We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Jessica quickly whirled to face Savranth, a look of righteous indignation on her face. "You were going to destroy something like that?! Why?! Just because suffering was involved in making it doesn't mean you should immediately write it off as something 'evil'!" She said, her voice raised, but not exactly shouting.

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Savranth shakes his head. "No, that was only one option I planned to offer to the others. I also thought we could sell off what we could and use the money to help the city that suffered in it's creation." He paused for a minute. "Or... Well, nevermind. The city is gone. What I had hoped to do with it, doesn't matter..."

Roy and Yukino would find that the door would not open. But they may see a small keyhole in it. Though, looking through it would reveal nothing.

"ah. Unfortunate, since I'm obligated to avoid him at the moment. How have you been, if you don't mind me asking?" Lyra asked, marking Savranth in her mental map of the area.

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"Roy" pressed his finger against the keyhole, at which point it extended and morphed to fit into the keyhole. He attempted to form it to fit the shape of the key necessary to turn the lock and open the door

Ness shrugs a bit. "Hmm... Aside from today, I've been doing well. Nice and relaxed most of the time. How about you? You basically disappeared for a long time after Holadino... if I recall correctly."

Yukino motions for Roy to move to the side as the mist covers over her. Seeing that he didn't do so after a few moments, she delivers a hard back roundhouse kick with the mist wrapped around her foot like a drill. She aims for the top of the door away from Roy. "Well then..... FUCK KEYS! "

While Roy's effort was a good one, it wouldn't work. The keyhole was no normal key. It required a magical key.

Yukino would find that her kick did nothing to the door. The material resisted her. Though, her foot may hurt...

"Hmm well shit, I'm not doing anything with the chance that someone is listening..." he looked around for an offshoot tunnel

"at first, I wanted Marcus and Xyleena to have tine to rewire all their systems that got shorted out on their arrival, but after that... Well, I felt like Xyleena had earned a week or two away from society so that she wouldn't develop a complex about being a monster. Of course, the moment we tried to follow you guys to port Letosh, she has the name calling happen again, which was, to quot Marcus, 'absolutely bloody disgraceful'. By the way, found a boat we could theive to head over to the badlands, if that's still the plan."

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"Oh." Jessica seemed to calm down. "Well, if I had any say in it, I wouldn't have let that place get destroyed." She said. She sighed, her ears drooping a little along with her mood. "Yeah, I suppose there's really no point in talking about what ifs and what could have beens. I suppose I still have to figure out what to do next." She said, musing aloud to herself at the end.

Yukino hopped on the foot she had kicked with as it stung a little. She dropped her sack and allowed the shards of mythril she'd collected to fall. She picked the smallest one up and attempted to pick the lock with it. Hearing Roy, she chuckled. "Oh c'mooon~. It's not like we couldn't take them on outright."

Ness' eyes light up a bit at the news of a boat. "You... found a boat to the Wild Lands? That's great! Is there any sort of catch or did you buy it legitimately?"

"Well... my plan is to end the war..." Savranth said to Jessica.

While Roy would find many tunnels, none of them linked to the one with the door.
Yukino would find that the attempt to pick the lock failed. It would not be that simple.

OoC: There is a key in the world, but it's not in Rockbyrd... Or what remains of it.

Roy started heading down one of the tunnels, expecting Yukino to follow. "This worlds magic annoys me... makes everything so much more complicated."

Lyra laughed. "you catch on quick. Haven't bought it, was planning to steal it, though if we can secure the funds we can buy in its place. There's also a blockade in place, but I've got an ace for that. After that, its smooth sailing, with no stupidly elaborate chases or such."
OoC @Salty I'm aware orbital strikes aren't allowed, but I've been wondering why Legaia doesn't use simple rockets launched over the border and into low orbit to bombard Xylphatian towns. Serms like something that could easily happen, with their tech levels and the fact that basic V2 style rockets wouldn't need electronic guidance.

Yukino sighs as she places the shard back in the pile and reties the sack up before following Roy. "Yes... it's quite the pain, just like that Icarus asshole."

Ness giggles a bit. "So you have a way to get through a blockade, but you can't pay for a boat? Interesting... I'd prefer to acquire the funds to buy it, rather than steal it. Do you know the price range of this boat you're speaking of? And is it Xiphatian or Legaian?"

"Well, coincidentally enough, that's my overall plan as well." Jessica replied to Savranth, perking up slightly for a moment. "...But I've currently few ideas as to where to actually start." She admitted, her mood dropping once again. "So far my plan is to try and investigate Valcheirn some more. I've no idea if that will actually get me anywhere though."

"My plan is to aide one side in the conflict, and end the war with direct action." Savranth replied.
"I don't expect too many other courses of action will be very successful."

OoC: @FPS: Three Reasons.
1) Magic.
2) If, by low orbit, you mean upper atmosphere they would still malfunction.
2) Plot. I'm not wanting the conflict to be so trivial.

OoC: @Salty, did the tunnel end in a dead end or...?

Eventually Roy and Yukino would come to the end of the mineshaft. Other than some tools, mythril and such, they wouldn't see much of value.

"It's Legaian, since I trust replacing gears more then recrystalizing magic, or whatever they do. And it looked to be around, I don't know, 2000 bucks or so? I'm not good with money figures."
OoC @Salty ah, gotcha.

"Roy" turned around "Alright, explain yourself, who are you?"

"Yeah, I was beginning to think the same thing might be necessary." Jessica began. She stuck her hands into her coat pockets and idly looked back at Lakewest before continuing. "...Of course, if you want to end all the warfare for good, you may have to take a little more drastic action. That's assuming you don't mean to just get this current war out of everyone's systems and try to get things exactly as they were before."

Yukino shrugs a bit. "Just an angry little girl with a sword. How about you?"

The color in Ness' face drains a bit at the figure. "T...Tha...That's.... a lot..." Even with that card Rex handed me, I won-- OH... Rex... She sighs as the revelation hits her. "Well, lucky us... Rex still has a few highly loaded Legaian cards, so paying for it should be possible."

"Roy" frowned "Just a Legaian recruit, lets cut the shit shall we? Who. Are. You?"

"I was thinking of ending the war and then working to unite both nations. Even if that meant killing the leadership of both countries. Honestly, I had hoped... to use that floating city as a base of operations. A place that I could bring allies, those from each nation that would share that goal." Savranth explained.

"that's good then. After that, we just have to set out, lay down a laser strike or two to discourage pursuit, and we're home free to wherever we need to go. So, when do you want to do this?"

Yukino's grin increased immensely at Roy's frown. "Yukino Nishida, a shinobi known as the Grim Reaper back in my world. That should explain why I could sense you being so... different." She tilts her head a bit. "So... who are you?"

Ness' eyes widen a bit. "Laser strikes? Wouldn't that just anger them more? Not to mention that both nations have bases in the Wild Lands. I'd rather not go in there not knowing much about the terrain AND having a bounty on my head."

"Roy" grinned "Now we're getting somewhere, but you've seen me before..." His body changed back into his default form "The name's Envy."

Yukino's ears twitch a bit as she sees Envy. "Nice name... and are you a girl or a guy? I reeeeeeeeeeally can't tell..."

Envy frowned "How cute, you know what would make it harder to tell? If I ripped out your eyes."

"Uniting both nations? My feeling is that something like that will never happened. Like I said, you'd have to do something more drastic than that. Even more than killing off the leadership of both countries." Jessica replied to Savranth. "That plan of yours you had for the floating city however...are you sure it still can't be salvaged? There must be some other place we could try and gather allies who would support ending the war."

"Ooooor if you were any flatter in the chest~..."

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Hellosh wakes up, and cracks his neck. "What wonderful day of sleep!" He said to himself sarcastically. Afterwards, he goes inside the inn and sits next to the table.

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Envy scowled "I thought you had something interesting to say, or are you gonna keep running your mouth?"

"well, considering the strength of the weapon, there will be no need to worry about them having a reaction of anger instead of fear, like we want. We're talking cutting trenches into the earth here. As for the bounty, a few masks here, a few cloaking fields there, and they won't know who did it. Plus, I think I can maybe nab us a map of the wild lands if we have cash. Moot point if we aren't able to get a group ready to do this though. You know anyone else willing to go with us?"

"If I have to do something drastic, I will. I'll see what needs to be done when the war is over." Savranth replies.
"The city itself fell out of the sky. It can't be salvaged. And with it, we have lost our transport. Putting us back to square one. What made the city so perfect is that it was not affiliated with either country and would strike a impressive image. I can't see any hope for that otherwise..."

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