Titans, Together: A DC Comics RP (RP Thread, Closed)

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Sean winced, seeing the man approaching them. He had heard stories about this Zod guy, apparently he was a Kryptonian like Superman... but without any of his moral compass.

It just keeps getting better and better...

Returning to human form, he bowed his head in surrender... but kept an eye open for any chance to escape.

Felicia thought the fight would have ended right then and there would the freaky alien mercenary being out of commission but the arrival of Zod quickly shot down any hope of making it out of this fight just yet. She heard stories of Superman not being the only Kryptonian left but never would she have imagined for there to be several of them and one incredibly dangerous one standing in front of them.

Felicia jumped back as he vaporized Alan's brains. She had just seen him a few moments before and he had saved one of them from the mercenary's wrath but now he was as dead as the super heroes above. She choked on her cries and her legs began to shake. Felicia covered her mouth as every fiber in her body told her to run so that she wouldn't share the same fate as Alan. The others faced this fight or flight scenario as well with a few of them submitting to Zod but also a few fighting back. They wouldn't go down fighting and Felicia looked to them for inspiration but the parasite would have none of that.

She felt her legs moving without her consent in the complete opposite direction from the fight as the man with the sword moved in with his own attack. Felicia fought back and pushed herself back to the fight but she ran into an abandoned car, both drawing blood and knocking the wind out of her. Anger began to rise both at her and the parasite for being such a coward. Felicia banged her hand against the car hood as she rose with her breath heavy from the boiling anger.

"I am not a coward..." Felicia breathed out. With her tendrils she picked up the car and her skin began to glow.

"I AM NOT A COWARD!" She howled, tossing the car towards the soldiers.

The tensions rose as Zod and the soldiers that surrounded him stared down the battered heroes. Red Robin drew a ragged breath, and asked, "Why would we ever surrender to you?"

Zod smiled. "You don't really have a choice."

Cavanaugh voiced similar dissensions, throwing curses and jeers at the Kryptonian.

And on cue, one from the group stepped forward. Warden, who was then followed close by Sean. Red Robin opened his mouth to say something, but all he could get out was a pained cough. Warden kneeled, and the shapeshifter followed her lead.

"I... I surrender."

Zod stepped forward, and put her hand on her shoulder. "Very good. And very brave, believe it or not. You've just saved your own life." His voice was surprisingly, genuinely supportive.

The Good Doctor was less so. He growled at Warden, and told her his own opinion. She shouldn't dare bow to a tyrant like this, and the mutant stated he would sooner die than do the same. Red Robin stepped forward, standing beside Cavanaugh.

"I'll burn in hell before I let you win, Zod."

The goateed man raised an eyebrow, curious. "Really? Robin, you know this fight is futile; and you're so valuable. Don't throw your life away like this. You do know I really won't hold back... you must remember what happened the last time we met? What happened to the man with you? What was he dressed as again, a bulldog or something?"

For the first time that night, Red Robin did not look fearful, or determined. He looked absolutely furious. "It was a wildcat. And his name was Ted, you son of a b--"

"Hush, Robin. You know it's really all the same to me." His eyes began to glow again. "Now I'm practically begging you: KNEEL, or this will get... messy."

Red Robin just scowled at him. Felicia, on the other hand, took a far more active approach.

"I am not a coward..." Felicia breathed out. With her tendrils she picked up the car and her skin began to glow.


The automobile smashed into a trio of soldiers, crushing them beneath its frame. The other nine aimed at her, Zod's gaze joining their laser sights.

"Is that your answer?"

"NO." came a loud voice, as if projected through a megaphone. A sound like a harpoon being launched whooshed through the air, and a trio of grappling lines wrapped tightly around the waists of Zod himself, and two of his cronies. "THIS IS." The leader looked down, both shocked and highly disappointed in himself, going by his expression.

"The forcefield blocks sound. I always forget--"

He was cut off, as the zipline yanked him back. And then it rolled forward as he crashed into its front with the others. A silhouette that may, in the past, have been a car. Now it was a veritable tank, absolutely huge, with eight wheels, coated in matte-black armor plating, with two very visible wing-like fins jutting from the back, at the 10 and 2 o'clock directions.

Nobody present was unable to identify the Batmobile.

The top hatch opened up, and a shadow darted out of the cockpit. It tapped something on its waist, and the Batmobile roared to life of its own accord, driving straight forward. It missed the collection of heroes and survivors by a few feet, opting instead to make bowling pins of the four soldiers to their right. It kept going, smashing into the theater, crushing the two soldiers tied to its hood.

Zod was another story. With a flex of his muscles, the cord that bound him was broken, and with a kick the Batmobile went skidding back almost thirty feet, even with its drive going full tilt. It ground to a halt, waiting for its next command from its owner.

Said owner now stood face to face with the remaining three soldiers, eskrima sticks in hand and crackling with blue light at the tips. His face concealed in part by a black mask, and his body coated in black plating, highlighted with blue. Though he was geared for war, Nightwing was as recognizable as he ever was.


"Tim!" he called.

Red Robin moved, already grabbing a projectile from his belt. The trio of invaders spread out, one backing up while the other pair went to either side. Red Robin, or "Tim" as he was apparently known, tossed a bird-shaped bit of metal into the barrel of the merc just as he began to fire. His gun malfunctioned, jamming a bullet in the side of its barrel, and immediately shut down to prevent further damage. Groaning, the soldier threw his weapon away and put up his dukes.

This was a mistake. Tim's metal staff thwacked his left forearm, shattering it even through his armor (which was clearly now of lesser stuff than the man he and Warden had faced) and tossing both limbs aside, limb. Red Robin went with the flow of his strike, and continued pivoting left, moving down until he was performing something between a cartwheel and a handstand. His right foot slammed into the mook's face, flipping him onto his back before the faceless soldier shrugged out a last conscious breath.

Nightwing was even faster, coming down on his foe before he could conceivably react. He thwacked down hard with his right hand's eskrima stick, knocking the gun entirely out of the soldier's hands. Perpendicular-facing to the soldier, he then rotated his arm and brought the stick straight up into the soldier's face, zapping it with a jolt of electricity. He then began spinning right, knocking multiple blows to the soldier's left side and chest until he had made a full 360-degree spin. He then faced the armored man, and delivered a left-hand jab straight to the neck. The armor was missing there, only a bodysuit to absorb shock. Absorb electricity, it could not, and the soldier lost all signs of waking intent as the taser-blast coursed through his system.

The third soldier opened fire on Nightwing, but the most experienced of the heroes present ducked beneath the kinetic rounds as if it were second nature. He grabbed two spheres about the size of a marble and tossed them. One impacted the man's right shoulder, the other his groin, and they both stuck to their impact points immediately. Then, they expanded to near the size of a baseball.

And then, the miniaturized thrusters sparked to life, and the mercenary was knocked through the nearest wall at mach one.

By the time the pair had finished them off, Zod was finished freeing himself from the Batmobile. And he was staring straight at the blue and black hero.

"I should have finished you last time." His eyes were blazing red. "I won't make that mistake twice."

That was the precise moment six blasts of air, launched through the air by Maelstrom, collided with his side. Zod was buffeted to his right, his head jostled and his heat vision blasting off into the air pointlessly. Zod hit the wall from the impact, jolts of lightning and gouts of fire shooting in multiple directions. A visible imprint of him was left as he removed himself from the side of the building, dust and bits of brick falling to the ground. His uniform was scorched, and smoke was rising from his--admittedly untarnished--skin.

Nightwing could wait, he had a new target. Faster than a speeding bullet, Zod was off, aiming a gut punch at the demon.

The newcomer took this opportunity to turn to Red Robin and the others, pointing frantically at the Batmobile as the vehicle approached them. "Tim, get everyone in the car, and get ready to leave!"

He began running towards the clashing titans, leaving Red Robin to wave everyone towards the vehicle. "You heard him, get in, we've gotta get out!"

Cavanaugh nodded at Robin and his grin widened just slightly in support. Then he heard Felicia behind them all.


That was when he saw the car smash into three of the soldiers, prompting the others to take aim at her. Cavanaugh simply moved in the way and spread his arms. "Fuck you. I'm not letting you kill any more of these people before you go through me.", he said, jabbing a middle finger in Zod's direction.

"Is that your answer?"


At that point, what happened next went by too fast for The Good Doctor to follow. All he knew was that Nightwing was there, and was handily dispatching the soldiers, and with the help of the Batmobile, immobilizing Zod for a few moments. He took that time to sprint over to Felicia and put a hand on her shoulder. "Come on. Theres strength in numbers.", he told her gently, jerking his head in the direction of the others before he moved to rejoin them.

"Tim, get everyone in the car, and get ready to leave!".

Hearing that, however, made Cavanaugh paused and glanced at Felicia, then Warden and grimaced. Running over, he held out a hand to the armored girl. "Come on, we need to go!", he said, just before looking at the others.

"MOVE YOUR ASSES!!", he yelled at them, jabbing a claw towards the Batmobile.

Two of Adrien's comrades-in-arms, stepped forth and prostrated themselves before this guy. It wasn't anyone that he recognized, he was an alien, that was for sure, must be some Metropolis prick. He turned on his camera regardless though, anything he caught here could be used later after all.

"What? You guys some kind of mental!? Don't you know he's just going to fry your brains after h-"

It was then that the Batmobile came and a moment of confusion was replaced by a joy deep in his breast as a figure appeared on the battlefield. The Bat may be gone, but at least Nightwing, the second of his two idols, was still alive. Chaos reigned and the guards were dealt with swiftly by a thrown truck, and the two other disciples of Batman. His hand still ached, but he was able to get off a few shots before Zed or whatever the hell beardy-man's name attacked and was thrown into the side of a building.

"You heard him, get in, we've gotta get out!"

"Alright, alright, you don't gotta tell the gun guy with the broken hand twice."

He turned to the Lucky Man beside him as he put the entire Redspotter into the sling on his back, there wasn't enough time and he didn't have a hand to dismantle the damn thing.

"You sure your luck only affects you? I'm pretty sure we just got our asses out of the probing line."

With that, he took off at a sprint towards said Batmobile, slightly giddy at being allowed inside the legendary vehicle. He vaulted in found himself in the front passengers seat. All manner of buttons, switches, screens, and toggles were all around him and he almost clapped his gloved hands together in happiness. As bad as the day had been, this made up for quite a bit of it.

"So, does this thing have some kind of baddie-powers-go-glump goo or missiles or something?" He screamed out, echoing around the Plaza.

Offhand, his first real test of the demon-powers of Maelstrom was going well. Unknowingly, he had blasted a Kryptonian into a building. Even without knowing this fact, Mael-Jake was certainly aware that this bearded man was powerful, and that his powers DID bear a certain resemblance to a red-caped man who shall remain nameless. But then, even if he put the two-and-two together right now, it was far far FAR too late to deal with that now. Battle had been joined and this throw-down was indeed proceeding, even as people were heading for the Batmobile. Stormalong, though, wouldn't have it. For two reasons...

First, the demon's instinct for destruction mixed with his own desire to crush this newcomer was too strong. Maelstrom was perhaps the worst surge of natural disaster in the world beyond an asteroid collision or Yellowstone erupting to cause a new ice age.

And second, Zod was on him like a cheap suit already. Sucker's fast, yo!

Yes, Zod had picked himself up and removed himself from the building, and then whooshed at the demon at breakneck speed. Faster than a speeding bullet, indeed. The avatar of Maelstrom was not fully-embodying the swiftness of its given elements as of yet. Not on the first transformation. Had Jake's transformation been at the fullness of things, he would be as lightning himself. As of now, he had improved speed, not maximum speed. Even still, distance plus KNOWING that Zod was gonna come after him allowed our boy his reactions. He went in knowing that this was the real deal. The demon put a wall of lightning before him that Zod would have to - and would - go through in order to strike at him. The purpose of such a wall isn't to be a physical blocker, but to make whoever reaches through suffer when doing so. Regardless of this, Maelstrom-Jake tried to shift himself enough out of the way of Zod's fist to grab the arm tightly with his own clawed hands and form a vortex of the tri-elemental storm around that arm to attempt bloody well shredding it, as though it were an individual aggressor. Yeah, he noticed that Zod was unscratched personally. He wanted to try delivering actual harm.

As the Batmobile arrived to draw the attention of Zod and his soldiers, Warden rose to her feet, sprinting to the nearest soldier and grabbing him by the faceplate and driving a knee into his chest, driving him to the ground, following up with a pair of quick punches to the face. While he was disoriented, she grabbed his rifle, wresting it out of his hands and bringing it into line with another soldier.

Only for a third to spot her, raise his rifle, and fire a burst into her, the shots shredding through her body, piercing ceramic and fiber armor, splitting skin, shattering bones, and rupturing organs. Rosemary shuddered as she felt her breath suddenly stop coming, her diaphragm torn apart and her lungs riddled with holes. She could taste hot blood running out of her mouth, pouring through the cracked neck seal and down the front of her armor.

With her last vestiges of strength, she squeezed the trigger, spraying fire at the soldier she had aimed at. Then one last shot took her in the chest, piercing her heart. Warden fell to her side, her armor now staining a darker red than before, her brain firing off its last synapses.

Three seconds later, Warden was dead.

Instantly seeing a chance to escape, Sean took off at a run towards the Batmobile, his eagerness to escape briefly riding over hie enjoyment at actually getting to see the Batmobile up close and even ride in it!

He also wondered if there'd be enough room for everyone...

The Good Doctor did his best to grimace as he ran forward and grabbed Wardens arm and picked her up, cradling her in his arms as he sprinted towards the Batmobile. He could feel her shaking against him, and as an afterthought he paused to grab his duffel bag full of medical supplies. The moment they got to the veritable tank, he carefully lifted her up and into the hatch, then slipped inside himself.

As soon as he slid into his seat, he noticed that Warden was bleeding, badly. "Oh, shit! No, you are not dying on me.", he said, pulling off his lab coat and pressing it firmly against where he could tell the worst of the bleeding was coming from.

His eyes only widened when he saw the blood spread more quickly through his lab coat that he anticipated, and he started to dig through his duffel bag for something that would help. By the time he had dug out something that might even remotely stop the bleeding, he glanced over at Warden and noticed that she had stopped moving entirely.

He shook his head slowly, then closed his eyes and lightly hit her inert chest with his fist. "No.", Cavanaugh murmured softly, sobbing once as a tear rolled down his scarred cheek.

She was dead, and he didn't have a way to try and revive her. He was out of VitaStims, he couldn't perform CPR... Nothing. He let the grief and guilt pass over him before he sighed heavily, wiped his face with his forearm, and focused on what was happening outside.

Then he stood up and reached out to the others that were making their way there. "Get in, we need to go!", The Good Doctor called out, holding out his hands to help them inside.

Any sense of glee Shadow got from pissing off the Main man, any feeling of relief he got when the vine man thrashed Lobo, was all gone. Now Shadow was standing battered and bruised along his fellow heroes. And their savior was dead. Brain totally fried.

"I am Zod. Kneel, and surrender."

"You can kneel before these nuts, and kiss em while you're down there"

While both Warden and She looked to be surrendering, Red Robin and the mutant Doctor worded protests equal to Shadow's. Most were ready to go down fighting. Thankfully, they didnt have to. In the blink of an eye, Nightwing had appeared in a tricked out tank, and had Zod and all his boys on the defensive. When everyone started running to the batmobile, Shadow followed shit and jumped in.

When he got there, he saw Warden didnt make it. All he could do was close his eyes and say a quite prayer before setting his eyes back on the battle.

Dr. McQuarry merely observed all that was happening all around him. He was out of element here - all these superbeings were in a battle royal of sorts, and here he was, a lone scientist with only a pen and a notebook at his disposal. Of course there was his wallet as well, but he was substantially less skilled wielding the cards within than that fellow of fortune. He had no intention of sitting idly by while the ballyhoo escalated around him. However, he also had no intention to become part of the fray, but rather gather what knowledge from it he could. McQuarry would put that to use in whatever way he could, providing he survived the day and made it back home intact. At the moment, that seemed rather unlikely considering this new, much more dangerous threat had appeared, putting his capabilities on display by burning a brain vent for the vine-wielding man that had brought Lobo to his knees.

With no time for further delay, McQuarry knelt beside the corpse of the fallen hero and promptly probed the scorched entry with his index finger. The heat was immense, astonishing considering how long the wound had been exposed to the cool atmosphere. The doctor of sciences swiftly fished his notebook and pen, flipped to a relatively blank page and jotted a rough estimation of the entry wound's temperature. Like a starting gun, that first number set off a series of many more, both within the man's mind and on the page before him; the duration of the heat laser, the time the wound had cooled, how the body temperature affected this. In a matter of seconds, he had calculated the approximate temperature and was both baffled and impressed at the amount of heat was necessary for such a feat.

Johnathan scanned his surroundings, realizing that while he was left to his calculations, everyone seemed to be hurrying towards a rather conspicuous, particularly notorious armored vehicle nearby. Turning he attention back to the corpse he knelt beside, McQuarry closed the poor sod's eyes shortly before rising to his feet. "I swear to you, lad, your death will not have been in vain. Probably..."

After having done what any decent man would have, he hurried to the Batmobile, clutching his notebook in one hand and keeping his hat secure with the other, unknowingly dodging stray bullets from the distracted armed men all the while. Once he made it into the large, albeit claustrophic vehicle and grabbing a seat, he found himself sharing the rear compartment with the shape-shifting man from the convenience store, a rather, and quite literally, dark individual, the Angler-Fishman, and a woman in body armor. It was evident by the scene that the woman was dead, shot several times in her vitals. He made a mental note to perform an autopsy to extract any metal fragments, then run tests on the bullets lodged in her chest and the armored shell that encased it once he had the opportunity. The day was becoming quite exciting, definitely refreshing from the routine he'd developed during his time here in Gotham.

Control... control... Felicia's tendrils snapped wildly at the destroyed cars around her as Nightwing arrived to bail them out of this one. Her burst of anger crushed the soldiers but now she had to escape. Her knees buckled as she tried to keep her composure, not wanting to thrash out at her fellow survivors. In the corner of her eyes, she watched another one of them go down in a hail of gunfire but the shock of Allan's death had numbed her. She focused as hard as she could, only hearing two heartbeats, while the rest of the noise became thudding sounds.

Survive... Her tendrils retracted into her body and Felicia hurried to the Batmobile as instructed. The cramped space of the vehicle didn't bother Felicia anymore because the real Felicia has a fear of enclosed spaces. This Felicia had glowing, red eyes and focused on survival first even if it was there only temporarily.

Slowly, bit by bit, Mark's eyes fluttered open. Surprisingly, they managed to stay open for a few seconds before reflexively squeezing shut, as the pain washed over his body. Lobo's ruined gun, though it hadn't hit him full on, had just barely clipped one of his ears as it hurtled past the thief. If it were an ordinary projectile, it wouldn't have been a problem. But considering that this was the Main Man, the slightest impact had been enough to send the tuxedo-clad miscreant pirouetting through the air for a few seconds, before crashing him (Quite painfully) into a row of chairs.

As Mark struggled to his feet, he bit back an agonized scream. It felt like at least one of his arms was dislocated, if not worse, and that ache in his chest couldn't have been a good sign. Still, at least he was moving, and that was something.

Moving at a slight jog, the thief made his way back to the theater's entrance, where his dazed mind attempted to make sense of the scene before him. A passed out Lobo, a group of black-uniformed soldiers firing at his new comrades, a dead Warden, and the ever-recognizable silhouette of Gotham's iconic vehicle: the Batmobile.

"Tim, get everyone in the car, and get ready to leave!"

Was that... Nightwing? Heh, maybe they weren't dead after all.

With nothing left to do, Mark hustled towards the Batmobile, gritting his teeth as his various muscles and limbs screamed in protest. Like hell he was going to die here.

Luke watched Red rise from his downed state, intent on fighting the good fight even in his hampered state, this was of course before a man with giant thorned tentacles/vines burst out of the Cinema and flayed the Main Man to death, lacerating almost every inch of his previously impervious hide.
The group gave a collective sigh of relief at Lobo's demise, however this moment of victory was short-lived, as an altogether familiar dazzling light surrounded the immediate vicinity of the Main Man, engulfing the group as they bore witness to the descent of a dozen dark figures. The leader of which, sported a silver "Z" on his chest.

Oh my...

"...your life is forfeit."

A stream of red energy burst from his retinas, boring it's way right into the forehead of the group's temporary saviour, melting his cranium and the entirety of it's contents. The gore trickled down as the man known as Alan slumped to the ground with his last breath forming a brief gurgle.

Luke stared in both fear and in awe at the figure before him. Adversary of Superman, Kryptonian, Megalomaniac - General Zod, one of the most powerful super beings in existence, and unfortunately for them, he was not on their side.

"I am Zod. Kneel, and surrender."

Fortune carefully considered the situation. Even without the almost omnipotent Zod, the odds were not stacked in their favour, but with him? They may as well count their blessings and call it quits.

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiight, we're screwed here, aren't we? You got any of that luck-magicky-stuff you can rub off on me?"

Luke gave a small frown before whispering to Red "I'm afraid I don't think it works that way"
He watched one by one the others come to their decisions, most choosing to refuse the General's order, whilst one lone naive (or wise) woman prostrated herself to him. One other particular reply caught his attention.

"No dice"

He sniggered at the eccentric man's comment, it reminded him of something he would say. He found a sense of hope that sprung from the groups defiance of their greatest threat, this coupled with various passing mentions of their "ride" brought a renewed vigour, words forming into a sentence that he spoke without fear.

"I refuse to fold"

Then, a sound echoed from the distance. The thunderous roaring of an engine at full throttle. The sound grew ever louder until the vehicle came into view, unmistakably the Batmobile. All hope was not yet lost, as the veritable tank of a car swept through a few of the henchmen, batting them aside.
Out came a wire that pinned the General, before he broke free of the bonds as if they were paper. A lone figure emerged as it darted out from the cockpit, a lithe man clothed in black and blue, his face concealed with a black mask. It was Nightwing.

They're not all dead then I see

As the masked vigilante called his brother-in-arms Red Robin to join the fray, the pair set about tackling the remaining armed assailants, with bo-staff and escrima sticks respectively.

"Tim, get everyone in the car, and get ready to leave!"

"You sure your luck only affects you? I'm pretty sure we just got our asses out of the probing line."

Luke shrugged his shoulders.

"The Lady works in mysterious ways my friend".

Hurrying, he followed Red Eye as the pair made a mad dash for the Batmobile, shielding them both with a spinning curtain of cards to deflect any gunfire that strayed in the general direction. As he reached the cockpit, he made an elegant flip, landing perfectly inside, in time to see Adrien practically as giddy as a schoolgirl at the amount of flashing lights.

"So, does this thing have some kind of baddie-powers-go-glump goo or missiles or something?"

Red Eye stared intently at the lights and buttons scattered around the Batmobile, that most holy of holies, the radest of rad, the Battiest of Bats, and had no damn clue as to what any of them did.

"Well, let's see, that one has a flamethrower, no that won't work, Zif over there doesn't look that upset about that face on his beard being on fire and all....hmmm, looks like a big red one here, that's never a good sign in any movie, so I'll steer clear of it, ummm, there's a big green one, no, no that's just some kind of liquid splashed on it....hmmm, a big black one, no that normally means explosions...AHA! Found something, everyone hold onto your hats because I have no idea what this is gonna do!"

He'd found a small button on his side of the dashboard, shaped like a chess knight, matte black and looking kinda new compared to the other ones on here. He pressed it, and awaited what happened next.

Cavanaugh helped in Felicia, finding it strange that her eyes started to glow red, but disregarded that as he noticed the domino-masked man finally awaken and start to make his way toward the Batmobile. He also noticed that he was favoring one arm, so when he reached out to help him in, he grabbed his good arm with both hands and hauled him in.

"In you go. Hey! You guys need to get in here too!", he told Mark, just before calling out to Stormalong, Robin, and Nightwing.

He wasn't about to let anyone get left behind if he had any say about it. In fact, he was half-tempted to get out right then and try to recover the body of the man who had saved them from Lobo, only to get killed mercilessly by Zod. He knew that, and the fact that he was all-too conscious of Wardens blood on his hands, were going to haunt him when he slept that night.

Assuming he got the chance to.

Knowing the idea was tantamount to suicide, he shook his head and ducked back down into the hatch, glancing at Red Eye as he practically drooled over the console. "Unless you know what those buttons do, I wouldn't mess with it. Unless Mr. Luck here can somehow magically press just the right thing to help us out, which I wouldn't doubt considering how today has gone. At this point, I'm more than willing to believe just about anything.", he added in a soft huff.

It was then that he saw Red Eye press a conspicuous looking button, making The Good Doctor inhale sharply and hold his breath.

It was then that Luke noticed the dead body. He wasn't aware at first, the rush of adrenaline blurred his thought process. It took him until he was settled inside the relative safety of the Batmobiles hull that he was fully aware of the bloodstained body that resided near The Good Doctor. His eyes reddened, his face blank, obviously severely disheartened at the presumably unsuccessful attempts at saving her life, or of the general unfairness of it all.

Luke gandered at the woman's lifeless corpse, taking in her unmoving features; she was not ugly, her face having a sense of understatement, fair skin further paled by the tell-tale loss of blood from her cheeks. It was a pity to lose a life, especially one so young. Such a thing he had become accustomed to during his travels, and more recently his adventures in this increasing apocalyptic world. It was something that others should learn too. That everyone's number comes up eventually.

As he watched Red push a strange chess-piece-shaped button on the dashboard, probably triggering some unforeseen repercussions, Luke became profoundly aware of the girl's blood, having not yet clotted.
He turned to The Good Doc and said.

"She's gone. Whether you like it or not. Now please, remove her from the vehicle before she further stains not just the seating, but the morale of the rest of the group"

And also blood would be a killer to get off this suit...

"There is no need to be gentle, she can't feel anything anymore."

The breath that Cavanaugh held was promptly exhaled when he heard Fortune speak to him, causing him to turn and glare at him.

"She's gone. Whether you like it or not. Now please, remove her from the vehicle before she further stains not just the seating, but the morale of the rest of the group.".

He paused, staring at him before looking down at his hands and the bright red blood that stained them. As he clenched his fists, he closed his eyes and let out a single, steadying breath.

"There is no need to be gentle, she can't feel anything anymore.".

He hated to admit it, but Fortune had a point there: She was dead, and there was nothing he or the others could do for her. At this point, all she was doing was taking up precious room, and reminding the others painfully clearly that they lost a comrade. But the practicality behind it didn't ease his conscience by much.

"I know. You're right... Doesn't make it feel any less disrespectful though.", he told Luke before turning and carefully picking up Wardens corpse.

Standing up, he carried her as gently as he could even though he knew she was dead, and looked at her sadly. "I'm sorry... But we can't take you with.", he told the body in a quiet murmur, then dropped her corpse onto the pavement.

When he sat back down, his face was impassive, though the look in his eyes was cold and pained. "I need some fucking coffee.", the mutant said in a harsh whisper.

Bedlam consumed the young, would-be heroes as they scrambled for the gargantuan Batmobile. Those who got there first very quickly understood that this was not the original car they had come to know through the fables and stories. This thing had space for them all and more, if not necessarily comfortably. But they all would have room to move. But their escape came with a price.

Warden was still kneeling when Cavanaugh came to her side. Her addled mind swam in her own blood, the injuries of days of running slowly catching up to her. She could feel herself slipping, and her subconscious gave her her wish: one last fight, a heroic push against damning odds to earn her spot in Valhalla. As the last of her illusory foes fell, she fell with him, and Rosemary Rosenberg collapsed into the Good Doctor's arms. She expelled one last breath, and she entered a final slumber, where she would wait for the valkyries to take her away.

Zod barreled towards Maelstrom with all the force a Kryptonian who must, by now, have been a century old would be expected to have. Superman, a hero since the days of the second World War, was infamous among criminals and held in awe among the general populace for the fact that, even as his hair grayed and his features wrinkled (albeit slowly), he only seemed to grow in strength as he absorbed more sunlight. Zod, though not the Man of Steel's equal in raw strength for the decades spent imprisoned in darkness, was still a force hearkening to that of a god's.

This was why Maelstrom would have run if he had been more humble.

The Kryptonian tore through the electric barrier as if it were nothing, the bolts singing the hairs on his hands and little more; the demon would need more time to prepare before his strength was on par with the General's.

There was little time to process this, however, as Maelstrom was reacting entirely on instinct. Zod lashed out with a punch, and the monster barely had the speed to duck out of the way. The gust of air it generated was enough to buffet everything behind them, knocking Nightwing off of his feet as he charged and shattering the windows of nearby buildings. Maelstrom took this opportunity to grab hold of Zod's wrist, and unleash a torrent of elemental power.

The blast ripped away the entirety of Zod's suit on his right arm, but did little more than singe him, and nick away a layer or two of the epidermis.

And now he was within grappling distance of him.

Zod backhanded Maelstrom with such force that the demon was set to go flying; but the Kryptonian did not let him go, instead grabbing on tightly to the monster's leg with both arms, spinning him rapidly before throwing him with extreme force into the street below. The plaza's ground buckled, spitting up all manner of debris as the demon was buried almost ten feet straight down. Zod's eyes began to glow.

"You're a threat." he stated. "Perhaps what you need is a good lobotomizing before I bring you to--"

Zod was cut off as Nightwing roared through gritted teeth, leaping from a nearby car and crashing into the Kryptonian. The both of them tumbled to the ground, Zod on top and pinning both of Nightwing's arms to the ground, looming over him with red eyes.

"You have been a distraction to us for far too long, Grayson. Goodbye."

Nightwing had no words for the invader. Rather, he preferred to spit out the object he'd been keeping in his mouth: a shard of Kryptonite.

Zod screamed in unabated agony as the green rock pierced his left eye, sticking deep inside. His body began to convulse and shake violently as he retracted away from the vigilante. But Nightwing would not let him go easy, and rocked him with a brutal left hook. The General rolled to his left, allowing Nightwing to stand back up and approach the crater where Maelstrom was stewing. He extended a hand down towards the being.

"C'mon, who--or whatever you are, we don't have a lot of time. We have to get moving, now!"

About this exact time was when the galactic bounty hunter known as Lobo was at last beginning to recover. He slowly dragged himself to his feet, groaning and breathing heavily. "Those jerks're gonna... gonna wish they'd never tangled with the Main Man!"

He began rushing towards Nightwing and Maelstrom, and about that precise time was when Adrien pressed a strange button on the Batmobile's dashboard. A metallic voice responded, WEAPONS SYSTEMS ENGAGED. ANTI-PERSONNEL MODE ENGAGED.

Red Eye and the others could only stare on in surprise as the Batmobile's sides opened up, revealing two heavy machine guns, with multiple drums of ammunition, all aimed directly at the bounty hunter. They opened up with a thunderous boom, pelting the man in a withering hail of fire and tearing away skin and flesh at a rapid rate.

"Uh... rubber bullets." said Red Robin, watching on in awkward shock with the others. "Honest."

It was when the button Red Eye pushed finally did something that brought Cavanaugh back to reality. Or, more specifically, the robotic voice that came from the Batmobile itself did.


Standing up and glancing out just over the hatches rim, he watched as the veritable tank opened up on its sides, and revealed a pair of very heavy autocannons. He stared, dumbstruck, as they started to tear into the newly-recovered Lobo. The result was gory, and also strangely entertaining in a dark and somewhat sick kind of way.

"Uh... rubber bullets. Honest.".

The Good Doctor promptly turned to stare at Robin, and jerked a thumb in Lobo's direction. "... Rubber bullets?", he asked incredulously before simply holding up his hands and shaking his head.

"Whatever you say, Bird Boy, I won't argue as long as it keeps that asshole down for the count for awhile.", he said with a heavy sigh.

After all, he saw along with the others what Alan did to the extraterrestrial mercenary, and just before the two guns started to tear into him, he looked like he had healed from the worst of it. Of course, that only reinforced the fact that those weren't rubber bullets being fired at him. Still, he wouldn't voice his doubts so bluntly as to outright invalidate what he knew was a standard policy to not kill among the Bat Family.


"Uhhhhh....That was interesting wasn't it?" Adrien scratched the back of his head, if he hadn't had his helmet on, he'd have had a look of confusion mixed with embarrassment plastered all over his face.

"Uh... rubber bullets."

"Does it really matter? The guy just got shredded a few minutes ago and he stood back up.Guess it was a good thing I pressed that button when I did, huh? Can Lobes even be killed at all?"

From his place in the Batmobile, Sean blinked at all the bullets being fired, despite Nightwing's assertion that they were just rubber. After a moment, he was able to find his voice to ask a question that had been on the tip of his tongue to the person closest to him.

"Um... Mister Red Robin, sir? Not that I'm ungrateful for the help or anything, but... um... do you think there's enough room for everyone in the Batmobile?"

Privately, he hoped he didn't come across as too nervous.

Zod was very strong, more-so than Jake had anticipated. He hadn't expected to tangle with a Kryptonian and he wasn't well-informed enough to know there was more than one right now. Supposedly, the Supes was the LAST of his kind, so the Stormy didn't quite realize the depths of trouble Zod would be...until he backhanded him and pointed him into the ground literally. The black-and-green demon struggled to get up even as the man's eyes glowed now.

"You're a threat. Perhaps what you need is a good lobotomizing before I bring you to--"

Someone interrupted him. In the depths of the demon's mind, past Maelstrom and into the man it was bound to, he understood the person to ber Nightwing. He saw him spit something green - and you can't mistake what THAT is - into Zod's eye and force the man to back off, leaving the hero to reach down to him in the crater.

"C'mon, who--or whatever you are, we don't have a lot of time. We have to get moving, now!"

The demon stood-

The demon was pulling itself from the human's body. The merge was expired and Stormalong was exhausted from the effort. At least with Maelstrom to take some of the hits, he had been able to recover some, but for now the elemental storm pulled away from Mr. Stormalong's body and rose up into the air before dissipating, leaving only the masked mystery man with the sword behind. He took Nightwing's hand and was soon out of the pit.

"Let's get the hell out of here."

He went for the Batmobile like everyone else, leaving the Zod and the Main Man to their devices. He was gonna need to train himself after this, quite alot. If he couldn't beat these foes with the power of Maelstrom, then he needed a much better connection to the demon. It was gonna take a while, though...

"Guess it was a good thing I pressed that button when I did, huh? Can Lobes even be killed at all?"

Red Robin turned to the fellow vigilante and shrugged his shoulders, even as the barrage of weapons-fire pelted the Main Man.

"We don't really know; guy's been around almost as long as Superman, and he hasn't aged a day. Guy's taken bombs, lasers, and... well, Superman, and he's still kicking."

The Bat's protege shoved past Adrien to get a the controls, gripping a pair of outstretched handles and shoving them inwards as he gripped them tightly.


The Batmobile sprouted two square pods from the top, each stacked to the brim with miniature missiles. The projectiles were launched in a swarm, each hitting the bounty hunter with the force of a tank round.

The actual amount of damage he received was debatable, but Lobo was certainly feeling the effects as he went crashing into the Gotham stock exchange. As the barrage died down, the canopy that had allowed them all entrance to the vehicle opened once more; Nightwing hefted into Stormalong, then jumped in after him. Sean's question was answered, as with all of them present he still had room to move around, even if it was only about a foot of space or so.

The canopy closed, sealing all the survivors up inside of the Batmobile. A red light washed over them, as the controls began to spring to life. Nightwing settled in at a terminal to the right side of what couldn't really be called a car anymore, inputting some type of commands.

"Tim, get us back to the cave!" he shouted. "I plucked the newest tags off of Zod's goons."

"Right," Red Robin replied. He began manipulating the front control panel, until two clamps appeared from the dashboard and clamped tightly around his arms.


He could see the others looking at him, confused, so he opted to explain.

"These forcefields require a special tag to get through, either on a person or a vehicle. They update every few hours, so we had to nab new ones off of those soldiers that came down to be safe. If we pull this off right, we can escape."

And all at once, the sound of what must surely have been a jet engine sounded, and the Batmobile shot from its position. They went from zero to sixty in seconds, screaming across the plaza, knocking aside wrecks of cars, fallen street signs, and any debris that dared to get in their way.

The Batmobile went down one of the streets exiting the plaza, heading for the north side of the city. Though there was emptiness as far as they could see, Adrien and Luke knew they'd be hitting that forcefield any second now. They could practically count down in their heads.

Three... two... one...

Nothing. No crash, no devastating impact. They continued down the street like nothing was ever wrong.

"Woo!" hollered Nightwing, throwing up a high-five at Mark, who by now was too thoroughly confused to do much resisting. "Tags worked! All right everybody, buckle in. Next stop: home."

The drive, even at max speed, took a good ten minutes. During this time, Red Robin was able to explain much of the situation to his newfound allies.

"We've been in a real bind through this whole thing. Most of the city got slaughtered in the first couple of days; anybody that's left has either fled the city, or holed up at the Iceberg Lounge. A lot of the criminal element survived, as best as we can tell, but we haven't been able to get in contact with them. Pretty sure they're all hiding out with Penguin, hoping this all blows over..."

"You're the first survivors we've actually met since the first day. At first we had help, a few heroes passing through at the time. Wildcat, Huntress, Katana, Steph... all dead, or captured, now. Zod's been hunting us relentlessly..."

"We've been trying to keep up some kind of resistance, sabotage him where we can. But with just the two of us, and the car, it hasn't been going too great. But with more of us, maybe we can finally do something... ah, I'm getting ahead of myself. Dick can explain more in the cave..."

By now, the Batmobile was driving up an old, lonesome road. The natives of Gotham City were fully aware where this road led: at the top of the largest cliff in Gotham rested Wayne Manor. But the Batmobile did not take this road all the way; it took a sharp right as it came to a final crossroads, onto a dirt trail that didn't even look like it would show up on a map. Rather than up the cliff, they went down, towards the very bottom, where the rocks met the river leading out to the sea.

As they at last reached water level, they turned straight towards the cliff face. Those not knowing better braced for impact, but Nightwing was reclining in relaxation as the rocks before them parted, sending them through a cascade of water and into a dark tunnel.

They could barely see out of the windows and monitors in such low lighting, but the would-be heroes could hear the gargantuan swarms of bats circling the vehicle as it began to slow, reaching the end of its journey. It came to a halt on a conspicuous metal octagon, which began to rise up a hole in the ceiling.

Light was streaming down from above them as the Batmobile ascended, being lifted for about thirty seconds before the platform they'd stopped on finally ground to a stop.

The canopy opened, and at once they were greeted by a slew of images.

They were in a cave, with a ceiling that rose almost a hundred feet above them. A walkway connected their platform, raised above a thirty feet drop to rocks and spires below, to a dozen other, large platforms of similar make. On one rested a collection of trophies: a T-Rex, a gigantic penny, an old umbrella, and more. On another, directly connected to them, sat a computer monitor larger than the walls in their own homes, with terminals and keyboards galore sprawled out under it. And beside it sat half a dozen glass tubes, containing mannequins that were the resting places of costumes everyone recognized.

Robin, Batgirl, Spoiler, two empty spots where Red Robin and Nightwing would place their own costumes. And at the very end was the Batsuit itself, in its own gothic glory.

"Welcome... to the Batcave!" announced Nightwing. He was the first to leap out of the Batmobile, Red Robin limping out after him. The both of them removed their masks at once, basking in the cool air on their suffocated, sweating skin.

It had already been assumed by some that Red Robin could not have been very old, and indeed he looked to barely register as an adult with his youthful features. But it was his, and his fellow heroes identities that were the biggest shock. Any Gotham native would instantly recognize Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, the adopted sons of Gotham's most influential playboy, Bruce Wayne.

"You've got free reign of the cave." Nightwing or, rather, Dick told them all. "If you need to check the latest happenings, the computer's tapped into the last couple newsfeeds and radio stations still going around the planet. And it looks like Alfred's set up a place for you to relax."

The hero pointed to a platform at the far end of the cave, where several sofas had been arranged in a circle around a large glass table topped with several coolers full of drinks, and a smorgasbord of various snacks and foods to devour. They surely had to be hungry.

"I need to take a shower, and Tim needs to get patched up. Alfred should be down shortly to provide medical assistance to any of you that need it. After that, we can get you acquainted with the manner, and discuss... just what the hell we're going to do."

Dick, with Tim limping close behind, ascended the stairs to a small door, and went through. And just like that, the collection of strangers were alone, in the Batcave.

Cavanaugh watched in sheer awe as Robin took the controls himself and deployed a pair of missile pods, both of which launched their ordinance straight for The Main Man. While the actual damage they caused may have been negligible, the effects were still spectacular as he was thrown back with great force.

It was soon after that that both Nightwing and Stormalong finally got back and pulled themselves inside. It wasn't long before they were off, and finally getting to safety as Robin explained the situation.

"We've been in a real bind through this whole thing. Most of the city got slaughtered in the first couple of days; anybody that's left has either fled the city, or holed up at the Iceberg Lounge. A lot of the criminal element survived, as best as we can tell, but we haven't been able to get in contact with them. Pretty sure they're all hiding out with Penguin, hoping this all blows over..."

"You're the first survivors we've actually met since the first day. At first we had help, a few heroes passing through at the time. Wildcat, Huntress, Katana, Steph... all dead, or captured, now. Zod's been hunting us relentlessly..."

"We've been trying to keep up some kind of resistance, sabotage him where we can. But with just the two of us, and the car, it hasn't been going too great. But with more of us, maybe we can finally do something... ah, I'm getting ahead of myself. Dick can explain more in the cave..."

Cavanaugh shook his head. "There are other survivors. Or, there were, at the very least. Homeless, other people who hadn't been able to evacuate soon enough. I had a clinic in the slums where I was treating them when this hit. In fact, you found me when a medicine run went bad. Most of the survivors that I've met up with so far have already fled through the sewers and alleyways, places where there isn't much resistance yet. Hopefully my clinic is empty, but if I'm going to be of much help, I'd like the chance to get some of my equipment and supplies there.", he explained, gesturing with his hands in a way that showed it was a recently acquired habit.

After all, expressive hands made up for a not-so-expressive face.

When they reached the cave, He stepped out and sighed, holding the bloody bundle of his lab coat with one hand and the duffle bag of medical supplies in the other. "Wow. This place is amazing. If you have a chemical lab, I can get straight to work, though first... Do you have a bathroom? Or anywhere I can wash my hands without a mirror there?", he asked.

"Once my hands are sterile, I can be more help attending to the wounded.", The Good Doctor added as he set the duffle bag down and opened it, revealing the medical supplies.

The Batmobile sped along, passing through that pesky barrier and beyond. They went around, well through, everything in their path, until they began climbing a hill Adrien knew pretty well, since he'd been up this way a few times when he'd been a kid. Then they turned up a road that led to Wayne Manor.

"Uh, guys? You sure you're going the right way? This is the way to Wayne's pla-"

They'd turned down another road that prominently displayed a sign labeled, DEAD END, strangely enough, it seemed to end right underneath Wayne Manor, and then they jumped the end of the road into the waterfall.

Great, first a broken hand, now a shattered face...why'd I get up again today?

And then the wall behind the water parted, where they landed and skidded to a stop, relatively unharmed, though the jolt had pain arcing through Red Eye's hand.

"Argggggggghhh! Damn that hurts!"

They were then lifted into the Batcave, and all pain was replaced by a sense of wonder.

"Hey...Does Wayne know you guys-"

"And it looks like Alfred's set up a place for you to relax."

"-Nevermind, I guess that answers that question." His eyes widened behind the helmet at the realization.

Wayne is Batman? Batman is Wayne? Wayne is Batman?


He knocked his injured hand on a nearby table, eliciting another cry of pain before he remembered his camera was still switched on. He tentatively wandered to the Batcomputer and sat down at it, taking off his helmet and revealing his face to the rest of the group in short order.

"Heya, guys, here's my face." Sweat-stained, and dirtied, but his face none the less.

He then took out the small camera and plugged it into the computer, downloading everything on it within seconds, much faster than what his computer could do, and it was made up of some of the better parts on the market. This was lightyears ahead of his.

"Huh....well, I suppose he could afford this,"He said to himself, "What's his daily allotment anyways? 2 mil?"He raised his voice to everyone in the cave,"Well, that's everything I've seen today, loaded up, no sound, but it's the best I can do."

He then walked over to the table after re-inserting the camera and kept his injured hand against his breast, the other hand holding his helmet before he set it down and started munching and drinking. The refreshments were extraordinary, even better than the stuff he got back home on the range.

"And speaking of the Doc there, any chance we might be able to swing by my apartment or one of the Young's Gunz in the city? I'm almost out of all my specialty rounds. Unless you've got something I can use here?"

Cavanaugh paused and watched as the sniper of the group who saved him before took off his helmet, and he slowly walked over, rubbing his scarred chin and tilting his head to one side.

After a slow study of Adriens face and silent pause, he nodded once. "Well, you look like shit. Better than me, but you look like you're in a hell of a lot of pain. I'll see what I can do to help with that, along with Alfred.", he said before holding out a clawed hand for him to shake.

Thankfully, he held out the hand that wouldn't require Red Eye to shake with his own, injured one.

Sean was conflicted. On the one hand, he was actually in the fabled Batcave... on the other, the realization that Batman and his other idols were all probably dead hit him pretty hard. So, he settled for hitting the snack table, often glancing around in wonderment at his surroundings,

Man... I wish I had a camera...

When he and Nightwing got into the Batmobile, Stormalong instantly closed his eyes. He did not lose consciousness, but he needed to put everything else but his ears at rest, so he just let things happened, listening to the world outside of his eyes, and considered the real trouble. He'd just gone a couple rounds with a man that was executing us special types right and left, and nearly got his head burned inside-out. If not for Maelstrom's power, he would've been paste. His command of the power was not great enough yet. He would have to truly be a walking natural disaster for that to happen...and it was quite a while away.

This war is just getting started...and if any of us wanna survive it, we'll have to rise to the challenge.

That done, he rested even while they went through the shield. Given what he heard about stealing the tag from the guards, Jake had no fear of crashing. Even if they did, it would take more than that to kill 'em all. They left the one to fear back in Gotham with a green sliver in his eye.


Mr. Stormalong kept quiet the whole time, only opening his eyes when it suited him to keep an eye on where they were. Finally, they made their haphazardous way into the Batcave, their eventual destination. Oh, and here's the kicker: They were under Wayne Manor, home of the millionaire playboy and business tycoon. That was a REAL shocker to the man. Bruce Wayne and all those who live in Wayne Manor...were Leaguers? Oh, now that was a scary thought. Try to imagine it. There's no one more badass around than Batman, right? Can YOU imagine him being Bruce Wayne? Well...maybe the audience can, but from this point of view...that was impressive. And their current benefactors were of course the Wayne wards, Tim and Dick.

"Welcome... to the Batcave!"

He got out of the Batmobile, feeling stiff...but he actually got some sleep there. He looked around.

"Heh, cozy."

"You've got free reign of the cave. f you need to check the latest happenings, the computer's tapped into the last couple newsfeeds and radio stations still going around the planet. And it looks like Alfred's set up a place for you to relax."

"I see. Thanks. I have a different need, though, so I'll try to make due."

Stormy approached the computer and...at first...did try to look in on the news. Then, he tried something.

"Computer, respond."

"Vocal pattern not recognized. Scanning....."

A brief light played over him.

"Identified: Mr. Stormalong, elemental-type. Status: Green. Guest access approved."

Under his mask, he smiled. 'Course it would do that. Wayne had some decent computers.

"Alright, then. Show me the training room."

"Negative. User condition too unstable for training exercises."

"Ah, don't let that scan fool ya. Half-demon, me. I'll recover. 'Sides..."

Mr. Stormalong tore open his shirt, Superman style, to reveal...another shirt! This was a green one with the words "NO PAIN, NO GAIN!" on it.

"...time waits for no man while the world goes ta' hell."

Felicia snapped back to her original state somewhere along the trip back. She closed her eyes and the next thing she knew, they were in the Batcave which was something of a legend around Gotham. Batman's hallowed headquarters now laid out in front of them. She couldn't help but look at all the features the cave had to offer while listening to Red Robin and Nightwing.

But quickly, Felicia drifted to the enormous computer and started typing away. What she looked for was if there were any traces of the military left or more specifically, her father. She still hadn't made amends, talked to him, or flat out explain what happened to Felicia since her hasty from the hospital that fateful night. If somehow, he was alive then her mother would as well. At least that what she hoped for despite her common knowledge getting in the way.

"Excuse me..." She said as she pushed her way to the large computer, ignoring the man with the sword that most recently helped saved their lives.

"Colonel Stanley Sicomb" She typed onto the huge computer which seemed bigger than most walls. What came up was only news about the evacuation and a brief interview between him and a reporter that basically consisted of where civilians would go and the nature of the attacks which was still largely unknown. After that interview, there was nothing else mentioning him or his unit. Felicia replayed the 30 second interview over and over again watching the last known recording of her father. She cupped her hands as if she was about to pray but her family was all but Christian so the only words that left her mouth were, "Please God..."

Felicia didn't cry but she sat there and stared solemnly at her father who was out there somewhere probably cold, tired or worse.

"Dad... I'm sorry.."

"Well, you look like shit. Better than me, but you look like you're in a hell of a lot of pain. I'll see what I can do to help with that, along with Alfred."

Adrien held out his hand and shook the mutant in front of him. He was still a bit uneasy around all these powered guys. Why'd there have to be so many in Gotham? Was there some kind of try-outs this week or something?

"Uh...yeah...right back at you,"He said, doing his little trademark pistol hand and blow,"You really think you can get this thing back the way it was?Red Eye's the name, shooting's the game, and I really have no idea what I'm doing here."

"...time waits for no man while the world goes ta' hell."

Adrien looked at the exuberant man,"Uh, buddy, hate to break it to you, but you just lost a shirt I think."

He turned back to the group that had gathered around the table,"Imagine a demon caring about the world going to hell."

"Uh...yeah...right back at you. You really think you can get this thing back the way it was? Red Eye's the name, shooting's the game, and I really have no idea what I'm doing here."

Tilting his head again after shaking Red Eyes hand, he looked at his injured digits. Then he inhaled sharply and shook his head. "Well, from the looks of it, the bones in your hand are broken. Not sure which ones, since that will take a more thorough examination, but if there are broken or even fractured bones... I can't really help. I don't know how to mend bones, and I don't have a concoction that even comes close.", he said, just before shrugging and turning to the table full of food and drinks.

He was greatly relieved to see that there was also a coffeepot and mugs. He continued when he grabbed one and poured himself a cup. "Hell, I'm not even medically trained. I'm a scientist actually, specifically concerning genetics and chemistry. That's, ah... Part of why I look like this, actually.", he explained, gesturing towards his face before tilting back his head, opening his maw, and pouring some of the scalding hot coffee down his gullet.

After he swallowed, he sighed blissfully and closed his eyes. "Oh yes, that's the stuff... I was needing my next coffee fix. Excuse me, I'm having a moment.", he said before pouring another slug into his mouth.

After Nightwing and Robin had departed, Shadow took a quick look around the fabled Batcave. He glanced over the trophies, ans computer, and various platforms. What drew his attention most was the pure vastness of the cave's size. It brought up in him an urge to explore. However, this wasnt the time. It had been a long time since he last checked in. That was first on his list.

Shadow sat down at the table where a few of the other hero's had gathered and threw his bag on the floor in front of him. He rooted around in it for a minute before pulling out his cellphone and typing on the keyboard.

-What's your status?-

Shadow hit send and sat there rigid, doing nothing but staring at the the device. After awhile, it vibrated, and a message flashed across the screen.

-Held up in Gotham south. Plenty of abandoned houses to lay low at.-

-Good. Keep tight for as long as you can. Mungu wangu kuonyesha huruma .-

Shadow threw the phone back into his bag and zipped it up. He laid back and let out a deep sigh, contemplating if he should remove his armor. They would have plenty of time to relax before they did anything else, but Shadow still felt on edge surround by these strangers.

"Oh yes, that's the stuff... I was needing my next coffee fix. Excuse me, I'm having a moment."

Adrien slowly pulled his hand away from mutant, no longer that comfortable with the "Doctor" looking at his hand.

"That's alright, you go read up on bones and skin knitting, I'll just stand over here,"He picked up the helmet and walked as far away from him towards the stairs,"No, it's alright, you stay there, wouldn't want you to get hurt around here, lots of nasty things in here a scientist shouldn't fall over. My feet are good, hand's the only thing wrong with this guy, no, don't come over here, your coffee's over there. There's so much dangerous Bat-thingy's over here. Oh look! A pile of money!"

He walked around the Bat-puter and out of the line of sight of that weirdo. Guy called himself a doctor when he was a scientist with genetics and other words he couldn't begin to learn. Interesting things were in here, including some more trophies. He would amuse himself studying these until Alfred came down and wrapped his hand up.

Cavanaugh opened his eyes again and glanced over as Adrien started to slowly back away, brows knit. "Whats wrong? Just because I haven't had formal medical training does not mean that I can't treat basic wounds! I know how to splint a broken bone, I know how to treat cuts and the odd bullet-wound. So don't act like I'm going to mangle you just because I don't have a medical degree.", he said, his tone clearly hurt as he turned to watch Red Eye slip away.

"In that case, I might just keep my serums to myself! Remember the one I gave you that eased your minor wounds? Yea, I developed that!", he yelled over with a huff, just before turning back to the others with hunched shoulders and the closest to a hurt look that he could manage.

"Jesus, you end up turning into an abomination, and people start thinking that you'll go all Hannibal Lector on them, especially if you have 'Doctor' in front of your name. I mean, you guys know that I'm not your enemy, right? That I'm here to help?", he asked the others, looking at each of them with hope for support.

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