happen."

Seeing the sniper walking away from the orphanage and lighting a cigarette, Alex kept watch at the front door, his body staying inside the building and his hands wrapped around the trigger and grip of the H&K. He only had two rounds, but that was enough in case anything came their way.

Behind him, he could hear some of the kids beginning to move around and ask questions. Lauren did her best to shush some of them, saying they weren't out of the woods yet, but it was late at night and all the shooting had likely kept them awake. Removing his hand from the grip for a second, he pulled back the right sleeve of his jacket, revealing his watch and the morpher from before. A laughing smile spread over his face as the thought of it being real went through his head for a minute.

Looking back up, he then saw the sniper looking at the same spot where he had found the start of the blood trail from before. "Is he going to follow those trails as well?" Seeing him holding what seemed to be bits of metal scrap, Alex brushed the idea aside and kept watch on him from where he was.


-Meanwhile at the Blue Moon Apartments-

Arriving back at his apartments, Phantom did his best to appear where he had departed before, in this case, the kitchen. His misty form appeared in a dark corner of the room, after which he saw Dawn was still listening to the TV, looking very worried to boot. The news station had moved away from parroting the same 'death of Alburn' topic for a minute, but he had a good inkling that she had been caught off guard by the broadcast announcement.

"Is something wrong?" Phantom asked. "You look worried?"

Dawn began massaging her temples as Phantom spoke to her. She decided to lie. "No. I just... have a headache. I think today's catching up with me."

Well, it was a half-lie. She was developing a headache. I'm never gonna catch a decent break again, am I? she thought. Now I'm being accused of arson and murder... Murder of a man I've never met or heard of, to boot...

"I was just... waiting on the weather report."

Marcus led the troops far away, then he slipped into a nearby shadow.

"Do you see anything?" one said.

"Nothing," replied another.

"Let's keep moving. Whatever it was can't have gotten far,"

As they left Marcus snuck away and transformed back into human shape, wearing a smirk on his face. As he turned to walk in the direction of the scrapyard, he suddenly found himself facing the end of several guns. A few soldiers must have broken off from the group.

"Don't move!" one barked. "What's your name?"

Before Marcus could reply one of the soldiers said "I recognize this guy. He's one of those Omega terrorists we're supposed to be looking out for."

One who appeared to be their leader said "Looks like we've bagged ourselves a terrorist. Let's show him what happens when you blow up a building and act like you can get away with it."

The soldiers prepared to fire and Marcus couldn't see a possible exit.

"Aw, shoot," said a voice in his head, then the soldiers commenced firing.

Marcus felt what seemed like hundreds of bullets pierce through him, only to pop out the other side. He stumbled back as the barrage continued. When it was over, the soldiers stared with shock as Marcus recovered his balance and caught his breath. Now was his opportunity. He leapt towards the soldiers similarly to how he did towards Voltage. In mid-air he transformed his body, growing extra arms and bat-like wings. The soldiers ducked or dived to get away. Taking advantage of their fear and distraction, Marcus soared over them and splashed on the ground, switching to puddle form. He was already back in the shadows and gone before the soldiers had realized what happened.

Marcus decided to keep this form until he reached the scrapyard. When he got there, he was relived to see only Erica and Roar there. He switched back to human form in the shadows so he wouldn't startle them before walking over.

"Hey, how are th-" Marcus' sentence was cut off by him suddenly violently coughing. He felt like he'd cough up a lung when a small object popped out of his mouth into his hand. Marcus inspected it, it was one of the soldiers bullets. He gave it a surprised look before shrugging and tossing it aside.

"How are things going here?" he asked.

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