WAOA Arena

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"Okay, first, each Homunculus aside from the perks we all share has a ability unique to him or her. In Envy's case, it's its Ultimate Disguise, meaning it can change into any living thing down to the last detail. I always like pissing it off by reminding it what it really looks like." Greed paused for a moment as a nostalgic grin crept on his face. "That was always funny... Anyways, that and the fact that out of all of us, it hated humans the most, I can't really tell ya much. We didn't exactly get along well. And, thanks, I guess."

Vera shifted back into her neutral stance before jumping to the side to avoid the projected short sword's slash. Rushing back in, with her eyes having numbers running across her eyes, Vera went for a stab aiming for the cracked area of Wei's armor. "Weakness exposed... Magic user... Running database search..."

Carmen poured herself another drink as she leaned back in her chair, swirling the chardonnay in her glass a bit. "I see... Then what is your special ability, Sir Greed? It seems that Envy might be a long lost sibling of mine from another life. ...I'd like very much to meet him..." Her red eyes narrowed slightly as she brought the glass to her lips, seeming to contemplate something.

"Yes, like I said, you'd probably fit in great with the bunch of them. Provided you like living underground and following every order given to you." Greed remarked dryly. He then laid his right hand on the bar counter besides Carmen. "As for my ability... Alright, I can tell you. It's my turn to share a secret again afterall." With that, the skin on Greed's hand became a dull dark-grey, although his tattoo was still visible. The tips of his fingers also became somewhat pointed, making the hand seem more like a claw. "Hit it."

Carmen calmly keeps her drinks to her lips as she calmly gives Greed's gray hand a chop. Hm... Is it...?

Vera's stab pierced through Weizoth's armor, breaking through the damaged end and piercing through his forearm. It failed to break through the other end and well. Weizoth quickly grabbed hold of the blade with his other gauntlet-clad hand and held it in place as tightly as he could as a stream and blood began trickling down Vera's blade from where it was planted in Weizoth's arm. Seeming to be completely ignoring the pain, Weizoth twisted his arm and pulled on Vera's blade in the same direction to knock her off balance. As he did so, the force blade he had previously conjured remained hanging in the air and swung around once again at Vera's back.

As she struck Greed's hand, Carmen would posible hurt herself, as Greed's skin had hardened considderable. Greed himself didn't even seem to register he was hit. "It's called the ultimate shield. Greed remarked as he pulled his hand back. " I can rearrange the carbon atoms of my body to make my skin as hard as diamond. I could also use the same technique differently to make it brittle, but I really don't see why I should want to do that."

Vera was thrown to the side and the magic blade did indeed cut into her back. Her armor had a large gash in it, but no blood or anything of that sort spurted out. All that was there were wires, slightly frayed at best. As such, Vera seemed to give less than two fucks about being cut and simply ran at Wei once again, emotionless as she aimed to cleave, suddenly taking out the other sword on her back in her right hand and aiming to cross slash her opponent.

Numbers continued to run across her empty violet eyes.

Carmen shook her hand a small bit as her hand connected with Greed's hand with a dull thud. "So you're undamageable. That's quite the formidable thing to go up against. And you planned to take on that boy with the augmentations? If I could take him , you surely won't have a problem." At least... without using the Embrace, that's a fair thing to say...

Greed smirked, the skin of his hand returning to normal. "Heh... Yeah. The kid will never know what hit 'im." He then picked up his glass again and walked back behind the counter, refilling it with the same liquer he had previously. "So, you said you were in second place here, huh? You'll be the one to ask then. What the prize money for winning whatever tournemet is being held here?"

Weizoth staggered backwards as Vera's two slashes connected, each one putting decent sized cracks in his breastplate. He steadied himself as he hit up against a gravestone. The pages of his book started flipping themselves once again, though once they stopped he closed it and let it hang at his side by the chain. With his free hand he tapped his breastplate again, at which point the horns on his helmet began to glow slightly. Reaching behind him to the gravestone he was standing up against, he grabbed it with both hands and exhibited an extraordinary amount of strength by picking it up and aiming to smash Vera with it like it were a club.

At the same time, Weizoth's force blade continued harassing Vera from behind, this time aiming to run her through.

Carmen looked over toward Greed, shaking her head. "I'm not exactly sure myself. We were never told of payments or anything of the like when we were transported... but I suppose after a few more matches we'll receive some sort of recompense for fighting in here." She turned to Greed, letting her head rest in her free hand's palm. "What would you want the payment to be?

Vera's swords had taken a few moments to take back out of the earth after they had connected. As such, Wei's headstone smash connected full force, causing Vera's numbers to turn red with error messages. Steam rose form her ears for a moment as she managed to pull the swords out and slashed at the man's chest again, still with lifeless eyes... though one of them seemed to be bulging out of her eye socket and being connected by gray wire to her insides.

The magic blade also ran through Vera, causing her body to convulse as her strike still moved along. "Damage critical... Applying after-match learning sequences... Applied."

Greed grunted at the mention there that might not be any prize to be win. "Ugh... I should hope there's a prize. What would be the point of all this otherwise. Fighting for just the hell of it can only get you so far. ...At least, that's how I see it. I'm guessing you don't quite agree." He walked back from behind the counter and sat down on a stool next to Carmen. After taking a sip, he looked at her and thought for a moment on her question. "Hmm... If I could ask for anything? Immortality. And I don't mean just not aging, I mean the good stuff. Heh..."

Carmen closed her eyes for a moment before looking toward Greed, one eye closed. "I can't really lie, I enjoy fighting. I'm part of the army in Hell after all, it comes with the job. But in this place, I would really apperciate the decency to provide a prize to the higher ranked individuals." She smirked a bit as she listened to his preferred prize. "Odd... I had a feeling you'd say something like that. As for me... it would simply be more power. That's always something I can use through out this long life of mine." She said as she took another sip of her drink.

Greed chuckled dryly, then took a large swig from his glass. "Yeah... Well, what can I say? It's about the greatest thing anyone could ask for. On my wish list, it would be right at the top. That said, I would hardly say no to more power. Im avaricious, not picky." Greed then paused, twirling the bourbon around in the glass. So, what's Hell like? All fire 'n brimstone like in the stories?"

Weizoth's armor started to crack even more as he was struck once again, the material it was made of also seemed to splinter as well. Weizoth's face twisted into an imperceptible frown, both at the damage he was receiving and the reaction his own attacks were receiving from Vera. What manner of irritating creature is this?...
He made an anger fueled swing of his gravestone at Vera, swinging overhead to try and slam down on her head. At the same time, his spiritual weapon began twisting in the wound it had previously made in Vera while it was still lodged in her back.

Carmen shrugged, sipping a little more of her drink. "Hell? Mostly like the tales, yes. It's more organized having buildings and the like for demons like myself to live in, but otherwise, it's as you'd think." She chuckled a small bit afterward. "So what's your world like then? I wouldn't expect someone who lives underground to also know how to sweep a lady off her feet."

With the combined smash over the head and the spirit blade twisting her inner workings, Vera's eyes eventually stopped displaying messages as her body shook and convulsed as a few sparks of electricity went up and down her person before she finally dropped to the ground, face-first, unmoving.

"Oh, I haven't been living with the rest of the Homonculi for a while now. We had a little disagreement on how things are done around there, which ended with me going my own way. But to answer your question, it's the human world. I don't think that needs more explaining. I live in a bar in the slums in a place called Dublith together with some Chimera that I rescued from the military."

With Vera falling over, she fell off Weizoth's spiritual blade, which simply continued to hover in the air where it had previously stabbed her. Weizoth took one hand off his tombstone and rested it on the ground as he looked down at Vera. He lifted up his leg and brought it down to try and curb-stomp the back of her head with his temporarily boosted strength.

Vera's head cracked and splintered under Wei's boot, not breaking completely but not bleeding, just wires strewn around her like entrails and sparking a bit. She was definitely suspended from action however.

Carmen nodded a bit. "Yes... you need not explain much more. The military imprisons Chimera? And I see... you can't get along with everyone."

"Winner: Weizoth of Karrnath"
The announcer declared, having judged Vera as being unable to continue.

Seeing nothing but wires coming out Vera's head, Weizoth took a deep breath in and grunted in dissatisfaction. He planted the gravestone back in the ground. Before the medics could even come in and heal him, Weizoth charged his hands with black energy and held them over his wounds. Blood stopped leaking from his forearm, and the cracks in his armor knitted themselves back together as well. His spiritual weapon dissipated into nothing and his armor's horns stopped glowing as he turned and exited the arena.

OoC @Weizoth: I sense brutality. This pleases me.

"Yep. How to put it... My loving family pretty much owns the country, no one knows this of course. There are two types of Chimera they make, the first being a hodge-podge of various animals, which are used as guard dogs at the entrance to the undergorund liar. And the second would be whatever beast transmuted onto a human. These are the ones used by the military, as they're generally more capable then a human would normally be. Some folk don't really like being a science project of course. These are imprisoned, to be used in the creation of a Philosopher's Stone." Greed explained casually, drinking the remains of the bourbon afterwards. Putting his glass down, he said, "As for why I left, well, when it comes to my family, there's one thing you don't do if you like not dying, that being not following orders. I didn't really feel like doing what they told me, and neither did I feel like dying, so I left. And I don't regret a thing."

Vera respawned as soon as the match was over. "Data received. Analyzing."

Carmen nodded before letting out a small yawn. "Oh... I'm sorry... I've become tired, it seems. I'll speak with you later hopefully, Sir Greed. Farewell." She gave Greed a small curtsy before going to her suite to sleep, glancing at the monitor. Was that...? No.. it's couldn't be... Regardless... that man seems like a lot of fun. Things might get more interesting around here...

OoC: Night.

"Later." Greed answered as Carmen left, lazily lifting his hand as a greeting. Not feeling like drinking alone, and having nothing better to do, Greed stood up, stretched and returned to what had been indicated as his suite. Once there, he walked over to the kingsize bed and fell over on it backwards. Holding his hands behind his head, he stared up at the ceiling. No idea how I came here, but this place is pretty damn neat.

OOC: Where is @Kirke?

Greed woke up, and after some time of grooming, paticularly getting his hair to the way he wanted, made his way back to the lounge, stretching his arms as he went. Time to see if that kid's ready for a round yet.

"If you want more, I'll provide."
Tophat sent a few shocks of pain through Kendrik, timed with its sword attacks.

OoC: @Ven: I've been trying to recount the scores for the arena. But I think I'm gonna give up. Far to much to wade through.

Greed would find Vera looking curiously at the various drinks at the bar, scanning them with her empty eyes. She didn't even register the man walking into the room.

"Ugh... I've really got to stop with all of the robotic stuff. That didn't help me at all yesterday..."

Entering the lounge, Greed was displeased to find that D-Eye wasn't there, finding that the only person present was Vera. Not having paid attention to the screens displaying the various battles, he didn't recognise her.

"Aren't you a bit young to drink?" Greed idly remarked towards Vera as he walked towards the bar.

OoC: Hey. So, who shall I be?

@Gear: I'm not sure. We've got an android and a homonculus in the lounge right now, if that helps.

Vera looked over toward Greed somewhat surprised, making a small whirring sound as her head turned. "...Drink? ...I do not know that function." She said, a little less robotically than she was speaking last night, sounding a bit more like the teen she looked like.

OoC: @Dot Oh, we already have a robot girl? Well, that's one out the window... I meant I'm thinkling of bringing someone new in.

OoC: Got quiet all of a sudden...

"You what...?" Greed asked, slightly confused as he leanded on the bar counter. He heard the sound that Vera made upon turning her head, but believed this to be what he called Automail. "How do you not kn--Oh, no, wait. Lemme guess, you're not human?"

Vera nodded in the affirmative as she looked toward the drinks again. "I am an experimental android. I found myself here after being immersed in a training program. ...I have no prior knowledge of this place or its universe, could you please help fill in the gaps for me?" She asked, looking toward Greed with empty violet eyes.

OoC Forget it, I quit. Don't know who to play.

Greed gave Vera a slightly intrigued look as he looked towards her eyes, followed by a blank stare upon mention of her being an android, this term being completely unknown to him. He shrugged in responce to Vera's question. "Beats me. I just arived here a day ago myself. Appearantly, it's a arena where folk fight one another for the hell of it." Having said that, Greed paused. "I've never heard of an android before, and I've heard of a lot of unusual things. Care to elaborate?"

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