We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Laguna ran after the marines, but stopped when he saw the kruzer. "What did you blow up this time?"

"Xenos filth!" Lysandros said as he saw the Deffkoptas. "Brothers fire." Tarkus ordered and he and his Brothers opened fire, filling the air with the sound of Bolter fire.

The kruzer flew overhead and began circling the group, scanning for more space marines.

OOC: and with that I'm off. you can kill the deffcopta pilots if you want but the kruzer (or kroozer as some people call it) will remain circling the group for the moment.
And DONT make me out as the bad guy. i suggested the parley and i gave you some loot
(Q.Really? A. .....IDC)

The bolts smashed into the Deffkoptas, destroying their flimsy frames. Bolts that didn't tear straight through embedded before exploding, showering the ground with wreckage and gore. The Marines stopped firing. "Brother Lysandros, find the bodies." Lysadros ran off to search for the bodies of the two fallen Marines.

"Should we help them? We do have a truce with the Orks... Wouldn't attacking them give them an excuse to break it?"

OOC: And I just had the Jag freakout, tears and threats of suicide were everywhere.

Laguna looked at Jio. "We can still check everyones ok without turning our backs on the orks." He ran to the marines.

OoC: @Ven Dead serious here, GET JAG HELP.

Caim stopped Laguna. "This is a sad moment, do not interupt." He says solemly before joining his brothers in the search through the wreckage.

OOC: Off to get hair cut

"It doesn't seem they want us to help them. I suppose we should go back to camp..." Jio said as he walked back to the ship.

@Ven Do you actually know him? I feel bad for him, but there's not much any of us can do.

Laguna stood still and watched the marines as they scrounged the area, then followed Jio back to the ship.

Walking back into camp, Jio goes back into the ship.

OoC: Gonna have to leave soon.

OOC: Caught up and done with my French 1 final. Wasn't so bad. Now everyone's leaving to do something. @Saltyk From what I gathered, Jag is Ven's little brother.

EMily, Winona, and Sara wake up from their nap last night. They feel well rested and eat food from the ethereal plane.

Afterwards they catch up to where Laguna was in the ship.

---Meanwhile in 3020 AD---

"Sheesh, you'd think, you'd REALLY think finding a cello would be easy. But no, all five music stores are closed or under renovation at this hour. Gwen said, slightly impatient and tapping her foot on the sidewalk of downtown Lawrence, KS. She calmed herself down and opened a holo-book on her weapon, Graviton.

OoC: Oh my god, something is happening! We're at the ship btw.

Laguna looked over at the girls. "Heya. Sleep well?"

"Oh, hey there Laguna. We had a good nap, thank you." She said with a good-morning smile.
"I had the strangest dream, our group was in Paris and speaking fluent french while I couldn't understand a word they were saying. EMily was being so confusing."
Sara was munching on an english muffin.

R looks at Winona, eyebrow raised. "You're a few apples short of an orchard, aren't you?"

"I met some guy once. Said I was like a bad dream. Cant imagne why he would think that."

OoC: *coughinjokecough*

"Well, I'd say that you're a few neutrons short of a stable isotope." She made a childish wink and giggled.

OOC: @Gear. I know all too well what you're referencing. XD. I've watched Spoony's review of FF VIII, and I really liked it.

I walk over and put an arm around winona

"I hate it when you do science talk. Makes me feel dumb just listening to you."

I understood Winona completly, i chuckled a little at laguna "Awww, do you want me to explain it to you?"

"Laguna. You should know better than to say that. Just because you're not in science doesn't mean you're dumb." She smiled at him.

"Oh, hello there Conall! Good morning!"

OOC: Or at least it is morning for me in the US.

its 3.45pm in uk
i smile at winona and replie 'good morning'

"Don't bother. He got confused by basic time travel principles yesterday. Though, we might be able to put that down to having me fall on him." R says to Conall, patting Laguna on the head softly.

"Nonono, I'm good thanks. Want to keep my brain in one piece." Laguna looked over at R. "There are clothes inside the ship if you wanna get changed, you know."

OoC: Ironic that one of the worst FF games had (IMO) one of the franchises best good guys.

"Oh yeah, didnt my mum fall on you yesterday? are you alright?" i ask knowing my mums impulsive behavior

OOC: @People in the UK.

That's what I figured. It's always 6 hours ahead of me (since I'm in the central time zone for the US. It's 9:44 am)

Also. FF VIII for me was always sort of 'ehhhh'. It never really excited me.

"Nah. I'm good. But if you aren't comfortable with being near dirty clothes, I can burn these." R says.

OOC: So, not quite sure what to make of the Ork situation now.

AEanna returned to camp much later than usual. In her agitated state she had gotten careless on her hunt for blood, and ended up being pursued by the inhabitants of the house she broke into. Fortunately they did not seem to realise what she had been there for, but the incident did not improve her foul mood. She trudged back towards Tanner's ship and sat down in the shade, glaring straight ahead of her.

"Just saying, if you wanted to change. And why the hell would you burn those? Just give em a wash."

mia jumped behind R and huged her "Hello!" she said hapily

"Wash them in what?" R asks. "GAH! Stop doing that!"

@tribly GAH is the respons i expected... IM MAGIC!
mia kissed R on the cheek and continued hugging her "Never" she purrped playfuly

"There's a polar molecule in this world that combines with hydrophilic-tailed lipids in soap. Washes clothes like a charm."

Laguna had to laugh at Mia's enthusiasm. "Again, you guys have no idea how to make a good first impression, huh? Mia, let her have some space." He looked around, and saw AEanna in the shade. He walked over slowly. This was gonna be awkward. "Hey. You allright?"

"Please don't kiss me." R mutters.

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