John Romero made a new Doom II 2 level and all proceeds are going to the people of Ukraine 4a GSC Game World Frogwares donate statements

Original Doom co-creator and designer John Romero has released a new Doom II level called “One Humanity” to help raise money for the people of Ukraine. Romero shared his fundraising effort on Twitter, providing a link to the shop where Doom II owners can purchase the level. It costs only a small donation of €5 (or just over $5), with 100% of the proceeds going toward Ukraine, the Red Cross, and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund.

This is the first time Romero has created a new level for Doom II since its release in 1994, and with all the money going to a good cause, there’s almost no reason to miss out. All that’s needed to play “One Humanity” is a copy of Doom II and a modern source port.

Proceeds raised by the new John Romero Doom II level will aid the people of Ukraine, who are currently fighting back against an invasion instigated by the Russian government. The Doom designer is far from the first to push for support, however. Many Ukrainian developers — including STALKER 2 developer GSC Game World, The Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes developer Frogwares, and Metro series developer 4A Games — have spoken out against the horrific attacks against Ukraine and its civilians.

“There are no simple words to convey the horrors that happen in Ukraine at this very moment, in the country that is home to many of us,” stated 4A Games. “None of us has ever thought that the world of the 21st century can get to the borderline beyond which our game scenarios start resembling reality.”

Ubisoft, which has studios based in Ukraine, released a statement explaining that it has already provided affected teams with additional funds and alternative housing in neighboring countries. “We stand by our teams in Ukraine and will continue to adapt and reinforce our support as the situation evolves,” stated Ubisoft.

Romero will not be the last to voice support for those protecting Ukraine. Until then, purchasing and playing “One Humanity” in Doom 2 isn’t a bad way to chip in.

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