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"Yeah, everything's nuts here, man! In fact, hold on a sec." I look at the first page of the thread. "Explosives, too?! It's like Pandemonium here!"

My tulpa greets RaN. "Hey dude."

A bomb goes off on the other side of the Mall. I take a swig.


I wipe some sweat off my shoulder like those hackers in those movies when they hack something and it's real hard. "At least there isn't any magic, it means this place hasn't reached full level."

On that same other side of the Mall, a guy conjures up a fireball and gets instabanned.

"So what's up?"

"How should I know? I showed up here with no idea of what's going on." I start picking up some unburnt pieces of wood for crafting material.

I look over.
"Wait, 'Splosives are unlocked?"
I look down, noticing I'm sitting on a pile of Dynamite.

I throw more wood at Sigma.

"I didn't know I was entering a kismesistude."

I throw wood at Salt, for the sake of it.

"...Why would you throw shit at me?"

"My 'Quickly-Acquired Reflex' perk does that. I get 2 more perk points if I use it."

"How about I quickly-acquire you heart via tearing it out of your chest?"

"If you do that, I'll just respawn anyway."

"Then I'll do it again."

"But I'll still respawn, you stupid fuck."

I move closer to Tox.

"I know. And I will just keep doing it, hurting you so long as you fucking respawn and bleed."

I take a few steps back while holding Little Alice. "Or maybe I'll just respawn out of your reach."

"Then I'll find you."

"But what if you don't?"

"Not an issue. Because I will."

Fulfilling my obligations as a Leo, I draw hate-filled art of Salt and Tox.

"Alright, then." I shoot Salt in the head, killing him.


I run like fuck.

I respawn in front of Tox and break his neck.

I respawn close by. "Hey, that was a revengekill! Unfair!" I throw wood at Salt as punishment.

I shrug off the wood and proceed to break Tox's neck again.

I respawn again. "That's still not fair!" I shove Salt into a nearby fire, immolating him and somehow melting him.

I respawn by Tox, remove my shades and simply stare at him.

I look at the shades. "Hey, are those Ray-Bans? Good choice, man!"

"I couldn't be damned to care."

I place the glasses over Tox's eyes and shove him into the fire.

I jump out of the fire because shades don't blind people and into a nearby fountain.

I walk over to the fountain and slam Tox against the centerpiece of it before holding his head under.

I open the console and type in the command "explode", causing me to commit suicide through self-detonation, catching Salt in the splash damage. I respawn on the balcony of an italian restaurant.

I bring myself up to the surface, minor burns scars fresh on my body. I decide to ease up and start setting pit traps.

I load up on breadsticks and pasta with bolognese before camping out on the second floor, making myself a barricade of tables.

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