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Those smart bastards... Erik thought. Ever since Gideon radioed that re-enforcements were incoming, he'd expected to here the crack of the ODST's fifty cal, but so far nothing. Where did they...THERE! Finally his armour's motion sensor picked up movement; the group had split in two and was approaching the entrance to the ship from oblique angles.

"Alpha, contact left, contact right!" He shouted into the team's comm. channel. At the same time fire began pouring into their position. "Gideon, please tell me you've got a shot at some of these fuckers!" He snapped. These guys seemed happy to blast away from cover, forgoing accuracy for sheer volume. From his own position, Erik tried firing back, but the bastards weren't leaving much in the way of targets. Switching to the command channel, he radioed the Capitan. "Hey boss, you gonna be much longer? The natives are getting restless."

"Thanks I guess...." Amaya said as she looked up at Gideon, if she didn't look depressed before, she sure as hell looked it now. "But I want to have kids... I'm just a bunch of code... I could just sort of make them, but I'd never know what it was like to raise them, touch them, feel them... kiss their cuts when they get hurt to try and comfort them..." The A.I then brought her knees up to her chest, and buried her head amongst them; Gideon almost thought he could hear the sound of crying, but that might have just been condensation dripping off of a nearby pipe.

"It truly is a hell when you think of it..."

"Listen Amaya, I'm sorry for not being much help here, I admit to not being an expert on the behavioral patterns of artificial intelligence, hell, I'm certainly not qualified enough to be a psychiatrist; but we need you here right now, your an important part of this team, without you, I don't think we would have survived the journey through slip space; in that regard, I owe my life to you, thank you.

Look, I know I said that I would help you find a body; but if there is anything I can do to repay you, then I will, I owe you at least that much." Gideon said, hoping his words would at the very least encouraged Amaya to smile. Just as he finished, he could hear a voice coming over the radio.

"Gideon, please tell me you've got a shot at some of these fuckers!" Eric shouted. Looking back over the battlefield, he could see a large group shooting from behind cover. Gideon returned to what he was supposed to be doing, mentally cursing himself because of it. He looked through the scope of his rifle, and lined up the cross hairs on the head of a Turian, and pulled the trigger. Within moments, the Turian had collapsed, and dark blue blood began to spurt from the hole in the back of its head.

"Well that's one down sir, but I think we'll need to flush them out to do any sort of real damage." Gideon said with a smile as he continued to fire on the first wave that came in.

"Alpha, contact left, contact right!"

The sheer volume of incoming fire was incredible. It seemed like the air was made out of nothing but hot lead. Having expected an attack from the entrance, Murphy found himself scrambling for better cover. Ducking behind a crate, Murphy unbuckled a pouch on his pack. He felt the cold steel of a smoke grenade slide into his hand.

Erik, Murphy! Popping smoke, right side!" His voice loud, but clear over the din of gunfire around them.

Murphy pulled the pin and cooked off the smoke, counting to three before tossing it over the crate. As soon as the grenade touched the ground a large cloud of smoke erupted between Murphy and the OPFOR.

"MOVING" He yelled as he took off towards better cover - some kind of forklift or loading truck. Switching his view HUD to thermal, Murphy started picking off the advancing OPFOR. A blast of fire tore open a panel on the forklift, and Murphy looked inside to see the fuel cylinder. A quick glance at the gauges told him that the cylinder was close to full.

"Fuck yeah, mother fucker." He said excitedly as he stripped off his pack and pulled out a detonation pack and duct tape. He secured the pack to the fuel cylinder, then set the timer. The fire around him seemed to be increasing, and Murphy knew that more OPFOR had arrived.

Murphy fired up the forklift and started driving towards the cloud of smoke, keeping his head down below the dash, bullets pinging off the rusty machine.

"Please god, this better fucking work."

Voh nodded as he took some of the medi-gel supply she has on her and applying it to the wound. Once that was taken care of he would pick her up and carry her back to where the salarens were at. Running as fast as he could as he cloak with her in his arms.

When voh delivered luna to the salerians, they looked her over and took a look into her hole. (*snickers*) "Oh boy... not good. Impalation hole. probable cause: dragons tooth in garage. Need for medical attention: pronto." he said to himself, looking over her body.
"Your friend can make it with my help, but she has been impaled by the thing in the garage, correct?" he asked, taking out a medkit and begining to use his omnitool to scan and draw out the wound, the nanites in her from the impalation beginning to work themselves with medigel to repair her, building and sculpting new parts that were destroyed. "Advanced healing techniques thanks to the very thing she was impaled on, however, side effects unknown. Possibility for personality changes, bouts of anger, generall unknown effects on biotics. be careful with her. Most strenuous activity allowed: walking." he explained to voh, trying to stop her from dieing.


Amaya decided that Seh needed to put aside her own personal feelings and as soon as Gideon had finsihed speaking, the bot took off. It deployed both of it's weapons systems and amaya spun them up rather quickly, laying down a wall of suppressive fire. "Return fire!" she shouted over the comm units and the bot flew forwards over them, to encounter another wave of units, re-enforcements for the first one.

Wither rather surprising accuracy, she engaged this unit and destroyed their weapons without harming them. About twelve of them, they held their hands up in defeat and were slowly backing away. The eye on the robot became a rather brilliant neon pink. "die..." was all she said, unleashing a number of the missiles and the dual miniguns on them, slaughtering the whole lot, leaving the suppressed primary wave to the others.

"Reinforcements destroyed." she said in a rather cheery tone as the eye changed from the pink to an orange then to it's normal blue. "I've got anymore waves, you deal with initial wave of reinforcements."


He watched as the Krogan lit on fire and they regained normal gravity. Jastis disengaged his magnetic boots and walked over to Sarah while reloading his gun as well, "If it's not I think we would need to get everyone in here," he replied.

He walked over to the smoldering crisp that once was a Krogan, "Tough son of a bitch..."

Jastis then opened his comms, "Luna, 'Tohai, report. How are things on your end? We would have replied earlier but we were... held up."

It was long after he had finished that Gideon saw the drone that Amaya was using take off, and engage the enemy with ruthless aggression, taking out a group of enemy reinforcements that were coming in to support some from the initial wave. Whilst Gideon almost smiled, he thought he could see a strange coloured light emanating from the drone; and this actually had him worried.

He was about to radio in to Amaya, when a bullet whizzed past the back of his head. Turning around, Gideon noticed a couple of Humans had managed to get up onto the catwalk, and began firing on him from a piece of cover at the opposite end of the catwalk. Quickly getting up to his feet, Gideon raced towards the end of the catwalk closest to him, packing up his sniper rifle along the way as more gunshots came his way.

'Awww crap! This wasn't in the plan, not in the plan at all. And here I thought things were going to be relatively quiet.' Gideon thought to himself as he reached what he hoped was a safe location to shoot from. He realised that the rifle wouldn't be as effective, so instead he switched to his SMG. Whilst the damage of the M7S was reduced due to the attached suppressor, it was the increased range it had over the regular M7 that was more important right now; with a few good hits, the two man team would go down quickly.

Resting the butt-stock against his left shoulder, Gideon fired in short bursts, hoping the high rate of fire wouldn't mess up the accuracy too much. Whilst he managed to tag one in the first volley, he merely grazed the second. Remarkably, the second volley managed to knock the enemy's gun out of his hand, sending it over the catwalk, but he grabbed the assault rifle of his accomplice and continued to fire.

'I'll admit, that was pretty smart of him to do that; most would try and take their opponent out with a pistol, or attempt a desperate melee charge.' Gideon remarked with a smirk under his helmet. It was then that the guy started to slowly move forward, taking pot shots at Gideon whenever was most convenient. He eventually reached the point where he could engage Gideon in hand to hand, but that wasn't before Gideon landed a perfect head shot in a way that caused him to fall over the railings.

'Honestly, I compliment you for doing something smart; and then you go and pull a dumb move like that. Honestly, how do they train you to fight in this neck of the woods?' Gideon asked rhetorically with a small amount of disgust, as he set up his sniper rifle again and continued to do his job.

"Crazy motherfucker..." Erik muttered to himself as he saw the spook charge into the smoke with a loader of some sort. It also had the added bonus drawing the attention of the hostiles on the left flank, two of them even stepping out of cover to shoot at the vehicle. He still didn't overly like Murphy, but his opinion was changing...slowly.

His MA37 snapped to his shoulder, and he let off two controlled bursts as the two contacts broke cover. Fuckin' amatures. He thought. The longer the fight went on, the more it sunk in that these WERE just mercs and street thugs, smart-ish ones yes, but not real soldiers. A couple of Spartan fire teams and a company of ODSTs for support and we could take this place...should mention it to the boss after this. Would be a good foothold here.

Sarah nudged the smoldering corpse with her boot, causing it of it to collapse in on it self "Cargo bay Secured, again, Target is dead, again." she relayed over the coms to the other teams, her tone denoting annoyance and discomfort "Suck punching son of a bitch" Sarah said as she pulled her helm off to have a look at the injury to her face from the shattered visor, and pulled a few shards out of her face, fortunately none seemed to hit her eye, none that she could see, or feel, but that didn't necessarily mean anything.

She put her Helm back on and did a quick check on it, naturally all the HUD displays on the left side where gone, and the HUD on the right was fuzzy, though the camera was still working like it should. "I'm pretty much blind scanner wise" she said to the Captain, giving him a status report on the damage to her suit. "Whats left is really only good for face protection beyond the normal camera."

Voh nodded at the salaren as he told him that he could help her. Letting her be taken to get patch up as he kept a eye on her. He didn't feel like talking to the doctor just merely nodded at what he had to say. It was then Jastis came over the radio wanting a update. "Demon something happen while in the garage. There is some kind of machine that impale Luna that left a hole within her. She getting look at now but I suggest caution. We do not know what we are dealing with here."


Well that isn't good, but I wonder if it's related to what happened here...

"Alright, you stay with her. I and Bradford will storm the cockpit," he said and then turned to Sarah, "That should be fine. We will get an engineer to fix it when we go back. Only should be worried if another one of those appears."

He didn't bother to call up the others as he saw that Bradford had done it already. Jastis had to admit he was a bit worried for Luna, he may have had their differences but he wasn't keen on squad members dying on a mission. More so the first mission, however there wasn't much need for everyone to converge on her. They still had a mission to complete.

They left the cargo hold and went down the hall until they reached the main hold again. From there they went up to the communications and found it empty, and then onto the cockpit. Jastis hugged the wall and then on the count of three they breached, and entered the room. However similar to before it was empty. "I guess most of the workers were outside..." he commented.

Jastis then got on the comms to everyone, "Cockpit is secure. Ship is ours everyone. Need some support Hamman?"

"Gideon, what's your status?" Erik shouted as he traded fire with the enemy. The smoke from Murphy's distraction still hung in the air, making it hard for the enemy to see...not so for the Spartan. Using an IR filter on his visuals, Erik fired a couple of quick bursts, and dropped another one. "Hey Murphy, you still alive out there?"

"Cockpit is secure. Ship is ours everyone. Need some support Hamman?"

"Wouldn't say no to a little help, Capitan." He replied. "Watch yourselves though, their weapons do pack a hell of a kick. Lost my shields in two hits from one, and got a chunk taken out of my armour by another." Switching channels, he radioed Amaya. "Beta has the ship, and is re-grouping with us, so we should be able to handle the hostiles we've got. I want you to pull your UCAV back to the entrance area and close the air space. Anybody tries to land more reinforcements for these assholes, splash'em!"

"Gideon, what's your status?" Erik shouted as the sounds of roaring gunfire could be heard on his radio. Gideon lowered his rifle to load in a fresh clip, taking the time to answer the question.

"I'm alright sir, had a bit of a scuffle earlier with a couple of humans that somehow managed to make their way up onto the catwalk. But now I've changed to a more defensible position, so I should be able to see if anymore try and head my way. I'll admit, from what I can see up here, is that the weapons here look like they pack a real punch."

One, two, three more down... More corpses from stragglers falling into the fight. Hearing the order, Amaya giggled a bit. "I'm already killing reinforcements silly, there's no reason for me to move" she said lightheartedly as a mother burst from the mini-guns sent another body to the floor. Her voice turned into a more serious tone. "And I may be computer code with a conscience, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate manners..." She complained a bit. Another burst of machine gun fire that sounded a bit angrier was unleashed on a duo trying to enter.

"I noticed that...watch yourself." Erik said to the sniper, as he traded fire with a gunman hiding behind some crates.

"I'm already killing reinforcements silly, there's no reason for me to move; And I may be computer code with a conscience, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate manners..."

The tone, and giggling, made Erik raise an eyebrow...the disobeying of orders made him mad. "Yes, you are a computer program, and as such you will follow my orders now! Get that drone outside and intercept any target while they are still airborne, or so help me God I will see that you spend the rest of your days plugged into nothing more potent than the fucking TOASTER!"

"I have homing missile capabilities Erik. Anything I see as a threat I can take down. All I ask for is a please and thank you for doing things." She responded calmly, her missile bay firing off a missile and taking out an enemy that was about to flank the spartan. "Now would be the time to say 'thanks Amaya' and I would respond, 'no problem Erik, glad to save your life because I care about the ship and the crew' or something along the lines of that." She said to him over the comms, continuing her duty of mowing down the stream of guys flowing into her sight.

"And a bit over six months ago I was a girl dieing of terminal illness, I choose to die by getting a second chance. Remember that next time..." She said.

"Hey Murphy, you still alive out there?"

Erik's voice came over the comms. Murphy was using both hands to keep the forklift on target, and it was gaining speed towards the outside wall, which meant he wasn't able to respond to the Spartan. Suddenly, Murphy's head connected with the underside of the dash, and the forklift ground to a halt. Seeing nothing but stars and blood, Murphy touched his forehead to find a large gash above his right eye.

"Fuck!" He tried wipe the blood from his eyes, but the gash was bleeding like a faucet. Totally blind, Murphy tried to get the forklift going again to no avail. He knew he had a little over a minute left on the timer, so he crawled out from cover to see what the problem was.

Crawling around the side of the machine Murphy felt the parts of crates lodged into the wheel wells. As he continued to crawl around, he found more crates in the front of the forklift, the pieces causing it to high center. There was a powder all around, and familiar smell hit Murphy. He had to be sure, so he dipped his finger into the powder and brought it to his mouth. Through the taste of blood, another taste came through.

"Ammonium fucking nitrate." Murphy said to himself, letting it sink in. He keyed his radio.

"Erik, Murphy. Big fucking boom in about 15 seconds. Recommend you take cover. Over."

The fire around the forklift was going to make it difficult to escape. Murphy grabbed hold of his weapon, making sure the straps were secure to his vest.

"One, two, three." Murphy pushed himself off the ground and took off running at a full sprint. He made it about 25 meters before smashing into a small crate that was about knee-hieght. He went flying across the hangar floor, finally skidding into the legs of an advancing Krogan. The Krogan grabbed Murphy by the vest and lifted him up, intending to smash Murphy's head on the hangar floor.

It was then that the whole world seemed to turn into a ball of flame and flying metal. Murphy was spared from the flames by a spinning sheet of what looked like re-entry plates. The Krogan was not so lucky, the bottom half of the sheet clipping off most of its head, the rest caught in the flames. Being hit by the sheet was like being hit by a truck, and Murphy went flying across the rest of the hangar. He hit the deck and continued to skid across it like a human hockey puck. The sheet had been kind enough to fly with him, and now rested on the lower half of his body. The man and the metal came to a halt when they met the outside wall of the hangar. The sudden stop caused the sheet to skid up higher on Murphy's body, and it now rested halfway up his chest. Murphy felt that the metal moving had granted him a very large cut on his chest, causing him to lose blood at a rapid rate. He went to key his radio, but found nothing more than a charred wire.

"Shit" he muttered to himself. His head was spinning from the impact and the loss of blood, and despite wearing hearing protection, his ears were ringing loudly.

Blind, no comms, and fairly certain he was far from the group, Murphy pulled out all the mags he could wiggle out of his vest and placed them on the sheet the was pinning him down. He pulled the comm unit off his head to give him the best hearing, and waited for the OPFOR to come.

The incoming fire was persistent, but becoming more scattered as their numbers got whittled down. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a smoke trail flash past, followed by an explosion and body parts.

"... our life because I care about the ship and the crew' or something along the lines of that; and a bit over six months ago I was a girl dying of terminal illness, I choose to die by getting a second chance. Remember that next time..."

Now was not the time for an argument, not in the middle of a firefight, not when there was so much else going on...but Erik's lips moved before his brain could stop them. "So it thinks it's people? You're nothing but a copy of some dead kid, a ghost in the machine. You are just fancy machine, nothing more..." He was going to continue, when a voice cut in.

"Erik, Murphy. Big fucking boom in about 15 seconds. Recommend you take cover. Over."

"Copy that. Beta team tuck tail, danger close in 15 seconds." He might not like Operators, but he'd worked with enough to know that when they say big boom they mean it. Emptying his last magazine, Erik dropped into cover just as a massive explosion went off. "HOLY SHIT!!" He shouted as the blast wave threw both him and the container he was behind, into the side of the ship.

Though his armour stopped the blast, and subsequent impacts, from killing him; he was still stunned. Laying in a bit of a heap, as the diagnostic programs ran, he was glad to see that his armour had suffered only 'soft' damage from the blast; his shields were down for the moment, and some other stuff would need to be recalibrated or reset back on the ship, nothing major. "All Betas report in!"

Amaya listened to Erik's little speech. his words stung her, they weren't kind, weren't in anyway nice and they really did hurt her deep down. During the blast and afterwords, she was silent on the comms. When she finally spoke up, it appeared that most enemies were down because they were dead or too injured to fight anymore.

Her shields had absorbed the blast along with the kinetic barriers, leaving the bot afloat. "So this is what pain feels like..." was all she said back to Erik. Looking over the scans, it suggested that the oni operator was hurt in the blast from the proximity to it.

She followed her sensors to his location and found him under a sheet of metal. using small graspers underneath the drone's form, she moved the mags onto his chest before lifting the metal off of him and freeing the oni operator. being careful, she picked him up and floated over to erik with his body and weapon, setting him down on the ground as gently as possible, before flying off up towards Gideon. she knew the odst would probably be fine because he was so far out from the epicenter of the blast.

The A.I. opened up a comms link privately to Gideon. "Are you ok Gideon?" she asked him.

Gideon watched the carnage unfold, feeling somewhat glad that he was quite a distance away from the center of combat. He then dropped to the floor as he saw an explosion down below; peeking out he saw a piece of sheet metal flying past him and over the catwalk, what ever was the explosive charge for the blast must have had some power to it. A moment later he saw the emergency communication sign flash on the HUD of his VISR.

"All Betas report in!" Erik shouted.

"Beta Three reporting in. I think that blast might have scared them off sir, but I can't be sure because of the smoke. What is the situation like down there sir?" Gideon asked, he then saw Amaya's drone fly back up to him, and a private communication line opened up; he then switched his to private, but he'd still be able to here others talking to him.

"Are you ok Gideon?"

"Yeah, I'm fine Amaya, things have been fairly calm up here. Little scuffle with some locals earlier, but nothing I couldn't manage. How about you? With that explosion just now, and you glowing pink a couple of times, I got concerned."

Amaya let out a heavy sigh. "I... No... Erik and me got into an argument and I finally know what pain feels like because of it."she said to Gideon, floating up along next to him. She projected herself onto the catwalk once again and sat down next to the man. "He doesn't believe I'm capable of anything other than being essentially a slave to humans and serving out my time dutifully without question..." She explained to the odst. "I know you helmet is one of the newer models, or atleast got a newer update to it, and you have a capacity for a data chip in it. I'd like you to put me into your helmet once we get back to the ship... I... Don't trust anyone but you..." She said, not desperately, but sincerely to him, looking at the odst with eyes that were asking him to do this for her.

"I... No... Erik and me got into an argument and I finally know what pain feels like because of it." Amaya said after letting out a heavy sigh, the drone then floated up next to him, and Amaya projected herself next to Gideon and sat down beside him. "He doesn't believe I'm capable of anything other than being essentially a slave to humans and serving out my time dutifully without question..." Amaya explained, which caused some anger to flare up within Gideon; he never thought Erik would act like that, the man seemed rather friendly earlier. Perhaps it was just down to the stress of the situation, but what if it was true?

"I know you helmet is one of the newer models, or at least got a newer update to it, and you have a capacity for a data chip in it. I'd like you to put me into your helmet once we get back to the ship... I... don't trust anyone but you..." Amaya finished up on, looking at him with a genuine want for this that were asking him. Gideon fired his sniper rifle one last time, at least for now, injuring a straggler that was escaping the flames, and then lowered it.

"First off, Erik is wrong in saying you aren't capable of great things; your a smart girl Amaya, he just doesn't realise it yet. Give it some time, he'll come around eventually. Secondly, you'd be right in saying that my helmet is an older model; though it was given a bit of an upgrade a year or so after the war. Thirdly, thank you for saying that, I'll admit, if you had an actual physical form, I'd give you hug."

"Finally, I'd be honored to perform this service for you. However, are there going to be any potential problems interfacing with the helmet, it's just I don't want something to happen to you during the transfer."

"Grrr....very well demon. If you need reinforcement radio me in right away." He growls but stops as he looks at luna being operated on. He always hated waiting for something to happen. He starts to pace back and forth within the room. Going from one wall to another. He soon stops though and leans up against the wall. Thinking about all the things that happen so fast in his life. Teaming up with the humans to take down the prophets and the brutes. Meeting and actually caring about someone outside of his race.

His thoughts turn back to the near the end of the war. His last mission against the humans before they team up to fight back against the newly divided Covenant. Remembering how his SpecOps team was call in to help clear out a human military base.

How hard the humans fought them to the bitter end, and the last few survivors were quickly overwhelm in the end but put up a fight that a Sangheili would be proud of. The group he took down were the last humans he ever kill and he wonder who they were outside of the warzone.

His eyes turn down to his blade, the very same that ended their lives quickly. The first he took down from behind as he slice the human inhalf. The other two were alerted and had the two mix reactions. A face of disbelieve, and a face of hatered aim at him. They quickly open fire, but his sheilds held as he charge. The second human pulling out a shotgun when voh got close enough. Though he miss as Voh roll out of the way quickly and finish him off with a quick thrust upwards with the sword. Ending his life, while the last let out a cry of rage at Voh. The shields almost gone but Voh was close enough as he thrust the sword into the human gut and lifted him up in the air. Watching as his life left his eyes as they stare each other down.

Voh then threw him off the sword and look at the dead humans. Radioing in that he clear this sector of the human fighters and would proceeded on. Though he was told to be on hold as news was coming from what was happening on High Charity and he was order to pull out and regroup for new orders.
As the memory ended, Voh growled wondering if it was fate that the war between the two races just has to end after their deaths.

Tau awoke in a "daze", with his drones forming a protective barrier around him, which was their default programming when threats are detected and no orders are given. Running a diagnostic, Tau found that his platform had been sabotaged when he returned from hacking the ship, causing a sudden shutdown while his anti-virus routines cleaned up his systems.

By the time he regained full consciousness, Tau received a message from the Beta team leader. "All Betas report in!"

Tau activated his comms as he re-organized his drones, seeing that a battled had occurred in the hangar while he was offline. "This unit is now operational, I apologize for being unable to lend assistance."

As Sarah and Jastis cleared the rest of the ship Sarah's Left eye started bothering her, she immediately figured it was some visor fragment she didn't notice in her initial check, the discomfort it was causing was more annoying then the fact she missed it.

As they cleared the bridge and The Captain relied they claimed they had control of the ship, Erik requested back up, but not long after that, a large explosion shook the ship and Eirk called out for a status report from his team, Murphy didn't reply, this bothered her, not just cause they'd 'had a moment' together, but cause he was the only 'friend' she had on the ship at the moment. By this time her eye was really bothering her, to the point she was keeping it closed to mitigate some of the discomfort though that didn't do much to keep her from 'crying blood' a little bit. "When ever we do we need to do it soon" she said, wiping some of the blood from her eye off her face through the gaping hole in her visor "My helm isn't the only thing needing to be looked at."

"Beta Three reporting in. I think that blast might have scared them off sir, but I can't be sure because of the smoke. What is the situation like down there sir?"

"Clear now. Any who are still breathing must've cleared out." Erik replied, watching the drone carry something over to his position. It wasn't until it was right next to him that he realized it was Murphy. "Fuckfuckfuckfuck!" While SPARTAN armour did have impressive on-board medical capabilities, most of it was on the inside, meant to keep the wearer alive. The best he had externally was an aerosol foaming wound sealer.

Why in the sweet fuck didn't that AI say anything, or radio for a fucking medivac itself? He thought as he applied the foam to close the wound, for now. As it went to work, he jumped on the comm., first to Jasits, "Beta One to Alpha One, we are secure now. One casualty, Beta two." Then to the Blade. "Beta One to UNSC Blade, medical emergency. Requesting immediate extraction at my location. Repeat, Beta One to UNSC Blade, medical emergency. Requesting immediate extraction at my location. You'll have to come in air side, can't risk a decompression."

The response was immediate. "Copy that Beta One. Launching now, ETA 5 mike." As the ship-board operator was speaking, the Blade's remaining Pelican with a full medical team, was already roaring into the crowded interior of Omega, scattering traffic in its wake as it made a least time flight for their location.

I swear to God if that machine gives me lip, I'll tell the Blade to go manual on that drone. Finally he opened a channel to the AI controlled drone. "Beta One to Beta Five, we have a medical evac. Inbound in 4 mike; I want you out there in case somebody tries to take a shot at it." Finally acknowledging Tau, he let out a deep breath. "Tau, I need you to keep us covered until the medics arrive." Placing an armoured hand, lightly on Murphy's shoulder, he let out a chuckle. "I knew you spooks were crazy, but damn..."

When Amaya picked him up, Murphy let out a gasp of pain. He was hurt worse than he originally thought. When she set him down beside Erik, he went straight to work on patching the wound. Murphy was drifting in and out of consciousness due to the blood loss, but he was aware that a medivac was inbound.

"I knew you spooks were crazy, but damn..."

Murphy nodded his head lightly and smiled a weak version of trademark smile. Feeling around, he found his rifle and brought it close to him.

"Keep me awake and tell me where to shoot." His voice was low, struggling through the pain. "How many... How many mags do I have?"

Murphy rolled his head back and took a deep breath, trying to keep his mind occupied.

"Do you have any water?"

Amaya was silent in responce to Erik's orders, but Erik did receive a new video feed in the corner of his visor, one of something following the pelican. The spartan would know that she wasn't exactly disobeying orders. Whenever the pelican would arrive, there'd be the second larger drone accompanying it.

"No... There shouldn't be any problems and I should be able to interface with the drones via your comms array." Amaya replied to Gideon. "And thank you, I can't tell you how muh I appreciate accepting this." The A.i. Thanked Gideon, he could see a smile on her face, she was actually happy for once, her little hologram moved over to hug him, but stopped upon remembering her predicament. "Oh... Right..."

"Tau, I need you to keep us covered until the medics arrive."

"Roger, setting defensive formation." Tau took cover relatively close to the hangar entrance and moved his combat drones in positions to ambush anything that entered. At the same time, Tau used his construction drone to move cover away from the door, creating a small kill-zone while at the same time rebuilding defenses that were destroyed in the prior explosion.

"Well, if the 'can is on the way, the situation out side must be handled" Sarah commented as she kept an ear on the coms while she looked over the controls on the bridge "Shame that blue chick is down, she could probably tell if there's any useful information on the ships systems, Saturday morning cartoon villain lines a side, doing what ever that, Krogan was it? Did is probably something that's frown upon."

There was a fit of coughing over the comms system as Luna spoke up. "Only nicked a lung and left me without most of my digestive tract, but the doc. Huagh *HACK HACK COUGH* is fixin me up." She said, not bothering to turn off of her mic.
Then the voice if the salarian came over the headset. "Please refrain from speaking, you may damage the new bio structures being built inside of your body." He said.

"Oh please, a hole can't stop me... Anyways... Tau, after their ship gets here, I need you in the cockpit of this one. Use your drones to undo any and all mooring ties attached to the ship and open the airlock, then bring her to the same hangar as the blade. We'll decide on the fate of her there." She said then closed the communications system.

She then looked up at Voh and spoke in sangheili. "You need to relax. I'm not going to die from this. Just have faith in your friend and the doctor here." She said to her large pacing friend.

"Keep me awake and tell me where to shoot. How many... How many mags do I have?

"What?" Erik said; try to goad a reaction out of Murphy. "You're going to let a little firecracker like that knock you out? I thought you SpecOps types were supposed to be tough?" As Murphy pulled his own weapon to himself, Erik gave his shoulder a light squeeze. "No need, they all jackrabbited when your little firecracker went off."

"Do you have any water?"

"N..I'll, I'll see what I can find, hang on." As Tau created a better defensive position, Erik rummaged around, and was able to find what was left of one dockworkers lunch. Finding the thermos still sealed, and with just plain water in it, he rushed back to Murphy. "Got some here, so don't die on me...the Capitan would have my ass if you croaked." As he poured the operator a drink, a video popped up in his HUD. What the....why didn't I think of that. He though as he watched the feed from the second drone that was escorting the Pelican. With all that'd been going on he'd forgotten about it. "The medic's will be here ricky tik." He said after a moment.

As he spoke, the Pelican came roaring into the hanger, setting down not far from the entrance to the ship. Before its gear touched the deck, a Navy medical team and an armed escort bailed off the ramp at a dead run. Standing aside, Erik watched as they stabilized and prepped Murphy for transport, before a pair of corpsmen lifted the stretcher and hustled it back to the Pelican. As soon as the last man was aboard, the pilot took the ship airborne and was back enroute to the Blade. "Beta One, to Alpha One. Pelican is away."

"No... There shouldn't be any problems and I should be able to interface with the drones via your comms array. And thank you, I can't tell you how much I appreciate accepting this." Amaya said in a rather joyful tone with a smile at the end, a most welcome change from her depressed mood earlier. Her holographic form then moved over to try and hug Gideon, but realised her form prevented it. "Oh... Right..." Gideon almost chuckled at what had happened, but figured it would be rather disrespectful.

"Don't you worry Amaya, once we find you a body to inhabit, and providing everything works, your welcome to all the hugs you want. Anyway, I should probably check in with Erik, see if he us to do anything else." Gideon said before turning on his radio and patching a call through to Erik.

"Beta One, this is Beta Three reporting in and requesting further orders. Should myself and Amaya remain up here for the time being for clean up and reconnaissance; or should we group up with the rest of you?"


By the time Jastis arrived outside, the fight had ended and the pelican with the medics arrived and set off with Murphy. As he heard over the comms, a huge explosion had erupted and it showed in the scaring. "XO Smith to Captain Spartan-15," he heard over the comms.

"Spartan-15 here, Go ahead XO Smith," he replied back.

"We are receiving the pelican with the medics and Murphy," the XO said.

"Good, anything else?" Jastis asked.

"Work on the ship has been progressing as well as it could be, and that's really it."
Jastis nodded his head even If Smith couldn't see it, "Right. As soon as we get back, I need some Engineers prepped to fix up some of our armor."

"Will do Captain, XO Smith out," and the comms ended after that. Afterwards Jastis looked over the battlefield and spotted Hamman walked over to him.

"Beta-One," Jastis simply began. "Seems your team did quite well for itself outside Murphy, but an injury is better than a death. Although honestly, ONI agents aren't really known for their combat prowess."

Voh heard luna started talking over the comms, and able to hear her within the room. Walking over to see how she was doing. Paying attention to her injuries and how she reacts with the coughing. A bit worry but once she looks up at him and says

"You need to relax. I'm not going to die from this. Just have faith in your friend and the doctor here." in Sangheili. he chuckle a bit as she reminds him a bit of a sangheili. "You know, you are a lot tougher then I would have given credit. Almost like a Sangheili..though a true Sangheili would never see a doctor." he states as a matter of fact.

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