The Times They Are a-Changin' (On Hiatus (Indefinite?))

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Leigh, Stairwell, New York City, Night. Modern(?) Times
"Anything odd, out of place or with a negative and strange feel to it would be the case in this context." Leigh replied, casting her eyes around the stairwell. This whole business was getting to her already. She hated being all analytical, but it was something she was literally built to be able to do and there wasn't yet an effective way to slip easily between her two mind-sets.

Alexei, Stuck In a Truck, Modern(?) Times

Alexei was stunned. He didn't know where to begin. Eventually, the surprise turned to anger.

"What are you talking about? You expect me to believe that its, its...2012? Just because you have some kind of radio? Put me on a phone to Moscow, immediately!"

Alexei kept his hands in sight. He had no plans to run. As soon as his comrades figure out where he landed, they'll demand for his return.

Saoshyan, in a rather large gorilla's hand, New York, night, modern(?) times

The simian looked at Saoshyan, and simply dropped him with a huff a breath. Lower and gentler then he could have expected. Moving over his head it picked up a quickly fleeing Ezekiel, examining him as he screamed something, its back was turned to him.

Ryans Solution:
Dune, The Golden Gate Bridge at Night, Modern(?) Times

Reaching the other side in no time, people looked back in awe as the bridge, didn't collapse, but disappeared.
There were still ruins but they looked older, and no sounds of splashing or crashing was heard as the vibrating ceased.
Frantic calls still to no availed, everything was background noise to the buzzing like a Cicada in the air.

The young woman in her odd suit motioned for Dune to follower her down the side of a hill to the shore.
"Bring Sam to, and if anything happens to her, Dune, so help me..." Her tone commanding but rushed.
(The woman had manged to swing you back up on to the bridge, nothing occult or teleportation like, save for the fact that physics is having a doozy over it.)

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

"(Shamese-Take me to your leader, I am the Light Within Darkness, the Shadows of Silence)" It replied in moments, the tendrils receding as it shut like a clam, save for the part still wrapped around her sword.
It was curt, polite, and sounded more fluent in her own language, despite it being her own native tongue.
It's mind was unreadable, or simply punching fog, as nothing seemed to come from it.

Wigbert, Fair Grounds in N. California at Night, Modern(?) Times

The arrows disappeared to put it simply, they seemed to hit the man, and the sound of them hitting metal was clear, but the man stood unfazed.
His arms were raised to block them, but he looked puzzled as anyone else at the time.

At the moment Wigbert had a few choices to flee...
-Deeper in to the Tents (North)
-Towards the walls and Gates (West) along with the sound of the sirens
-Back to the stage and towards the confused man (south)
-To what looked like a small arena and jousting zone (east)
(All directions relative to person, north is facing)

Leigh, Stairwell, New York City, Night. Modern(?) Times

"Ah, plenty of that. Media blackouts, martial law in sections of the city, disappearances and appearances, you name it. My turn, where and when do you come from?"
Walking down the stairs, the echoes of their feet was around them.

Alexei, Stuck In a Truck, Modern(?) Times

Listening to the device, the man spoke, a common routine being established.
"(Russian-I wouldn't even if I could, and for now you need to remain calm and cooperate. You may have no reason to believe us, and this may all be an elaborate hoax, but tell me, why would we lie about such a thing?
To get you to betray Russia? To somehow play games with your mind? All this and more could be possible.)
Speaking quickly to a solider and the reply was clearly tone of dismay, the man spoke again in rapid English. The soldier handed him his side arm reluctantly, the man fired it once in to the dirt and ejected the spent shell.
Speaking in to his device as the echo of the shot ringed in everyone's ears, he held the gun out handle first towards Alexi.
"(Russian-If you believe something like that truly, then feel free to shoot yourself in the head, if you think we are the enemy then feel free to shoot me. If you are wise then you will keep an open mind, and just cooperate. We are not your enemy, we are not your friend, we are simply people who love our country, and wish to prevent what may turn out to be an act of war on either of our parts.)"

Wigbert, Fair Grounds in N. California at Night, Modern(?) Times
Wigbert took a moment to think about his next actions. The stage was out of the question as he was running AWAY, and the arena seemed to have a modicum of activity. An option at least. The sirens he felt was bad, and wanted to have no part of him. The tents had less activity than the arena, but too open, if the sirens were searching for him. He didn't normally feel vain, but he got the feeling they were. He opted for the arena, choosing a brisk jogging pace.

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

Michi would have leaped back in surprise, if she were willing to let go of her sword. She honestly wasn't expecting the thing to talk back to her at all, let alone in her native tongue, and better than her. (Shamese: Wh-what? I--my leaders aren't here right now... If... if you don't mind me asking... what are you, exactly? Do you have a name? Can you tell me where I am?)

Alexei, Stuck In a Truck, Modern(?) Times

Alexei looked at the gun, and at the man offering it. The man sounded confident and honest. This American was quite willing to let a stranger shoot him in the face. Or at least pretend to give him the chance.

(Russian: "There is no need for the gun. What you're saying might be insane, but I fully intend to cooperate. I'll find out what is what, soon enough.")

Alexei took a look around at his surroundings.

(Russian: "Where are you taking me and my spacecraft?")

Dune, Near where The Golden Gate Bridge used to be, Modern(?) Times

(The occult comment was in regards to the general strangeness going on around him)


He stopped at the top of the hill, pulled the mask off of Sam, and began trying to bring back consciousness to a kid he hadn't even realized had passed out.

Saoshyan, New York City, night, modern(?) times
Saoshyan carefully gathered his breath back after his fall. It had hurt, but not as badly as it could have been.
Seeing the beast pick up his new companion, he thought for a moment.
He clambered to his feet, and clenched his arm once again, burst it into flames. He carefully brought his arm back, and lobbed the ball of flame into the foliage near the ape, praying to his god it would catch.

Ryans Solution:
Dune, Near where The Golden Gate Bridge used to be, Modern(?) Times

Young, cute, and best described as cherub like with a small mop of black hair. Sam was clearly female, and sleeping the sleep of the unknown. No injuries were visible, and it looked like she had merely fallen asleep.
"She'll be fine after a bit, but hurry, we have to stop something from happening." The young woman shouted from below.
In the distance a faintly glowing figure was visible.

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

The thing paused, as if pondering the universe. "(Shamese-You are young, but strong, join with me and I shall enlighten you.)"
The tone was the same as before.
The strands around the sword unfurled, and reached towards her hands, almost looking to form a hand of their own.
Like someone who had fallen and could not get up, offering their hand to aid in lifting them.
A shout echoed in the distance behind her.

Saoshyan, New York City, night, modern(?) times

Fawoomp, Fwoosh, and Ka-fwoosh, many different ways to describe the sound of something catching fire. In the case of the ball of flame hurled, it sizzled through the air, and landed in a burst. Foliage and bark sizzled and burned, and a few had caught flames.
The Gorilla turned and silently looked at the flames, and did something that few would consider doing.
It sat on the flames.
A rush of air and the rank smell of musk gently rustled past Saoshyan, along with a shuddering of the ground.
"(Avestan-Kill the ape, or kill the man. Either way will save the day.)" The voice was over Saoshyan's shoulder, the tone monotone and neutral.
"(It is in you hands and either will lead to a destiny of your own making.)" Oddly enough the voice was familiar, like someone he knew or had known sometime ago.
If he bothered to turn around, he would meet empty space for his eyes to view a jungle backdrop.

Alexei, Stuck In a Truck, Modern(?) Times

"(Russian-You are going to a place where America keeps the odds and ends of space and time, and tries its best to find out who, what, when, where and why. Also, I'm sorry for what is next, but when you wake all will be well.)"
Even before the device spoke the second sentence, something pierced Alexei in his arm. A small silver dart, moments after it hit, a feeling of drowsy/groggy/K.O washed over him. Alexei saw black and white as his consciousness faded.
Alexei, Unknown, Modern(?) Times
Eyes flickering and mind clearing, Alexei was sitting in a lounge chair. Around him dim lights and walls lined with shelves and books. Best described as a study or a place a therapists to discuss issues with his clients.
A wooden door was behind him, in front of him was a large arm chair, in it the man in the suit who had spoken to him.
Arms on his knees and clasped together, he looked relaxed and friendly. Around his head was a small black band, with small ear buds clipped in.
"Neat little device they gave you and I, allows you to understand me, and me to understand you."

Alexei was wearing the same, and while there was one or two seconds lag, he heard everything in Russian. Still weary from whatever chemicals were used to knock him out, he could only sit and listen as the man spoke.

"You are perfectly fine medically, and are just the same as you were before on the truck." Reaching behind him he pulled out a beige folder, filled with paper and clipped with metal.

"In here are all the files and personal history that we could obtain, Russia is currently discussing with us returning you home, but they are dealing with volcanic activity."

Holding it out for him to take he continued, "you may not accept this, but allow me to explain any questions you may have. If you wish you can leave by the door behind you with all your personal effects, and as soon as Russia gets in contact with us, we'll even deliver you and your craft. This is because it looks like the world as we know it, and you knew are ending."

Waiting a few seconds as this all processed through, Alexei's tongue no longer felt like lead.

Wigbert, Fair Grounds in N. California at Night, Modern(?) Times

Reaching the arena a few horses it seems had been left in gaudy apparel tethered near a trough and stand. They looked docile and prepared to ride out, and it seems they weren't alone.
The stands were empty, and the field was empty, and a lone figure was next to the horses, fidgeting with a knot in the reins.
The girl.

Wigbert, Fair Grounds in N. California at Night, Modern(?) Times
Wigbert sighed,, and removed his helmet. It seemed god was insistent on throwing her at him, there might be a reason for it. They even spoke the same language. Though she seemed scared of him before he did anything. He glanced up, sighing again as he approached, hoping she wouldn't stick him with a dagger.
(German-Do you know me?)

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

Michi pulled her sword back, but kept it down. She honestly didn't know what to make of this... thing. It spoke her language, it seemed to want to help her, but... there was something that didn't seem right about it. It was too... artificial. Fake. But... it still knew her language... perhaps...

She had begun reaching her free hand out to the thing when she heard the shout behind her, causing her to turn toward it. (Shamese: What...?)

Dune, Near where The Golden Gate Bridge used to be, Modern(?) Times

Dune took a moment to position Sam better over his shoulder. He drew his pistol with his free arm and began following the woman again, towards the glow.

Saoshyan, Jungle, New York City, night, modern(?) times
(Avestan-No. No one dies this day.) He didn't look behind him. An agent of Angra Mainyu, he decided, here to lure him from his path.
He approached the ape. If it was intelligent enough to put out the flames, it may be intelligent enough to reason with.
Saoshyan briefly considered trying the Babel spell again, but quickly decided against it. He could already feel his limbs begin to deaden from the magic he had cast so far. He wasn't sure he could survive another casting.
Approaching the beast, Saoshyan extinguished the flames on his arm, on the ones left from the fire he had tried to start. He raised his hands above his head, and motioned setting something down, then pointed at Ezekiel, clutched in the beast's hand.

(Feel free to tell how the RP is going so far for you, and if there is anything you'd like to to change or take heed on.)

Wigbert, Fair Grounds in N. California at Night, Modern(?) Times

Without turning her head she managed to get two horses free, "(German-Yes! No...Maybe. I'll explain later, but for now, I know you and I need to ride across a bridge over there.)"

Initially her voice came out as a squeak, then a rather shaky frame of words. Her hand motioned towards the end of the jousting area, where only sight were of a few small trees, and a wooden fence.

"(German-I might sound crazy, but well... you ever hear of Joan of Arc? She was led by God supposedly, and led an army to many victories in war. I'm no Joan of Arc, and you're... probably not a one man army, but I'm pretty sure I have to lead you.)"
Nervous tinged with confidence her voice rang in his ears, as she swung herself on to her horse, she offered the reins of the other to him, smiling weakly.

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

"(Shamese-They will kill me, for they believe I pervert this world. I'm yours and its savior, join with me and we can prevent the child that will destroy us all, it is with them!)"
It reached out towards her again, a sense of desire and urgency in its voice, like the pleading of a child.
Two figures were coming down to her, one in a black suit with silver lines, the other in dark green, brown, and black mixture of some sort of padded clothing, in one hand he held a pistol, the other a black bundle.

Ryans Solution:
Dune, Near where The Golden Gate Bridge used to be, Modern(?) Times

The faintly glowing figure illuminated the metal object near her, along with the fact the figure itself glowed along with a sword in hand.

Saoshyan, Jungle, New York City, night, modern(?) times

The simian looked at the motions and back to Ezekiel who had gone quiet. Maybe out of fear, or the fact he was going beet red from the squeeze.
The gorilla put him down, right next to Saoshyan, and stared intently at him.
Falling and gasping for air Ezekiel's eyes bulged out from his face, shock, fear, and panic spreading like the cracks from a quake.

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

The dark blue woman's attention shifted between the strange object and the two other things. One of them was holding one of those gun-devices, and the other... she wasn't sure, but she surmised it wasn't something good. They were too far away to mind-read, and they certainly seemed aggressive.

But the tendril-object... That was a complete unknown. The other things at least looked a little bit like her. To be perfectly honest, both ideas scared her.

Finally, she made up her mind. She reached her hand closer to the tendrils, until they were in reach... She could only hope she lived to regret this...

Saoshyan, Jungle, New York City, night, modern(?) times
Ahura Mazda is with me this day. Saoshyan though in relief as the beast set the hunter down.
He bowed low to the great beast. (Avestan- You are a noble beast, a true king of this land. I am in your debt.)
He stood, and pulled Ezekiel to his feet. With another bow, he backed away from the ape, then turned and ran, motioning for Ezekiel to do the same.
Some ways away, Saoshyan had to double over with laughter. This day- night? It had been day when he left his own time- had been far too absurd for him to do anything but laugh.

Wigbert, Fair Grounds in N. California at Night, Modern(?) Times
Wigbert hesitated, but accepted the reigns and swung onto his, hopefully temporary, horse. He wasn't a fan of stealing horses, but he was curious as to what was going on.
(German- "I have no idea what a 'Joan of Arc' is, but I'll follow you for now, if your claim to be an agent of god is truth. But I would like a few questions answered. What is this place? And what is that damn noise?") The sirens were getting louder.

Dune, Near where The Golden Gate Bridge used to be, Modern(?) Times

He raised his pistol at the glowing thing and looked at the woman who led him here
"So what are we stopping?"
he looked back and noticed something holding a sword
"Should I open fire?"

Alexei, Unknown, Modern(?) Times

Relieved to hear that Russia was asking for his return, Alexei had half a mind to get up and leave. But something stuck out in his mind. The man in the suit, the curious apparatus around his neck, the sincerity in his voice. What was it he said? "What would we gain from the lying"? Alexei thought about it. If Russia was on the way, and it most certainly was, there really would be nothing to gained from hiding the truth for, at best, a few hours.

(Russian: "Volcanoes eh? That's unfortunate.") He spoke slowly, trying not to slur his words. "Look, if it is 2012..." he tried to think of an appropriate questions to ask, but it all sounded so ridiculous. Unable to get up yet, he decided to play along. "Who is the Premier of the Soviet Union? What has gone on since...since I was away? Did anyone miss me?"

Pryderi, Near the River Thames, Modern(?) Times

Though tempted by the smell of deep-fried fish, Pryderi preferred to eat his own food. After all, how can you call yourself a dragon if you don't use the advantages being one? He swooped, creating an red blurry arc, and engaged his talons. Sharp and true, the claws soon came into contact with an lucky fish. It wiggled about as it gasped for air, separated from its natural home. Pryderi hovered for a bit, deciding a suitable place to call his roost for the night. A spot on the river bank would do. Without further hesitation, he landed on his chosen spot. It offered a mediocre view of the chaos he had created in the tower of crows, but was otherwise satisfactory, nonetheless. He gutted the fish with a quick swipe.

After disposing of the guts, he charred the flesh with a quick blast of flame, then preceded to nibble at it, spitting the many bones in the river to join the disposed fish guts. It would have been better if Aery was here, after all, she carried many herbs with her. Some enhanced the taste of food by some sort of magic. That and despite all the raw power of a jet of flame from his mouth, the taste of the fish alone was a bit... meh. Pryderi sniffed and the stink of alcohol filled his noise. This reminded him of the drink humans were so quick to gulp down in his home, instead of water. But, he didn't exactly know what the effect of the foul stuff would have on him, nor of the effect he would have on the effect of the owner.

He pushed the thought away and settled down, almost burying himself in the mud, and tried to get some rest.

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

"(Shamese-Thank You...)" The object replied, the strands wrapped around her arm and pulled her down rather sharply/
Opening up to reveal a soft glowing core amidst a jungle strands and the outer metal shell, Michi was headed face first for it.
It slithered and stabbed, poked and prodded, as darkness enveloped her vision and senses.

Ryans Solution:
Dune, Near where The Golden Gate Bridge used to be, Modern(?) Times

Getting closer, the figure reached a hand towards the object on the ground, and it seemed to pull the figure in.
Becoming quite evident, the young woman cursed, speaking quickly as they got within clear sight despite the night.
"We're trying to stop some robot, alien, time traveling thing, it's hard to explain. You can't shoot it easily, and we need to make sure it doesn't... Shit!"
The figure was enveloped in waving thin strands of silvery sheen, a metal shell lying linked by a few strands were off to the sides of it.
"Help me get it off! Cut it, grab it, just don't kill whomever it's wrapped around!" A flash of midnight blue skin was evident past the strands, as the woman dived and began pulling at it desperately, sparks and arcs of electricity raced around were her hands touched, and she winced each time.

Wigbert, Fair Grounds in N. California at Night, Modern(?) Times

Turning the horse, she aimed towards a tree slightly in the distance.
"(German-I'll answer you everything if this works, if we managed to cross the bridge. That'll be proof that I'm not crazy, keep up or risk slamming in to wood!"
Shouting to her horse it went in to what would soon be a gallop, aimed at a clearly solid tree.

Alexei, Unknown, Modern(?) Times

"The file will answer it all." Waving the file, again, he sighed, "Much has changed, and Russia you know is rather different.
Inside Alexei would find the past of 50 years for Russia, along with certain facts that would concern him. His family, friends, leaders, and more. (Go crazy, and stretch the ol'noggin, up to you how you want to play out life went by for you. All events of our time hold true for Russia.)

Pryderi, Near the River Thames, Modern(?) Times

The Hunter loved his luck, blessed like the dice of the divine, deadly as destruction, and definitely catching the dragon.
He had snuck up silently and observed it, twisting the net in his hand it was woven of Fire spiders silk, and gloves and cloak to match. With weighted ends of serpent stones, made to twist and bind around its target, he felt more then prepared.
Getting ready to throw it at the resting dragon, he stood over it on a ledge above the river. Then from the nearby tavern he was bumped in to from behind.
Flailing and pinwheeling his arms, he fell with a splash, and a mumbled shout of apology.

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

Michi screamed. At first, she tried pulling back, but the tendrils were surprisingly strong. She felt she could barely lift her sword anymore, so she sheathed it, right before the tendrils took her other arm. She had dropped her stolen gun-device on the ground at some point.

In the end, she felt that all she could do was curl up into a ball and let it take her... (Shamese: What... what are you going to do to me...?)

Wigbert, Fair Grounds in N. California at Night, Modern(?) Times
Wigbert bit his bottom lip. She didn't look like a child of Abraham, but it was possible, though not likely he reminded himself.
(German- I have faith, you should as well.) His horse broke into a gallop as well, pulling up right behind her. He had no need to doubt god, so he stopped thinking before he could come up with a few.

Dune, Near where The Golden Gate Bridge used to be, Modern(?) Times

Dune slowly placed Sam on the ground to free up his hand. He thought about the situation for a moment, holstered his pistol and pulled his machete out of it's sheath.

He screamed "VOORRAH!" and charged at the thing. He felt his adrenal system spiking higher than it had in years as he went and started hacking at the strands he thought were holding it together.

Aeronwen, In a Mall At Night, Modern(?) Times

"How wonderful and cute, would you care to join me and my companions on a journey of magic and discovery?" he said, letting out a low whistle

The spell she had cast had worked, however some of the words felt garbled. Like there was another meaning to what they meant that was lost in the translation, however it was better then nothing - no she could understand what these odd people were saying. She made a mental note to refine the spell once she had got back to her master and not be so presumptuous to assume that she could master a spell that Mabinogi had been perfecting for years, that she had only cast for the first time this night.

The man took hold of her shoulder and lead her over to a group , much like the rest of the inhabitants in the building, strangely dressed people. One of them, a girl dressed in a white dress showed hostility towards Aeronwen.

"Did I do something to offend you?" She asked

Aeronwen, In a Mall At Night, Modern(?) Times

She whispered something in to the ear of the wolf, and then simply ignored Aeronwen and her question. Tilting her head slightly up, the others in the group said hello to her, at least it may have been, coming from each of them it was a mix of, "Welcome, salutations, greetings, hallo."
The spell was most likely at fault, and then the buzzing began.
A low tone ringing through the mall, the wolf and girl in hood of red and dress seemed to take notice of it. The wolves' ears twitched, at least to Aeronwen it seemed like they did. While the girl raised an eyebrow, and muttered something under her breathe, her eyes narrowing to slits.

Ryans Solution:
Dune, Near where The Golden Gate Bridge used to be, Modern(?) Times

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

As the hacking and slashing went at it, electricity sparked on to his blade. The thing was like an eel with each strand, the shocks he felt, and the heat the metal gave wasn't painful yet, but it seemed to grow stronger.
The writhing mass began to shape around the curled figure, and it began to glow. Dimly at first, but in moments it grew in intensity and let forth a blinding flash.

Before he could react, Dune heard the woman let out a cry of pain, before the light and electricity washed over him like a wave. Falling in to the sand, the last things he perceived as the sound of two bodies hitting the sand, and a loud bang like gun fire.
Michi Dreamed, a city of stars glittering and bright like a diamond. It was beautiful with such an array of colors, that she couldn't even define them past vibrant and awe-inspiring.
A feeling of happiness and love, like a mother's embrace was coming from it, and peace was within her. Ethereal and ghostlike, she could feel her body dimly as it flew like a phantom past spires of architecture. Each was geometrically appealing and more as she flew deeper, in to what she'd guess was the heart of the city.
Then quaking began, as if the entire world was wracked with pain, buildings collapsed and fell in to rubble and stardust. Pain, anguish, and despair seemed to emanate from every corner, as if the very city was dying.
What was once bright and amazing, was now just piles of rubble, shaded darkly and tinged with rot and ruin.
Standing in the center upon an ashen heap, was a little girl, cherub like with a mop of black hair. Her skin was pale white matching the color of ash.
She was the cause of this

The dream shifted, and it was as if she was following the little girl from over her shoulder. She walked in a robe of black with a hood, and she was in the caves of her people.
As she walked paths familiar to Michi, her people began to crowd/circle around her, curious as to what a strange figure was doing in their caves. Reaching a larger chamber, the crowd around her was massive.
With a simple smile, and a point of her finger to the ceiling, the caves began to shake. Stalactites fell and pierced them, impaling them or crushing. Others began to flee to smaller entrances and exits, and like a cruel conductor, she pointed her other hand and with a wave... lava burst, in fonts of molten slag, incinerating and burning. A few rushed to attack, throwing, stabbing, hitting with whatever they had in hand, lava burst under the girls feet in a pillar.
Blinding her vision, Michi bore witness to the sights, the smells, and the sounds, all to real for a nightmare.

As the pillar died down, and lava flowed in the caves, through every nook and cranny, the girl looked up, stared at Michi in the eyes, and smiled an innocent grin.
Opening her eyes, and hyperventilating, the sight of the night sky and stars above her met her gaze.
Sitting up, she was lying down in the sand, she felt the same, the sensations of pains from the thing were gone, but the dream? Vision? Was still vivid and fresh like an open wound.
Around here were 4 things, the Thing was on her right, looking like a discarded shell. It was a little more then a pile of metal pieces and strands. A dull gray it looked life less and dead.
The figures she seen were to her left, one was in the suit of black, with the silver lines at the cuffs, neck, joints, and with two down the middle of it. Face down in the sand the figure was silent, though gentle heaving pointed to it breathing.
The second as the one in dark green, brown, black mixture of colors and thick clothing. Helmet laying in the sand his face was clear as day (night).

Behind them both was a black bundle, small and cherub like, the mop of black hair was evident. 2+2=4, and obvious was the fact that it was the person in her dream/vision.
Dune could heel the paralysis fading; his eyes screwed tight and not obeying his brains commands. It'd be a few minutes, at his guess, as senses began to return. His mouth tasted of burnt copper, his nose smelled like burnt hair, and his ears heard a figure moving on the sand.

The buzzing had stopped.

Wigbert, Fair Grounds in N. California at Night, Modern(?) Times

Riding forward they passed through the tree, on to a bridge, surrounded by mist and illuminated as if a full moon. With blanks of wood and stone pillars supporting it, the design was rustic.
Slowing the horse down the girl stayed atop it, while Wigbert's did as well.
"(German-My names is Ash, and we're in a safe place for now.)"

Saoshyan, Jungle, New York City, night, modern(?) times

Ezekiel tapped Saoshyan on the shoulder, his heavy breathing and huffing now gone as if he suddenly had shut his mouth.
The echoes faded of the laughter, and around them in a semi-circle were raptors. Colored strangely and feathered, they looked with the stares of hunters and prey, waiting for the first to move.
The trees were too far away to climb and had claws/teeth, fighting was a choice.
The only clear exit was towards a lit opening past foliage, glass and metal were evident, along with a dim darkness.

Wigbert, Fair Grounds in N. California at Night, Modern(?) Times
Wigbert took a moment to compose himself. Not every day he followed a woman into a tree, but first time for everything.
(German- "I believe you said you could answer some questions of mine, Ash. The first one that seems to be leading all others right now, where are we? The second is, how did you make it so we didn't hit the tree? Are you a child of Abraham?")
He took a moment to let her answer the questions, but damn did he have a lot of them.

Dune, Unknown Location, Unknown Time

Dune felt the numbness of an electrical grounding slowly retreat from him, first his arm so he gripped his machete tightly expecting to have to swing it into something.

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

Michi simply laid there for a moment, trying to process everything she had seen... then tried to forget it all. But it wouldn't leave. She still heard the cries and shouts of her people as they were crushed by the very caves they called home...

She looked at the other two figures. They were unconscious, but alive. She could see them breathing, and their minds still had a modicum of activity from what he could sense.

She saw the child. That was the harbinger? But it was so small... How could it possibly do the things the Thing said it could?

The risk was too much. She had to destroy it. Right now. She stood up with the help of her sword, still feeling numb, and carefully walked over to the wrapped up child. She held up her sword to bring it down on the helpless thing...

And stopped. It was such a small thing... How could it be so evil? It didn't seem possible...

Wigbert, Fair Grounds in N. California at Night, Modern(?) Times

"(Hard to say, I know we're in a safe place, somewhere in between everything. Lately I can see the lines of the universe, like staring in to an ocean and knowing the currents. I didn't know for sure that the tree was going to disappear, but more like we'd enter a door that would be there for a brief moment. As for a child of Abraham? I don't know.)"

Both of their voices seemed a bit slurred or sped up at points, but the point across was clear.

"(German-It's how I know you in a way, and if I'm not mistaken, you might get to meet God.)"

Ryans Solution:
Dune, Unknown Location, Unknown Time

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

Dune's eyes managed to crack open, from the corners of his eyes he could see a dark blue figure, faintly glowing and with a sword to match raised over its head. It was standing directly over Sam.

The woman was struggling to rise, and say something, but it looked like she was still down for the count. Dune on the other hand, could move again to some degree.
Blade raised overhead, and hesitation clear, a lance of feelings jabbed Michi. Like the ripping of tape stuck to the skin, a single word echoed her mind, silencing the thoughts around her from others, Kill.

Wigbert, The Land Between Lands, Uknown
Wigbert took a moment to take all this in. All magic came from Abraham, though that was in his world and he was starting to see this definitely wasn't his world.
(German- I may meet God if I travel with you then? Then you have my sword, Sorceress.)
Wigbert smiled, and put his helmet back on. Best to get the quest underway.

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times


But it's so small...


So innocent...




This tiny thing, incapable of caring even for itself in the most basic ways... So young and innocent and naive... So very small... It just seemed impossible for it to be anything other than a smiling child... Playing with toys and friends, carefree... growing up, starting a family, perhaps... But this small, innocent thing was going to destroy her people...? How?


(Shamese: I... I can't.) Michi fell to her knees, sobbing, sword still above her head, as faintly glowing tears rolled down her face. (I just can't do it... I'm sorry... It's only a child...)

Dune, Unknown Location, Unknown Time

Dune dropped his machete and slowly reached for his pistol.
He pulled it from it's holster and aimed it at the woman(?) standing above Sam.
Then she dropped down and began to sob, phosphorescent(?) tears began to come down her face.

But the sword was still aimed at Sam... "Please, don't make me shoot you."

Saoshyan, Jungle, New York City, night, modern(?) times
Saoshyan sighed. This was testing his patience, now. One problem after another. He wasn't going to chance casting a spell- he had seen a magi turn into dust from overcasting and wasn't too keen on doing that himself- but he wasn't certain he they could make it out of the jungle.
He glanced at Ezekiel, who seemed to be rather frightened, and drew his dagger. He began to back towards the exit. For some reason, he doubted to lizard beasts weren't going to be reasonable.

Michi, Hawk Hill, California at Night, Modern(?) Times

"Please, don't make me shoot you."

The sobbing woman looks up at the new thing, aiming another gun-device at her. She slowly lowered her sword until it lay flat on the sand. She was still sobbing.

(Shamese: I... I don't understand you... Please, don't hurt me... I just want to go home...)

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