Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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A small boat, just big enough for three people and a sail, pulled up against the shore, and Yoje hopped out. He dropped its anchor, and stood behind his boat, his feet in the water. Transforming into his human-kangaroo hybrid form, he used his pushed his boat farther into the sand.

"That should do it." Yoje reverted to his human form. looked ahead at the bustling city in front of him. Something exciting was bound to happen in a place this big. Chances seemed good he'd be able to make some extra money from martial arts lessons here as well. And the mountain range in the center of the island was definitely worth exploring, despite the more dangerous pirates he'd heard lived there. He could stay here for a while. Happily, Yoje walked into the city.

Grana looked at the huge man trying to scam him and laughed. "You're joking, right? I could walk into the first weapons store I see and buy a new, even better blade for less than half your asking price. The going rate for this kind of weapon is no more than 200,000 beli at the most. Hell, I could probably call in a favor and get one for free. If it's between a dead sword and a better one for half the price of repair, there isn't much to think about, is there?" Grana chuckled. "Don't try to take me for a fool- You and I both know you're just trying to fleece me. So, are you willing to be a bit more reasonable as to price?" Grana took back his shattered blade. He loved the weapon dearly, but could hold back until a better offer appeared before him. That, or a different smithy.

Smithy laughed loudly. "Oh boy, you really don't know how Katanas work do you? There are few people in the world who are skilled enough to repair one properly, even fewer as cheaply and as well as I do. Katanas are incredibly INCREDIBLY hard to repair and I know that every swordsman has a connection to their blade. Unless you want to never use your beloved blade again, you'll pay the price I asked..."

Smithy turned around. "Though, I guess if you want a really crap job done that'll probably leave it broken next fight I guess you could go to just any old blacksmith... Unlike me they probably won't respect your weapon, most of us 'smithies don't unless its their own made... I however can guarantee that your Katana will be in the best shape it has ever been!"

Smithy turned around again to look down at Grana with a trustworthy smile. "What do you say kid, do you want to own one of the best blades ever made that'll go down in history? Or do you want a lame, broken blade that'll be forgotten like all the ones before it?"

Grana sighed and tapped his foot impatiently. "If I want a blade that will go down in history, I would just take one if the Legendary 21 blades and be done with it." Grana sighed. He had traveled around the world too many times to be taken in by some smithy who boasted of his skills. Grana thought for a moment. He looked longingly at the blade, and wondered if the smithy was as good as he had said. The blade had saved Grana's life so many times before- it was time to repay the favors. "Besides, I can always steal more Beli or sell another jewel, but there's only one sword like mine in the world... One way to find out. And if this man is scamming me, he'll be wishin' he had never crossed my path." Grana handed over the blade. "Very well. However, cash will be delivered upon receival of goods. If the job isn't everything you say, I'll pay you 200,000 for your time and be gone. The full 750,000 Beli's yours if you can pay the checks your mouth is writing. I'm not gonna insult you by insinuating you would do a poor job on purpose, so let's not have that be an issue. What's your name, so I don't have to keep calling you smithy?"

"Excellent! You won't be disappointed! As for my name? It is Smithy! Smithy Jaques! The blacksmith with the most appropriate name ever!" He grabbed the Katana and took the half connected to the hilt out. "If I'm not mistaken... The damage was done by an Axe, wielded by a professional." He put it back and smiled. "I'll have the job done in no time, what's your name so I know who to look for when the job's finished?"

The bubble on Jacque nose had burst which had woken him up. His eyes open and he let out a big yawn. While wanted to get some more sleep, he saw the light shining through the window cover which indicate him that it's daylight.

He mutters "That was pleasant sleep. I'm so glad that I didn't have my usual nightmares."

He got up as he stretches himself. The room is still dark so he use his hands to check himself to feel everything were there. He checks his hip as he feels his trusty rapier and pistol were by his sides and then he check his pocket. He feels his wallet which looks like no thief had invaded his room. He quickly went to the bathroom to do his business and he rinses his month with cold water. After that he grabs his bandana and wraps it on his head as he ties it back tightly. He then put on his brown domino mask and lastly his hat. He left his room and head downstairs to the lobby.
As he enters the lobby he saw the innkeeper he met from last night standing at the counter.

He said "Tell me where, is the nearest place I can grab a bite to eat."

The innkeeper replies "Just turn right from here and you will see a cafe sign."

He replies "Right ok."

He left the inn as he step into the shining outdoor. The light blinded him for a moment as he breath in the fresh air.

He cheers "Let see if Jingo island really have the best wines and girls they claim to have!"

Grana grimaced. "Let's not say 'professional.' the most I can say for that bastard with the stupid engravings on his war axe would be berserker. His every swing had his entire body weight behind it- little wonder the axe nearly broke at the shaft." Grana looked at his katana. "That thing better be deadly when ya return it- it managed to make a sizable cut in the axe blade before it shattered. Anyway, all the shards are in there." Grana grinned at the smithy and shook the man's hand. "Well, Jacques, I'll be looking forward to my weapon back in one piece. The name's Grana Rei. I'll be in town for a bit, so take your time. I haven't yet found a place to stay for the night, so if you can't find me, just go to the southern docks and place the blade in the coracle you'll se. It's to the right of some pirate's ship." Grana turned around and walked away, wanting to see the town for a bit.

Smithy nodded and waved goodbye as he walked off to the local blacksmith. The 'smith there owed him some money from a blacksmithing dual not too long ago, so he decided to take up the favor and borrow his forge for a bit. "Alright mate, you know you still owe me right?" Smithy said, smiling as per usual.

"Yeah yeah, I'll pay yer back in me own time!" The Smith said, still somewhat miffed that he had been outmatched.

"Eh, no need, if you let me borrow your forge for a little while..." Smithy said, looking gleefully at the forge.

"Ah yeah, sure! Just be sure not to ruin it, yeah? Not that ya would, you're a bloody genius when it comes to 'smithing!" The man replied, delighted.

"Heh, thank mate... I'll be leaving soon, so I'll probably not see you for a while if at all." Smithy moved over to the forge and began his work, molding the Katana like a pro. By the end of his work the blade would be one of the best... And he would of made a good amount of beli. He put his heart and soul into all his works, which always ensured an amazing product.

The young woman walked the dock, having just arrived on the tiny island out in the middle of the great blue nowhere. The air was brisk, the sea winds seeing to that, and it was a little tense. There were more Marine spottings in the area than she remembered, at least during her relatively brief time on the ocean.

The town seemed to be a little more accommodating, a little more like home, than the waters surrounding it. She could see why the Captain would want to come here rather than risk staying out in the open closer to the Grand Line. Still, they would have to face the Marines sooner or later. I guess that's why we're here recruiting. I mean, I know I was desperate to get on a ship, but still, I think we need more than a couple people to take on the hunters and Marines...and other pirates...and villagers...damn we need a lot of people.

Sammi continued her mission into the town. She was the early shore presence while the Captain was back with the ship. She would have preferred still being on the boat, but Captain's orders are Captain's orders. She learned that a long time ago. So on she perused, looking for a suitable meeting place to hole up in, and if possible, get some more crew members. Eventually she came up to a cafe, it was open outside, but there was some ample seating inside. Entering the establishment, Sammi caught the nearest waiter as he was making the rounds.

"We need a table. A large table. And a bottle of wine, chop chop," she told the man.

"Uh...who's this we there ma'am?" The bewildered waiter asked. "You, uh, got some voices in your head there? Haha-ck!" His joke was cut off by the bit of rope now tightly coiled around his neck.

"Cute. Now table and wine me or you'll end up as some shark bait faster than you can say 'Chum's up'. Got that?" She released the waiter from her grasp and watched as he gasped for air on the floor.

"Yes ma'am, right away ma'am!" The waiter hurried into the back. Sammi impatiently tapped her foot as the waiter returned, carrying a bottle of aged red wine. "This way please!" He led the way to large booth-like table in the back of the cafe. It appeared capable of holding at least ten men...or women, if any ever showed up. I wish more would show up. Be nice to be able to talk someone who didn't have less teeth than fingers.

She took the wine from the waiter and took a seat in the booth. "Who should I say is meeting back here then, ma'am, in case anyone asks?"

"Just say anyone who's interested in hitting the seas, Marines be damned."

"Very well then." The waiter left the woman to her drink and scurried back to the main room.

Sammi grabbed one of the glasses and uncorked the bottle, pouring a liberal amount out for herself. Sigh, it never gets any easier. She took a sip of the wine and waited for the Captain to arrive. Least then I won't have to control everything.

Nisa smiles siting at a cafe drinking a cup of tea and laughed some watching everyone walk past her like she was no one. "The fools have no idea a killer is sitting right in front of them. Hmmmm I wounder what goods these idiots have. Maybe I can find something good." she said getting up leaving a tip.

She walked to the docks and bark an order at her crew. "The ship better be clean by the time I get back or I'll be throwing you into the water tied to a cannon ball." Nisa yelled at the crew and walked off into Jingo to see what there was to be had.

The small boat skimmed along the ocean as the waves pounded against its old timbers. It was a small little thing barley big enough for 2 people. For Sylvester it was the only boat he could get after his last one was smashed against rocks during a storm. It had many problems half broken mast, a rudder that refused to turn in the direction he commanded it to, rotted bench seats, but the most immediate problem was that it was sinking. Sylvester furiously bailed water out of the boat while it drifted towards the shore of jingo. As he got closer his boat began to take on more water than he could bail out. He looked up and saw his chance to get out. There was a low cliff with a tree he pulled out his whip and managed to snag a branch and pull himself up. "That was close" he said as he watched his boat sink to the bottom of the bay. He pulled his whip off the branch and started walking into town. "Hmm I'm going to need some beli." When Sylvester reached the town he planted himself in front of the bar, and pulled out his flute. He started to play a melody for the people passing by hoping a few beli got thrown his way.

Grana looked around as he walked, taking in the life and bustle at the town. As he walked, he began to notice individual people. One woman who particularly grabbed his attention had long, dark blue hair held back by a silk headband, enough gold on her body to satiate Grana's hunger, and ample cleavage for that purpose as well. But what was most interesting is that she held his gaze, aloof and uncaring. Grana slowly broke into a grin and winked at the woman before moving on. "Hmm... there are quite a few interesting people on this island. First Smithy, now this woman... I think I was right in picking Jingo over Fourecks after all." So thought Grana as he passed a wandering musician playing the flute. Grana quite liked the soulful music that a flute was capable of, and so threw 5,000 beli into the proffered hat when it came around to him. He had just hit another payday and was feeling quite generous, after all. Grana saw a cafe as his stomach rumbled once more. He grimaced at his hunger and walked inside, nodding to the waiter.

The waiter however, asked a strange question once Grana walked in. "Would you care to, erm, 'hit the seas," asked the waiter as he rubbed his neck, obviously quoting, "Marines be damned?'" Grana whistled. "That's a dangerous question you're asking', boy. Best rein in your tongue before it gets cut out. But, in answer to your question, yes, yes I would." The swifter bowed nervously and began to quickly stride towards the back. "Very good sir. Please follow me, sir." He called over his shoulder. Grana instantly disliked the young man, spewing flattery like a ruptured pipe. Still, Grana decided the man wasn't so bad as he was escorted to the back and left alone with whom he presumed was the host. "Well well, it looks like this is my lucky day! One beautiful woman at the docks and another in front of me now!" Grana grinned as he slid into the seat opposite from the woman. "You know, you really should use smarter people as messengers. That idiot waiter is gonna repeat what you said to some Marine captain, and I will laugh as he gets carted off to be interrogated." Grana shook his head as he got back on task. "Now, while I don't mind in the slightest talking to a woman such as yourself, mind telling me why I was escorted here by the waiter?"

Yoje strolled through the streets of the city, looking for anything that caught his attention. The first thing to grab him was the sound of an unfamiliar flute melody nearby. Yoje had no real knowledge of music, but he could tell the musician had talent. He searched for the source of the music, and soon found a man in front of a bar, playing a flute, occassionally receiving beli from passerby.

Yoje approached him and handed the musician a small bill. "That's some fine playing there."he said smiling. "But if your clothes are any indication, you don't seem like someone who needs to beg for beli."

Sammi was a bit surprised someone new had emerged so quickly. However, this quickly turned to dismay as she learned how the man found out about it. What the hell? Ugh, I don't need this already! Oh my god, I knew I should have stayed on the boat! OK, OK, I can handle this... "That idiot is talking to random people about it? I told him only to mention it if people asked. Gah, excuse me for one second then, help yourself to the wine, I'll be right back."

She left the table and went around the partition back to the main room. It was quiet for a moment, but then a weak cry could be heard, followed by even more pointed threats. "...and I swear I won't make it painless! Got that?" There was more silence, and then Sammi returned to the booth and sat back down as she had before. "Sorry about that," she apologized. "People, right? Anyway, since you're here at my table instead of off trying to find the Marines, I assume you're at least interested in what I have to say?"

Sylvester lowered his flute as he checked the amount of beli he received around 5,800 "not bad" he said to himself. He looked at the man who addressed him his eyes unconsciously glaring as they tend to do. "You're quite observant ssssir, and normally you'd be right but I have hit a recent bad luck sssstreak. And now most of my possssesssions and beli are at the bottom of the bay. You sssssseem to be a nice guy how about we get a drink in that café over there. " Sylvester hissed his pleasant smile mistmatched with his glaring eyes.

Grana tried not to laugh as he poured himself a glass of the red wine and tasted it. It was decent, but not the best. He put down the glass as the woman walked back in. He was still grinning when the woman walked back in. "You might want to be careful about how you attack the man- he's wearing a low neck button shirt." Grana looked at his companion's puzzled look and explained. "Your main weapon seems to be a rope. The burns from it were rather obvious on his neck. Next time, try constricting him right below the standing ribs- it doesn't show beneath the shirt and is still effective since he won't be able to expand his lungs. If that was what you were trying to do, anyway." Grana grinned. "But where are my manners?" He continued. "My name is Grana Rei. And yes, I am quite interested in whatever you have to say. But the first thing I would like to hear would be your name." Grana smiled charmingly.

At the dock of Jingo, a medium-sized boat was stationed at the harbor. Peter looked around and opened up a secret compartment on the bottom. There were a large variety of strange looking seashells and pieces of scrap metal stored there. He put a padlock on the bottom, which looked strangely out of place, but he put some more scrap over it to hide it. "Here's hoping nobody thinks a puny little boat like this is worth robbing..."

Peter got off the boat and started browsing around, looking for new parts and new things to use in his travels. Sammi said she'd take care of supplies once we were done here... just hope I don't regret giving her most of the money...

He noticed quite a few interesting people walking about, but for the most part his eyes were fixed on the rows of stands and shops near the port. I'll meet up with her in a little bit...

Four Marine ships circled around the island today. A few of the recruits were pacing around, clearly bored. A pale, red-eyed, white-haired man in what looked like a lab coat with the Marine logo on the back walked to the front of the ship, looking at the island.

One of the recruits asked the man "Captain? If we know that there are criminals there, what's stopping us from just going in and bringing them in?"

The Captain kept staring "That place is filled with pirates, thieves, murderers and all sorts of other criminals. But that town just sees them as a source of money. But with all these unsavory types going there, sooner or later something is going to tip the island into chaos. Someone getting murdered. A large brawl breaking out. An attempt to rob the stores. Sooner or later, that little town is going to learn just what happens when you associate with pirates. And that's when we'll come in. We'll save the day. We'll be the heroes. And they'll remember why they need us."

"Well, time was of the essence, so I just figured a quick loop around the neck would be the best way to get my message across in a hurry," Sammi answered. She quickly appraised the man sitting beside her. This guy may have an eye for attacks, but he looks like he belongs at a fancy dinner party, not out on the sea. I bet he's never even been in a battle at sea. Is it going to be worth it having him? I guess we can't be picky, but still...

She took another sip of the wine, and let it sit on her tongue for a few seconds. At least that idiot can pick out wine, this is good quality stuff. Better than most of the rum I've had. "Anyway, my name is Sammi Makela, I guess I'm presumed second command under Captain Peter Tew. We are going to go after a big score that Captain Tew has a line on, and the Marines can suck on that. We're here gathering supplies," Sammi pointed to a sack at her feet that had some of the necessary provisions she had been able to scrounge up and carry for a fraction of the Beli she had been given, "and people who are willing to go after this prize with us. Our ship's not all that impressive at the moment, but it's merely a holding vessel until we get something more suitable for this trip. Anyway, that's the offer as far as I'm allowed to divulge, so are you still interested?"

Grana grinned. "Sounds interesting. But I presume that this score is an intermediary step, correct? After all, if you don't go for the gold, it's not much fun, is it, Sammi? It doesn't mean much if a pirate doesn't at least aim for One Piece. Anyway, I'm in. I'm a navigator and not too bad with a blade, except mine is currently at a local smithy's forge. A small ship is fine, too- I've sailed for three years on a coracle no bigger than myself. But if you want a bigger ship, I might as well make my first contribution to the crew. How much beli do you need? I've got a bit that's just lying around, and some useful items I think I can sell." Grana took off his widebrim straw hat, spinning it in his hands before resting it on the table. He plunged his arm in up to the shoulder and brought out a few rare jewels he had stolen over the years but for some reason had never moved. "I reckon I can get my hands on some more if we need more beli. I also have quite a bit of cash on hand as well." Grana smiled as he performed his magic trick, gently placing the commonplace hat upon his head once more.

"Uh......." Sammi didn't know how to answer. Her mind was spinning trying to come up with something. She went for the wine again. What was that? Where did those come from? I don't think we ever scored anything like that on the Thrasher. How is this guy getting it? Shit. This has gotta be a trap. No one has access to jewels like those on ready demand. In a space like that? But damn we could use this guys money. If he has it. If he tries to cross us I'm pretty sure me and Tew can take him. When no liquid was entering her mouth, Sammi realized that she had inadvertently polished off the entire glass while trying to comprehend what had just happened. She put the glass back down.

"Uh..," she continued. "Yeah, uh, I think we'll be needing some beli, I don't know how much. Why don't we wait for the Captain to get here? He can itemize a lot better than I can, I just stick to doing my job." Another dose of alcohol made it's way into the glass. I'm going to have to get something to eat soon, or else I'm going to be too drunk to do my job.

Grana raised an eyebrow as he saw Sammi polish off another glass. He reached for the wine bottle and poured the ruby-red liquid into her glass, filling her glass once more. "M'dear lady, planning on getting drunk so early in the evening? There is still so much to do!" Grana laughed, mocking the high class he so often stole from. He could easily adopt their mannerisms because... Well, it's just so much more fun to steal into a socialite party to get closer to the jewel. Grana's hat moved once more across the table, gliding silently across the oaken surface like a phantom, eating up the jewels as they disappeared into its deceptive depths. Grana showed the inside of the hat to Sammi- empty, as if the jewels had simply vanished- before placing his hat once more upon his head. And yet, the jewels one could see and hold seconds earlier were no longer there."Have you ever heard of magic, Sammi? Many of us outgrow the childlike love for the unknown, but some of us are smart enough to realize the full possibilities of such tricks. This world is full of such things, as I'm sure you're aware of." Grana finished his glass before pouring himself another glass, going off on a tangent. "It's funny though- you managed to attack the idiot waiter with a rope, at the place most easily guarded on the human body, the neck. You also managed to do this without keeping any actual rope on your person, which is even more amazing. I wonder how such a thing is possible?" Grana asked, taking another sip of wine while staring pointedly at Sammi.

As Jacque walk toward the cafe he saw a lot of wanted pirates on the street which he had expected. Sure he walking in public that a marine or a bounty hunter will spot him easily but since he's in a crowd with other wanted pirates they will have a tough time singling him out among the others. He notice there were chatters going up between some pirates. He avoids eye contact as he continues to walk but his ears focus in on the chattering. Most of it was gibberish but certain words had been repeated over and over "marines" and "intervene"

I can only guess that there many marines in Jingo already or soon and they will step in when some pirates cause a commotions. I will be fine as long this doesn't happen until night time. It looks like I need to get my supplies quickly and hide out somewhere safe in the meantime. Once night had arrive I will fly out of here.

He soon arrive at the cafe that the innkeeper had mention to him. He notices there were odd bunch of people at the table near him as he took a seat. While it look like he focus on the girl near him but he is staring at the red wine she is drink with that man. He snaps his fingers to get the waiter attention.

He shouted "OI Waiter!"

The waiter soon arrives.

The waiter responds "Yes sir?"

He took a quick scan at the menu and he set his sight at the burger printed on it.

Jacque replies "I'm having the cheese burger with NO pickles and get me that wine that lass over there is drinking at the moment.

The waiter said "Right way sir"

The waiter walk back inside as he tap his foot away waiting for his meal to arrive.

Yoje hesitated for a moment before responding to the flute player. Maybe its just the eyes, but he doesn't seem too trustworthy. Still, if he's the type of person who would kill strangers for money, he wouldn't have been begging. And he's not going to be able to steal from a fighter like me

"I am thirsty. A drink sounds good." He smiled. "My name's Yoje. Is there any particular reason you're glaring at me right now?"

"Huh oh sssorry I kind of do that sometimesssss. On account of my devil fruit I ate the sanke-snake fruit .So im a snake person. "Sylvester said while sliding his flute back into his belt. "lets go!" syvester exclaimed as he threw his arm around yoje's shoulder.

"A snake person huh? That explains the hissing. I'm a Zoan user, too, actually. The Boomer-Boomer fruit. I'm a Kangaroo man."
They entered the cafe. It was busier than Yoje had expected. He could hear snippets of conversation all around him. Some of them might be worth listening to later. Yoje sat down and ordered himself a drink. "You still haven't told me your name."

Peter handed the last merchant a small set of bills, walking away with a modest-sized bag slung over his shoulder. "Think I got a nice haul here... think I'll make one last stop..."

He started walking towards the center of town, checking as many shops as he could, wondering if he could find something rare or useful before he went up to meet with Sammi.

The waiter had arrived holding a burger on a plate with a bottle of wine as well. The waiter places it on his table.

He said "Here you go sir."

Jacque "It's about time twoo!"

Ah dammit, I thought I had fully control myself from making that owl sound!

The waiter said "Err sorry for the wait, please enjoy your meal."

The waiter head back inside.
He pour the wine into the glass as he took a sip of it which he found the taste to be delightful.

Wow that hit the spot. That girl over there got a good sense of taste. If I recalled correctly this is from south blue.

He uses both of his hands to grab hold of the burger as he open his month wide open. He started to chomp down the burger which also tasted great.

The waiter when to the next booth behind Jacque, the man was looking outside through the window focusing on the clouds drifting in the sun.

"Sir?" he said

He doesn't look away at the window "Water"

"Anything else?" the waiter asked

Looks away and gazes at the back of the man's head behind him.

"What ever that man is eating"

"coming right up."

Walks away yelling out the next order as he looks back through the window.

Sunny, good sign

"You're not the only one who has a few tricks up their sleeve," Sammi told Grana. She looked around the cafe, there didn't appear to be much else in way of prospects to head out onto the Grand Line. People just filing in and out, as quickly as possible. I hope Captain Tew gets here soon, I'm starting to get a weird vibe from this place. I dunno. She heard a bit of a grumble from her stomach. Maybe I'm just hungry.

The waiter made another round, cautiously coming up to the table. "And, uh, a-how is the wine treating you folks? It's good, right?"

Sammi slurped a sip and nodded. "Yes, it's good enough. Now, I think you should bring out a bit of food. Something with fresh seafood in it. And I mean fresh, if you give me anything from a can, you know exactly what will happen."

"Uh, yes, ma'am, right away ma'am!" The waiter hurried out of site, off to the kitchen.

Sammi leaned back in the booth, anxiously awaiting some food. "At least they know how to treat a customer here."

The waiter burst into the kitchen and grabbed the nearest tray that smelled of fish.

"Hey, Darrin, what do you think you're doing?" The chef shouted. "That goes out to table seven!"

"Do you want me to still be able to serve food?" Darrin asked. "If so, then I need this right now! Did you call the Marines like I asked?"

"Of course not! I'm busy here!" came the retort. "Plus the bloody DDM is asleep again!"

"Fuck! Fine, well whatever, make a new dish for seven already!" Darrin made his way out of the prep area, food in tow.

The waiter returned to the table, sweat visible on his face. "He-here you go, this is our bluefin tuna and cucumber bruschetta. The customers love it!" He tentatively set the plate down in front of the two at the table.

Sammi examined the tiny toasted portions in front of her. At least there were a few on there. She picked up one and sniffed it a little. "Well it is fresh." Then came the exploratory bite. She chewed it, and seemed pleased with the tastes hitting her mouth. "Very good."

The waiter was visibly relieved. "Thank you, ma'am!" He rushed out of the area, content to just leave with his body still intact.

Sammi popped the rest of the first loaf in her mouth. "This actually is really good, I'm impressed," she noted.

"ah how rude of me my name issss ssylvesster."
He turned to the waiter "ill have ale and a sssssome meat."
"kangaroo man you say that sounds interesting so how did you get to the island." Sylvester looked the man over his outfit gave the impression of a strong person someone that would be a good to join up with .

Adding the finishing touches, Smithy admired his handiwork. Raising the katana into the air, he saw his reflection staring back at him. His smile suddenly changed into something... Different for a moment. His facial expression didn't change, but something about him did. The moment passed and he shacked his head. "Get it together, you fool." He said to himself, resting his head on his hand.

He walked out the Blacksmith's, blade in hand, and walked up to a lone tree. He moved around it, softly feeling it with his free hand. He stopped and looked at the tree, it was a small tree but it definitely had a strong trunk. He held he katana with both hands and cut diagonally downwards, coming from his right, cutting through the tree with ease. Like with most things, it was just as much about technique then the blade. He span the blade around and put it back in its sheath as the tree fell over, pleased with his handiwork.

He looked around the town, when he came across a cafe. He described Grana to one of the waiters and asked if he had seen him, then the waiter took him to the table Grana was sitting at. "Hello... Grana wasn't it? I have you blade, better then ever, just performed a test on a tree. I don't think you'll be disappointed." He placed the katana, in it's sheath, on the table with a triumphant smile across his face. "It was a quick job really, it is quite the blade. You should be more careful with it."

Grana listened to Sammi as he took a bite of the bluefin. "No, I'm not the only one with a few tricks; I just know how to hide mine the best." Grana then finally processed the taste on his tongue. "For a restaurant that doesn't have to, this place cooks quite well. I'm going to have to leave a sizable tip for the cook. It's marvelous what some people can do with a simple fish." He washed down the fish with a bit of the wine, noting how the two didn't taste bad at all. Grana then saw Smithy and smiled. "Ah, Jacques! So good to see you again! You've finished already?" Grana then heard Smithy compliment his blade and laughed. "It better be a good blade- It's saved my life countless times over the past few years." Grana drew the sword and sighted down the blade, noticing the sharpness and the strength. He then loomed for the telltale faultline that always accompanies a restored blade, and was amazed when he couldn't find one. He laughed before sliding the blade into the snow-white sheath and buckling it once more onto his right side hip, next to his tanto. "You really weren't joking about your skills, were you? You earned the full amount." Grana reached once more into his hat and pulled out 750,000 beli in cash. He placed it in Jacques' hand before motioning for the giant to sit with them. "Ah, Sammi, this was the smith I told you about, the man who was repairing my weapon. It was cut in two and is now perfectly fine, not a single chip in the surface or discoloration due to reforging!"

Yoje took a sip of his sake. "I have a small boat that took me here. It's nothing special, but it gets the job done, and has lasted me several journeys. I came to Jingo mainly to see the sights, and maybe get some extra beli. I'm going to explore the mountains in the center of the island later on. If you're a decent fighter, you're welcome to come with me, Sylvester. It could solve your money problem."
He took a large gulp of his drink. If all the food here was as good as his sake, it was no wonder the cafe was so crowded.

"Hey if it getsssss me beli it ssssoundsss good to me."Sylvester took a gulp of ale from his glass It had a nice tangy taste to it. He picked up the meat shank and unhinged his jaw and stripped the meat off the bone in a few bites tastes good he thought. "Ssso do you have any idea what is in the mountainsss."

"Well, from what I've heard about this island, the mountains in the center are full of tunnels, most of them abandoned. A lot of refugees use those tunnels to hide away, so there's bound to some good money stashed away in there. And I imagine the view from the top of those mountains is pretty nice."
Yoje downed the rest of his drink. "But if you come with me, we could have some fights on our hands. Can you hold your own, Sylvester?"

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