Escape to the Movies: G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra

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This was the first movie I have ever returned to a rental place. Ever. We got about 1/2 way through. I think Spartacus (current absolutely bad Starz series) has more acting chops.

I made my family suffer 10k BC and other horrible wastes of time. We love to beat out way to the end.

However, this insipid shit storm took the cake.

Bravo on wrecking my childhood. Did CGI and effects somehow get mistaken for story or even characters I would rather see live than die to a slow death of sandpaper?

I still have my monster GI Joe action figures from way on back.

This movie makes me want to burn it, lobotomize myself and hope nobody ever knows I was into GI Joe.

I thought it was the worst movie made this past year.

I have way to many shreds of disgust for this movie that I can only describe it as follows:

Good: Christopher Eccleston.


Worst: The American special ops main character still has a douche baggy goatee even though he is in the service, and that

Was it worth its sum of potential cancer research money? I my honest opinion, not at all.

watching this review again and thinking about it. No I would disagree this movie is not as good as any recent james bond film.

I think Bob's brain got backward on this one...this movie sucked so hardcore I wanted to cry afterward

This movie didn't annoy me quite as much as Transformers 2 but it was a close race.

And what is it with people who grew up on the Roger Moore era Bond's hating them when they stop being camp and terrible. It's like people who grew up on the Adam West Batman claiming The Dark Knight was 'too serious'. NO! Bond and Batman should always be more than just campy, one-liner driven, villain of the week stories.

Why does this always happen, I think I've found a movie critic who shares my views on almost everything (or at least if I don't agree with them, they make a good case for themselves, like Bob's review of The Road) but then I find them giving a great review to something that should be torn to hell like the other awful movies they review.

I had to see it twice, didn't like it once

I think this movie had only 2 flaws, relatively minor ones. 1-the Baroness was a good guy who became evil because of mind control? Why can't they let us have our evil babe? 2-Cobra's mask looked STUPID! I remember he had 2 looks before, one was like an executioner's mask, the other a mirror, as if to say he was a twisted reflection of society. In this movie, Cobra has some kind of stupid transparent skull thing going on that isn't cool OR intimidating or even clever. When I see the Cobra Commander costume in party city I see the mirror mask, not the stupid plastic skull thing. But other than those 2 nit-picks this was a pretty good film.

The movie put me to sleep. :( Sorry, got me bored.

I would get angry about the statement that this movie is better than the last twelve Bond movies, but then again there has been quite a few mediocre and one or two dismal showings in the Bond catalogue. Ultimately Movie Bob has not offended any of the Bond outings that I hold truly dear to my heart, i.e. any performances by Sean Connery or Live and Let Die, so I should in all fairness state that; if this statement holds true then GI Joe is a movie I should have seen at the cinema... Oh well, I'll just have to get a copy to a 50" Plasma screen somewhere.

This review surprise me immensely. Having watched this mo-... correction, having been forced to watch this movie at the house of an acquaintance, I was bored out of my mind by the bad CGI, bad acting and just outright laughable and predictable story from start to finish. After I saw the review for "The Expendables" I expected this review to be a veritable thermite charge on "G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra"'s corpse, but it seems to be lauded for basically the same things the aforementioned was condemned for.

I love a good action movie. Hell, I adore a cheesy bad action movie. Among my favorites being Commando, The Running Man, Rambo, Die Hard, Under Siege and so on, but this was just too dumb for me too enjoy. The bad acting kept me from suspending disbelief and caring about the characters. The bad story took me too much effort to get into. The poor CGI and ridiculous lack of physics robbed the action of any interest... even as a little girl I'd ahve watched the scene with the accello-suits or whatever they were scratching my head saying "Um... no, that wouldn't happen like that." I'm sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree on this one. 'G.I.Joe- The Fail of Nobra' was just too hackneyed for me to slither into.

"Ice sinks in water..." 'nuff said.

...Just realized something while watching this.

Fuck. Shit.

Any reason why Escape to the Movies is censored when ZP isn't? I assume ZP is the Escapist's South Park wherein The Escapist has just through up their hands and said 'FINE! Swear to your hearts content!' with that one and only show.

Just thought I'd point that out and ask why.

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