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I start crying.

"Quit being a sissy, Mary." I tell Paddy.

I stop crying and smoke some more DMT.

X wakes back up "Oh so your awake again..."
"You left me in the dark with hooting for hours."

"Oh stop complaining X. It's not like there's a psychotic killer roaming around."

Sis: "I take offense at that."

"You would..."

X takes a swig from her bottle again

Sister just looks at X, not knowing how to respond.

She takes another swig

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Sister files her nails.

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She takes another swig

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"My bump senses are tingling!"
"Wait, what?" I say, before Efink drags me to where everyone else is in a totally not shitty reinsertion to the story.

Sis: "Hey Knife."

[Ending Act 3 on Thursday? Well. *Looks at wrist watch* Nope. Alas, the reason none of us are posting is because there isn't much happening.]

I sigh and make everyone smoothies.
"When is act 3 supposed to end?"

Sis: "Wow. That's uh..."

Sister scratches the back of her head.

Sis: "Hey Xot. When are we supposed to be done with Act 3?"

Xot: We've been stuck on the same page, so we're just having an off day until things pick up.

Sis: "... Oh... Okay."

You really should stop having these imaginary conversations. Though Xot is predictable enough for you to know exactly what he's going to say and do, listening to his pathetic voice in your head isn't going to bolster your morale.

You stare blankly into an empty space where an intercom should be. Alas the speaker has been ripped from the wall, thrashed, and tossed aside on the floor. It is coated in purple blood.

There is something written on the side of the speaker.

whos honking now hornses ass?

"Seems legit. Can we finish with this soon?"

Sister yawns.

Sis: "Well, I'm going to take a nap. This bed of feathers looks comfy enou-"

She passes out and falls asleep on the feathers.

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While I give a brief wave to Sister, Efink just stands there with a slightly shocked look on his face, before dragging me a few meters away from the group and saying in an angry whisper, "Why didn't you tell my Sister was here!"
"Because I didn't think it was important? So, you know her?"
"Yea, I know here, particually the face she's a ghostly, chainsaw wielding murderer!"
"Funny thing is, you know how she greeted me?"
"I dunno, did she fucking posses you."
"What? No, she hug tackled me."
"You pulling my leg, aren't you?" Efink says, with a look that matches his statement.
"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupca-"
He waves a hand at me, and we return to the group, Efink keeping an eye on Sister the entire time.

X takes a swig and walks over to knife

"So... knife, hows it been?"

"So...The speaker system may be fucked...Oh well." Just then, something hits me on the back of the head. I feel myself being dragged away from the group. Well fuck...I appear to be losing...losing...bluh....
I awake in a dark cold sterile room, tied to a chair, with a dim light above me. I can't see any exit of any kind. I begin to hear honks.
[Going to be away the entire weekend. Hence why I've made it so I don't have to interact much. Bye.]

X notices Zombies gone suddenly... "He'll be fiiiiiine..."

"Dammit Zombie you pussy!" I seem to melt into the wall. This is probably because of the drugs.
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"really... Well since i'm the only one still awake apparently!"

She begins to pull furniture out of a nearby store and builds a bar... she does tequila and smokes, while an automatic piano plays something uplifting, speedy, and generic in the background.

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I appear out of nowhere.

"huh... I don't know when were moving on... pull up a seat"

She pulls another bottle of tequila from under the bar places it on the bar, motions for sigma to sit... and then she continues to drink and smoke

I watch Zombie and Paddy vanish.
"I guess there's only one thing we can do..."
I open my wrist computer and take out a bag full of MDMA.
"We get high and watch cartoons."

X motions for Trilby to sit at the bar and continues to smoke and drink

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X looks at sister in an extremely drunken haze, considering taking advantage of her.

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Efink sees X's makeshift bar, and says to her, "I'd like to point out that as a legally certified barkeep in 57 universes, and illegally certified in another 23 but that's beside the point, I should probably be manning this temporary drinking establishment. Also, you should probably sit down, it looks like you could go ass over any minute now, so may I?" He asks.

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X looks at the Knife clone and says "Sure"

She begins to walk over to sisters bed but collapses unconscious just as she gets there, before she has a chance to do anything to her...

"Okay then, great!" Efink says, manning the bar and stocking it with several bottles, identifiable or not, retrieved from his jacket.

The bottles of tequila that were left over turn green inside.

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