We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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I see what i have caused rose! dont you realise this is hard on me to!!! i think/snap back at rose, i hug four and look he rin the eye's "Im fine, Your fine. Everythings going to be finem alright" i try to sound convincing

OOC: Alright well, I'm going to sign off for tonight.

EMily and her sisters return to the ethereal plane.

Jin walks over to EMily and hands her the Key of Solomon. "From what I can tell, it's no good. It's an O-Part, but it only has a flame effect. I could do that with Ashura."

"What an uninteresting conclusion. If he had killed them all, I would have rewarded him."

@drak i guess Layla or Kira or whatever i decide for her origional name, her last name will most likely be 'Britanina' since she was born in the cycle when her contry was over britain and she took over during that same time

Kenneth looks at Angel. "So how's your end of being a Time Diver?"

"Boring, Madoka left quite a mess..."

"But her spirit still lingers in the machine right?"

Angel hair shifts to a jet-black color.

"But of course."

A final warning. The path you walk along now will lead only to unnecessary sorrow and pain. If you cannot see that, then you are nowhere near as smart as you claim.
Rose stood up and continued to stare at Conall intensely with bloodshot eyes.

"Don't lie to me!" Four shouted as she held onto Conall. "Please...no more lies..."

"So you'd willingly trow your life away?
You suicidal or something?"
Eddie asked Tanner as he switched the strings back.

Kenneth points at the group, whispering to Angel. "It's these types of things that happen when Time Divers fail at their duties..."

"But now that it has been done, we cannot change it. Time Divers must remain NEUTRAL."

Kenneth scratches his head. "The only disadvantage of this title..." he mumbles.

"No. Just a very, very dedicated psychologist." I say to Eddie as I watch the drama that was unfolding.

i was a little taken back by the shout, she thought back to roseim aware of that but HE was just so convincing, ill weigh my options when i get time, Rose i hug four, i didnt know what to do
@peoplez i just realised miranda feeds of sorrow and think about how much there must be around here

@drak (four)is this reg getting to her, or is sh EXTREMLY emotional?

Silver Shadow:
@peoplez i just realised miranda feeds of sorrow and think about how much there must be around here

Yup. You all thought I was joking when I said "UNLIMITED POWER!!!", didn't you?

"So you're the team shrink, eh? By the Titans, they need one...
All the more reason you should stay alive. If you're gone, who's gonna help them?"

@Silver: Wait until you see...nope too earlier for that...

"You're telling me. And I'm not really trying to get myself killed, I'm just not afraid to put my life on the line to prove a point." I say to Eddie.

@rosh 'nope too earlier for that' Souns AMAZING

@drak you still there?

HE is naught but a liar and a fiend. You were weak and stupid to believe his words. I have given my warning, heed it or not, the choice is yours. Just know that Justice is not something anyone can escape.
Rose knelt down next to Four and hugged her as well.

@Silver: Well Joel either has to physically be there, or have some kind of intricate 'pain pentagram' or something set up to actually collect it though, I believe.
Also @Silver: She's extremely emotional about the people she cares about.

@Silver: Alot of 'angst' will be coming from my IS pilots, plus a few new toys for me to have...hehehe

Kenneth raises an eyebrow at Four crying. And this group will save the multiverse here?... *Sigh* I guess so....

Angel wraps herself around Kenneth's right arm.

"Doesn't sound like the smartest way of getting your point across if you ask me." Eddie said as he lit a cigarette.
"Supose you die while 'trying to prove a point'.
No doubt that will be super effective and all that, but then a few days later, the next person freaks out. Who's gonna help him?"

OoC: I also know someone who feeds of sorrow 'n such. :D

OoC: Let's just say there is a reason Satan is obsessed with hate.

"No one probably..." mumbled Kenneth about Eddie's question

@rosh toys?!? i want toys!
I know Rose... I know... Joel just...he just makes sense to me... i know you will stop me if i do but when the time comes.. make sure if you do... finish it make sure mum isnt there to watch i think sadned. i kiss four and try to get up again
capcha = nap time , exactly

"I said I was dedicated, I didn't say I was a good psychologist." I say to Eddie. I see a strange man and woman nearby. "Excuse me, do I know you?" I ask them

OOC: Sadness=best renewable resource.

"Probably not." bluntly says Kenneth. Angel elbows him in the ribs.

"Be nice....Sorry, I'm Angel Adrian, and he's Kenneth Buyuu."

"And I thought I had an appetizer all set out. But it turns out he's nothing of the sort. Pathetic. I'll have to force them to develop the way I desire, it seems."

"...And why are you here?" I ask the two.

Commander Shepard pops his head out of a pile of rubble like a gopher emerging from a hole.

"Well, that didn't go as planned." He said, rising out of the rubble in his ruined armor.

"Next time I'll just take on the Reapers with my bare hands. Think that'll be a more effective way of saving the galaxy."

I see. I will do my best. You will be slain by my hand as painlessly as possible. That is a promise. I should not show you sympathy, but you are my brother, it cannot be helped.
Rose now had an almost glazed over look in her bloodshot eyes. She continued to stare at Conall.

Four had managed to calm down a bit. She wasn't crying, but she was still clearly distraught and wasn't saying anything.

"Classified." Again, Angel elbows his ribs.

"Because something happened with the IS pilots not so long ago, and we are here to escort the group when the time is ready..."

These people annoy me...

"Shit, it sounds like you need a shrink yourself." Eddie said to Tanner before turning to the to new people. He didn't say anything to them however.

No longer necessary.

Mia walked over to the IS and asked curiously "Do you know were char and laura are?"
I slowly fall asleep, a little worried but fine.

Jin simply ignored everyone. He was only interested in revenge at this point. Though, even he would admit that he was disappointed that the O-Part that EMily had was so useless. Where did she get an O-Part anyway?

"What...You mean Charlotte and Laura? Or Cecilia and Rin? Do you know what happened to them? I haven't seen them in a while..." I ask the two.

"Maybe so." I say to Eddie.

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