Star Wars: Kestryl

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The Clone Wars were the most devastating conflict the galaxy had seen in centuries. Over the course of four years countless beings from countless races were slaughtered for what amounted to little more than trivial disputes allowed to boil over by an incompetent Senate. Planets were desolated, continents swallowed by orbital bombardment. Hundreds of billions were killed in the fighting while trillions were displaced.

In the end it was all for nothing, the men and women who had fought for the stability of the Republic were betrayed while those who had fought for liberation in the Confederacy of Independent Systems were defeated and crushed under the jackboots of Stormtroopers. The Chancellor declared himself Emperor to near-unanimous approval from the Senate while the Jedi were demonized and wiped out.

As a result of this, many were left with nothing. Soldiers of the Republic and Confederacy alike found themselves without a cause they could pledge themselves to and wandered aimlessly, many falling into small, extremist rebel organizations, while others turned to crime. Their reasons for this were as myriad as the people themselves - some sought a petty revenge against those that had betrayed them, while others simply sought credits.

One such criminal was Shana Kovane, a former Confederate soldier. She came into possession of Kestryl, a Barloz-class freighter - not a pretty ship, but it had potential. Get a crew and find some work, keep out of the control of the Empire. Keep flying.

I can't get a sheet up right now, but I just wanted to express my interest in this RP. You picked a cool time period, and the idea of flying around the galaxy dodging the law really appeals to me. I've got a character in mind already so I'll try to post a sheet tomorrow.

Ouch Prince, you cut me real deep there. Does our friendship mean nothing to you? ;)

Well, just to show there's no hard feelings I'll put up a sheet up soon. I'm thinking 7 lightsabers, do you think that's enough?

I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about. Please don't spam my thread.

I'll post the history section once I've done a bit more research, but there's the majority of the sheet. Please let me know if I should change anything.

Edit: Finished the history and changed the personality section along with a few of the pictures. Once again, I'm open for criticism.

What? A section specifically about no boring characters in your Star Wars RP and it's not directed at me? Ah well, enough reminiscing; here's a real character.


Alright, I think I can safely say I'll accept the three of you. I'd like to get at least two more, though. Right now we'd be a pretty shorthanded mercenary crew.

Greetings, I have experience in a Star Wars RP, even one in which the crew was very Firefly-ish, so it's funny. Hope this all works out, as I will be attempting to reprise the role of...

I'm going to have to say no to that character, FalloutJack. I specifically say to PM me to clear it before you play a Force-Sensitive character. Strip the lightsaber and the Force powers from him and he's perfectly fine, though.

Nah, not interested, plus I missed that bit in your post. Sorry about the inconvenience.


Yes, this is pretty much the Wookiee I submitted in the Outer Rim Task Force thread. But a Wookiee's a Wookiee, and I pretty much just want to make a Mad-Claw character. Either way, everything fits each RP, so there shouldn't be a problem.

I hear you. The characters I've submitted for both games are thematically the same. I guess I just reeeeeeeally want to play as a speeder biker.

Jace, Athol is already playing ship's pilot, and Blue Shotgun is serving as ground pilot. Do you mind changing the piloting to something else? Slicing, maybe?

1. Thanks muchly Prince for the okay. :D
2. What about the wookiee? We could always use a couple hundred pounds of fur and violence.

Jace, Athol is already playing ship's pilot, and Blue Shotgun is serving as ground pilot. Do you mind changing the piloting to something else? Slicing, maybe?

Altered it, thanks for the heads up. Wouldn't want arguments over who gets to sit in what chair.

Despite LeftHand's questionable traits - he's a deviant, and he smells kind of like old cheese - I'm going to let him in.

Alright, I've got one other guy I think is making a sheet and after that goes up, Kestryl will launch.

Sounds good. By the way, thanks for accepting me. Now, let's look at our crew:

-The war vet turned biker mercenary.

-The alien stealth specialist.

-The wanted Force-sensitive pilot.

-The brutish Wookiee.

-And the tech savvy and suave smuggler.

Yep, this is Star Wars alright.

You're forgetting the jaded, cynical Captain.

One question, do we have a foul mouthed astromech droid? If not can we have one? (Maybe as sort of an NPC aboard The Kestryl that the crew can interact with/swear at...just an idea)

Not as of yet, but we may acquire one during one of our early missions.

Despite LeftHand's questionable traits - he's a deviant, and he smells kind of like old cheese - I'm going to let him in.

Alright, I've got one other guy I think is making a sheet and after that goes up, Kestryl will launch.

Umm... I hate to sound impatient (really, I do) but when is this guy suppose to post his sheet?

I don't know, let me go throw a rock at his head.

I don't know, let me go throw a rock at his head.

Sorry my sheet took so long, but the holidays have a bad habit of filling one's schedule. Anyway, here's my sheet.

Alright, OP will be up pretty soon.

"I say again, this is Sergeant Kovane, 93rd, we need air support now! Republic troops are overrunning our position!" She bellowed it into the comlink, then popped over the trench, squeezing the trigger of her rifle and spraying blaster bolts at the white-armored death squads across the open field, ducking back down as a torrent of blue fire came back at her.

"Sergeant." A deep, gravelly voice came through the comlink.

"Captain, the frak is going on? Where are those battle droids I asked for, we can't hold this position!"

"We're under orders from High Command. You're to lay down arms and surrender. The war is over."

The comlink slid out of her hands as she looked up, white-armored soldiers aiming blasters at her face. The blaster slid out of her hands and she slowly raised them, watching the last few resistors die in the corners of her eyes.

"Take them into custody."

Shana's eyes snapped open, staring at the top of her coffin-rack. Jabiim again. She pulled out her chronometer and glanced at it - the middle of ship's night. Out the viewport, she could see the mottled blue-white of hyperspace as they sped towards their destination. Shana pulled herself out of her rack, groaning - getting up didn't come easily to her anymore - and dressed, sliding her blaster onto her hip before stepping out of her small cabin and heading towards the cockpit, currently empty. She dropped into the pilot's chair and began checking over the readings. A little over half an hour to arrival. She'd awoken only shortly before her alarm would have done so.

She leaned back in the chair and sighed. If this panned out, they'd have enough credits that they could take it easy for a while.

Unfortunately, hidden inside their secret compartments was a thousand blasters of various make and model. Gun running never went very smooth.

But then again, nothing -ever- went smooth for her or Kestryl.

Coffee wafted through the Kestryl's galley as Kao rummaged around in one of the cupboards. "Ah, there it is." He muttered to himself, extracting a thermos. He poured a mug for himself, before pouring the rest into the thermos and heading towards the bridge, coffee and thermos in hand. Technically he was 'on duty' right now and shouldn't have left the bridge, as a little voice in the back of his mind was quick to tell him every time he did so, but this wasn't the ExplorCorps and the rules where much laxer out here.

Sliding through the doors and on to the bridge, he wasn't surprised to see Shana. He'd been working for her long enough now to know her habits, especially when they were on a high risk job like now. "Mornin' Cap'n." He said as he dropped into the co-pilots seat. "Coffee?" Setting the thermos between them, he took a sip from his own mug as he scanned the instruments, all good, just like when he'd left. Yawning, he ran his fingers through his horns, scratching his scalp.

Ian Galam awoke to the beeping of his alarm. As he reluctantly opened his eyes, he vaguely wondered what it was like to sleep in. He dressed quickly and strapped his holster his waist. Still feeling a bit groggy, Ian decided to forgo his black leather jacket for now and exited his room. After a brief trip to the lavatory, Ian headed to the machine shop were he kept his bike. The sight of the BARC speeder, newly coat of black spray paint, made him feel at home. He fiddled with the engine and checked the turbo lasers, more out of habit than anything else. Content with the state of the bike. Ian thought he'd head to the cockpit to see who else was up.

"Howdy, Captain." Ian said as he entered the cockpit, then took a bit of the snack bar he had picked up on the way. "Mornin' Kao." He took a seat at the weapons station and stared at the blur of hyperspace for a moment. The sight of thousands of streaking stars always amazed him, perhaps because he hadn't grown up with it like the others. "So where did you say we're going again?" Ian said, still staring off into space.

Hinek Sen'elas sat in the common room where he could see the others walk by through the half open door. As Shana passed he couldn't help but notice the slight difference in her stride; she was a little early too. Hinek wondered for a moment if she hadn't slept well then immediately chastised himself; that kind of thing was impolite and unnecessary.

Releasing a tiny sigh Hinek went back to his story and crossed his legs. He gave a slight smirk as he read the next big twist; theoretically clever, but far to impractical for an actual operation. Hinek then interrupted himself, even if the captain was early it was still probably time for his 'daily' workout. Switching off the reader Hineck got up and began making his way out to the corridor.

"Morning, Kao." She nodded to him and the coffee. "Thanks." She took the lid of the thermos and flipped it over, then filled it with caf. A half-second later, Ian walked into the cockpit, looking like he had just rolled out of bed - not that she looked any better.

"I'm not going to try to pronounce it, Ian." She pulled out a datapad and handed it to him, the image showing a world that looked to be dominantly grey and brown with vast cloud cover, over the image of it written K'pryxm'mree. "Locals don't mind spacers calling it Mree. Don't call it Pryx, they tend to get a little annoyed about that." She called up the data on the shipboard console. "Alright, exit from hyperspace might get a little hairy. There's an old XQ4 Platform in orbit. That'll be where any interceptors come from if they launch them. But as long as we can make atmosphere we can outrun them, I doubt they're using anything better than Starchasers."

She stood up out of the pilot chair. "Kao, you should be doing the flying when we leave hype. If we get frakked, I'll be on dorsal guns. Ian, you've got forward firepower and shields covered?"

"On it boss." Kao replied laconically, starting his pre-deceleration checks. "If anybody gets twitchy on us, he ain't gonna hit nothin' but void." Rolling his head over, he winked at Shana and smiled.

Despite his rather laid back manner, his mind was racing. Bringing up information about the star system on a secondary display, he mentally mapped a half-dozen different escape and evasion manoeuvres. These Barloz weren't what you'd call manoeuvrable, but he'd learned to make bigger ships dance.

"Ya, sure thing." Ian said. It seemed he was always on guns, not to say that bothered him though. In fact, he suspected that he was the best shot on board. Not that he'd ever say that out loud, of course. "If they open up on us, it'll be the last thing they do." he added with a smile.

He turned his attention to the display in front of him and started warming up the main turbo lasers and shield generator. Since he began freelancing, he'd found that shooting from a terminal wasn't all that different from doing so atop his speeder. The only real difference was that it was much easier to feel more detached from the battle, but he'd found that that could be remedied with the right mind set. With the defense systems readying themselves, Ian swiveled his chair to face Kao. "So, you know anything about this planet we're going to?" he asked the pilot. "I'm afraid I've never heard of-" he squinted at the datapad. "Ka prix mry."

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