Thursday/Sunday Night Socializing for Early Arrivals and Hanger-Ons

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I'll be hanging out til Monday, so I can join in Sunday evening for stuff.

I brought along: Small Worlds, Settlers of Catan (with Seafarers), Cards against Humanity + 1st and 2nd expansions and Canadian Conversion kit, Gloom with 2 expansions, Cthulhu Gloom, Zombie Fluxx, Monty Python Fluxx, Quiddler, and Girl Genius The Works.

I'm really curious about Cards Against Humanity, and as I've never played Apples to Apples that really doesn't help.

I might purchase the Munchkin Quest expansion if it's for sale at one of the vendors, because I learned quickly tonight that games for more than four people are ideal. Then again, with alcohol and socializing involved, tonight's game of Penny Arcade: Gamers vs. Evil lasted quite a long time.

To those of you that got to stop by and say hi (though I don't think anyone who did so was from the forum), thanks! I am so invigorated for Friday night at the Marriott now. Several other expo attendees stopped by to say hello, we got to say hello to some vendors, and it was awesome getting to sit and talk with the D&D Sluggers and Cory Rydel (sp?). Hopefully Friday night goes off just as well.

Escapist Expo After Hours at the Marriott! That's what we should call it.

Also: I got to see MovieBob come down in just a bath robe and awkwardly scream and wave to Graham and Paul of Loading Ready Run. I have decided that we Escapists must take over the Marriott lobby.

About to do more board games in the lobby if anyone is interested in joining.

Is there some place we should meet in the Marriott or something? I feel kinda like I'm missing out. Then again I'm on the computer instead of downstairs... that might be why.

It's really tough to say. Saturday I will be unable to really meet anyone and can't remember what a few folks look like. In truth, it's best to just try and talk with people you meet. You'll make friends that way.


Dire Sloth:

My crew just arrived. The Marriott (right on Foster Street) looks to have plenty of space for board games so after we grab dinner, look for four guys sitting at a table playing board games. Maybe around 8 or 9 pm I'd say.

Are you guys hungry by any chance? We're outside of the convention center looking for places to eat.

Ack! We just ate! Which reminds me: the Mellow Mushroom gets my full approval. For Calzones at least. As I very much love pizza, we may have to return.

I contemplated going to Whiskey tonight, but I think I'll stick around here and do the board game thing instead. I don't feel like such a busy club tonight. So feel free to look for nerds with board games!

Second on the Mellow Mushroom. Expensive, yeah, but the pizza isn't like anything else I've had. Besides, it's a rare pizza place that has a wine list!

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