We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Dust looks at Langua, "Really? What happened?"
"Yeah, what?"

"Fine." Kerra said.

Nanami and Rook would shortly come across the van being pushed towards the estate. They initially passed the van, but realizing that it was being pushed by some people they recognized they doubled back. "Llaagggunna?" Nanami asked as she looked down at them from Rook.

"Me, Erica, and Carmen, the two in the car, were headed to the city to grab something. The car broke down on the way there, and we had an unexpected passenger. This guy called Maine, big space marine. We've fought before. He killed Carmen, and almost killed me and Erica. The others showed up to help, thank god, but Maine got away. I think, there was a tornado, so he may have been caught up in that, idunno." Laguna shrugged. When Nanami called his name, he stopped pushing, and looked over at the fishwoman. "Hey Nanami!"

"Tis funny that the most powerful beings in my world art humans. In the past, they were simply considered weakest beings around, but with the dawn of the undead curse they began to rise to the top. Yet, the curse brought them much suffering." She said. "Killing them is the hard part. There was never a god killed by a man yet, only other gods or great lords art capable of doing so. However, their power and might declined slowly over time, especially at the raise of the undead curse."

"Huh..." Was Greed initial reaction after listening to Priscilla's story. "Okay, here's a crazy theory. Humans have increased in power, while that of gods is slowly decreasing, right? So, what if, this "undead curse" thing, is the power of the gods being transferred to humans? You think that's what's going on?"

"Carmen? What's a space Marine?" he asked.

Nanami looked to the van, then back to Laguna and finally back to the van. "Ccaann NNaanaammii... Rroookk... *she then acted like she was pushing* *Then pointed to the van*."

She then looked over at Wacky's crew, and gave them a small wave. "Hhheelllo. III aamm NNaanaammi. Hhhooww aarre yyou?" She asked them.

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Priscilla, being absorb in thought, began striking a 'Thinker' pose. "That may be true. Humans have acquired the ability to absorb souls and use them to increase their power. Tis not hard to believe they absorb the power of the gods.... Hmmmmmm..."

OoC: Greed's actually pretty damn close. Humans in Dark Souls have the power to absorb souls and use them to increase their power.

"Sure, help if you want." Laguna looked at Dust. "Space marine. Big burly guy, heavy armour, super strength, grenade launcher, hand cannon, all that stuff. And Carmen... well..." Laguna motioned to the corpse in the front of the car. "She didn't make it."

Gold, bored, pulled up the image of Erica surrounded by fire on his eye's hud and dug out a tablet. He turned it on, and began sketching.

Dust looks at Carmen in the front seat.
"Oh... Uh... Well... I'm... Uh... Sorry for... Uh..."
Fidget just stares at the corpse.

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"Sounds like a sweet deal. I wouldn't mind having the curse myself, really. But, I'm not human, so that probably wouldn't work out." Greed remarked, then shrugged slightly. "Would it work on you? Since you appear to be human, at least to some degree?"

In the van, Erica began to stir lightly.

Fidget then proceded to go completely insane.
While dust, just jumped back in shock, pulling out Arah.
"Settle down, Dust. Carmen is not back from the dead, it's simply another soul in the van."

Laguna sighed. "I didn't know her all that well, but I appreciate it Dust." He jumped as Fidget screamed, but then saw Erica was waking up. "That's Erica. She was just ko'd." He went over to the car, looking into the back seat where Erica was laying. "You ok?"

OoC: Carmen's in the front, Erica's in the back.

"I am more of a demigod than a human, so the curse does not work on me."I am also an abomination created by Seath the Scaleless.... "And art thou sure? There is the chance of becoming a mindless monster." She asked.

Greed let out an dismissive "Pfft!" accompanied by an equally dismissive handwave. "Chance shmance. I want immortality. What I have now... Is simply not enough..." he answered, moving an open hand infront of his face, which he then clenched into a fist. Lowering his arm, Greed looked back to Priscilla. "Anyway. A demigod, huh? How does that work?"

Erica softly groaned more as her eyes opened. She yawned, then looked to Laguna. "Where am I...?" she groggily asked.

Dust held out his hand to Erica, "Names Dust." he said.
"Hey, nice Tornado you summoned." blank commented.

"You're in the car. We're pushing it back to the estate."

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Priscilla sighed as she heard Greed craving for more power, again. "As much as I expected of thee... And demigods art demigods. Demigods art lesser gods or half-bred of gods and other beings. Dragons art also considered gods or god like creatures as well."

Gold finished sketching a picture of a woman engulfed with flames, the great bird Moltres wrapping its arms around the girl. He switched his laundry to the dryer and walked out of the laundry room and out of the house, feeling ready to take in the strange vision he'll be met with.

""Demigods are demigods?"" You don't say!" Greed remarked jokingly. "So, if both half breeds and dragons are considdered such, then I guess the term is used kinda loosely, huh?" he asked, then paused for a moment. "I could've sworn someone here was called "half-breed"... Can't remember who, though. It was probably more meant like an insult, too... Huh. Anyway, you're a dragon half-breed, no? Or am I getting this wrong?"

Erica looked towards Dust a bit distant-minded, still very much groggy. "Uhh... What?" she asked.

Nanami got off Rook, and then the two started pushing. The car would be moving significantly faster than it had been since before it was only Milly really pushing. Hearing the talk about Carmen, Nanami turned her head to Laguna. "Wwwhaat Caarmmen? Ccaarrmmenn ffine?" She said with a grunt as she pushed, sounding a bit concerned.

"I'm Dust, a new guy." he said.
"You're aware you scared me to near death." fidget said.
"Somewhat not-really." Arah said to Nami.

"Aye" She replied to the demigod question. "And aye, I am 'technically' a half-bred." She said with a rather upset face.


""Technically?"" Greed repeated. "How are you "technically"" a half-breed?"

"Oh..." Erica responded, then yawned once more, and rubbed her eyes. "Greetings. I'm Erica." Looking to Fidget, Erica tilted her head slightly. "How so?" Hearing Nanami, Erica frowned, clenching her fists. I should have been the one to kill her...

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"Good to see you're ok Erica." Laguna said to her, then looked an Nanami. "Carmen... gone."

"Have you seen the corpse in the front of the car? I thought it was coming back to life!"
"Don't worry about her, she's a bit... Hyperactive."

Langua would hear from Arah, "Mostly."

@Zeph: Blank is helping!

Even after Laguna and Dust had stopped pushing the van, Milly continued to do so, having a vested interest in getting it back to the mansion before sunrise. Lazy jerks...It's not like they can't push and talk at the same time... When Nanami and Rook began pushing the car, she made a relieved sigh. "Thank you."

@Silver: Chemistry wants to have a word with you about how you made oxygen into hydrogen on a whim, while you were tired no less.

Nanami turned to Laguna as she continued pushing. "Wwhaat? Ccaarmmen Ggooonnne?" She restated. Hearing Milly's 'thank you', Nanami looked down at the girl, and nodded. "Miillyy hhoow aarre youuu?" She said, making a pushing gesture with a free hand.

Laguna looked at Arah. "What do you mean mostly?"


"You thought someone else moving meant the dead were coming back to life...?" Erica questioned. Looking in the side mirror, she saw Carmen's corpse, grunting at the sight, looking away quickly. Looking in the rear mirror, Erica saw people pushing the car, and poked her head out of the window, looking at them. "I can create a portal back to the estate to save everyone the trouble. But I'll need you to stop pushing for a moment."

"I sense part of a soul in a nearby blade, perhaps that is part of the deceased soul?"

Dust looked at Milly, "Oh, sorry, let me help."
He continues to push the cart, before stopping.
"Oh, okay."

Fidget looked at Erica, "Trust me, wouldn't be the first time we've faced stuff like that. I saw the car move and panic"

Gold walked out of the mansion, stretching his legs. He didn't feel like talking just then, so he looked for a tree, wandering around the estate.

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