Mass Effect RP: The Aegis Protection Firm - Full

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Terina heard the message sent by Paladin over the commlink. Each squad needed a leader. Looks like the reserves had one. Standing up, Terina grabbed her shotgun and headed to the roof. While riding on the lift, she double-checked her shotgun. It was ready. Most likely wouldn't see any action, but if that was the case, then so be it. Once on the roof, she stood near the Razor, helping with the prep as she waited with the others for further instruction.


"We'll be touching down outside of the Stuttered Pulse," Lux said as the Gauntlet began to descend. "It's the busiest night club in this district. Bigger than most of the surrounding ones as well. All of you will rush in, take control of it, and wait for the next orders. I want this place under our control before the DJ can even stop his shitty music."

The Gauntlet shuttered as it touched down. As the ramp doors opened, Brooks squeezed his way past, with John not far behind. Treven soon followed after onto the street outside. As Dregger was about to walk out, Lux held out his arm and stopped him.

"You take the crate," Lux said as he pointed underneath the bench the two had been sitting on previously. "Get it inside the club, then help us lock it down if the rest of them haven't secured it by then."

As he spoke, the sound of a couple shotgun blasts could be heard outside.

Lux then turned and walked down the ramp of the Gauntlet. He looked ahead across the street to see Brooks, and John pushing through the doors of the club. People were panicking as several pushed passed Lux, trying to escape. He could barely hear Treven's voice over the screams. He could see him up ahead, in a small clearing by the doors, with his gun switching between two of the bouncers, both which were on their knees as he yelled his orders at them.

Least he knows how to deal with prisoners.


Esten adjusted his scope as he sat on the rooftop of Aegis, propping himself up against one of the air conditioning units. The other Turian guard, Preven, was sitting on the roof beside him, aiming his sniper down the street, examining the people at the end of it. Esten took his eyes from his rifle to examine the Turians position. After examining him for a moment, Esten let out a small sigh, as he placed his rifle to his side, and leaned in closer to the Turian.

"It really was basic training," Esten said, the first words he had uttered to Preven since the two had started waiting on the roof. "It shows."

Esten waited until Preven had turned to look and respond to Esten before continuing.

"To start with, your eye is too close to the scope," Esten said as he pointed straight at Preven. "The recoil will cause it to jump back, straight into your eyes. With cheaper rifles, the recoil is stronger, not as well managed. It has the potential to crack bones if improperly handled."

Esten sat for a moment as the Turian listened, before waving his fingers sideways. Preven caught what he was meaning, and pulled his head further back from the scope.

"You're too close to the edge," Esten continued, as he now pointed at the barrel, the end of which was hanging over the street below. "Anyone underneath would know where you are. Pull back a couple feet, don't rest the rifle on the edge, but further back. That way it's more difficult to spot."

Esten watched as Preven started to shuffle back a few feet until the barrel was no longer visible for anyone walking under them. Esten nodded, as he then pointed over to the butt of the rifle.

"Make sure the stock is firmly held into your shoulder," Esten said as he waited for Preven to follow his instructions. "If it's not propperly held, after your first shot, the recoil will make you lose your target, costing you precious seconds as you attempt to reacquire them."

Esten then leaned back against the air conditioning unit, as he continued to silently watch Preven. It would be a while yet until he was fully trained, but Esten let his concerns slightly slide, hoping there was better potential in him than those before.

Paladin made his way back up the stairs to the roof, the gauntlet had already touched down, but if the razor was still there, then he hadn't missed any excitement. He looked over the people standing on the roof that made up his squad. The sociopath and a Turian he didn't recognize had a good view of the roadway below.

Paladin saw Terina pacing by the Razor, obviously eager to get going, and the other was conducting his affairs in a nondescript manner. Paladin brought up the camera feed he had lined to his omni tool, and displayed four screens, three showing the three feeds, and another tapped into the company wide communications chatter so he could not only keep an eye on the view of the entrances, but he could shout the team together as soon as they were called for. With all that prepared, Paladin leaned against the Razor and waited for something to happen.

I hate looking through this damn thing. Thought Preven as he scanned the streets he'd been assigned to watch with a Salarian, Esten. Preven had barely even thought about the silent sniper beside him, so was rather surprised when he began giving him a quick tutorial about how to do hold the rifle.

Preven had been tempted to snap at this bit of unsolicited advice, but was not even able to before Esten pointed out how close he actually was to his scope, something he hadn't even thought mattered. The second mistake, a section of the rifle being noticeable from the streets below, was fairly obvious, and Preven felt rather embarrassed about not noticing it. The final one wasn't as glaringly obvious as the other two, though still importent.

Preven waited for more pointers, but Esten had fallen silent again, just staring at Preven, making him feel rather nervous.

Dregger lifted the crate and hustled down the ramp towards the objective, knocking over any bystanders in his way. He set it down just past the entrance and then took cover behind the door frame while he turned off the safety on his shot gun.

"Were good to go!" he shouted to the other members of the team.


The club had fallen into absolute anarchy. He could hear several of the patrons yelling as they ran past him to whatever way they thought an exit was. The few guards that there were trying their best to force their way through the people to get to Brooks and John, but weren't able to get to them.

Brooks reached the window that was built into the wall by the middle of the dance floor. The glass was tinted black, making it impossible for him to see through. He raised his shotgun, aiming it at the middle of the window, waiting a couple seconds before firing. The glass shattered from the shot, and as it collapsed, bits of it sprayed into the DJ's Booth. Looking through the empty frame, Brooks could now see the Salarian DJ cowering behind his set up.

Brooks leaned through the frame, and over the board, grabbing the Salarian by the collar. As he pulled back, he felt his arm stiffen as the motors built into his armour engaged, taking much of the weight off of the Salarian. He dragged the DJ over and through the frame of the window and out of his booth. When he was most of the way out, Brooks let go, and threw the DJ onto the floor in front of him.

"Where's your boss?" Brooks asked as he lowered his shotgun, placing it behind the Salarian's left horn.

"In the office," the DJ stammered. "The hallway that gets to my booth also connects his office."

Before Brooks could even tell him to leave, he heard two shots fired from the crowd. He wasn't sure where the first went, but he could see the second fly past, and into the empty DJ booth behind him. Not hesitating to let the guards take aim for another shot, Brooks grabbed the DJ booth's window frame, and lifted his legs, vaulting through. As he did, he could feel a third pistol shot glance off of his shields, and a few shots taken from an SMG shortly follow. Brooks activated his Comms as he waited for a moment before rising from behind the booth, and trying to find where the shots had come from.

On the other side of the dance floor was one guard, carrying a heavy pistol, and carefully taking aim at the booth. While most of the people had now cleared the dance floor, there were still several running past it, coming down from the second floor stairwell beside and running across the floor to the main entrance. Up above, on the balcony that looked over the dance floor Brooks could see the other guard with the SMG, behind the railing and also taking aim at the booth. Brooks began to raise his shotgun at the SMG wielding guard, but before he could, several shots started to rain down from the balcony at him, hitting the board inches in front of him, causing Brooks to reel back away, trying to avoid where he'd be able to shoot him from.

"Shit," Brooks said over his Comms as he ducked under the booth. "John, one guard in the crowd, can't engage him because of the people around him. Another on the second floor balcony, suppressing me. I need help."

John was trying to make his way through the crowd, but he was having a hard time. Most people would try to avoid a heavily armed person in full armour, but one woman had been so incensed by John's presence that she'd attacked him with her purse. He'd cold cocked her in the face and thrust her into the arms of some other fleeing patrons. The remaining patrons picked up the pace remarkably as a few shots rang out.

"John, one guard in the crowd, can't engage him because of the people around him. Another on the second floor balcony, suppressing me. I need help."

"Copy the Brooks, hang on." Swapping his M-96 for his M-5, he slid up to a support pillar and took stock. Both guards seemed fixed on Brooks and hadn't noticed Johns presence yet. Capitalizing this oversight John drew 'Alexia ' with his other hand and sprang into action.

Swinging around the pillar, and aiming with his peripheral vision, John opened fire at the guard on the ground floor with his memento pistol. Rounds started hitting the scenery, causing the man to dive for cover, giving John time to quickly aim up to the balcony. The SMG armed guard was still trying to bring it to bear when John saw the blue dot of his M-5s laser trace across the lightly armoured chest. In that instant the hand cannon barked twice, ending the threat over head.

Rolling back into cover, John heard a volley of fire slam into the pillar, accompanied by an equally vicious volley of profanity. "Brooks you're clear, but I seem to have REALLY pissed the other guy off."


Once again, Brooks rose out from behind the booth, looking out onto the floor of the Club. He could see the guard above, half slung over the railing. A small trickle of blood was making its way down his arm, and onto the dance floor below. He could see the other guard, having jumped behind a nearby pillar, facing away from John. Brooks wanted to take aim, but at this range, his shotgun wouldn't be as effective, and could easily catch someone else in the crowd, and switching to his rifle would cost too much time. He could see Lux and Dregger walking into the club as he stood behind the booth, and decided it'd be best to move forward.

"John, Lux and Dregger just came through the entrance," Brooks said as he looked around the booth. He found a keycard sitting underneath a drink on the edge, and slid it out. He scanned it across the nearby door panel, and watched as it slid open to the hallways behind. "I'm going to go see if I can find who runs this place."


As everyone waited quietly, bored on the roof, the doors of the Razor opened. Soon after, Kryxus's head could be seen popping out as he looked around at those around. He passed by each one of them, before doing a second sweep, and turning his head to the sides to see if they were really the only ones on the roof.

"This all of you?" Kryxus asked as he stepped out onto the landing pad. "Nevermind that, all that matters really is if the Quarian is here? She hiding somewhere or was she on the Gauntlet?"

"The quarian? If you are referring to Sal, she went on the Gauntlet." Terina looked at Kryxus. "Was that the wrong decision?"

Dregger stiff armed a human that was running towards him before he said, "What is the opposition inside? Are there any mercs or just bouncers?" then he holstered his shot gun and took out his sub-machine gun.

Ethan looked over at Kryxus. "I'm assuming Sal was pulled out because wherever they needed her had the kind of security they need a Quarian to get through. But if you need someone who knows tech, I've got a bit of experience."


"The quarian? If you are referring to Sal, she went on the Gauntlet. Was that the wrong decision?"

"Wasn't my call, so I don't know," Kryxus said, a bit of disappointment tinged in his voice. "Could have used her help if she wasn't doing something."

"I'm assuming Sal was pulled out because wherever they needed her had the kind of security they need a Quarian to get through. But if you need someone who knows tech, I've got a bit of experience."

Kryxus looked over at him. His face looked a bit uncertain as he thought about the offer.

"You know how to deal with electronics inside of an A-61?" he asked. "Because if you do, I could use your help instead."

Sal entered through the door with Raven close on her heels, both looking for a terminal. "Alright let's see, terminal terminal...where are you?" Sal mumbled to her self as she kept an eye out for any kind of small blue glow that betrayed a terminal. "Aha! There's one. Alright Ray gimme a minute to hack this thing and I'll find the locker." She said as she typed furiously at the terminals control pad.

Raven shrugged, adjusting the placement of the det pack secured to his back. It's a good thing these charges are stable. Last thing I need is a explosive sinus clearing due to minor turbulence. Turning back to the Sal, he glanced at the data running rampant across the screen before shaking his head. "When that door opens we are going to move fast and hard. Expect some decent resistance and variable weaponry. Check your corners as we move, nobody wants to get turned into swiss cheese by some jackass with a hero complex."

"Got ya, speaking of the in the terminals down....looks like we're looking for 378. One floor up, far end. Here I'll download the map." She said pressing a few more buttons and stepping away from the wall terminal. She readied her Tempest setting her ammo to disruptor shells.

When that door opens we are going to move fast and hard. Expect some decent resistance and variable weaponry. Check your corners as we move, nobody wants to get turned into swiss cheese by some jackass with a hero complex."

"Hey at least there's a chance you could survive being turned into cheese, I dobut my suit will be able to section off the many wounds." She said with a grim smile under her mask. "Anyways after you.


"I'm telling you, the whole thing's down!" Neil repeated as he kept switching between the three monitors in front of him. "Until it comes back up, I can't do anything! Alarms, cameras, even the damn turrets can't be activated!"

"You're telling me you didn't prepare for this?!" Paulson shouted back.

"I wasn't the one who set this system up in the first place! And these are a hell of a lot more than common fucking thieves!"

"Both of you, shut it!" Atara commanded, getting the attention of everyone in the security room. "Now, what you're telling me, is that there is no way to track them, or get an alert out to Arkus?"

"That is correct ma'am," Neil said as he turned to the third monitor. "We won't be able to get a location of..."

He stopped as a pop-up flashed on the corner of the screen. He opened it, and looked at what it was alerting him to. "Someone's accessing one of the inventory terminals."

"Where are they?" Atara asked as she leaned over the back of Neil's chair.

"First floor, but whoever's on here is looking through the database for something," he said as he watched to see what was being searched. "They've stopped on locker 278."

"278?" Atara remarked with a hint of worry in her voice.

"Isn't that one belonging to Sieus?" asked Neil.

"Zatarn, Forvan," she said into her Comm, summoning her two Batarian guards. "Where are you now?"

"Third floor ma'am, what's---"

"Secure locker 278," she said, not waiting for him to finish asking. There wasn't time for questions.

"Moving there now," he responded.

"Paulson, Mark, get down there as well," she said as she turned to the two others in the room. Without hesitating, both ran out into the hall, towards the stairs closest in an attempt to reach the others as soon as possible. Once they were gone, she leaned again once more over Neil's chair. "I want this system on line three minutes ago, once it is, alert Arkus as to what's going on."


Kronn leaned out from behind the pillar, taking a few carefully aimed shots towards the one opposite him, to keep the armoured human suppressed. As he leaned out, aiming his next shot, he saw the two Krogan at the doorway, and knew exactly what to do.

Taking two more shots at the pillar as he stepped away from his, he soon found a barstool knock him in the back of the leg. Not waiting for the Human to try and return fire, Kronn turned, vaulting the counter of the bar, and lowering his head as far as he could as he ran towards the connecting door. He could hear the human firing at him as the doors slid open, but they were too high for him, as he tucked down even farther under the counter. Once the doors were cracked open far enough, Kronn rolled through, sliding up the wall beside it, and activating the terminal.

"C'mon!" he yelled as the doors slid shut beside him. He engaged the locks on them, but kept looking through the options of the terminal before yelling again. "What do you mean I don't have clearance to initiate lockdown?!"

As he yelled, he drew his pistol, and fired it into the panel. Sparks erupted from behind it as the screen was destroyed. Examining it, Kronn could see his shot had gone through the panel, and the connecting one on the other side of the door, ensuring it couldn't be accessed from there.

"There's your fucking clearance!"

Deciding not to waste any more time, Kronn turned the corner to run down the hallway. He knew where it connected to, the offices for Mr. Mackenzie, the staff room and locker room, the DJ's booth, the behind the bar on the balcony of the second floor, and the storage rooms, where he'd be able to find a backdoor out into the alleys.

As he ran down the hall, he rounded the corner for the storage rooms and offices. As he did, he saw the side of another set of black and orange armour, as he planted his feet, trying to stop himself and turn back.

"You know how to deal with electronics inside of an A-61? Because if you do, I could use your help instead."

That depends on the problem, if they're fried there's not much I can do to help you, but if it's not too serious I can fix it up. One of the advantages of living with a Quarian. So, what's the issue?"

Kryxus looked back at the gunship and replied, "I wanted to install a kick-ass sound system, get the base pumping while I'm behind the trigger. What do you think, easy install?"

"you're shitting me, right?" Ethan chuckled a little, the idea was impressively far fetched, "tell you what, you get Verahls go ahead to rip apart his gunship and install more speakers, give me a call."

John swore as two more shots hit his cover. As he returned fire he caught a glimpse of the guard disappearing through the staff door behind the bar. "Heads up people, one of the guards got away from me. He ran into the staff area."

Sliding out of cover John began to check the area for any hostiles, or civilians. Sifting through the debris created by the panicked exodus, he didn't find anything until he got near some of the booths. Following the sound of muffled sobbing, he found an Asari and a Human girl, barely out of her teens, clutching each other in terror.

"The shootings stopped for now, get out quickly." He said, as he approached. Both women took off like they'd been shot out of a mass relay. Satisfied the area was secure; John made his way behind the bar to follow the fleeing guard.

Raven and Sal ran through the parallel hallways leading to their prize as rapidly as they could. We have a small window to get this shit done. By now they will have already figured out that they have been hacked and will have dispatched some guards. Noticing the steady increasing proximity towards the objective, he paged Sal over their private com letting her know to slow up in case of a likely ambush that could well be awaiting them. Catching the glint of the chrome off an assault rifle at the branch, he through a lift at the likely position of the ambusher and smirked as he saw his would be assassin ragdoll into the air. The second guard, sufficiently suppressed by a hail of gunfire from Sal was torn to shreds by Raven's Shredder.

"No mercy for the merciless." Nodding to Sal, he came to a stop in front of the storage locker pausing momentarily to break the lock before beginning the process of blowing this place to hell. "Watch for any more guards while I get this charge ready to go. We should be moving in 3 minutes." Satisfied, he lowered the det pack from his shoulder and began the careful process of arming the charge.


"Neil!" Atara snapped. "Neil! What just happened?!"

Neil's hand was shaking. He heard the shots over the Comms as Forvan reported in. He heard the screams from Zatarn as he was torn from his feet and thrown into the air.

He heard both of them die.

"Forvan," he whispered once more into his Comms. "Forvan, c'mon tell me you're there."

"No mercy for the merciless."

Neil could hear someone faintly over Forvan's channel. He could barely make out the words, but he knew someone was there. He could hear a loud snap as a nearby lock was broken, and a message popping up on the screen in front of him, telling him that locker 278 had been breached.

"Neil, what the fuck is happening?!"

"Locker 278 has been accessed," Neil said in a monotone voice. "Forvan and Zatarn though... They're... They're gone."

Atara's eyes widened as she let go of Neil's chair. She couldn't believe that within second, both had been killed. Never had she believed that there would have been a day like this for her.

"What do I do?" Neil asked meekly to her, as he turned his chair to face her. He was as confused and shocked as her.

"Tell Paulson and Mark to get out," she said as she moved over to her chair. "Have them get out as quick as possible, and avoid the second level. You go as well Neil. I want you to get into contact with Arkus or anyone from the Splits as soon as you can."

"What about you?" he stammered as he rose from his chair.

"I'll continue working on rebooting the systems from here," she said as she walked forward, towards his empty seat. "See if I can reach them before you can."

Neil looked at her, concerned for her safety as she sat back in his chair.

"Mark," she said as she opened her Comm Channel up. "No, continue past the second floor. No, they have not moved somewhere--- Just get out Mark. Both of you, as soon as possible. Your safety is your number one priority now. Go!"

Neil crept slowly back as Atara kept talking to Mark and Paulson. He wanted to stay, but every sense he had was telling him to run. When he could finally feel the door against his back, he turned to open it, but before he could, the locks were already disengaging.

"Watch for any more guards while I get this charge ready to go. We should be moving in 3 minutes."

Sal nodded as she stood off too the side just inside the locker. She allowed her Quarian instinct to kick in long ago, now was the time Aegis needed her at her at her best. She couldn't let the thoughts of those who would be hurt in this mission weigh her down. There would be time for that later, for now there was a threat that needed to be dealt with. She knelt down and readied her tempest aiming down the hall way, and prepared for whatever, if any, guards tried to stop them.


Brooks felt the shotgun recoil into his shoulder. He didn't even register turning, and pulling the trigger. It was just instinctive to him, catching the sudden movement in his peripheral vision lacking the distinctive orange markings of Aegis was enough for him to have him fire.

As Brooks clicked back into reality, he finally registered what had happened. The Turian had turned the corner quickly, and had been carrying a pistol, but he was just as surprised as Brooks to find someone standing directly around the corner. He didn't even get a chance to say something, or raise his weapon, before Brooks had put him down. The Turian now lay on the hallway floor, with several holes perforating his chest. Brooks stood still for a few seconds, still keeping his shotgun ready as he looked down on the Turian. He could hear a few gasps and dying wheezes coming from him, and could see the small flickers and movements in him as he writhed on the floor.

"Fuck," Brooks said as he let go of the grip of the shotgun, lowering it to his side, and raising his freehand to his brow. He had killed Vorcha before, but they were little more than animals, he hunted them like he had game on Liberty's Harvest. A Turian though was different. His mind raced back to the only other time he felt he had murdered as he looked down on the Turian.

He couldn't bring himself to shoot him once more. He still felt horrible for firing. The Turian might have attempted to surrender if he had been given the chance. He might have not use his pistol, instead wanting to get by Brooks with little incident. Brooks shook his head as several other possible situations entered his mind. He needed to focus on what to do next. He could reflect on the possibilities after the mission was through.

Turning back to the door, Brooks gripped his shotgun once more. He accessed the panel on its side and watched as it slid open. Brooks kept his back to the wall as he walked forward, turning and training his shotgun across the wall as he tactically entered the room. He didn't find anyone inside though. At the wall opposite him was a desk and office chair, spun around facing away from him, as it had been left spinning when its occupant jumped out of it when the firefight started. Behind the desk was a small enclave in the wall, where a safe had been placed. The door to it was still swung open. Brooks approached it, looking inside to see what he could find. It was empty though, hastily ransacked when the owner had left. A few of the desk drawers had also been left open, but their contents weren't notable. Whatever had been valued by the owner had been taken when they left.

"Office and back hallways clear," Brooks said into his Comm as he walked back into the hall. "The owner, or manager, or whoever was in charge fled. Took everything from his safe with him."

"Got that," Lux responded. "Report back to the dance floor if everything else is clear."

"Copy that," Brooks said as he began to walk towards the DJ booth he had come from. He looked down on the Turian as he passed by him. His breathing and writhing had stopped, now replaced with a stillness that send chills up Brooks's back.

Just keep pushing forward. You can come back to this later when the time is right.


Rook whipped the Human in the back with his pistol. He could hear the Human gasp as he fell, sprawling out on the floor. Rook quickly stepped forward, drilling his foot into the Human's back as he trained his pistol on the Asari sitting in front of the terminal.

"Get up, slowly," he said as he gripped the pistol, keeping the sights locked on the Asari. "Don't force me to do something we'll both regret."

Rook kept his aim following the Asari as she pushed her chair away from the terminal. She raised her hands and stood up, taking a step out and away from the chair and towards Rook.

"That's enough," Rook commanded as he walked forward, off of the Human. "Now, the two of you, against the fall wall, face down on the ground. Haley, make sure they don't act out."

The Asari watched as Haley entered, keeping her rifle aimed at the Human that was slowly getting to his feet, careful not to make any sudden movements or provoke his assailants. The two complied, and were soon both laid on the ground by the far wall, with their hands behind their head. Haley stood behind both with her rifle at the ready as Rook took his seat at the Terminal and opened his Comms.

"You really did make a mess of their systems Sal," Rook relayed as he opened the channel and began working on the Terminal. "It'll take me at least another couple minutes to gain control full control of their systems. How about the two of you? You've almost tied things up on your end?"

"It'll take me at least another couple minutes to gain control full control of their systems. How about the two of you? You've almost tied things up on your end?"

Sal allowed herself a little smile. "We're at the locker and Raven's setting up the charges now. It shouldn't be much longer, so we'll be outta here soon." She said over the comm not taking her eyes off the hall ways. "And thank you Rook, if there's one thing I pride myself on it's taking down our targets systems."


"We're at the locker and Raven's setting up the charges now. It shouldn't be much longer, so we'll be outta here soon."

Good, things are going as planned then.

"And thank you Rook, if there's one thing I pride myself on it's taking down our targets systems."

"Remind me not to annoy you or else I'll probably find myself locked out of my mail for weeks," Rook chuckled as he slid back a bit in his chair as he watched the monitor's reset progress.

Raven exhaled lightly as he finished the last wiring the last set of charges in the demolition pack. 12 gel chargers routed to a single thermite detonators will not only erase the contents of this locker but vaporize the lockers on either side. Nothing like a slice of hellfire to send a message is there? Arming the detonator, he stood up and motioned for Sal to get to a safe distance away before he distanced himself as well. Detonator in hand he mentally counted down before saying, "And here we go." The single click spawned a chain reaction of overpressure and molten metal that shook the floor mightily reducing the three lockers to nothing more than slag. Nodding at the completed job he opened his company wide comm, "This is Raven. Team three's objective has been secured. Moving to regroup."


"Guards bound and secured, we'll be waiting in the lobby in a minute," Rook said as he destroyed the monitors with a few pistol rounds, and walked with Haley back down to the lobby of the security facility.


"This is Raven. Team three's objective has been secured. Moving to regroup."

"Karnak with team two here," Karnak reported over his Comm as he walked through the corporate lobby. His team was standing by the entrance, weapons trained outwards on the streets in front of them. The offices were now empty, save the couple guards dead by the back of the lobby, and the third in the security room. "Our objective is secure. All workers and remaining guards have been evacuated. We've secured the lobby, and will hold until you arrive. We'll evac from the roof when you arrive with the Gauntlet."


Brooks made his way back to the DJ booth, his weapons holstered as he readied himself to wait for Lux to finish setting up his charges and then holding until the Gauntlet arrived. He had expected things to move fairly painlessly from here on in, but when he started to climb through the window to the booth, he realized something was off.

In the middle of the dance floor the crate Meer had brought from the Gauntlet now stood. The top had been opened, and on its side, another Shredder had been set to lean against it. Brooks could also see the top of an ML-77 missile launcher peeking out, as well as boxes of thermal clips laid out. As he approached, Brooks could see John yelling at Lux, as the two were locked in argument.

"This is going against everything laid out by---"

"Didn't I tell you to secure the upper floor rookie, not berate me?" Lux asked as he stepped closer to John, the two were only inches apart. "There are several windows looking out to the street below. You and that Turian will serve as lookouts for this. No questions."

"Uh, Lux, what's going on?" Brooks asked as he walked up to the two. Both turned their attention towards him, as an awkward pause filled the air. Lux reached beside him, grabbing his bag of charges and detonators, and tossed it to Brooks. Brooks caught it, slightly unnerved that so much high explosives had been just thrown at him, despite knowing that no components were volatile until set. "What's this for?"

"You and Keith wired up the back room of Aegis, do the same for here," Lux said as he pointed towards the door to the back hallways. "Do it again."

"Why?" Brooks asked, confused. "Wouldn't we want to set them up out front here? Or in the office or something?"

Lux's silent stare answered Brooks's question.

"Wait, you want me to set them up like traps? Aren't we going to blow---"

"Change of plans, trap the hallways, make sure no one gets through them, then report back here," Lux said as he stepped away from John and back to the floor. He grabbed a table, and started to walk it towards the door. As he did this, Dregger came down the stairs from the upper floor, and looked over at Lux.

"Windows are barricaded and covered with whatever wasn't bolted down," he reported as he continued to march across the floor to Lux.

"Work on securing the doors and windows down here than," Lux said as he propped the table up against the door, blocking it. "Once that's done, find a place to bunker down and wait with the others."

Brooks watched John kick one of the chairs over as he walked passed. He had given up arguing with Lux by this point, instead deciding to follow the Krogan's orders. Brooks stood there for a moment, dumbfounded, before nervously making his way back to the hallways to set up.

The mission had changed. It wasn't a demolitions mission anymore. It was a siege.

To say John was angry was an understatement. He resisted the urge to jam the barrel of his rifle down Lux's throat and keep firing until the barrel melted, only because he knew it wouldn't help the situation. "THAT GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING QUADLESS VORCHA FUCKER!!!" He yelled as he made his way to the second floor, punching a hole in the wall as he did so. That sonuvabitch is gonna get us all killed...telling us to dig in when we have no fucking clue what Meer can really bring against us.

Getting to the second floor position Lux wanted; John began to pace the room, muttering and swearing the whole time. Opening his omni tool, he sent a message to Verahl.


Get you fucking house in order. Lux is pulling some sort of bullshit and if you 'handle' this, the same way you did with that psycho, I swear I'll kill them both on principle. If this is the type of shit you tolerate then I'm surprised you've lived as long as you have.

Regardless of how this plays out consider this my notice. I was under the impression that you ran a tight and disciplined crew and I was obviously misinformed.

John Thuillier

Sitting near the edge of a window to watch the approaches to the club, he did a quick check of all his weapons. He had a feeling this was going to get very ugly.



I've gotten to where I am through years of experience, not by making rookie mistakes such as mouthing off to a superior with decades more experience and training.

Get a grip, follow orders, and shut the fuck up.

Things will be resolved.


Verahl's Comm Link with Lux was short. Once he knew that Lux was set in his plan and already taking action, Verahl knew he had little time to react. While the Krogan admitted that he was relying on back up to arrive, he was annoyed that he didn't have the chance to break it to Verahl first, and that he had been contacted about it instead of the other way around.

As soon as the confirmation on what was happening was gotten, Verahl was already moving. Since the base had been placed on lockdown, he had put his armour on and was ready for whatever was thrown at him. He hadn't anticipated going out though, or being forced to deploy the Razor into Splits territory. Stopping in his room to access his locker, Verahl assembled his kit. He took his shotgun, Firestorm, and Revenant from his locker, holstering and locking each weapon on his armour before grabbing a few extra thermal clips and some grenades and walking out.

When he walked onto the roof, he could already see that everyone had boarded the Razor. The engines were humming, and with a loud rev, came to full life. Verahl hurried to the still open door, and ducked in, not wanting to keep it on the landing pad any longer, and closed the door behind him.

As he closed the door behind him, he could see his presence had gotten the attention of all of the mercs and guards strapped in their seats on each side of the aisle that ran down the ship. None knew what was going on, other then one of the groups was in trouble, and none had expected Verahl to show his face because of it. It wasn't a good omen.

"Kryxus, get us airborne," Verahl said as he banged on the side of the cockpits entry way. The Razor kicked off from the ground and into the high streets of Omega, and Verahl grabbed the railing that ran down the aisle above everyone's heads, holding on as the Razor started speeding towards its destination.

"The mission's changed," Verahl said as he stood at the end of the aisle, still between the cockpit and everyone else. "It's changed from sabotage to siege. The new objectives are as followed. First, provide fire support and reinforcements to Lux and his team. Second, to secure the area completely. That means none of their troops on the ground or crafts in the sky. Third, extraction via the Gauntlet back to Aegis territory. I'll repeat that again. Reinforce. Secure. Extract. The Razor will be providing air support during this assault. Stay clear of the streets to stay clear of its guns."

Once he was finished, he edged in down the aisle to stand in front of Esten. He needed to speak with the Salarian.

"Esten, you'll need to provide sniper support," he said once the Salarian looked up. "I do not know how long it will take for Ocara to reach you, or how far away Raven's team will be dropped. Can you group with him despite this?"

"I can, but I won't" Esten said, turning to face Preven as he did. "Have Ocara and Sal act as a separate team. The Turian guard will come with me to provide support."

Verahl looked at Preven sitting behind him. He looked the Turian over from head to toe, trying to judge the decision made.

"You're to follow Esten in," Verahl said, stressing his words. "Do exactly what he tells you to."

With that, Verahl made his way back to the front of the aisle, holding onto the railing as the Razor shook once more. When he made it to the open seat at the end, he sat down, and strapped himself in before looking back at the rest of those still in the aisle. He could barely hear their whispers over the engines, let alone determine what they were saying.

"Any questions, because now's the time. ETA is seven minutes."

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