WAOA Arena

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Diana really hasn't been having much luck in the arena, has she?

As the arena returned to it's neutral state, James packed his trusty rifle back into its case, and strolled casually back up to the lounge.

"In hindsight, that might have been just a little bit mismatched." He said to himself, before beginning to whistle a tune.

"You said that you were not present to see what happened, and only know that her plan did not come to fruition. As far as you know, perhaps they did manage to assuage her through diplomacy." Drayven pointed out.

"Good point. Hadn't thought of that."

"It is unlikely, I believe, but stranger things have happened." With that, Drayven rose to his feet, and Aethion did the same.

"I think it is time that we find Cas'Va Thrynn and retire for the night. Until next time, Laguna."

Laguan gave a causal salute. "Seeya."

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"There's an Argonian here? Sheesh, the guy who runs this place must really like The Elder Scrolls." Knife says, half to himself. "And no, I actually visited Tarmriel myself a few dozen years ago, nice place, I saved this bloke named Chalu from being munched on by a dragon."

Lazer Pony was walking by Knife "What's an Argonian, that a new super hero"

"Basically smoosh the best aspects of a lizard and a person together, and you get an Argonian." Knife explains.

OOC: @Knife I wasn't referring to you with the video, I was referring to Diana having been killed at least three times now and (to the best of my knowledge) not having made a kill yet.

For a long time, Sephiroth had been in his quarters, both to reflect on the situation he was in, and to watch the various battle on the TV, not for enjoyment, but to learn the combatants' strengths and weaknesses should he ever need to face any of them himself. For the most part, he wasn't worried, having formed various strategies to deal with each induvidual combatant. What did bother him, however, was that he too, was trapped in this place, being unable to leave via teleportation as he normally could. What was hindering him, he wondered. He was determined to find out. Now, however, he wished to move, the long time of inactivity starting to make him feel somewhat lethargic. Leaving his suite, Sephiroth made his way to the lounge.

Iron Fist Edward awakens in a dark room. "Where Dafuq am I?!" Edward shouted.
He then clicks button on his helmet, hologram of a catgirl appeared afterwards.

"Apparently, my new prototype teleporter isn't working as planed...." The catgirl said.

"Bitch, Y U change old teleporter? Wasn't it working just fine?! Jesus, Cat, I swear sometimes you try to kill mah!" Edward replied.

"First, stop whining. Second, don't call me a bitch. Third, 'just fine' is not good enough for me! And don't worry, it's just a minor malfunction; it will fix itself later." The catgirl said.

"Fine, whatever, Cathy." Edward replied, with a rather annoyed tone. He pressed the button on his helmet, and the hologram disappeared.

*Time skip*

Afterwards, he's seen walking around randomly. He then ends up in the lounge. He then sees Shephy. Oh mah gah! White hair, a long sword and a reveling outfit! He must be..... A cosplayer! But a cosplayer of whom? Meh, must be a douche bag from some anime.

Hearing the footsteps steadily increasing in volume, Sephiroth turned to look at the entrance of the lounge. When Edward entered, Sephiroth looked him over. "Another new arival...", he commented, noting he hadn't seen this figure before today. Odd, that this place seems to attract so many. Just what is going on here? It couldn't posible be just for the entertainment of someone. Looking away from Edward, Sephiroth went over to the bar to find something to drink.

>Entering WAOA Battle Arena

Select your character
> Phoenix Joe

Select your Arena


!Phoenix Joe!

Sephiroth would see a small portal open up, and out walked a stickman with grey hair and tie. Ready to fight.
"Your honour, I'm ready to present."

When the portal opend near him, Sephiroth turned towards it, raising his left hand slightly, holding it as if about to grasp something. When he saw what came through the portal, however, Sephiroth lowered his hand ever-so-slightly, his usual unreadable face taking on a expression of confusion. "What...?" was his only responce, being quite at a loss for words.

Standing at four feet, tie flapping in the nonexistent breeze, raised one hand. "Hold it!"

Phoenix Joe seemed to twist out of existence for a moment before twisting back. "Take this!"

Phoenix Joe kicked Sephiroth in the side of the head, which would potentially send him flying if it did connect.

Sephiroth bended backwards and twisted to the side when Phoenix Joe lunged at him, nimbly avoiding the kick. He didn't know why this most peculiar being was attacking him, and neither did he care. It was a threat, and threats are to be disposed off. With his right hand, Sephiroth grabbed the leg Phoenix Joe had used to kick, and with great force, threw him away from the bar, to the other side of the room. If he wouldn't recover, Phoenix Joe would smash into the wall.

Phoenix Joe did manage to recover, although he still managed to hit the wall partially, twisting into the throw so that his momentum was dissipated almost instantly.

Phoenix pointed his finger at Sephiroth, and shouted "OBJECTION!!!"

A large shockwave came forth that hurdled towards Sephiroth.

Seeing the shockwave rappidly approach, Sephiroth weighed his options. Attampting to dodge the shockwave in the small space he was in would do more harm then good, as the shockwave filled the majority of the space, and attempting to dodge would leave him being ragdolled around. Thus, instead of attempting to dodge the shockwave, Sephiroth only braced himself against it. Just before being hit, Sephiroth jumped up to just enough height to not get smashed into the bar counter. Being launched when the shockwave hit, Sephiroth twisted around in mid-air so that his feet were facing the wall. Hitting it, Sephiroth bended his knees, then launched himself towards Phoenix Joe. As he flew, Sephirth manifested the Masamune--his seven-foot katana--in his left hand, which he thrusted at Phoenix Joe's head.

As Sephiroth flew towards Phoenix Joe, he brought out a bunch of papers. "You're argument doesn't cut it, the evidence stands for itself!" He exclaimed as he through the pages out in front of him, making a large wall of loose floating paper.

However when Sephiroth struck the pages they would actually be quite dense, not flimsy like regular paper, hampering his ability to complete his attack.

Phoenix then sneezed shortly after throwing the papers, which would cause them to fly off, cutting things in their path.

Edward is amazed by what he saw. He immediately pressed the button on his helmet and contacted Catherine.

A hologram appeared. "What is it this time, Edward? Cat said.

"Cat, there's a stick man attorney fighting a cosplayer with a seven foot tall katana! You gotta see this, it's awesome!" Edward shouted.

"You're drunk again, aren't you?" Cat said, rather annoyed.

"No look!" Edward points at Sephiroth and Phoenix Joe.

"Huh, You're right....." Cat said. Afterwards, she takes her notebook and started taking notes.

When Sephiroth's thrust was block by one of the sheets of paper, he cut downward, feeing the blade, then swatting the sheet aside with his free hand. Landing still some distance away from Phoenix Joe, Sephiroth saw the rest of the sheets coming towards him when Phoenix Joe sneezed, Sephiroth spread his weight equally on both legs by spreading them slightly and held the Masamune with both hands, holding it so that the blade was infront of his face, with the tip pointing to the ground. asuming a ready stance with a "Hmph", when the sheets neared, he delivered a series of lightning-fast slashes, the slashes being too fast for the human eye to follow. When the, Sephiroth placed the tip of the Masamune on the ground, at which point it became appearant the damage he had done. What sheets had come for him had been sliced into tiny pieces. Fixing his gaze on Phoenix Joe once more, Sephiroth slashed the air in the general direction of the stickman. Although it seemed Sephiroth had only slashed the air, a series of ten shimmering cresents made their way to Phoenix Joe, a result of the slash being caried through the air.

Lazer Pony walked by the two battling while he was slurping some sort of smoothie. He some how walked past the battle without getting hit and went over towards Edward "It sure is loud today isn't it!"

Phoenix Joe saw the cresents coming and tried to get out of the way, diving out of the way. As he got up, he looked around, like he was looking for something. "Something's missing..." He muttered.

As he turned his head, it seemed like a large chunk of his hair had been cleaved off.

He then seemed to run over to an object that was on the floor on one side of the bar, which looked like a magnifying glass.

As Phoenix Joe ran, Sephiroth turned to face the direction he was going for. When Phoenix Joe seemed to reach for an object, Sephiroth once more, made for slashes at the air. However, this time, they were not aimed at Phoenix Joe, but rather the ceiling above the object he was going for. When the cresents connected with the ceiling, a portion was cut from it, making it fall down and potentially crush Phoenix Joe.

Phoenix Joe grabbed the object, which seemed to disappear from his hands. As he heard the noise coming from the above he looked up, only to be crushed by the falling debris.

After a short time, Phoenix Joe would shout an 'OBJECTION' to knock the rubble away from him.

Sephiroth was slightly suprised that Phoenix Joe had survived being hit right on by the falling piece of ceiling. Not about to give his opponent time to recover, Sephiroth charged at Phoenix Joe as he pushed the rubble out of the way by loudly objecting to it. When in range, Sephiroth delivered a single diagonal slash at the stickman, going from right to left.

Since Sephiroth managed to get Phoenix in a state that he couldn't dodge from, and since Phoenix Joe wasn't as combat ready as Joe, he was cleaved in half. As the sword cut through him like butter, the stickman seemed to dissipate.


"What?! But that was my last quarter!" I shout. "Stupid OP characters..."

OoC: @Zeph: This just goes to show, WAOA just isn't the same without Joe. All other old characters could be written out and it wouldn't make a huge difference, but Joe is very much the spirit of WAOA. Bravo.

"Threat disposed of." Sephiroth said to himself as he watched the two halves of Phoenix Joe fade. Holding out his left hand, the Masamune disappeared in a flash of pale-green light. Looking over the damage done to the lounge, Sephiroth shrugged slightly, not caring due to Evilington Inc practically holding him hostage. Sephiroth then went about doing what he wished to do before Phoenix Joe made his entrance and lookfor something to drink.

Meanwhile, I have myself a victory dance.

@Kirke: Aw thanks guy! Although really 'Joe' didn't make an appearance here. Still take that as a major complement :D

Lazer Pony walked around. Eating what seemed like a glowing moon pie. He walked by Sephiroth "You want an Evilington cake. I hear the second major cause of super powers in the states"

OOC: That was a good fight, right enough.:)

Aethion and Cas'Va burst into the lounge suddenly with swords drawn, before staring around in awe at the devastation caused by the brief fight. They looked around, but on seeing that Sephiroth was the only one still present, Cas'Va sheathed his sword, and Aethion followed suit a moment later.

"You there! What in the name of the Divines happened?" Cas'Va demanded, approaching the bar.

"I did not think fights were tolerated in here." Aethion noted, looking closer at some of the slashes in the floor and walls. "Where are the bodies?"

OoC: That fight was awesome. I love you guys.

Carmen walked into the lounge, stretching out a small bit as she did. She looked at the messy state of the bar and sighed. Well... looks like I'll have to be on my guard from here on out. That and I'll have to settle with not drinking as much... She looked over at the elves, questioning Sephiroth and stood back for the moment, just listening for the time being.

Cpl. Short appeared in the doorway, holding a pulse rifle.
"Security, what happened here?"

OoC @Berk: OMG! It's THAT guy! :O
@Dot: No homo, right? :P

Not paticularly fancying any of the alcoholic drinks, Sephiroth found himself a glass, and filled it with water. Going to a stool that had been spared the destruction, he cast a slightly confused glance at Lazer Pony, not understanding what he was going on about. "I don't know what you're talking about." he answered, sitting down. When Aethion and Cas'Va entered the lounge, demanding an explaination, Sephiroth looked towards them. "I was attack, and responded accordingly." he answered in regards to what happened, then adding, "Allowed or not, not all follow the rules of conduct." Finally, he answered what had happened to the body of Phoenix Joe. "The body disappeared moments after death." as he answered the Elves their questions, he looked them over, having seen nothing like them in the past.

When Cpl. Short (lulz) entered the lounge, demanding a explaination also, Sephiroth once more answered, "As I said, I was attacked and acted accordingly."

"How did your attacker look like, and did you kill him?"
OoC: @Nail: Yeah, yeah. I missed a button.

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